Elana's Legacy

Part 3

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Celeste rose to the top of Mt. Olympus in a slow and graceful manner, ever careful to hold on to the lit candlestick that gave her immortality. The Goddess of Death was on a mission today. She needed to meet with her two sisters Aphrodite and Artemis. Her heart was troubled and death would have to wait for those who required her services.

Her brother would have to be patient until she got back. This was far too important. Today she would save a life, rather then take a soul on it's journey to be judged by Hades.

Besides, she thought, it is not the young warriors time. Her wisdom and leadership will be needed in the future or Death herself will indeed be very busy.

A set of cold eyes followed, as Celeste made her way to Mt. Olympus and watched as the three Goddess' sat and talked.

A voice whispering through the winds was heard by the three Goddess' and one older warrior on the earth's surface.

"You can't stop me, she will die."

The three Goddess' stood and looked at each other.

"No mother, I won't allow you to take her life." Celeste spoke fearing her mothers wrath.

"Neither will we." Aphrodite stood behind Artemis shaking as she spoke.

"She was our gift to Xena and Gabrielle, Mother! I am the Goddess of the Amazons and you will not harm this child." Artemis stated firmly even though she held Aphrodite's hand for support.

On the earth's surface below, Xena drew her sword, sensing the danger around her. The hairs on her arm stood up and Xena knew the voice she heard was that of someone she hoped never to encounter again in this lifetime.

"Hera! Xena sneered. Touch my daughter and I will see to it that your Godhood is short lived."

Hera laughed and appeared before Xena.

"Bow before me human! Hera pointed her finger at Xena. Or feel my wrath!"

Xena kept her sword raised at Hera as she grabbed her chakram and flung it at the

cruel woman that stood before her.

The vain wife of Zeus ducked as the chakram just missed her head by inches.

Knowing Xena's chakram had indeed the power to harm, but not kill Gods, she used her powers and sent a funnel cloud of wind to trap Xena. The winds force threw Xena against a tree, knocking the air from her lungs.

"How dare you try and harm me human! Hera screamed. I could kill you in an instant!"

Xena laughed and looked up at Hera. "I just wanted to tell you where you could put that pointing finger."

Xena slowly stood up. Her body ached and she knew Gabrielle would flip when she would see the bruises tomorrow, but she was determined to find out what Hera's interest was in her daughter and why she would want her dead.

Hera just stood there, a twisted smirk came over her lips.

"I believe time is on my side Xena, for I am immortal and eventually you will die."

Hera disappeared in a glitter of light, leaving a very angry warrior and mother with a feeling of dread.


Queen Gabrielle knelt before the Amazon alter. Her offering of prayer was not un-noticed by Artemis the patron Goddess of the Amazons.

Xena stood by her side, trying to control her temper. Gabrielle reached up taking Xena's hand, bringing the warrior to kneel beside her.

"Perhaps if you call to Aphrodite. She whispered. One of them will hear us and clear up this mess."

Their prayers were soon answered by the two Goddess'. What they weren't expecting was Celeste.

As both Queen and consort jumped up ready to defend the life of their daughter against Celeste, Artemis quickly spoke.

"Gabrielle, we are not here to hurt Elana. She is our legacy to you, we would never hurt her. Celeste has come here to help."

Xena's expression darkened. "I want answers NOW!"

The three Goddess' sat and explained about Hera's jealous rage.

"We not only gave her beauty of the body and soul, but we gave her the gift of insight. When she becomes Queen she will be able to foresee into the future."

"This is what Hera wants, Elana's gift of sight."

A young warrior stood at the entrance of the temple and watched as her mothers and the Goddess' talked.

"Perhaps you should explain this to me first!" Elana's eyes darkened with anger as she looked at each of the women.

"Tell me how I was conceived!" Elana drew in a breathe and straightened to her full height. Her eyes still shifting back and forth.

Celeste rose and said her farewell's to the small group.

"My work here is done, Hades requires me."

Aphrodite ran to Elana throwing her arms around her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Sweet Pea! Aphrodite squealed. What a beauty you have grown into."

Artemis approached Elana and gave her a hug. She then cupped her hands around Elana's face and gently kissed her lips.

"You are indeed everything I'd hoped for." Artemis stepped back and admired her Princess.

Elana blushed at the affection that the two Goddess' bestowed upon her.

Giving a pleading look at her mothers, she again asked her question.

"I need to know what's going on? Why would Hera want anything that I have?"

Artemis looked at Aphrodite who nodded her head in approval.

"It's time we told you the truth." The Goddess lowered her head and gathered her thoughts.

"The night you were conceived we not only gave you, your mothers' strength, beauty and skills, we also took a piece of their souls and gave it to you."

Xena and Gabrielle stood there not knowing what to say.

"A part of our souls?" Gabrielle questioned.


"Plus we did something else." Artemis looked at Aphrodite who quickly found something interesting to look at on the wall.

"Elana, we gave you a piece of our souls, our Godhood."

"We weren't going to tell you until you became Queen."

Gabrielle wrapped her arms around Xena as she seen the anger start to ignite in her lover.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Xena was trying to control her anger, but was quickly losing this particular war.

Artemis looked at Gabrielle. She beckoned her Queen over and embraced her in a hug.

"You were never meant to know."

"Elana only becomes Queen, once your spirit has left this life and only then would her Godlike powers surface."

Aphrodite nudged Artemis.

"Tell them the rest."

"The rest?" Elana who had been staring in bewilderment, finally spoke up.

Aphrodite looked around deciding maybe she should take over the conversation.

"It was my idea sweetie."

"The inner vision that you will possess, gives you the ability to look into a persons eyes and see the truth as well as being able to see into the future."

"Something that we can't do and Hera wants desperately."

"Then how , why? " Elana couldn't quite decide how to ask the question.

"It was the combination of all four souls, Elana."

Aphrodite felt Xena's eyes glaring at her.

"Well, on that note. She giggled. Gotta run!"

A cloud of pink smoke left Artemis standing alone with her human companions.

"Don't worry, We'll figure something out."

With that last comment, Artemis disappeared , leaving two angry mothers and one very confused daughter behind.

Elana looked at her mothers and whispered, "I love you, but I need Ta'Kai right now."

Ta'Kai laid wrapped up in Elana's arms. The evening had been very upsetting as both mothers tried to explain how much they loved their daughter and were sorry they hadn't explained everything to her.

Elana whispered softly into Ta'Kai's ear. "Now what do we do? Where do things go from her?"

Ta'Kai turned and looked at her lover. "We will get through this somehow. I know we've never had to fight a God before and of all Gods Hera, but maybe with all the help from the other Goddess' someone will be able to stop Hera." A soft reassuring smile from Ta"Kai and the gentle stroking on her back, left the young warrior content and soon sleep claimed her.

Ta'Kai laid awake and watched over her lover. She could feel these precious moments slipping away from her reach and wanted to hold on to them for as long as possible.

Many mornings passed and true to her word, it appeared that Hera was content to wait out Xena's mortal passing.

Life carried on in the Amazon village. Artemis and Aphrodite kept watch over their young warrior ever fearful that their mother would do the unspeakable and take Elana before her time. But such was not the case. Hera had eternity and sat back and waited.


It was during the Summer Solstice that Elana had taken Ta'Kai out for a walk and ended up going for a swim in the lake. The two lovers played and laughed in the warm summer sun while splashing each other with cool clear water. It was then in a moment of laughter that Elana looked deeply into Ta'Kai's eyes and saw what Aphrodite meant by love and the gift of insight. Holding her close, Elana whispered three words into her lovers ear. "Join with me."

Ta'Kai stared with a blank expression on her face. Words, although screaming in her mind, could not find an opening to express them. Finally she whispered the only word that would come out of her mouth. "Yes."

Elana took Ta'Kai's hand and went over to sun bathe on the rocks. A smile crossed her face as Ta'Kai lay beside her. I wonder how long it will take her to realize what I just asked her? She thought and enjoyed the warmth surrounding her.

Ta'Kai awoke with a start and leaned over Elana.

"Did you just ask me to join with you?" The small voice asked.

"Yes. Came the reply. I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you."

"That would make me your consort." Ta'Kai whispered softly.

"Yes." Came the reply again.

Ta'Kai laid there in silence while her poor mind absorbed all this information.

The smaller warrior looked at her lover and smiled.

"Your mothers will be pleased. I can just imagine our Queen and Ephiny planning the wedding. Do you think we'll get a say in it?" Ta'Kai asked with a small smirk upon her lips.

"Not likely." As Elana leaned over and kissed her soon to be wife.

The sun continued to warm their bodies and two Goddess' could be heard laughing in agreement.

That evening the two young lovers arranged for Ta'Kai's mother, Xena and Gabrielle to join them for the evening meal in Elana's hut. The two girls had decided to announce their joining plans to all three mothers in a quiet environment.

Queen Gabrielle squealed with delight at the thought of Ta'Kai joining into their family. She had loved the young warrior even as a child and had always known that one day Elana would take her as her wife. It was just a question of when the stubborn, just like Xena, child of hers would see the light and finally ask her. Xena shared in the happiness and hugged both her daughter and Ta'Kai. It was Ta'Kai's own mother who sat there quietly not pleased at this turn of events.

"What of Hera's wrath?" The coldest of Samoia's voice was felt and made Xena's blood rise in temperature.

Elana spoke up quickly sensing her mothers anger. "I have and will always protect Ta'Kai, Samoia. She is my life and my light and no one, not even Hera will ever take her away from me."

Samoia sat quietly and then nodded her approval. "I guess we have a wedding to plan." Was her only further comment.

Xena rose and shook Samoia' hand. "We will soon be family my friend, and we'll all protect our children, until our last breath."

Gabrielle wrapped her arms around Xena and hugged her. She looked at the other women and spoke. "Until our last breath."

To Be Continued.

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