Furkids and Lovers

by: tap, the wizard

Disclaimers: This is a pwp about two women, their dogs and a chance meeting in the park. Sometimes we find love in the most unusual places, and with the help of some furry loved ones, it can make for an interesting life.

Thanks again Mary for help. Everyone should worship their beta readers.


I looked down at my sidekick. She was an older mongrel, black and white in colour that found her way to my door one day and decided to keep me. She slept outside the back door in the warmth of the summer's night and found shade amongst the trees in my back yard during the day. Of course I would take pity on her by feeding her and giving her water which didn't help the cause much, and then a trip to the vets to confirm that she was, indeed, healthy sealed her ownership of me. Yes, I was finally owned by a four legged "furkid" who now slept in my bedroom with me every night on a new doggie bed.

Every morning we would go for a walk around the block, and then at night we would stroll down to the park after I got home from work. She loved to play with a ball and we would spend an hour each night running and playing like two kids. I was happy and loved this new life that she had given me. People I didn't even know were now waving at me and my furkid, asking me questions about her and sharing their dog stories. The first few times I found it odd that people would just start talking to me because I was in the park with a dog, but soon found myself doing the same thing to others. I felt important walking up to someone new and saying, "Hi, this is Sparky and what's your dog's name?"

As if the human tagging along didn't exist, we were just referred to as the dog's mom or dad.

There was something about that night in the early fall that I will never forget. The day had been very warm, but by the time the sun was setting you needed a light jacket. I had mine in my hand as Sparky and I had just finished a fast paced game of tag. She was panting and so was I as we walked over to the water fountain for a drink. The park had installed two fountains, one for people to drink from and one for their pets. It was there while I was drinking and rinsing the sweat from my face, that I looked up and saw her a petite, blonde haired woman with a Lasso Apso by her side waiting their turn at the fountain. She smiled and giggled at the water dripping from my face as well as Sparky's.

"Cute." She said to me and moved in for a drink with her dog.

I stood there watching helplessly as her long hair started to fall into the fountain. What ever possessed me to move her hair back and hold on to it for her I'll never know, but she allowed me to help her and said "thank you" when she was finished.

Our two dogs sniffed each other and decided they would like to play. Sparky picked up her ball and tossed it to the smaller dog.

"It seems your dog wants to play." The blonde woman had such a beautiful voice I swore I was going to melt right there on the spot.

"Sparky." I managed to utter. "Her name is Sparky."

"Well this little lady's name is Amelia." She bent down and petted the brown and white fur.

The little dog acknowledged her owner, and then bounced up to grab the ball from Sparky's mouth.

Without saying anything we both turned and let the dogs carry on with their walk and play time. I didn't even ask the blonde her name; we just started to chat and headed for the ice cream stand in the middle of the park.

It was still open and surprising how many people and pets were lined up to get the frosty treat. The dogs seemed happier than the humans did about getting their treat. They bounced in line and couldn't wait as their owners held the cones for them to lick. The owner of the shop had a gold mine here and he knew it. Every dog loved him and so did the pet owners.

The evening started to grow cooler as the sun set. A slight breeze brought a shiver to my blonde haired friend. The jacket that I was still carrying, found its way around her shoulders to warm her. I should have been cool as well, but a warmth was tugging at me and when I wrapped that jacket around her, her eyes caught mine and she looked at me with warmth as well. All my thoughts traveled south momentarily as she smiled at me. I knew this evening was going to last longer then just a romp in the park.

We got up and headed back towards the other end of the park. The dogs still played with Sparky's ball while we discussed plans for a coffee.

Donna, I found out her name was, had just moved into the area and was unfamiliar with the best coffee shop in town. Just a little hole in the wall, but it served up the best coffee and donuts to rival any of the big named chains. They even allowed dogs on leashes to enter the shop, as long as they behaved and didn't cause any problems. I held the door open for her as we entered. Funny how I don't even remember walking this far. Our dogs lay quietly at our feet while we chatted over coffee. After her break-up with her girlfriend, she had transferred locations with the same company. It had been a nasty break-up, as so many are, and I could tell she was in need of a friend. Although a part of me was hoping for a little romp in her bed, I chose to take the other route and become her friend first.

As I look back on it now, it was a wise choice on my part, as she lays here sleeping beside me. Amelia is curled up beside Sparky in a larger doggie bed, as I think back to the rest of that evening.

We exchanged phone numbers that first night, and promised to see each other tomorrow night at the park. It was the start of a nightly meeting that grew into friendship and finally our love.

Late fall and its blanket of colourful leaves had arrived along with a briskness in the air. Each evening we bundled into a warm jacket as we joined the others in the brightly lit park. Gone was the ice cream vendor, but that was alright. After our exercise Donna, the dogs and I would head over for a warm cup of coffee and discuss our day.

Then one night Donna called me from home. She had been feeling sick with a cold, and wondered if I would be kind enough to take Amelia for a walk with Sparky. Of course I didn't hesitate, as I arrived at her door with Sparky in one hand, cold medicine, chicken soup and tissues in the other. She tried to laugh, but coughed instead. Her face looked flushed, her eyes and nose red.

I laid her back on the couch while I fixed her some soup. It felt odd fussing over her, since this was the first time I had ever been in her apartment and didn't know where anything was. But within moments, she was eating soup, and taking some Tylenol for her fever. I found Amelia's leash and headed out with both dogs into the cool night. We walked and played for over an hour and then headed back. When I entered Donna's apartment with a borrowed key she was asleep. I unleashed Amelia and she immediately jumped up onto the couch and curled up with her owner. She did at least look at me in her doggie way to thank me for the walk, but she had her owner to watch over.....don't let the door hit me on the way out.

I smiled as Donna looked so peaceful sleeping, and was about to leave when she called out my name.

"Bette, stay with me a while?"

How could I resist such a passionate plea from a woman whose eyes and nose were running? I simply got her some more juice to drink, handed her a tissue to wipe her nose, and sat with her to watch TV.

When I woke up it was morning, and I was sharing the couch and the blanket with her. Three days later we both had the cold and ended up staying over at my house. The dogs had the backyard in which to do their business and, at least, got some exercise while we lying inside sneezing and suffering.

It's funny how love develops as we both attempted to look after each other. We lived on soup, orange juice and herbal tea. Hot showers were such an effort we decided to go in together, to wash each other's hair and scrub off the sweat. We dried each other's hair, brushed our own teeth, and then headed back to bed to sleep some more. Sparky showed Amelia how to use the doggy door and push the lever down on the dispenser for the dog food dish. They played together and slept together until we were both well enough for Donna to go home and back to work.

The next night was cold as we met in the park and let the dogs play. We hurried along that night not wanting to catch the cold again. We didn't go to the coffee shop that night; we went back to my place. The dogs were happy to carry on outside in the back yard as they barked and chased each other some more. I made tea as Donna sat down on the couch turning on the TV. We sat quietly as we had done the past few nights while sick, but tonight was different. We were both healthy again and something was on her mind.

"I miss you." There, she had said it and waited for my reply.

I looked at her questioningly not really knowing what she meant by "I miss you."

I took a shot at it, and expressed my feelings. "I miss you too. It was nice having you here, even though we were both so sick."

She sat with her head down and twiddled her fingers. I waited for a response and when I got none I decided to jump in with both feet; hopefully I wasn't making a mistake.

I leaned over, my hand turning her head toward me. I looked at her my eyes expressing as much love as I could before I pressed my lips into hers for a soft kiss.

She responded back gently at first, and then drew my face closer. Her tongue cautiously entered my mouth, tasting and probing, exploring and demanding attention. I lost my mind into a fog that I had longed for. She was mine at this moment and, if I played my cards right, for a long time to come.

I slid my body in closer and held her. My hand played with her hair. The heat between us grew, and this time it wasn't the fever from the cold that we had shared. This was a raw passion that was building and I didn't want to waste this chance that I had been given. I eased myself up and straddled her lap never breaking the kiss.

She started to undo the buttons on my shirt and then slid her hands inside to cup my breasts. Her touch was gentle and shy, and I brought my hands up to show her it was alright to touch me. I removed my shirt as she pulled my sports bra over my head. She looked at me in awe and smiled. "They're beautiful." She commented and then moved her head forward to take my left nipple into her mouth as she caressed my right with her hand. It was torture not being able to touch her, but somehow I kept my sanity and just let her explore and play until she wanted more of me.

Her mouth was warm and her tongue rolled my nipple making me moan and cry out for more.

"Please Donna....let me have you." I could barely get the words out of my mouth as my brain was turning into a puddle of ooze. I had never yet had an orgasm with someone just playing with my breasts, although I have heard some women can. I was sure I was about to when she stopped her sweet torture and starting undoing her blouse.

Did I say stopped her sweet torture? As she slowly undid her blouse I was greeted with the most beautiful half cup lacy bra. Her breasts were spilling out and her nipples were barely covered.

"Dear God!" I choked out and prayed that I wasn't drooling on myself. She undid the front clasp and both of her snow white breasts came tumbling out. I'm sure my eyeballs left my head as I stared at their fullness and pink little buttons that sat and waited for my attention.

Hands, mouth, my brain was in overdrive, and I didn't know where to start first.

Thankfully she saw my dilemma and as she tossed her shirt and bra aside. Her arms reached around my head bringing my mouth to her right breast. Focus, my poor brain screamed at me. You would have thought this was my first time with a woman the way I was reacting, but my mind was so lost in her. My mouth acted upon instinct greedily sucking and licking as my other hand managed to move and caressed her other breast. I didn't need nor want for air, as I pulled her closer to me. "God." I groaned as she reached down and started to unzip my jeans. "Don't let me die now." I babbled incoherently, as she was struggling with my jeans.

"Bedroom, let's go into my bedroom." How my legs carried me that far I don't know. I held on to my jeans not wanting to trip and look foolish.

Quickly jeans, underwear, and even my socks went flying and I stood before her naked. Her eyes filled with desire and I knew I'd better pull the bed covers down before I ended up on top of them, damned bed spread.

I watched as she removed her own jeans and underwear. Damn my brain screamed, I think the panties matched the bra. Next time, please let there be a next time when my brains aren't this puddle of glob and I can think. I wanted to undress her myself; what am I doing?

What few steps remained in between us were soon swallowed up by her moving toward me. I knew I was going to be loved, thoroughly loved, as she eyed every inch of my body.

Ooze Dear Lord, my brain screamed. I am but a puddle of ooze and I have melted.

She kissed me and pushed me back onto the bed. Following me in the tumble, we met in the middle as she lay on top of me. Kissing me and using her leg to push mine apart she entwined her legs with mine and settled herself in an intimate fit between them. I wished I had of grabbed a towel from the bathroom. I'm sure we needed one to dry up some of the wetness between us.

What spell had we come under? In all these months of walking our dogs and becoming friends everything I had ever hoped for or wished for was laying here with me, loving me, making me feel every stroke of her fingers inside of me and every lick of her tongue as she made her way down my body. I was captured in her want and let her push and pull from me everything she needed until my cries could only be heard by her, as she brought me across to a place I had only dreamed of being.

Gently she kissed my oxygen starved chest as it heaved and my body shook. She held me and rocked me until my body returned to this planet from my journey to the stars and the heavens, an incredible voyage.

How could I ever be able to give her the pleasure that she had given me? Insecurity hit me that I might not be able to fulfill her dreams, but she would not allow me my thoughts.

She rolled onto her back bringing my own body on top of hers. She whispered into my ear how she had been waiting for this night for so long, and that her body needed and desired me. "Love me." She whispered and I did just that.

Her lips tasted of me as I kissed her deep and lovingly. Its musky scent triggering such desire in me it almost frightened me. How I needed to fill her with me. As my fingers entered into her our bodies rocked to the motion of a song that only we could hear. My mouth was everywhere kissing her and, finally, I couldn't help myself as I descended between her legs and buried my face into her wetness. Dear God, my brain screamed over and over again. Please don't let this night ever end. She was so beautiful and desirable that I wondered if I was going to cum again before she did. But my prayers were soon answered, as I felt her walls contract and she cried out for me.

Heaven must have been a beautiful place, but we both returned from there to meet back in my bed for the rest of the night.

As she lay in my arms that morning, our two dogs decided it was time that we should get up and acknowledge them.

Fresh food and water was given for each animal as they looked at us with an odd _expression that morning. As if they knew they would be doing this soon every morning for a long time to come.

Two arms wrapped around me and I felt the kiss upon my ear. "How come you named your dog Sparky?" Her warm breath sent shivers down my spine, but I managed to answer her as best as I could before taking her back to bed.

"Because she gave back to me a spark in my life that I thought I had lost, and now has given me you."

The end.

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