Amanda Ellis in: A Visit From Satan On St. Valentines Day

by: Pat Winterburn

Disclaimers: It's Valentines Day and we find Mitchell and Sandy locked in a passionate kiss. Hey! Mitchell and Sandy? What's going on? What's going on indeed, as today Satan resurfaces to add to an already complicated day. A special notation to Mary my beta reader: On this St. Valentines Day, may you receive hearts, flowers and love; for you are the wind beneath my wings. *************************************************************************

Captain Amanda Ellis sat at her desk cursing herself. "Of all the stupid, idiotic...damn, I can't believe I did that."

The sound of the soft thud of a tennis ball against the glass partition diverted her attention and she looked over to Mitchell Blake. Her second in command, and best friend, was picking up the phone dialling her extension.

"What's up, you seeing ghosts again?" Mitchell laughed and watched as Amanda stuck her tongue out at her.

"I swear one of these days Mitchell I'm going to replace that glass partition with a brick wall. I can't scratch my nose without you knowing." Amanda leaned back in her chair and sighed. "I left that damn floppy disc in my computer at home. I can't finish the schedule without it."

Mitchell had a look of disbelief on her face. "You, forget something? You're the only person I know who double checks her brief case at night before bed."

Amanda rolled her eyes. "I do not you goof. I got a little side tracked. Brandy kept barking at something outside and I had to go out with her and make sure we weren't being invaded by some ocean monster."

Mitchell laughed as she envisioned Amanda with the puppy. She had been out in the back yard with Amanda many times as they would play with Brandy and laugh as Brandy would bark at the ocean creatures that would find their way onto the beach.

"And what was this morning's excuse?" Mitchell smirked as she saw the look on Amanda's face.

"Nothing, I just forgot it." Amanda tried to sound coy, but knew she had failed miserably.

"You were humming this morning." Mitchell jumped in enjoying this one.

"Humming? So what?" Amanda shot Mitchell a look as if to say, "you're up to something."

"You and Sandy made love this morning." Mitchell let the sentence hang.

Amanda scowled at her. "How do you know? You bugged our bedroom or do I have a hickey?"

Mitchell started to laugh. Yes, she thought, I've finally got her. "On a normal morning you will sit and talk to me in the car, but if you and Sandy have made love that morning you hum to whatever music is on the radio."

Amanda sat back and glared at Mitchell. "Bullshit." She told her friend, but then thought for moment. "Damn, you're right, I do."

Mitchell pretended to lick her index finger and marked the number one in the air. "Score one point for the detective." She said and laughed as Amanda cursed her out.

"Well fine smart ass, mind the store while I take off and get that disk." Amanda was about to hang up when her office intercom went off.

"Captain, the Mayor is on line two and wants to chat with you."

"Well hell." She said to Mitchell.

"What now?" Came the reply.

"It's the Mayor and I'll be trapped with that blow hard for the next hour. Come get my keys and go home and get that disk." Amanda reached into her pocket and tossed the keys onto her desk. Call Sandy first and let her know you're coming over. She took today off."

Amanda clicked over the phone line. "Good morning Mayor, how are you today?"

As Mitchell left with her keys she pointed and laughed as Amanda tossed the tennis ball at her.

Mitchell pulled out her cell phone and dialled Sandy at home. There was no answer so she left a message that she was coming over.

Sandy had taken the day off from work and was just getting out the shower to dry off. She didn't hear the phone as she went back into the bedroom. It was Valentines Day and she just wanted a day to herself to relax and make a nice, quiet, romantic dinner for Amanda and herself. Brandy came bouncing into the bedroom and jumped up on the bed. "Hey you little monster, get down."

Brandy just sat there and wagged her tail.

"You're as obedient as your other mother." Sandy sighed and turned to look at herself in the full length mirror.

Growing older was a fact of life she reminded her self. Things sag and start to wrinkle. Hair turns grey and no matter how much you exercise or dye your hair, there are always tell tale signs that you're getting older. She sighed as she continued to look at her naked body in the mirror. She had started off the morning asking Amanda if their getting older affected the way Amanda looked at her. Amanda's response was an immediate 'yes' and Sandy found herself looking up to passion filled eyes. "You're even sexier."

They spent the next 1/2 hour in a love making session before Amanda had to shower and leave for work. Sandy shook her head at the thought of her lover. "She'll be ninety and still as horny."

Sandy went to the closet and retrieved a very special outfit she had purchased for this evening. She wanted their dinner tonight to be romantic and passionate. She had bought a very sheer outfit of panties and bra with a sheer robe to go over it. When Amanda got home there would be no talk of work or how was your day. Dressed as provocatively as she was Sandy would take her right there if she had to, but would rather lure her into the bedroom.

When Mitchell entered the house she hollered out "Sandy", but did not get an answer. Funny, Mitchell thought, her car is out front. Maybe she's out walking Brandy?

Mitchell made her way into the den and sat down at Amanda's computer. It was still on and she hit the mouse to bring up the screen. The schedule Amanda had been talking about was right there so she hit the save button.

Brandy heard the noise downstairs and decided to play a game. She grabbed the bra part of Sandy's outfit and headed downstairs. Sandy yelled at her and chased her, but Brandy ran right into the den and jumped up on Mitchell's lap.

"Well hello there Brandy", as she held up the bra in question.

Sandy ran in and yelled "give that back", as a stunned Mitchell turned around and saw a half naked Sandy standing there glaring at the dog.

Sandy realized that the body was not Amanda's, but Mitchell's and turned red with embarrassment.

"Mitchell, what are you doing here?" Sandy glared as she whipped the bra out of Mitchell's hands and put it on.

Mitchell was tongue tied and started to stutter as she couldn't help but see how sheer the outfit is that Sandy is wearing. "I - I cccalled first but there wasn't an answer."

Mitchell tried to look away but couldn't. Sandy is one good looking woman in that outfit.

"Wow, do you always dress like this for Amanda? I've got to get Deb an outfit like that." Mitchell said as her thoughts went south.

"No, I don't." Sandy admitted. "But I've been feeling a little old these days and wanted to do something to lift my spirits."

Mitchell look confused. "But Sandy, you're still very beautiful. You always have been."

Tears start to fall from Sandy's face. "I don't know what the matter with me has been lately. I've been feeling out of sorts."

Mitchell soon clued in. "The change, Sandy. You're 50 remember."

"And I'm a doctor, I should have realized that." Sandy shook her head. "I'm losing my mind."

Mitchell walked over and took Sandy into her arms and gave her a hug. "It's ok Sandy, just one of those days."

Mitchell had no intention of doing what she was about to do, but she could feel the warmth of Sandy's half naked body against her and all she meant to do was kiss Sandy on the cheek to make her feel better.

But, at that moment, something happened and two eyes glanced at each other. Hesitantly lips met and they shared a passionate kiss. When they broke off the kiss, both women were shocked with each other.

"I'm sorry Sandy. I shouldn't have done that. I just meant to make you feel better." Mitchell had turned red with embarrassment, but Sandy would not let her go.

"Hey, it's alright. Sandy replied. I'm just feeling a little down and needed some affection. Besides, I've seen you naked more times over the years than I care to admit."

Both women laughed and let go of each other. "I'd better get back to the office; Amanda will be screaming her head off for me." Mitchell gave Sandy another quick kiss and left with the disk.

As Mitchell drove back to the station she wondered if she should tell Amanda what happened or just let it go. Then she looked at her reflection in the rear view mirror. "And what do I tell Deb?"

As Sandy walked back up stairs to get dressed she, too, wondered if she should tell Amanda or let it go. She looked into the mirror. "And what about Deb?"

As Sandy changed out of her outfit Brandy hopped up onto the bed and barked.

"Now you bark you little trouble maker. Sandy tossed the sheer clothing on top of the puppy. "I can't believe what just happened down there."

Mitchell walked into Amanda's office and handed her the disk. She didn't know what to say and just waited for a response.

"Thanks Mitchell." Amanda shoved the disk into her computer. "Would you believe that damned man kept me on the phone for 20 minutes and I still have no idea why he called. Never met anyone who could talk and yet say nothing."

"Politicians, all hot air." Mitchell replied.

"Was Sandy home? I haven't had a chance to call her yet." Amanda stared at the monitor and made some corrections to her work.

Mitchell scratched her head and shuffled her feet a little. "Yes she was home. She was in the shower when I called and didn't hear the phone. I kind of scared her a little when I came in."

"Aha." Was all Amanda said as she went over the schedule.

"Look, Amanda, I'm sorry." Mitchell started to babble. "Brandy came running down the stairs with Sandy's bra in her mouth. Sandy thought the house was empty and chased naked after the dog. And I ended up kissing her."

Amanda looked up from the monitor. "Whoa Mitchell, slow down. You kissed Sandy or the dog?"

"Sandy." Mitchell replied.

"Ok." Amanda shook her head and went back to her task.

Mitchell stood patiently and waited.

Realization hit Amanda. "Hey wait a minute, you said Sandy was naked."

Mitchell turned red with embarrassment. "Well almost naked she had on panties, and then put on her bra that Brandy gave me."

"Oh, ok." Amanda chuckled a little. "Who was more embarrassed you or Sandy?"

"Both of us actually. She had on this very sheer outfit that she is saving for you for tonight." Mitchell knew she was toast. Amanda's eyes went twice their normal size.

"So, let me get this straight. Sandy might as well have been naked and you kissed her? Amanda sat back in her chair and glared at her friend.

"Yes, I did." Mitchell replied. And now I'm off to the mall to get Deb an outfit just like it."

Mitchell saw the utter and total look of confusion on Amanda's face and took the advantage to escape.

"See you later, Amanda." Mitchell turned and left, leaving a bewildered Amanda sitting at her desk wondering what had just happened?

Amanda sat momentarily looking at her monitor. She knew she should be doing something with the information that sat in front of her, but her mind was blank. She glanced over at her calendar and saw it was indeed February 14th.

Valentines Day. Amanda thought to her self. She shook herself back into reality. She didn't know whether to laugh at Mitchell or shoot her. But a big smile broke across her face and she decided to laugh. I wonder how sheer that outfit is. Mitchell got back into Amanda's SUV and headed out to the mall. She couldn't believe her luck that Amanda didn't go across the desk after her, but knowing Amanda as well as she did, she was probably wondering how sheer Sandy's outfit was.

Mitchell parked the SUV and headed into the mall. It was quiet today, not like on the weekends when it was always a moving mass of bodies, especially teens. She walked up to a kiosk and purchased a slushy, its cold and fruity taste felt good sliding down her throat. She finally found the lingerie shop and entered. The store's Valentines displays of plastic models wearing bright red nighties and short robes caught her attention first. She stood back and envisioned Deb's body in such an item and did think it had possibilities. But in Mitchell's eyes so did everything in the store. She loved the sheer and silky fabrics of the bras and panties. The erotic clothing off to one side of the shop attracted her eye and she went over to investigate. Well I am a detective. She thought to herself. One has to be aware of such things. For research of course. Mitchell chuckled at her selfish notions of research. She loved to dress up for Deb and have Deb dress up for her. It had been something they had done for each other since they first became a couple. Pleasing each other's fantasies had become a part of their relationship very early and in all these years they had continued it. If Amanda only knew the half of it. Mitchell laughed and started to compare the half bras to the ones with the nipple cover removed.

A clerk walked up to her. "May I help you with anything?"

"Yes." Mitchell replied. "Do you carry crotch less panties to match the bras?"

The clerk never batted an eye and Mitchell followed her to another area.

Mitchell followed along behind her and envisioned what her evening with Deb would be like. The costumes, the role playing, the seduction of each other. She shivered in delight at the thought and an idea came to her mind. Oh what a wicked little mind I have. Mitchell thought to her self and knew her next stop would be the leather shop.

Deb Tyler sat in her office at the dealership and hung up the phone from her conversation with the parts supplier. She had been the Parts Department Manager of the dealership for a number of years now, working her way up from being behind the counter. She glanced again at the calendar. Valentines Day. She smiled at the thought of how each year Mitchell always came home with a new sexy outfit for both of them and each year had a new role playing game for them. I swear that woman starts thinking up a new one on February 15th, just for next year. Deb couldn't help but chuckle. It's not like they only did this once a year. Mitchell had an insatiable appetite in that department and usually once a month they would role play a previous game from pirates and princesses, royal knights and damsels. Deb could only sit back and imagine what Mitchell had cooked up for them this year.

Only this year no one could imagine the unthinkable.

She should have never been found her skeleton should have remained buried forever. But Mother Nature, winds, and shifting sands made for an unpleasant discovery for some teens out in their dune buggies. The remains of Dr. Carolyn Witherspoon were gathered up by the coroner's office, as a forensic team from another sheriff's office combed the area for evidence. No one knew who this skeleton was, but it wouldn't take long to identify the body with dental records. Detective Jerry Crombie wiped his brow and looked around the area. Someone had wanted this person dead and out of the way. There was a definite bullet hole in the skull. Probably a mob hit, he thought, or just someone who owed money and couldn't pay it back. But in the back of his brain something was gnawing away at him. Whoever the shooter was wanted to make sure no one found the body out here. He took a drink of water from his water bottle and got back into his jeep. It was going to be a long afternoon of paper work, something he hated doing.

It was later that afternoon when Mitchell returned with her parcels. She left them in the SUV and smiled at Amanda as she returned to her desk. Amanda laughed at her best friend's goofy grin. Wonder what game she's got cooked up this year? Amanda thought and shook her head. If she only knew that Deb tells Sandy everything and Sandy tells me. Amanda sat back for a moment and wondered if she should tell Mitchell, but then decided against it. She somehow found it kinky to know Mitchell's little secret and it wet her own sexual appetite even further. I wonder just how sheer Sandy's outfit is.

By five thirty Amanda was dropping Mitchell off at her home as Deb pulled in. She got out of the car and gave Deb a hug and quick kiss.

"Happy Valentines Day." Amanda whispered. "And don't leave any details out when you tell Sandy tomorrow."

Deb's eyes went large and round and Amanda couldn't help but chuckle as she got back into her car and left for home. When it came to sex she figured Sandy shared details with Deb as well. They had become close friends over the years and Amanda knew that early on in hers and Sandy's relationship, Sandy had gone to Deb for some advice on how to please Amanda in "other" ways. Amanda never let on she knew, but the changes in their lovemaking were noticeable and Amanda just accepted it and quietly thanked Deb one night with a knowing wink. Deb had turned red, but it had been their secret for all these years, something else that gave them a special bond.

Mitchell and Deb entered into their house and tossed jackets and shoes aside. Mitchell had sat down her parcels with instructions of "no peeking." She went over to the safe and stored her gun. "You want to order dinner now or later?" She asked of her lover and Deb leaned against the wall and licked her lips.

"Later will be fine. I have another appetite to fill right now."

They walked upstairs to the bedroom hand in hand. Mitchell carried the parcel containing the leather straps and chains and the matching vest. Deb carried the parcel containing the bra, panties and robe that Mitchell had picked out for her. The fantasy was the dominate leather chick and the submissive femme. Not very original for some, but for Mitchell she had never done this before. They had always been equal as lovers, but tonight she wanted more. She wanted to possess this woman that she loved both body and soul. Maybe Sandy had been right about feeling a little insecure at this aging thing. She wanted to know that Deb loved and needed her. All of her; right down to her last breath of life.

When both women had showered and changed into their costumes, Deb knew what Mitchell wanted and needed. Perhaps she didn't understand why, but knew she'd find out what Mitchell was thinking during their love making. She approached Mitchell cautiously and slowly bent down on her knees to the carpet. She took Mitchell's hand and placed it on her head. Mitchell began to stroke the blonde hair as if petting a beloved pet.

"I am yours Mistress." Deb leaned forwarded and kissed the leather covered leg of Mitchell's. "Do with me as you wish." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Amanda parked her SUV and grabbed her briefcase and the long stemmed roses she had picked up for Sandy. She entered the front door and yelled out. "Sandy, I'm home!" A growing puppy came yapping down the hall way and greeted her with a wagging tail and small yips. Brandy tried to jump up on Amanda, but was still too small. Amanda set her articles down and scooped up the puppy into her arms. "I heard you got into some troublesome adventures today?"

Sandy came around the corner and smiled at the sight before her. She could get used to this she thought. She liked getting home before Amanda and having dinner started. She liked being here for her.

Amanda looked up at Sandy and leered. Oh dear God. Thoughts of anything went south as Amanda stared at the sight before her. Oh that is sheer and I going to shoot Mitchell for getting a peek. Amanda smiled at her lover. "Sandy you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life."

Sandy slowly walked up to Amanda. Her look was intense and there was no mistaking her intentions. She wanted Amanda and wanted her now. She slipped her finger into Amanda's shirt. Something she had done many times in the past. "Bedroom now, shower while I put the flowers in water."

Amanda could barely move. Her clit was going to burst she was sure of it. The moisture pooled in her underpants and she knew this pair of slacks was destined for the dry cleaners. Sandy crouched down the length of Amanda's body and picked up the roses. Standing up she brought them to her nose and smelled the fragrance. "Thank you Amanda, they are beautiful." She turned and walked back into the kitchen knowing full well Amanda was enjoying the view of her back side. Some things never change and Sandy was thankful for that.

Amanda stood in the shower and quickly washed off the day's sweat. She shut the shower off and opened the glass door. Sandy stood there with a big, fluffy blue towel and motioned Amanda to her. Ever so carefully and sensuously Sandy dried Amanda off as Amanda stood there, and she wondered what the purpose of the shower was. She was so aroused she could smell herself and knew Sandy could too. She felt a trickle of moisture run down her leg. It didn't matter at this moment whether it was water or her own natural lubricant, Sandy was about to be picked up and taken to bed. Amanda tossed the towel aside, picked up Sandy around the waist as the doctor wrapped her legs around her detective. Together they fell onto the bed, kissing passionately, and hands groping at each other like two teenagers in heat. Sandy's new outfit soon lay on the bedroom floor as Amanda removed it from Sandy's body and flung it across the room. Amanda was on fire with want and need for Sandy. She wanted to slow down, but her impatience over rode her ability to comply with that notion. Her mouth found a breast and her tongue found a nipple. She sucked and nipped as Sandy squirmed beneath her. She pushed her pelvis into Sandy and felt her lover's legs spread wider. Amanda felt Sandy's wetness against her and knew her lover was ready for her. She took two fingers and entered Sandy. The moans and gasps filled Amanda's ears and fuelled her more. She added a third finger and wasted no time in pushing in and out of the woman she loved. Sandy held on to Amanda's head kissing the top of her head while wishing for Amanda to slow down. "Oh God Amanda, I'm going to cum too fast."

But Amanda wanted Sandy to cum for her. She needed to hear her name screamed to the heavens above and with one last finger added, Sandy did indeed scream her name.

They lay for a moment as Sandy caught her breath. "You are too much Amanda and God how I love you for it."

Amanda kissed her and then found other areas to nip. Her raging hormones were still on fire wanting and needing more from Sandy.

Sandy wanted to make this evening last, but knew they'd never enjoy the dinner she had made for them if she didn't satisfy Amanda's needs. She grabbed Amanda on either side of her head. "On your back." She demanded and Amanda smiled. "Yes Dr. Wilson, my pleasure."

As Amanda flipped over on her back Sandy pulled out a brightly coloured object from under the pillow. Amanda's eyes grew wide as Sandy smirked. "I brought the 'boss' out to play and you're first."

Sandy ripped the cover off of the condom and expertly rolled it on the dildo. She then went to work on Amanda's body, kissing and touching her in all her lover's sensitive spots. She reached down and checked Amanda's wetness. "My God, you are wet and hot."

"All yours Sandy, all for you." Amanda groaned as Sandy wasted no time in filling her with the sex toy.

Sandy sat back as she watched her handy work with the dildo. She grew wetter as she watched herself moving the dildo in and out of Amanda's pussy. So much for medical terms. Sandy thought to herself. But right now this is fucking, not sexual intercourse. She lost herself in a sexual fog as her eyes never left watching Amanda's. She knew the panting. She knew the groan and when Amanda's orgasm hit she shoved the dildo into her lover and watched and listened as her hips shot off the bed and Sandy's name was called to God above and the Devil below.

She withdrew the toy from Amanda's body and tossed it onto the bed. Amanda held her arms open for her and she crawled into their love and safety.

"I love yous" were exchanged and they lay there softly kissing and holding on to each other.

Sandy started to giggle.

"What's so funny?" Amanda asked.

"I wonder what costumes Mitchell got this year for her and Deb?" Sandy laughed and kissed Amanda's chest.

Amanda cocked one eyebrow up and looked smugly into Sandy's eyes. "I don't know but I bet it involves a matching outfit like the one you were wearing for Deb."

Sandy turned beat red and didn't know what say. "I - I'm sorry Amanda."

"Don't be, after all the things that Mitchell and I have had do over the years, I think I simple kiss is alright." Amanda hugged her closer. "Hey how about that dinner you promised me."

With that the two women got up tossed on robes and went downstairs. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Weeks passed and Detective Jerry Crombie finally got a report on the corpse that had been found in the desert. Dr. Carolyn Witherspoon's dental records had matched up on the computers and the Detective sat back and pulled at his moustache. Her missing person's report had been put into the cold case files and Jerry had to pull them out of the old records. He sat and read over the case history on the doctor. He whistled softly under his breath. "One bad assed nasty chick."

"Dr Sandra Wilson, victim." Jerry read the details of the rape and cringed at the reading. Arresting officers, Detective's Amanda Ellis and Mitchell Blake."

"Ellis and Blake." He said out loud. "Well, well the downtown's Captain and her second, and if I'm not mistaken, Dr. Sandra Wilson is the good Captain's girlfriend."

Det. Crombie read further on in the report. He noted the date of the doctor,s release, her parole conditions and when she had disappeared. He wondered if Ellis and Blake had torn up San Diego looking for the doctor, but then another idea hit him. Maybe they didn't need to check the area. Maybe one of them or both knew exactly where she was? He made a few more notations in the file and then picked up the phone.

"Captain Amanda Ellis please. It's Detective Jerry Crombie calling."

Det. Crombie listened patiently to the music while he waited for his call to be transferred.

"Ellis." Came the voice on the other end of the line.

"Captain Ellis, this is Detective Jerry Crombie calling from the 54 division. We've uncovered a body that you might be interested in."

Amanda set down her pen and leaned back in her chair. "Yeah Detective and who might that be?"

"Dr. Carolyn Witherspoon." Jerry sat back and waited for the Captain's reaction.

Amanda's heart sank. She had spent years waiting for this day to happen, preparing for it and had her statement ready. But today, after so many years, it had caught her off guard. "That's a very unpleasant name from the past Detective. Where did you find her?"

Jerry Crombie heard the warning in the Captain's voice and decided against pushing the issue. He knew of her reputation and didn't need his asshole reamed right at this moment. "Her body was found in a shallow grave out in the desert. Some teens out in their dune buggies came across the body. Looks like it has been out there for a long time."

Amanda looked at the date and year. She knew exactly how long Carolyn's body had been out there, and who had put it there.

Amanda looked over to Mitchell. Her best friend, her right arm, and back watcher. She thought of Sandy and how much she loved her and the reason why she had shot Carolyn. She thought of Deb and then there was Kevin. How could she look at her son if he ever knew what she had done? No, she thought, I'm not giving this up for that murdering bitch's soul. Amanda had made her deal with the devil years ago and was not ready to give up her life yet.

"Ok Detective, how about you fax over that report and I'll go over it. Also, no one from your office had better bother Sandy about this. I will handle this. Do you understand? Amanda's voice dropped low and menacing.

Jerry Crombie shivered at the sound of the voice at the other end. God, he thought. The woman is the devil herself.

"Of course Captain, I'll send it over right away and I'll make sure no one bothers Dr. Wilson." Detective Crombie hung up the phone and turned back to the file on Carolyn. He didn't understand the gnawing feeling in his stomach, but knew it was fear. His fear. Captain Amanda Ellis' tone of voice was one he had never encountered before and was glad he was on the phone and not looking at her. She sounded like a ferocious lion protecting her young, and that made him question the motive for Carolyn's murder even more.

Amanda hung up the phone and called her secretary. "There's a report being faxed to me from a Detective Jerry Crombie make sure no one else sees it." Amanda thanked her and bounced her tennis ball over to Mitchell.

Mitchell looked up and could see that Amanda wasn't happy.

"Mind the store Mitchell, if you need me I'll be over at the hospital with Sandy."

Mitchell watched as Amanda got up and left her desk. She never looked back at her best friend and Mitchell knew that in itself meant a serious problem.

Mitchell picked up the phone and called Deb. "Honey, I think we've got a problem on our hands and I've got a bad feeling about this one."

Mitchell watched as the department's admin. assistant set down some papers in a folder on Amanda's desk. She asked Deb to hang on a second and went in to look at them. She saw the name Dr. Carolyn Witherspoon and she started to shake. Inside the report she quickly read about the body's discovery and the bullet hole in the skull. She set the folder back down on Amanda's desk and returned to her own. She picked up the phone and took Deb off from hold. "Oh God Deb it's bad. They found Carolyn Witherspoon's body and there's a bullet hole in the skull."

Deb hung up the phone. She couldn't believe it after all this time Carolyn had surfaced again to interfere with their lives. "Damn you, you bitch. Even in death you won't leave us alone."

Amanda headed out of the parking lot with only one thought on her mind. Sandy. The subject hadn't been mentioned since the night in question when Amanda had come home and told Sandy that Carolyn would never bother them again. Amanda pulled out her cell phone and called Sandy's office. She sighed and hoped this wouldn't be the end for her. She was not going to jail for this. If she had to she would take Sandy and leave the country and go to some foreign land and live out their lives there. They had the money and the assets to do it. More importantly she had the contacts to do it. Amanda never left anything to chance.

"Hi Sandy, are you free for a while? I've got some bad news. The 'hell mouth' just became uncovered."

Amanda met Sandy in her office and Sandy asked Joan, her secretary, to hold all calls except for emergencies. The two women sat down together and Amanda wasted no time.

"I'm sorry Sandy; they've found Carolyn's body. Amanda held Sandy close and kissed the top of her head. The winds and sands are always shifting and I guess it was eventfully bound to happen."

Sandy said nothing for a few moments and held tightly onto Amanda. "What does this mean Amanda? She was almost afraid of the answer.

"At the moment the case has been stored in the 'cold' files for so many years; it's not something that is pressing. A Detective Jerry Crombie from the 54 Division is handling the case, and I've asked him for a copy of his records and any new information." Amanda was very careful of her next statement. "If anyone questions you, I want you to be very upset, and have them talk to me. I also guess I'm going to have to talk to Mitchell about this and I need to know from you how much of the truth I should tell her."

Sandy looked up and questioned Amanda. "You never told her all the truth?"

"No, I never did and if she does know, she's never said. Amanda looked out the window for a moment and watched as a cloud floated by. It's been one of those don't ask and don't tell secrets we have."

Sandy stroked Amanda's face and then leaned in for a kiss. "Perhaps it's time Amanda that you shared the secret with her. I have a feeling that if there is an investigation done, they are going to look at both you and her and perhaps the two of you together."

Amanda knew it wouldn't happen. She had always had the backup plan tucked away in the safe at home. It contained the names of the other victims of Carolyn's and the promising remarks of revenge from other family members. By the time Detective Jerry Crombie located and questioned those names, Amanda would be so old she likely wouldn't be around herself. The devil would have her and that fate she had accepted so many years ago as she pulled the trigger to end Carolyn's life. Even the gun she had taken from the police station basement lock up had been destroyed a number of years ago too. Yes everyone knew she had motive and opportunity, but her alibi was solid. The van she had rented to dump Carolyn's body she had used the next day to help one of the officers move. The sand? All washed off. The mileage? A little trick Deb had shown her years ago in how to turn back the odometer. Amanda had left nothing to chance, not when it came to her life with Sandy. Had she been wrong in what she did? Morally yes, and she knew God would never forgive her. But she couldn't stand by as Sandy was slowly dying a death of worry and fear of Carolyn kidnapping her again or harming Kevin.

Amanda looked into Sandy's eyes as the tears fell. "I don't think I can do this Sandy. Only you and I know the truth, and I never did tell you the events of that night. Only that Carolyn would never bother us again." Amanda hung her head and pressed her face into Sandy's chest. "I'm so sorry honey, I guess I was wrong. She has come back to haunt us once again, and I can't tell Mitchell everything. I just can't."

That evening Mitchell and Deb were both sitting down trying to eat dinner. Two sets of eyes glanced up and they realized both of them were just pushing around their food.

"I can't help the way I feel Deb. I can't stand not knowing what Amanda did and what happened all those years ago." Mitchell set her fork down and pushed the untouched food away from her.

Deb reached across and took Mitchell's hand into hers. "Mitchell you know what happened without having the details. You knew it back then and you still know now. Somehow back then Amanda killed Carolyn and got rid of her. Now you know how and where she hid the body. She was quiet and sullen for days when Carolyn's disappearance was reported. You knew that she'd have torn up San Diego looking for her if she didn't already know where she was. The only thing you can do now is talk to her and find out what she plans on doing."

Deb sat back a little when she had seen the scowl on her lover's face. Mitchell rarely got angry, but Deb knew this look. She waited for Mitchell to say something, but sighed as she once again had to pull the thoughts from Mitchell's mind.

"Ok, I know you're upset and more than hurt that Amanda has never talked to you about this, but did you really expect her to ruin her career and life as well as yours if she ever got caught?"

Deb could see Mitchell's blue eyes blink in thought and her expression calm . "No, I guess not, that isn't Amanda's style. But you're right I am upset that she didn't talk to me about it in all these years. I know she trusts me, I guess......I guess." Mitchell was at a loss for words and Deb finished her sentence.

"I guess she loves you too much to ever allow you to share in her guilt."

Mitchell got up from the table and headed towards the window. The night was dark and clear. She could see the stars shining brightly over the ocean and wondered what they would do in her situation. She whispered a little prayer to what ever one of Amanda's Greek Gods was listening. She had always laughed at Amanda's obsessions with ancient Greek history and their Gods, but now hoped there was at least one of them left to help her. She knew Amanda better than anyone and figured she'd sold her soul to Satan himself and left God to worry about others. If Amanda had of come to her years ago they could have done something, anything to make it look like Carolyn had broken her parole, and tossed her back into jail. But then Mitchell shook her own head and remembered that night when they had found Sandy being raped and tortured by Carolyn. It had taken every ounce of her to stop herself and Amanda from shooting Carolyn right then and there. No, Mitchell thought, forgive me too God, but there are some people on this earth that shouldn't be allowed to live and Dr. Carolyn Witherspoon had been one of those people.

Mitchell leaned back into Deb's arms and let the tears fall. It was too late for maybes and perhaps. The deed was done and now it was up to her and Amanda to fix the problem once and for all. That's if Amanda would let her help. The thought of losing her best friend in all of this mess was too much and Mitchell turned into Deb's arms and cried. She would let her brain go to work later, but for now it was too much.

The next morning Amanda woke to find Sandy already up, showered, dressed and the coffee made. "You're up early, what's up?" Amanda walked downstairs and was given a kiss and a coffee. Brandy came running through her doggie door when she heard Amanda's voice and gave her a morning greeting as well.

Sandy sat down on her bar stool in the kitchen and looked out towards the ocean. "I'm scared Amanda. This was supposed to have been over with years ago and I'm reliving it again. I had a nightmare last night and couldn't sleep. Carolyn's face was laughing and taunting me and you weren't there to protect me."

Amanda set her coffee down and hugged Sandy. "I'm sorry honey. I'll do everything in my power to sweep this under the carpet. I don't care about my career or anything else. I love you. I always have, and always will. You're the first thing on my mind in the morning and last thing on my mind at night. I will not let them take me away from you." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Amanda picked Mitchell up and they headed for a coffee shop. She called into the station to say they'd be late and ff any emergencies popped up to call her cell phone. Amanda's secretary said there was only one call so far. Detective Jerry Crombie wanted to see her. Amanda sighed. Shit, she thought, it's starting already.

To others in the coffee shop Amanda and Mitchell looked like any two old friends, deeply engrossed in a sensitive conversation, or perhaps a lover's spat. Their faces were intense and troubled with neither really knowing what to say to the other. They'd been friends for twenty years working side by side, practically living in each other's pockets and now they were at a loss for words to each other. Amanda played with the stir stick from her coffee and Mitchell gazed into the coffee cup. Finally Amanda couldn't take it any longer and broke the ice. Perhaps Sandy was right. She'd soon know.

"You read the report on my desk yesterday, so now you know." Amanda left the statement wide open to get Mitchell's reaction.

Mitchell looked into Amanda's brown eyes and wondered what was going on in her best friend's mind. "Carolyn's body showed up in the desert with a bullet hole in the skull."

Amanda took a sip of her coffee and felt the tennis ball being tossed back into her side of the court. "What more do you need to know Mitchell? Details, facts, the how's or the whys? Amanda half chuckled. "You know damn well the whys; Sandy was losing her mind in fear. You were there, you saw it, Deb saw it, and how many times did one of us have to be with her at work or at home twenty four hours a day. She was terrified for all of our safety and Kevin's too. You should have let me kill that bitch the day we found her with Sandy. But no, you were the good cop, doing the right thing, and look where it got us."

Mitchell felt liked she'd been slapped. This wasn't what she had expected from Amanda at all. She had expected Amanda to ask her for help in covering this up, not blaming her for what had happened. But Amanda was right, sometimes doing the right thing just doesn't work out. It was causing a rift between them. In fact maybe it had been there and hidden for too many years and Mitchell just didn't know.

"You're right Amanda. We should have shot her right there on the spot when she attacked us. It would have been the perfect motive, self defence. Even if she hadn't of attacked us we should have filled her full of bullets and then put a knife into her dead hand." Mitchell's temper was starting to rise.

Amanda flashed her a look back. "Don't toss this back on me!"

"Then don't make your decision my fault either." Mitchell shot back in an angry voice.

The two of them glared at each other and Amanda shook her head. "Once again Carolyn is winning. I've never had an argument with you in my life and now look. I'm sorry Mitchell, you weren't supposed to ever know and now this has happened."

Mitchell reached across the table and touched Amanda's hand. "I'm your best friend and I love you, but I'm also your second in command and a police officer. This is hard for me Amanda. I swore a duty."

Amanda looked at her questioningly. "What do you mean? You're going to arrest me?"

Mitchell laughed. "No you big dope, but I am going to read you your rights. You have the right to remain silent, but I hope you trust me enough to help you. Anything you say will be held in my heart and never repeated, except to Deb." Mitchell smiled and squeezed Amanda's hand. And should you need a lawyer at any time, I'll pay for the best one there is on this earth."

When they left the coffee shop together and returned to the station Det. Jerry Crombie was there waiting for her. Amanda sat him down and listened to his questions and knew he was fishing for evidence about her. "Where had she been that night? The times and places? What about the rental van? She answered his questions and then watched while he went over and questioned Mitchell. He already knew she had been away that weekend on a course, but wanted to verify the times and places with her.

He's good Amanda thought. Perhaps too good. She briefly wondered if she should be concerned, but then the phone lines lit up. There was a gang shooting out in 54's territory and Det. Crombie was needed to go to the scene. There were bodies and hostages and the block was in chaos. Amanda and Mitchell offered some officers from their division and both rode along in their riot gear to help out as well.

Mitchell looked around at the officers and swat teams. The National Guard had been called in as well. The place was a mess and she couldn't have been happier.

She was sure that one of Amanda's Greek Gods had smiled down upon them. Carolyn's murder would be forgotten about as this would take months to sort out.

She looked over to Amanda who was dressed in her riot gear as well. Good thing Sandy isn't here. She thought. She does love Amanda in a uniform.

With that thought, shots started firing and Mitchell join in on the exchange. It was going to be a long afternoon that had all started with a visit from Satan on St.Valentine's Day.

The End.

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