Elana's Legacy

by Patricia Winterburn

The standard disclaimer. To whoever owns Xena, I apologize. But this is for fun.

No disrespect is intended.

No violence.

Subtext: Of course, but nothing graphic.

It all happened so fast, even Xena wasn't prepared. Gabrielle had gone into labour early. They were still two days ride from the Amazon village. A small abandoned Amazon scout hut served as shelter and a river close by provided good drinking water for both women and Argo. Gabrielle's intense pain was soothed by Xena's soft voice and a mixture of herbs. The jab of a pressure point helped, when the pain became to much. As a tiny dark haired Amazon princess was born into this world, two smiling goddess' looked on. Artemis and Aphrodite had both chosen Gabrielle as their favourite. This child was their gift to both women.

Gabrielle was Queen of the Amazon nation. It was her duty to provide an heir to her throne. Many an argument had put the Queen and the elders at odds with each other. She would not give herself to anyone but Xena. Gabrielle had prayed to Artemis for guidance and asked her friend, the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite for a romantic night with Xena. She wanted to have a child with Xena and considering her mate was female, the gods would have to help. It was a warm night, Gabrielle recalled. They had both rode on Argo all day. She rested her head on Xena's back, both arms wrapped around her warrior. She had teased her into a sweat, playing with Xena's hair, breasts and legs. A game of skinny dipping in the lake that night provided more then foreplay. In an intense love making session that night, a strange light shone down on them. They felt different somehow. Strange, what visions each was imagining.

It had been quite a shock for Xena to discover Gabrielle with child. She was in fact, a person of many skills, this however, could not be one of them. A knowing thought soon made her smile. The gods.

Xena carefully wrapped the baby in a small blanket they had purchased for this purpose. A small tear fell from Xena's eye. A brief prayer for Solan, her deceased

son, was murmured. Carefully she placed the child at Gabrielle's breast. Xena laughed at Gabrielle's shocked expression. The baby was quite demanding of her first meal.


A very impatient Ephiny sent out several scouts to find her friends. Her heart could feel there was something wrong, as usual. Nothing was ever simple, when it came to those two.

Within a day the scouts had returned with their mission accomplished. Ephiny stood in shock. The Queen and her consort arrived with a small surprise. Solari, head of the royal guard, smiled warmly as she presented the Queen, Xena and their new princess. Ephiny, eyes wide, sat quickly on the ground, before she fell.

It was a difficult decision for both Xena and Gabrielle to give up life on the road.

They had decided to stay with the Amazons. Gabrielle resumed her role as Queen. Xena took the job as defence leader. She was determined no harm would ever come to her family. Princess Elana. Both mothers had agreed to name their baby after a much remembered Amazon queen from many years before. A legacy that would be continued.

the end

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