Immortality and Greek Wizardy Part 2

by: Pat Winterburn


The Standard Disclaimer: To who ever owns the rights to Xena and Gabrielle, I apologize. I can't seem to get the wizard off my mind and have to continue on with this saga.

Tapesus is my own character. This is what happens when your fantasy, obsession and insanity become reality.

Subtext: of course, this is Xena and Gabrielle we're talking about, but nothing graphic. I'm to shy.

Violence: Xena looses her temper. Sound familiar?



Damn! Damn! Damn! How did you two learn to speak english? I asked in total disbelief. "You've been living here exiled in my cave for a year now." "It's immpossible." Two beautiful smiles melted my heart and I sat down in puzzlement. Xena spoke first. "That box of knowledge in the library." Gabrielle looked at me shyly. "It spoke to us one day and we just started repeating what is said." I smacked my forehead and shook my head. "Only you two would figure out how to use a computer." "What else have you learnt?" Xena just grinned. "Many more skills. " Was her answer. "Great Zeus." My brain was spinning. "I suppose you want to return with me to my world.?" please say no I thought. Gabrielle threw her arms around my neck and kissed my cheek. " Oh, thankyou wizard." "Don't thank me yet." I replyed. "You may not like the 21st century." Xena just gave me that "look." At that moment, I was thanking Aphrodite for my immortality. I hoped.


I am Tapesus, an immortal Greek Wizard. This gift [or curse in some cases], was bestowed upon me by the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. For nearly 3000 years, I have watched over the warrior, her bard and now their descendants.

Through a twist of fate, Alti cloned both Xena and Gabrielle from two strands of hair that Xena had woven into the hilt of her sword. It had been a gesture of love on Xena's part, never realizing these two hairs would be the beginning of a new destiny.


Sandra Baxter and Amy Saunders had left Los Angeles to setup their new consulting firm in Toronto, Canada. It was only eight months since their opening and already business far exceeded their expectations. Of course, I had moved my office as well. Keeping watch was never an easy job and these two were no exception. Of all the descendants, Sandra and Amy were identical to Xena and Gabrielle. Their looks, personality, idealisms and temper. Sandra even had a scar over her right breast. A skiing accident in Aspen. A small deer had jumped out in front of Sandra. Not wanting to hurt the creature, she tried to stop, but ended up in the trees. A sharp branch pierced threw her jacket into her chest. Quick thinking and a cell phone call, Sandra was soon at the hospital, getting patched up. Amy often wondered if she should have become a doctor or a paramedic. Seems she was always tending to Sandra's pulled muscles, or cuts and bruisies.

Wether it was fate, destiny or just plain stupidity on my part for allowing Xena and Gabrielle to return to Toronto with me, but it happened. A beautiful summers day, a walk in the park and it happened. The four women met.

Of course Gabrielle was the first to speak."Xena, it's them, I mean it's us!" "Oh, where's the wizard?" The words were no sooner out of Gabrielle's mouth, when I appeared. "Oh sweet Aphrodite." As I smacked my forehead and shook my head. "She's going to kill me for this." Sandra instinctively put her arm around Amy. A very familiar protective gesture. "What's going on!" She demanded. Xena started to laugh. "Try growling in a deep voice." "It intimidates people." An understanding nod passed between the two dark haired women. A gentle smile between their mates. "Ladies." I nervously interrupted. "I think one of those "sensitive chats", are in order.

Introductions, explanations and a history lesson. How do you explain something like this? I was surprised at the end of the day how everything seemed to be understood. Sandra and Amy had often talked about having a love life with each other in the past. Seems they were right.

I sat back and let the conversations flow over me. The four women formed instant friendships and I felt perhaps this was the right thing to do. Maybe the past and the present are together for a reason. Of course nothing was ever simple with those "two", and now there's four. Sweet Aphrodite!


Alti. That "witch" just refused to "go away." She just keeps coming back like reruns of a bad sitcom. Each time she returns, her powers are greater. Whatever realm her spirit decends to, there must be some force or being that she acquires more evil from. Her powers for some time have been greater then mine. It's her own anger and rage that overshadow her quest. Xena once told me, that if Alti could only stay focused, her soul would have been forfeited years ago. Perhaps that is the answer. Maybe I should fight her in her own realm. Take her and her power source and eliminate them forever. I decided to have meeting with all four women and tried to explain my plan. Wow, what a mistake that was.

Xena's temper hasn't changed much. Tables, chairs, glasses and just about everything else in site went flying. "I'm going with you, wizard." She screamed. "I'm going to kill her for the last time." "As long as she keeps appearing, none of us or our descendants will ever be safe." Three other heads nodding in agreement. I should have known better, then to think Xena would ever let me handle this on my own. Of course where Xena goes, Gabrielle is always by her side. "Forever and always." "Where you go, I go." Some things really don't change. Of course this time I had to watch over four of them. Our battle plans had better be good. *************************************************************************First off, back to the cave and my own realm. We needed weapons, but of what sort. Sandra and Amy chose automatic rifles with plenty of extra bullet clips. I sat down with my book of spells and chose one. I shuddered at it's existence, but if all else failed, I would gladly accept my fate and carry it out. Oblivion. Use both my own and Alti's powers to destroy this realm of hers. A movement distracted my thoughts. Xena and Gabrielle had chosen their weapons. If it were possible, for a moment my heart stood still. There was Xena in her old leathers and armor. Her sword sheathed behind her shoulder and the chakram on her hip. Gabrielle dressed in her old travel grab, consisting of her green halter top and brown skirt. Both wearing brown boots. Gabrielle carried her staff, with her sais tucked in her boots. The warrior placed her arm around the shoulder of her bard and drew her in close. There was that "look" again. As if time was standing still my thoughts travelled back to ancient Greece. How often had I seen this pose. The love that these two women felt for each other, had carried over to each generation . Sandra and Amy were in the next room making love as if it were their last time. Their sounds of passion aroused the other two and I simply nodded and smiled. "Go,enjoy, we don't know how this will end."

I turned and headed for a room off to the side. The magic pool. I solemnly sat beside it. Brushing my hand over it's water, images appeared before me. The past and present had merged into one. If we suceeded, love would rule the earth. If we failed, Ares curse would become a reality and the world would see death and destruction like never before. ARES!!!!!!! I smacked my forehead and shook my head. That's who's behind Alti's power. Mental note to myself. I really have to stop with the forehead smacking. It's starting to give me headaches.

I finally found where Alti and Ares realm was. I watched as Alti was receiving a ring from Ares. As she slipped it on her finger, it appeared to be giving her a surge of power. An evil smile spread across my face. "First i'll cut her hand off, then i'll finish the bitch myself."

"Who are you talking to wizard?" I quickly turned my head, to see Gabrielle standing there. "Come here, little one." "I want to explain something to you."

I held her in my arms, as I would a child. "It's a matter of love." I explained. "I fell in love with both you and Xena, the moment I laid eyes on you." "That's why Aphrodite didn't kill me." "She knew I would protect you and Xena for eternity."

"She was so jealous." "You and Xena were her chosen." "She even granted me immortality to watch over your descendants." "That's how much your souls mean to this earth." "We have to win this battle." "Even if it costs me my life." "You and Xena must look after Sandra and Amy." "Do you understand what i'm saying ,Gabrielle?" As tears rolled down her face, "yes" was her reply.

*************************************************************************"The ring is her power source." "It's Ares ring." "Xena, you remember, the one with the red stone." Xena's face turned white. The look of fright in her eyes was something Gabrielle and I had only seen once. "Yes, I remember." "I wished I didn't." "It was the ring that Dahok had given to Ares. It's power was so evil, Gabrielle and Xena had asked both Aphrodite and Artemis to steal the ring from Ares and hide it deep in the caverns of Mt. Olympus. "We have be careful, not to touch the ring." "It can turn the purest of souls into monsters." I looked at each of the women. "It can even effect me."

"All right ladies." "Everyone know our battle plan?" Four voices in unison call out "yes." "Then gather around my cloak." With a wave of my hand we entered Ares' realm in search of an end to Alti.

Within moments a ball of fire flew passed our heads, narrowly missing Sandra. That unmistakable laugh of Alti's pierced my ears and made my skin crawl. "Xena ." She cooed. "You've returned to me and I see you've brought guests." "How sweet." Xena's pale blue eyes turned dark, as she drew her sword. "This isn't a social call, Alti." She approached the witch with determination and anger. "I'm here to finish a job, that should have been done 3000 years ago." Alti just laughed and sent another fireball at Xena's head. Alti pointed the ring, spoke an incantation and one by one an army of the dead appeared before us. Sandra and Amy kept firing , the bullets ripping apart the dead flesh. Xena and Gabrielle slashed limbs, heads and torsos as these zombie like creatures dropped. As none of my own spells worked against these creatures, I decided to take my chance and go after Alti. I used every spell and incantation I knew, to try and stop her. My rain showers, hit her fire balls. My shield stopped her arrows. Back and forth we sparred with each other. Then, a bright light flashed in front of my eyes. It was Ares.*************************************************************************

He was dressed in a tailored black suit, white shirt and a dark tie. Sort of looked like a CEO for some large corporation. Corrupt one of course. Or government. Yeah, a senator or something.

"Ladies, ladies, please." He smiled, spreading his arms outward. "Look at this mess." "Xena, Gabrielle, couldn't find anything else to wear?" Xena swung her sword at Ares head. "Temper, temper." "Still my girl." He smiled wickedly.

"Wizard, I should have known you'd be behind this." "Still don't have a life yet!" He sneered at me. "Yes, thanks Ares. I still have this one and i'm quite enjoying it." It never is a good idea to talk back to the God of War. Another fireball flew passed my head barely missing me. "We've come for your ring Ares." "One way or another, destiny will be determined today." My plan was working. Ares moved closer to Alti. Keep bragging Ares, I thought. That's it. Reach for that hand of Alti's. I quickly said a final prayer to Aphrodite, thanking her for everything she had done for me, when, sudenly all four women stood beside me. "Get back, I'll finish this." I started to send them away with a wave of my hand, when Gabrielle stopped me. "No, wizard." "You are right, love will win." With that another light appeared. It was Aphrodite, Artemis and every friend Xena and Gabrielle had ever known. Joxer, Ephiny, Autolycus stood in front of thousands of Amazons, ancient kings and queens and other old friends. Behind myself, stood every descendant that had graced this earth. Still as bold and determined as ever, with each dark haired warrior, her armed wrapped around her blonde haired bard. Xena, Gabrielle, Sandra and Amy dropped their weapons and held on to each other. I approached Ares and Alti. "This is my army of love." "A force more powerful then evil will ever be." With a wave of my hand, the ring on Alti's finger began to sizzle and melt. Her screams were short lived as her body melted as well into a puddle of ooze. "Ding dong the witch is dead." I sang to myself. Ares quickly vanished, a look of bewilderment on his face.

I felt two hands on my shoulders. It was Xena and Gabrielle. "Thank you." Was all I could say. "It's about love." Xena said. "Always and forever." Gabrielle replyed.


It was another beautiful summers day in Toronto. The events of the battle were behind us now. The girls were on a well deserved vacation in Hawaii and I had been summoned by Aphrodite. She was a beautiful as ever. Dressed in a short t-shirt and tight jeans, the glow from her body made my heart pound and my mind race with thoughts only befitting the Goddess of Love. I bowed before her, hopeing, the ache between my legs would allow me to get up. "Wizard." She purred. "Such thoughts." I blushed so red from head to toe, I thought I would pass out. "Only for you, my Goddess." I quickly had to say something. She laughed and gave me a hug. "I summoned you here, to granted you a favor." She kissed my cheek and held my hand. "Anything you want." I sat down and thought for a moment. "Goddess." I began. "What other gift could there possibly be?" "You have given me immortality." She smiled so lovingly at me, I began to think of some wonderful possibilities. "I want to have a lover of my own." "Someone to love and be loved for eternity." "Granted." She laughed. "But, you will have to seek her out." "She waits for you, not knowing who you are." "Yours hearts will know, when your eyes meet." "Happy hunting."

With that, she was gone. That pink puff of smoke that smells of flowers, will always be her calling card. It's nice to know some things will never change.

Upon my return from Aphrodite, I see the girls are back. "How was your vacation?" I ask. Four devilish smiles. Oh, oh, i'm in trouble here. "What have you been up to?" Xena sits down next to me and wants to have one of those "sensitive chats" with me. "What would happen to the cosmos if Gabrielle or I were to get pregnant?" "Say at the same time as Sandra and Amy?" All colour drained from my face and I could feel life as I knew it changing. Xena doesn't do sensitive chats unless something has happened and she knows I won't yell at her. "How many of you are pregnant?" I fear the worst. All four hands go up and that's the last thing I remember, until Amy is wipeing my face with a cold cloth. "You've been out cold for 20 minutes, so we called for a paramedic." a concerned voice said. "Amy is that you?" Still surrounded by a fog in my brain ,I look up to meet the most beautiful brown eyes in the universe. Her name tag reads Sally Adams paramdedic. Aphrodite was right. Two hearts meet.


A new life, after all these years. It has taken time for Sally and myself to settle in to our relationship. It wasn't easy to explain "me" to her, but time, which we have an eternity of, will answer all the questions and together we will solve all the new problems. After all we still have the four of "them" to deal with and now four new babies. Life is good. Forever and always.

The End.

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