Detective Amanda Ellis part 12

by pat winterburn. (tap, the wizard)

Memories And Other Nightmares.

Disclaimer: Some of this is a little dark with S& M gone bad. Just a warning, it includes a rape scene.


It's a quiet Wednesday morning at the police station. Amanda and Mitchell are going over a case file together sitting side by side when Amanda's phone rings.

"Detective Ellis."

"Amanda, it's Sandy. I'm in big trouble; we have to sell the house, move to Alaska and disappear off the face of the earth. I knew they'd be hiring new department heads for the hospital, I mean I'm the new head of surgery, but I never thought they'd hire her."

"Sandy, honey, slow down, you're babbling. What ever it is you've got lots of malpractice insurance and if there's bodies, Mitchell and I will bury them out in the desert."

Mitchell looked up from the file with an expression of terror on her face.

"We will? What bodies?"

Amanda smacked her and put her finger on Mitchell's lips.

"Ok, Sandy, just tell me what's wrong?" Amanda asked in a calm and gentle voice.

"Dr. Carolyn Witherspoon from New York City, that's what's wrong." Sandy was now in a panic and her voice was starting to go hoarse.

"And the problem here is Sandy?" Amanda was now confused.

"She's the new head of medical, and I was sleeping with her before I left New York." Sandy was not far from tears as she waited for Amanda's reaction.

Amanda leaned back on her desk chair totally stunned by Sandy's last remark. Her expression took on a dark frown as she chose her words to her lover. "It's alright Sandy; the desert is a big place and will hold lots of bodies.

Mitchell covered her ears and left to go get a coffee for herself and Amanda. She knew that look on Amanda's face and wondered if she should go over to the beach house and hide Amanda's shovel that was in the garage.


Dinner that evening was quiet as Amanda and Sandy listened to their son talk about his day at school. Kindergarten was a whole new experience for him and he was enjoying the school and his new friends. Even the afternoon day care program was fun and he got to play with all the newest video games.

Kevin stopped talking for a moment and looked at his mothers. Sandy's eyes were red and although she was trying hard to listen to him, he knew her heart just wasn't there. He then looked to his other mother and saw that dark expression on her face and knew something wasn't right.

"Mom?" Kevin turned his attention to Sandy figuring she would answer him honestly.

"Yes Kevin?" Sandy's voice was a bit scratchy as she smiled warmly at him.

"Are you and Momma fighting?" He asked.

Amanda's eyes shot upward as she looked at Sandy and saw the red, blood shot eyes. Jesus, Amanda thought, what an idiot I am.

Sandy picked Kevin up and hugged him not wanting her son to think there were any problems. "No Kevin, I just had a really bad day today at work and I'm unhappy about it."

Kevin smiled giving her a kiss. "All fixed with a kiss, right mom?"

Sandy laughed, said thank you and watched as Kevin left the room to watch some TV.

Amanda got up from the dinner table, took Sandy's hand and pulled her up into a hug.

"I'm sorry hon. Here I'm being a jerk, green with jealousy, when you know how many women were in and out of my life. Everything is ok, don't worry."

The tears ran down Sandy's face as she held onto Amanda tighter.

"I'm sorry Amanda. I can't believe she's here in California and now I'm going to have to work with her. She was a good doctor, a New York socialite who came from old money as did I, and she thought we made the perfect couple. I just left her without explaining. I haven't a clue as to how she's going to react towards me, or if she even knows I'm here and the head of surgery.

Amanda bent down and kissed the lips that were more familiar to her than her own. When they stopped and came up for air, Amanda smiled and looked into her eyes.

"Sandy, you're upset over nothing. It's alright. I'm sure things will work out and if they don't, then you'll just sit her down and talk to her and explain everything. You and I love each other; we have a son, a dog and the white picket fence. We're both happy and if she can't see that and be happy for you..... then kick her ass."

Both women started to laugh as the tension left the room.

"Come on Sandy, we've got a little boy to bathe and put to bed."

Amanda peeked around the corner into the living room. Spying her prey she yelled, "Your mine!" As Kevin jumped up and ran. "Oh no you don't, it's bath time!" Sandy smiled at the antics of Amanda and Kevin as Amanda grabbed him up, tossed him over her shoulder and headed for the bath tub.

Sandy leaned up against the wall as she headed up the steps. This is all I've ever wanted in my life, she thought. I have Amanda, our son, our home; then why am I feeling a slight twinge of regret over leaving Carolyn?


Dr. Carolyn Witherspoon was unpacking the last box of books on to her book case. The new La Jolla hospital was almost complete, and would be ready for patients in less then a month. She was smiling and enjoying her time here in San Diego. She shook her head at the anger her parents had shown her when she said she was leaving New York. They had been furious with her. Her whole life had been centered on "black tie affairs" and making small talk. She was tired of it and felt this move out to California would be a blessing. She was now the new head of the Medical Department, something she would never have gotten with the old boys club that still reined in New York, and just maybe she could see Sandra again. She had missed her this past two and a half years. Carolyn had kept tabs on her old lover especially when the bomb had destroyed the hospital. She wanted to meet up with her again and maybe spend some time together, like they had before. Carolyn knew Sandra had a lover out here, but that didn't matter. Carolyn could be very persuasive when she wanted to be. She had moved into the condominium apartment two weeks ago, spending a careful amount of time and money, buying just the right furniture and decorations. The decorators she hired had done on excellent job on the paint and wallpaper making sure that everything was perfect.

Carolyn was jarred from her thoughts as she heard a soft clearing of someone's voice and a soft tapping on her opened door. She lazily turned around, figuring it to be the maintenance people. To her surprise there stood Dr. Sandra Wilson. She was wearing jeans and a light yellow golf shirt. The red hair that made Carolyn's heart do flips was pulled back into a ponytail and hanging out the back of Sandra's baseball cap. She looked absolutely gorgeous and Carolyn felt tongue tied for a moment.

She smiled at the rather nervous woman that stood in front of her. "Hello Sandra. Is this a business call or pleasure?"


Sandy had sat in her office for over an hour, looking at the phone and attempted to dial Carolyn's extension at least six times. Each time she had picked up the phone to dial the number she was hit with an uneasy wave of panic and set the phone back down. Memories had flooded her dreams all last night and she hadn't slept well. Her life in New York had been so different then here. She would never have been seen with her hair tied back or wearing a ball cap. Her dating Carolyn had always been formal affairs, theatre and long weekends at Carolyn's family’s estate. As a child she hated this lifestyle, escaping to college in California, only to be reminded of her promises and status by her grandfather and coerced to come back home to the same thing. She had been forced to hide her sexuality from her family until she had become her own person; a doctor and surgeon as well. No one could hurt her now, except herself.

She had finally had enough of New York, and falling into Carolyn's shadow was the worst, as the expectations on her were too much. In her dreams she could still hear Amanda's voice, see her face and hear their laughter. Would she be welcomed back into Amanda's life? Could they even be friends, if Sandy went back? Sandy laughed to an empty office as she looked at the picture of Amanda, herself, Kevin and Whiskey. Mitchell had taken the shot for them and her answer sat there in front of her smiling back.

Joan Miller was glad to be back and working with Dr. Wilson again. It had been a long struggle for her to come back here. The memories of the bombing and her long stay and recovery in the hospital still haunted her, but she was going to get over that. Sandra had always popped in to see her; made sure she needed for nothing and even checked on her family to make sure they were all right. She considered Sandra a friend and felt the feeling was mutual. Today, however, she had seen the doctor’s extension light up for a moment and then go off. Finally after a few glances of this Joan called her.

"Dr. Wilson, Sandra, something wrong with your phone or are you just checking to see if the dial tone works?"

Sandy knew she couldn't hide her upset feelings from Joan. In the past few years they had become good friends, and Sandy knew she could rely on Joan to give her some heart felt advice or a kick in the pants, which ever seemed necessary.

"Joan, if you've got a minute, could you come in? I need some advice." Sandy hoped Joan could help her with her dilemma.

For the next hour they drank tea, munched on cookies, and talked about Sandy's relationship with Dr. Carolyn Witherspoon. Joan was never surprised at any conversation that came out of Sandy's mouth. She had learned rather quickly that her boss and friend was gay and meeting her partner, Amanda, had been quite the experience. When she had first met Amanda, Joan couldn't figure out the attraction between the two of them. Amanda always seemed so hard nosed and arrogant, while Sandra was compassionate and soft spoken. They were total opposites. It wasn't until later, when Joan had caught the two of them in an intimate moment that she could see how Amanda really was. You could envision the aura of love that encircled the two of them. Amanda was gentle and loving and, for a moment, Joan was almost envious of Sandra.

Joan listened to Sandra explain the details of her relationship with Carolyn and she never backed down from asking Sandra more questions. Finally, giving her opinion one last thought, she simply said, Sandra, go over there, kick ass and take names later. Get the talk over with in person. See what Carolyn's reaction is and go from there.

Sandra got up and gave Joan a hug. "If I'm not back within an hour, call for my swat team."

Joan laughed knowing that meant Amanda and her partner Mitchell. Those two were together were "hell let loose in a candy store."


"Both actually." Sandy walked in Carolyn's office and extended her hand. "I wanted to welcome you to the hospital and am looking forward to working with you."

Carolyn stood there looking at Sandy's out stretched hand. She gently knocked Sandy's hand down. "A little silly don't you think? A hug perhaps for an old friend would be more appropriate."

Carolyn never waited for permission; she just walked into Sandy's personal space, put her arms around her, and hugged her. Sandy, not wanting to cause a problem, gently hugged her back and then backed away.

Carolyn wasn't surprised at the reaction she received; if anything it made her feel more smug in that she had a least gotten the hug.

Carolyn motioned for Sandra to sit down. "Would you like some coffee or tea Sandra, or shall we just get down to the social part?"

Inside Sandy flinched, but refused to let Carolyn see this. I need to be strong, I need to get this over with, Sandy chanted in her head.

"Congratulations on your promotion Carolyn, and I'm looking forward to working with you." Sandy couldn't have said the words any faster without them sounding like a foreign language. She almost sighed at the end of the sentence, but didn't want to give Carolyn any more inclination of her nervousness.

Carolyn sat back in her chair and studied every movement Sandra made. She is nervous, Carolyn thought, and she has good reason to be. I still want to know why she left me without giving me an honest reason, and I want to know now.

"Thank you Sandra, but I'm sure there is more on your mind at the moment, than coming over here to welcome me. For starters, why did you leave me and not give me an honest reason?"

This time Sandra flinched. She couldn't help it. I should have known that Carolyn would get down to the ’brass tacks’ of the matter and now I have to respond. Problem was Sandy really didn't want to get bullied into another situation with Carolyn. She had learned enough from Amanda over these past couple of years not to get swept up into someone else's web.

"Carolyn, my life here in San Diego is more then I could have ever hoped for. Amanda and I have a son and a wonderful home." She watched as it was Carolyn's turn to flinch, "The past is over with and forgotten. I hope we can get over what was, and concentrate on the now at hand. We have a new hospital to organize, and we will be working close together. Let's just keep it business, ok?"

"As you wish Sandra." Came Carolyn's cool reply.

"Thank you, and now I've got to run. See you tomorrow, Carolyn." Sandy got up and left heading back to her own office, and a stiff shot of a telephone hug from Amanda.

As Carolyn watched Sandra leaving her office she was amazed how much her ex-lover had changed. Gone was that little mild girl who did Carolyn's every bidding; in return stood a self-assured woman with her own agenda. The challenge, Carolyn thought, was going to be exciting.


Sandy went back to her office not really sure how to interpret her conversation with Carolyn. She had felt nervous at first, but then relaxed as the conversation took on the topic that Sandy had expected. But it had been Carolyn's eyes that bothered her the most. Something in her look made Sandy shiver, as she opened the door into her office and saw Joan sitting there waiting for her. She looked at her assistant and knew that look in Joan's eyes. "Well?" Joan asked her.

"Fine, except I don't think she had eaten lunch yet." Sandy looked at Joan for a moment and could see the look of confusion in her assistant’s eyes. "She was hungry and I was a toasted club house with fries."

Joan couldn't help bursting out into laughter at Sandy's comment and assured her that Sandy was most certainly not a sandwich, a fine wine maybe, but not lunch. Sandy laughed, gave Joan a hug and headed into her office.

"Sandra." Joan called out. "Amanda called and wants you to call her back. Something about putting your doctor’s cap on."

Sandy knew what that meant, and thanked Joan as she entered into her office and sat down. Dialing the familiar number she waited for her lover's voice to answer.

"Detective Ellis."

"Hi, honey, you called me? If Sandy could have crawled through the phone at that moment she would have. A hug and kiss from Amanda would soothe her soul for the moment, at least, and make her feel better.

Amanda hated asking Sandy for favours like this, but at the moment she had no other choice. Mitchell and Amanda had been handed a new case this morning. It was the brutal rape and murder of a middle aged woman in her own home. The doctor who had sent the medical report to the police must speak in a totally different language than earthling, because no one at the police station had a clue what this guy was talking about.

"Sandy, I need a favour, and I'm sorry to bother you with this. Mitchell and I nor anyone else around here can figure out what this doctor is talking about, and we need to know the medical facts on the case. I have an idea, but damn honey, it's just too sickening to think about." Amanda was cringing at her very thoughts that someone could have done this to another human being. "It's as if a session of S&M went a little too far, got rough and out of control."

"It's ok Amanda. Can you fax or e-mail me the report, and I'll decipher it for you? Sandy thought this would be just the perfect rotten ending to an almost rotten day.

"Thanks hon. I've cut and pasted the report. You should have it in your inbox."

"By the way, if I'm right; where did you hide the scotch?"

Sandy finally hung up after talking to Amanda about her encounter with Carolyn. She left out the part about feeling like lunch, and asked Amanda to leave her some scotch. She would likely need a drink herself.

She turned to her computer and spotted Amanda's e-mail. Opening the file she, indeed put on her doctor's cap and started to read the report. My God, only a fucking animal could have done this. Sandy's stomach was starting to rebel. She headed to the bathroom quickly and tossed her tea and cookies from earlier on with Joan. Splashing some cold water on her face and rinsing her mouth Sandy went back to her desk and sent her reply to Amanda.

The woman had, indeed, been viciously assaulted. Her hands had been tied behind her on a chair with her legs and feet spread and tied as well. There were welts on her body, presumably from a whip, bite marks, torn and burnt flesh. She had also been raped with a foreign object that had done damage to her uterus. In Sandy's professional opinion the woman had been tortured, but for some reason no traces of semen had been found. Another woman, perhaps, or a male who was very careful with a condom. The cause of death, according to the other doctor, had been strangulation.

Sandy signed her name at the end of her memo telling Amanda that parts of her guesses had been correct. Sandy just hoped that Amanda didn't tell Mitchell. Mitchell didn't handle these situations well; then again who did?

With Kevin bathed and tucked into bed that night, Sandy was upstairs in bed reading and relaxing. She heard Amanda downstairs turning off the TV and lights and coming up to bed. As she entered the room Sandy could tell Amanda was more relaxed after watching her favourite show that she taped from the other night. She had a smile on her face which means Det. Rush caught the bad guy and the victim could rest in peace.

"Was your show good?" Sandy asked.

If possible Amanda's smile got bigger and she spent the next few moments recalling the whole episode, as Sandy nodded in the appropriate places. What Sandy didn’t realize was that Amanda taking note of this and slowly removing her clothes trying to catch Sandy's eye. Finally Amanda was naked and slipped into bed taking Sandy's hand and placing it on her breast. Sandy shook her head back into reality and realized what Amanda had done.

"I'm sorry Hon, guess I wasn't paying attention was I?" Sandy's face turned a slight shade of red in embarrassment.

"That's ok Sandy; I think I have an idea on how you can make up for it." Amanda just smiled and leaned over taking Sandy into her arms and kissing her.

Their lovemaking had always been fiery and passionate and as much as Sandy had tried to teach Amanda patience, it just never worked out. Amanda had Sandy's night shirt off in seconds, her craving overpowering for that flesh on flesh contact. Knowing her lover well Sandy soon realized what this lovemaking session was all about, passion, desire, and the need to possess and be possessed. Even if Sandy had wanted Amanda to slow down, she couldn’t. Her day had been stressful with Carolyn and that God-awful report Amanda had sent her that she was still trying to put out of her mind. It had been the reason for going to bed early and reading a book. Now, here with her lover, she needed more. She wanted Amanda to take her and then she would take Amanda. Bodies wrestled for control, but Amanda would have none of it. She already had her leg slipped in between Sandy's and was entering her. Breaking the kiss off, Amanda attached her mouth to Sandy's breast and fed on her to control her need. She pumped hard in and out of Sandy until she could feel her lover arch under her and the first waves of Sandy's orgasm rip through her. Sandy in turn, nostrils flaring, flipped Amanda over. "Damn you." she whispered. "You need to be taught some discipline."

Sandy's mouth crushed Amanda's in a kiss that would surely bruise. Her tongue demanded entrance as her hand played with a nipple that belonged to her lover. Sandy pinched hard and Amanda groaned at the contact. Arching herself up for more contact Sandy shoved her back down with her weight. "No, now do as you're told." Sandy looked at Amanda and frowned. "You were impatient, now it's my turn." Sandy went back to her task and took her time playing with Amanda's breasts. Pinching in discipline, kissing in reward, she took her time and then finally kissed her way down Amanda's belly. Spreading her lover's legs further apart she used her tongue to swipe across her feeling Amanda arching and hearing her beg for more. Again she took her time drinking in the essence that was her lover's until she herself wanted more and entered Amanda with hard and powerful strokes until she knew Amanda was ready. She then bit down on her clit which sent Amanda over the edge to a plateau somewhere into the heavens, then bringing her back down to earth with loving strokes. When both women had caught their breath Amanda laid Sandy on her back once more and made love to her, sweet and loving, until Sandy reached her own plateau and joined with Amanda's.

Content and fulfilled Amanda drifted off to sleep her arms wrapped around Sandy.

Sandy fought off sleep for a few moments as she watched her lover sleep. Her mind drifted off to another night long ago, as she had laid awake watching Carolyn sleep after their lovemaking session. This, she thought, is why I came back to San Diego and Amanda, the raw, passionate, impatient lover that she is. She makes me feel, makes me need and desire. With Carolyn there hadn't been the spark or the fire that she felt for Amanda. The reason she left New York most certainly was the cold just nothing to do with the weather was Sandy's last thought as she, too, drifted off to join Amanda in sleep.


The grand opening of the new hospital was a black tie affair with the Governor of California and other celebrities in attendance. Upon receiving their invitations Amanda and Mitchell had been contemplating for weeks on what to wear. Since they had been invited as members of the police force that had rescued victims and received medals of honour, Mitchell felt they should wear their police dress uniforms. Amanda, on the other hand, felt that because she was also Sandy's date, since she was the new head of surgery, a tux would be better. Both Sandy and Deb had chosen their long gowns. Each was strapless and fit the curves of their body’s just right. Sandy had chosen a shimmering grey dress and Deb had chosen blue to match Mitchell's eyes. With only days before the affair Amanda and Mitchell still couldn't decide and asked Sandy and Deb for their opinions. Both women grinned. The choice was unanimous; neither could resist their lovers in their dress uniforms and so the decision was final. The four women entered the hotel that night and people couldn't help but smile and stare at the tall officers clad in their dress blues; medals shining, and accompanied by two very beautiful and charming women.

Dr. Carolyn Witherspoon was in her element as she wined, dined and made small talk with California's elite. Speeches were given, congratulations to everyone involved in the new operation and a moment of silence for those who did not make it out that day. After the dinner was over Sandy found her self the center of attention, now that she was the new head of surgery, and a survivor of that day. Amanda tried to remain in the background, but when it was discovered she had been one of the many hero's that day, she found herself answering questions, and shaking hands with movie stars and the Governor. Amanda was getting tired of all the crap and wished she had just stayed home with Kevin. Finally, the band started playing dance music and people went about the rest of the evening enjoying themselves. This was Sandy and Amanda's cue to escape as both of them had to be into work the next morning. As they left the hotel dining room with Mitchell and Deb and exited towards the main lobby, neither of them felt the stare of cold eyes that followed them. Carolyn had been so wrapped up in herself she hadn't taken the time to keep her eyes on Sandra in order to try and get her alone for a while. It hadn't mattered to her that Amanda Ellis was there by Sandra's side. She never even noticed the eyes they had only for each other. Carolyn only cared about herself and what she wanted.

The next morning as Sandy sat drinking coffee and going over some reports Joan buzzed her.

"Dr. Wilson, Dr. Witherspoon is here to see you. Is it a convenient time?"

Joan was praying that Sandy was busy doing anything, counting ceiling tiles for all she cared. She did not like this woman that stood in front of her and hoped that Sandy would give her the boot.

"Sure Joan, send her in."

Damn, thought Joan.

"Good morning Carolyn. How did you enjoy last night's affair?" Sandy wanted to get the jump on the conversation and not let Carolyn have the upper hand.

"It was acceptable for California I suppose, but I noticed you left early. I didn't get a chance to speak with you." Carolyn had helped herself to a cup of coffee and sat down moving her chair closer to Sandy.

"We couldn't stay late Carolyn. Kevin had school in the morning, and Amanda and I both had to be into work early." Sandy could feel Carolyn's eyes roaming over her body and felt a cold chill run down her spine.

"You looked lovely last night Sandra. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to tell you that." Carolyn smiled and thought I would have liked to have been the one helping you out of that gown.

"Thank you Carolyn. You looked nice too, but I'm a little busy this morning. Was there something you needed to see me about?" Sandy didn't want to sit here any longer and be ogled, state your case or get out, she thought.

Carolyn went on about some concerns she had with the hospital and it seemed like an eternity before she finished her speech. Sandy nodded in all the appropriate spots and just wished she had a roll of duck tape in her drawer.

An hour later Sandy finally asked Carolyn to list her concerns and present them at the next board meeting. She couldn't promise she would back her on all of her ideas, but that she did have some valid points and they should be addressed.

This seemed to satisfy Carolyn for the moment, and finally the woman left leaving Sandy alone with a headache and a cold cup of coffee.

As the weeks passed Sandy became more accustomed to Carolyn's presence, and was slowly letting her guard down around her. Carolyn had become more pleasant and friendlier, and the two of them had lunch a few times in the hospital's cafeteria. Carolyn had tested Sandy's feelings one day as she snuck up behind Sandra quickly putting her arms around her waist and kissing her cheek. It had taken Sandy a minute to realize the arms, lips and cologne were not that of Amanda's and she quickly jumped out of Carolyn's arms becoming upset with her.

"Carolyn, what the hell do you think you're doing?" Sandy's face turned beet red and her temper started to rise.

"I'm so sorry Sandra. I just wanted to show you a little friendly affection. I hope there was no harm or no foul by it." Carolyn tried to act apologetic, but Sandy knew otherwise.

"Carolyn, please. We are colleagues here at the hospital, and rumours have a way of starting. I don't want to be involved with you like that. I love Amanda, and wouldn't want people to think I was cheating on her. So please don't do that again." Sandy hoped she sounded forceful enough because she did mean business.

That night when she told Amanda what had happened Amanda flipped and wanted to have a few words with this woman, preferably out in the desert where she wouldn't have to drag the body too far to bury her. Sandy did manage to calm her down, and told her she had some stern words for Carolyn and hoped it wouldn't happen again.

Little did Sandy know how wrong she was.


It's so simple Carolyn laughed. The ease to which she could pick up a new conquest, had always been fun. It was when they had wanted more of a relationship with her, that she had to get rid of them, sometimes permanently. She had used her seductive powers, and had a quick but satisfying sexual encounter with the young woman who was in charge of the hospital's drug dispenser. The woman was more than willing to let Carolyn have her, as she had a crush on her from their first introduction. She soon found that Carolyn was an excellent lover, although sometimes a bit too forceful, but in exchange for a few of the hospital's drugs, it was to their mutual advantage.

Although she didn't understand why Carolyn needed the commonly known "date rape drug", she didn't care. As long as Carolyn satisfied her needs she'd have given her the whole pharmacy.

Carolyn returned to her office, showered off the woman's scent, and planned her next encounter with Dr. Sandra Wilson.

"Sandra!" Joan poked her head into Sandy's office and asked her if she wanted anything for lunch at the cafeteria. Sandy had been swamped all morning with some last minute budget changes and had to finish them today.

"Thanks Joan, how about a sandwich? Ham and Swiss on rye, please, oh and an ice tea."

Joan left to go to the cafeteria and almost collided with Dr. Carolyn Witherspoon as she left.

"Oh sorry doctor, I was just leaving to get some lunch." Joan's skin started to crawl at the look in Carolyn's eyes.

"Fine, take your time." Carolyn brushed past her. "I need to speak with Dr. Wilson."

Joan watched as Carolyn entered Sandy's office and shut the door. Was that the lock she heard? No, couldn't of been, just my mind playing tricks.

Joan headed out to the elevator, but that click she had heard was bothering her. She went with her gut instincts, returned and tried the door. It was indeed locked. How odd she thought. Joan returned to the elevator and made her way to the cafeteria. She sighed at the length of the line up. She would be here for awhile.

Carolyn poured coffee for herself and Sandra. She slipped in the small capsule, stirred the beverage until she was sure it was dissolved, and handed it to Sandy. Sandy had been so involved in the budget reports she hadn't noticed Carolyn locking the door.

"Here, looks like you could use this." Carolyn handed Sandy the coffee and took a sip of her own.

Sandy thanked Carolyn, took a few sips of the beverage and returned back to her report. Carolyn leaned over to go over the reports with her, making suggestions, and pushing Sandy to drink her coffee. It didn't take long for the effects of the drug to work. Sandy looked up to see her world spinning and the look of delight on Carolyn's face. Her world crashed down into slow motion. She felt Carolyn's arms around her encouraging her to walk. They left her office and took the service elevator down to the parking lot. Carolyn placed Sandra into her car and headed back to her apartment.

Joan finally returned to the office with lunch in hand to see Sandra's office door open and no one there. There were no messages either on voice mail or her desk, and a wave of fear crashed through Joan's stomach. She picked up her phone and dialled Sandra’s cell. It rang in her office. Flipping through extension numbers and cell phone numbers, Carolyn couldn't be found either. Finally in desperation, Joan dialed the one cell phone number she knew she could rely on. The voice on the other end answered.

"Detective Amanda Ellis."

Hi Amanda, it's Joan."

"Hi Joan, you sound a little shaky. What's up?"

Amanda had been pacing around the station for the past few minutes. Her stomach felt tight and unsettled. Mitchell had assured her it was just the coffee. It had been referred to as paint remover this morning, but Amanda had still felt uneasy.

"Amanda, I can't find Sandra, and Carolyn's missing too. Call it intuition, but I have a bad feeling about this."

Joan went on to explain about the reports, the lunch, the locked door, and about her creepy feeling. That was all Amanda needed to hear. She got Carolyn's address from Joan and turned to Mitchell.

"Sandy's missing, and something stinks by the name of Carolyn Witherspoon. Call Deb in case Sandy calls her and let her know what's going on."

Amanda removed her gun from the shoulder holster, double checked to make sure there was six bullets, looked at Mitchell and said, "Let's go."

The two women left the building informing the desk sergeant of what was going on as Mitchell was talking with Deb. Getting into Amanda's SUV they left the station and headed towards Carolyn's address.

Sandy's head was pounding and she was disoriented with her surroundings. Her mouth was dry and she needed a drink of water. She attempted to stand up only to find her self tied down to a bed in an unfamiliar bedroom. A voice from somewhere was talking to her, but in her fog she couldn't quite make out all the words. Then her senses took over and she realized she was naked, bound by her hands and feet, and unable to move. The smell of leather drifted closer to her, and she managed to focus one green eye on what looked like Carolyn in a tight, black leather outfit, her breasts exposed with just straps surrounding them. Wow, Sandy thought, is this one bad ass nightmare or what?

Carolyn leaned over the bed her breasts touching Sandy's. She was kissing Sandy's lips then bit gently down on her neck.

"I will have you one way or another Sandra. My patience with you is over. You are now mine."

As the drug was beginning to wear off Sandy began to realize she was in trouble and tried to talk with Carolyn.

"Carolyn, no. Please don't do this. I'm not yours, I never was. My son, Amanda."

She felt the sting of the whip, as Carolyn expertly snapped it at her.

"You will be mine Sandra, and I will make sure you stay mine this time."

Sandy lay their helpless as she felt Carolyn's rage. She cried and pleaded with Carolyn to stop, but it only seemed to anger her more. How did this happen and why is Carolyn doing this? Why hadn't Sandy paid attention to the signs of Carolyn's behaviour? There had been rumours throughout the staff of Carolyn's sexual exploits, but no formal complaints had been made. Finally, in desperation, Sandy started to pray for a miracle. She prayed for Amanda to find her in time.

"Damn, fucking traffic in this city." Amanda's patience was getting thinner as the feeling in her stomach worsened. "Mitchell, flip on the siren, we're outta here."

With lights and siren the two women made their way around traffic until they arrived at Carolyn's apartment.

Parking the vehicle in a fire zone Amanda left the lights flashing, as she and Mitchell entered the building. A rather large man in a security uniform was sitting watching a soap opera and ignoring them.

Amanda flashed her badge. "Hey, I need to go upstairs to Dr. Carolyn Witherspoon's apartment."

"She's not here, away at work." The man continued watching his soap opera and never looked her way.

Amanda banged on the glass. "Listen to me asshole!" Get off your fat ass and take me up to her apartment, before I kick this glass down and rip your useless dick off!"

With that threat and the look in Amanda's eyes, the security guard got up and called for the superintendent to take them up stairs.

They arrived at Carolyn's apartment and knocked on the door. No answer. "Open it." Amanda demanded.

"You got a court order?" The smug, greasy looking man flashed his tobacco stained teeth at her.

"Yeah." Amanda said as she pulled out her gun. "It was issued by Judge Smith and Wesson, now open the fucking door and get lost."

The building super looked at the gun, then at Amanda and over to Mitchell. "Crazy dykes." He muttered then took his master key and opened the door.

As Amanda and Mitchell entered the apartment they heard a scream from the bedroom. With revolvers drawn they ran down the hall. Amanda kicked the door down as she knew who that scream belonged to.

The sight before them was one that would cause Amanda and Mitchell to have nightmares for months. Sandy was tied to the bed; the welt marks on her body were red and swollen. Blood trickled from her mouth, as her lips had been cut or bitten. The worse part was the device that was inserted into Sandy's vagina. There was blood on the sheets surrounding it.

Carolyn stopped and started to scream at them, as she ran towards them with a stun baton. Mitchell pushed Amanda towards Sandy, raised her gun and fired into Carolyn's shoulder.


Sandy lay in a hospital bed, her body still recovering from Carolyn's rape. Amanda sat beside her snoozing in the chair when Mitchell, Deb and Kevin entered the room. Kevin had been staying with them, as Amanda had refused to leave Sandy's side.

"Hey." Mitchell bent down and gave Sandy a kiss. "How you feeling?"

"Better." Sandy replied. "Now if we could just get sleeping beauty here to go home for a few hours."

Deb leaned over gave Sandy a kiss, and held her hand. "Kevin's been fine, but he misses you. When are you coming home?"

Sandy sighed. "Tomorrow or I'm signing myself out."

Amanda opened her eyes to see her son in Sandy's arms and them talking quietly. Her heart felt the grip of pain; they should have gotten there sooner to rescue Sandy. Damn that bitch, I hope she rots in hell.

"Amanda." Mitchell looked to her friend and could feel the pain in her eyes. "You remember that S and M case we were looking into?"

"Yes, I do." Amanda flinched at the thought of it.

"It seems a hair fibre has matched up with Dr. Carolyn Witherspoon. She's our killer Amanda."

Both Amanda and Sandy looked at Mitchell in disbelief. Then Sandy remembered the victim in that case had red hair.

"Oh God Mitchell, that poor woman was killed by Carolyn?"

"Fraid so Sandy, and you were almost next." Mitchell took Sandy's hand. "She's locked up in psycho for now, waiting for trial. Being who she is, I'm afraid it will be a circus."

Sandy nodded in agreement. "Oh boy, this is going to hit the tabloids for sure."

Amanda, Mitchell and Deb shook their heads in agreement.

Amanda leaned over kissing her wife. "Still wanna take that trip to Alaska?"

Sandy laughed, which was music to Amanda's ears. The healing had begun; it was amazing how love and laughter were always the best prescription.

After their visit, Mitchell and Deb took Kevin home, leaving Amanda and Sandy sitting together. Both women seemed to be a little lost, as neither one wanted to bring up the subject from the past couple of days.

"I guess we should talk about this. Sandy, you know it wasn't your fault and that Carolyn was a wacko." Amanda got up from the chair, and sat down on the bed, wrapping her arms around Sandy. "I'm so sorry, Hon, that I didn't get there sooner. If it hadn't been for Joan..........

Sandy leaned over and kissed Amanda. "Stop it; don't beat yourself up any more. I'm just thankful that you and Mitchell got there when you did." Sandy looked for reassurance from Amanda's eyes. "I tried everything you know." Sandy gripped Amanda a little tighter. "I tried reasoning with her, I got angry with her, and I even promised her I'd be more of a friend to her. But she wouldn't listen." Sandy started to cry and Amanda cried too. "I used to care about her you know." Sandy said through sobs. "But I never loved her like I do you."

Amanda wiped Sandy's tear stained cheeks and then wiped her own face. "I love you so much; the thought of that bitch hurting you, I want to kill her."

"Shh, just hold me Amanda. I will heal. There' no permanent damage, and Carolyn is a very sick person who needs help. You can't kill her, ok?

Amanda nodded, but still hoped that one day Carolyn would find her way to a shallow grave in the middle of the desert.

The next morning, Amanda and Sandy came home to find Mitchell and Deb waiting there for them with Kevin and Whiskey. It had been an emotional few days, but with friends, family and love, Sandy would be fine.

Amanda would make sure of it.

To be continued in part 13, and conclusion.

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