Immortality and Greek Wizardy

Part 3

by: Patricia winterburn

Standard Disclaimers: To whoever owns the rights to Xena, I apologize. But, i'm still having fun and will continue on with another story.

Tapesus is own character. Fantasy, obsession and insanity are now a reality.

Subtext: Just a reminder of the love between two women from 3000 years ago, until today. Whenever today is.

Violence: Yes, but not graphic.


I am Tapesus an immortal greek wizard. I have watched over them and their descendants for over 3000 years and today will be no exception. I have heard her crying to many nights in her sleep and Xena is at a loss as to how to help solve the torments of Gabrielle's nightmares. Neither one totally recalls their past history. Xena, does not seem to be bothered by this, however Gabrielle's torment needs to be resolved. She has called for me and I appear before her.

Her eyes are swollen and red from crying. Her body still shivers, even though Xena has her wrapped in a blanket, with her arms wound tightly around her. I look at her with compassion, as I have done so many times before. I know what her nightmares are. I can see into her soul. It pains me to see her heart breaking again. "Damn Alti, again for clonning you and not giving you all your

memories." "I'll curse that witch for eternity." Xena looks at me with tear filled eyes, that beg me to help out her soulmate. "Please wizard, she's been like this for a week." It is 4:00 a.m. and I have always felt that a humans heart seems to be most receptive in the early hours of the morning. It will be a long story and one so old, I think even the Fates have archive it on some old abandoned loom. "What you see in your dreams, Gabrielle, is Mt. Fuji. The country was called Japa back then and Xena had been summoned by a messenger of a ghost." "Akemi." My blood ran cold to this day with the reminder of her. Xena expression didn't change. "Do you remember Akemi?" I asked Xena. "I remember bits and pieces of that day." Her face finally scowling at a forgotten memory. "Then, I'll begin my story back to that day." "The day you died in Japa and what happened to your lives after that." "Sweet Aphrodite, the things I do in the name of love."


My eyes blink open so quickly and my heart is pounding so fast, I fear that I am dieing. No, i'm not dieing, but Xena is. She is on some suicide mission and panic surrounds me. Without thinking or hesitating, I am about to break the rule for the first time. I appear before her.

"Coward!!!!" I scream at her. She turns and shoves her sword at my throat. "I wondered if you were ever going to appear in front of me?" Her eyes were cold and black. "All these years, did you not think, I didn't know you were there?" "You're the coward for not having the balls to show yourself." Xena spat at me.

"Who are you?" "Speak now or die ." She spoke in a even deadly tone. Her eyes were so large with anger I could see my own reflection. She must of thought I was a demon that day. I had appeared from my cave so quickly, my wizards outfit was half twisted and my cap fell over half my face. I waved my hand to straighten my clothing. Another wave of my hand and her sword fell to the ground. She looked at me with amusement. I smiled back at her. "My name is Tapesus." " I am a wizard, your wizard." "Well, wizard, get lost." "I have a job to do and it doesn't include play time with you." Xena stood there and laughed in my face. "Aphrodite has commanded me to watch over you, Gabrielle and your descendants for all of eternity." I spoke, looking into her eyes. "It seems, though, my job watching over you will be short." That made her take notice. "And, oh mighty warrior, what of Gabrielle?" "Going to leave her again?" "Stop this now Xena." "There is another way." Sad eyes looked into mine. "No, there isn't." "I have to set things right." "Besides, even in death, I will never leave Gabrielle." She turned and left me standing with only one thought. "Your right Xena, for I will not allow it."

Xena's battle was short. Many of Hodoshi's soldiers died that day. So did Xena.

Gabrielle felt the severed connection immediately. She knew something horrible had happened to Xena and when she found her decapitated body strung up in the armies camp, she fell to her knees and vomited. "Gabrielle." I whispered into her ear. "Be brave this night." "There will be a way."

A sob, brought me back to present time. Oddly enough, it was me who was crying. "I'm sorry my friends." "I thought I couldn't cry any more over that day."

"I guess I was wrong." Gabrielle reached over and touched my hand. She smiled that beautiful smile of hers at me. With a deep sigh, I continued the story.

Xena's ghost fought Hodoshi and finally destroyed him. The 40,000 souls including Akemi's were released and my story should have ended on a happy note. But, it didn't. Akemi had explained to Xena, that in order for these souls to remain free, Xena had to stay dead. Gabrielle tried desperately to convince Xena to "hell" with the souls. By pouring Xena's ashes into the fountain of life, she could bring Xena back to life. But no, Xena was determined to do the "right" thing. She chose to stay dead. As Gabrielle sat with Xena for the last time on Mt. Fuji, no one but me could hear Akemi laughing. She would finally have Xena for herself. But, I had other ideas. It was time to go home to Greece. Land of the Amazon nation, a certain ghost by the name of Ephiny and the mighty Goddess of Love herself, Aphrodite.


The trip home to Greece was long and hellish. Xena's ghost remained with Gabrielle during the daylight hours, but at night, she was called away, to be in the spirit world with Akemi. Many a night I stayed with Gabrielle, assuring her in her dreams that there was another way. Be patient. It only happened once, where Gabrielle, drew her dagger to end her suffering to be with Xena. She was quick. But, I was quicker. The look of shock on her face as that dagger flew accross the room and into a beam, was rewarding. I think she believed Xena had stopped her. I wasn't going to tell her otherwise. There were other nights where my time was spent with Xena. Akemi, was very convincing. Oh how she tried and tried to convince the warrior princess that her true destiny was to be with Akemi. But, every morning as the sun rose, Xena would be at Gabrielles side.

Soon, Akemi's infulence would fade away, the closer we got to Greece.

It happened one night, we were a days travel from the coast of Greece. She appeared before me in a poof of pink smoke, hands on hips and a scowl on her face made me realize that I was in big dog doo doo with the Goddess of Love.

Oh yeah, she was pissed. Big time. "Wizard!!" She screamed. Where in Tartarus have you been and why is Xena dead." Not wishing any more anger on myself , I simply bowed and begged for her forgivence. "Aphrodite, please, you know how stubborn Xena is." "She wouldn't listen to reason." "But, I did one thing right, my Goddess." Aphrodite by this time was tapping her foot on the deck of the boat so hard, the mice started to scatter, in fear of sinking. "Well, duh, are you going to just stand there or tell me?" She huffed. I reached inside my body, an aura , that had remained glowing since that fatefull day, around my heart. "I have Xena's soul." Now I have shocked the Goddess of Love on numerous occassions, but this one took the cake. The look on her face, her jaw dropping and eyes wide open. "Wizard," she said. "You are the best."

"Where is Gabrielle?" she asked. At that, Gabrielle appeared on deck and walked over to the side of the ship. Aphrodite's heart broke at the sight of her chosen. Gabrielle had lost weight, her hair and eyes showed no life. Her skin pale and sickly. Aphrodite appeared before her with me in tow. Gabrielle looked up, ran to her friend and wept.

In the spirit world, a very angery Ephiny appeared before Xena, a sword pointed at her heart. "Damn you Xena." She hissed. "If you weren't already dead, I'd kill you myself." "You promised never to leave Gabrielle again." "You lied to her."

Xena hung her head in shame. "I had to save those souls, Eph." "It was the right thing to do." A tear fell from Xena's eye. Ephiny lowered her sword and took Xena into her arms and hugged her old friend. "You were wrong this time Xena." "Why didn't you listen to the wizard?" Xena's eyes shot open wide. "You knew about that?" Ephiny smacked her accross the arm. "You dope!" Aphrodite gave you the wizards help ever since you died with Callisto's poison dart." "She has been protecting you and Gabrielle for years." "You are soulmates, destined throughout all eternity to be together." "The wizard was granted immortality to be with you and your descendants." "This wasn't your time Xena." "Akemi lied to you." "Again." Xena sat down, her head hanging to her knees. "I'm sorry Ephiny." "It felt like the right thing to do and now there is no going back." The Amazon Queen held her head up high and smiled at Xena. "Did you think your wizard would dare let Aphrodite down?" Xena looked perplexed. "Tapesus stole your soul, Xena." "Before Akemi could get it." "Aphrodite has it right now and I think if you'll be a good warrior princess and say "please", you might just get your life back." "But Aphrodite doesn't have that kind of power. Eph." Xena voice sobbed. "This is love we're talking about Xena." "You also don't know how much power Gabrielle has in her heart either." "A lesson you will soon learn."

"Never underestimate the determination of one Amazon Queen when she wants her warrior princess."

Gabrielle stood in her full Queen's costume. Torches lit up the night sky while the dancers swayed to the beat of the sacred drums. Aphrodite held Xena's soul in her hands and faced her chosen one. "What do you wish Gabrielle?" The Goddess asked her. Gabrielle lifted her queens mask and spoke. "I wish for the return of my soulmate, Xena, the warrior princess, to join with me as my consort and the parent of my children." Aphrodite giggled. "Oh sweet pea, all you ever had to do was ask." The light before the Amazons grew brighter and a figure began to appear before them. Ephiny smiled as she watched her friend disappear from her sight. Xena had returned to Gabrielle.

*************************************************************************Back to the present, I shook my head and laughed. "You should have seen those Amazon warriors crap their loin clothes." Both women laughed at the thought.

"Amazons." Said Xena.

Gabrielle sat quietly for a moment and thought. "Did Xena and I join in marriage?" "Yes." I replyed. "Within a moon, you were wed." "Did we have children?" "Yes." I replyed again. "How?" She asked. "Aphrodite's blessing."

Again I answered, already knowing the next question. "You had a girl." "You named her Elana and she became one of the most powerful Amazon Queens ever to reign." "She united all the Amazon tribes into one strong tribe and reigned for many years after your death Gabrielle." "Will you continue her story for us, wizard? She asked, again that smile. "Yes of course."

"Elana was born 9 months after your wedding night with Xena." "Aphrodite didn't waste much time." I laughed, remembering my own thoughts of that night. "Have to remember Xena's back, I thought to myself that night." "Rabbit's don't breed as much as they do."

By the time she was in her 16th year, Elana had possessed the knowledge of both warrior princess and queen, bard. Her strength matched that of her mother Xena and her knowledge of Amazon laws and customs even exceeded that of her birth mother Gabrielle's. She would be a great queen. Of course, I would see to that.

Elana was a beauty to behold. Long black hair and the sharpest of green eyes. Tall and muscular. She reminded Xena a lot of Eve. Eve had been in the land of Chin for 20 years. She finally returned home to find both her mothers and surprise, a sister. Aphrodite had informed me it was Eve time to come home. Xena was now getting on in years and her time would come for real. Besides, Eve was Xena's descendant and it was her time to be cared for. Eli had given permission to Aphrodite and released Eve from her mission duties. A new baby would be born to take her place of spreading the word of the one God.

Time had been good to Xena. She had been a good warrior, teacher, healer and parent. But, as with all humans, your life does eventually run out and Xena's time had come. She went peacefully one afternoon with Gabrielle, Eve and Elana at her side. Eli was there to greet her with Ephiny at his side. "Come Xena, there is someone here who has been waiting for you." "Lyceus." Xena cried. "Hello sister." "We have waited for you." Mother is here and so is Toris. Xena gave him a hug and turned to Eli. "Thank you Eli." She smiled and turned to Ephiny. "What about Gabrielle?" she asked. Ephiny smiled and assured Xena that when it was Gabrielle's time, Xena would be called to greet her.

A great funeral phyre had been erected for Xena's body. It was Gabrielle's arrow that was to light the phyre, but she could not. Elana, took her mothers bow and arrow and shot with precise aim. "Xena would have been proud." She thought.

Gathering up her mother into her arms, they watched as the flames consummed the once proud warrior.

"That is how you died Xena." I explained. "Old age, this time." Xena looked at me and tried to recall a life that had been filled with so many memories. Of great battles , her warlord days, her family, her attempts of helping others and of course Gabrielle. "I wish I could remember all of it, wizard." She said. "Then again, I am happy just to be here now and given another chance at life." "And another family," Gabrielle, quickly added. We all laughed, but I knew what the next question would be. "What of Gabrielle's death." "Same thing I said." "Old age."

"No battles, or disease, just old age." "Elana, Eve and Eve's children were at your side when you passed over." "I followed you up, as I did with Xena." "She was there with Eli to greet you." "From what I heard from Eli later on, Heaven was never the same after that." "Rabbits!"

Xena looked at me. "You said Eve's children were there?" "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you grandma." "You both have had hundreds of descendants over the years."

"All powerful leaders with good hearts and compassion for others." "Just look at Amy and Sandra." "What became of Elana?" Asked Xena. I smiled at the thought of her so many years ago. "She was the greatest Amazon Queen ever." "Without her leadership the Amazons would have died out years before they did."

"She only had one enemy her whole life." "A warlord by the name of Slokan." "It seems he was angry at Xena for killing his grandfather many years ago." "He felt he should have been a king and decided to try and punish Elana for your "crimes" as he put it." "Elana and her warriors soon ended his tyrany." "It was a fever that claimed Elana's life." "She lived 70 years." "You know the only scar that girl ever had, was when she fell out of a tree, spying on what was soon be her wife." "Warriors!" Gabrielle laughed.

It was now 8:00 a.m. and two little voices could be heard. The babies were awake and were demanding breakfast. Off both mothers went to tend to their children. A new second generation of warrior and bard. I t will be interesting to watch these two grow.

I am now left alone with my thoughts of so long ago. Perhaps even the Fates look back at those times and wonder. I know I do. The joy and love that these two women have brought into my never ending life, has amazed me from the first day I saw them. A smile comes to my face. I hear my own soulmate calling me. I guess it's time to head home. Until we meet again my friends. Be safe.

The end.

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