Immortality and Greek Wizardy Part 4

Gabrielle and the Owl.

By: Pat Winterburn

For my friend Steve. Who kept bugging me about finding my owl.

Disclaimers: To who ever owns the rights to Xena and Gabrielle, again I apologize. Tapesus on the other hand is my own character. This obsession has become a reality.

Subtext: Oh yeah, but nothing graphic. I'm still shy.

Violence: Yes, sorrry.


"I am here to protect you forever, Gabrielle." "Have faith in me, have faith in us."

She looked at me with tears in her eyes so green. She was remembering an ancient time when those words had been spoken to her. Those words came back to me and my soul ached. I had spoken them to her. In a time when my heart and soul longed for her. It had been my own weakness and love for her, that I crossed that sacred line, called trust. Now I could only hope that she would forgive me, forgive herself and that Xena would understand. If not, then time has meant nothing and all has been lost.

I am Tapesus. An immortal Greek Wizard. The saga continues.


She came to me in a dream. A creature, so white in colour, pure and clean. Eyes, green and deep, so clear you could see it's soul. Her beak and talons, black and razor sharp. Her wings beckoning me to come to her. A need she had, that only I could feel. I allowed myself to be lifted into her embrace. To hear the words that I knew would lead to this place she desired. It was a realm, the one I feared the most. The one I swore to all the gods never to enter for fear of changing history again.

"But why here and why now?" I asked.

Life had been good in this 21st century. Why return to the past ? What could there possibly be that needed my power?

Then I saw my answer.

"No, please, not this." I sighed.

Two figures stood laughing at the body of an Amazon warrior. Hung like a side of beef, blood dripping into a container for future use.

This was the realm in which Xena and Alti never broke their pact.

Xena became the Destroyer of Nations with Alti at her side.

Which meant Gabrielle had been captured by Draco and his slavers.

She was never there to help Xena change her life.

Was this my fate? Was I brought here to save Gabrielle or destroy Xena?

A gentle weight landed on my shoulder. It was her. My owl. Lost, for some four hundred years in the world as we know it.

"Where have you been?"

"I've been looking everywhere for you and you end up here?"

She simply nodded, rubbing her head into my cheek.

The love of a loyal pet. There is no greater gift.


I awoke from my dream and knew my soul ached from what I had witnessed.

My owl had come to me and brought me to where she had followed Alti, four hundred years ago in a battle which nevers ends. Alti is always reincarnated.

Sent from realm to realm until each of her lives is used up.

Alti is true evil. A curse upon mankind for eternity.

A plague which feeds off the suffering of others.

This would not be an easy task. But, then they never are. I needed help with this one. Alti, I could fight. I've always won out in the end. But, how do I fight Xena, Destroyer of Nations. How can I kill the face of someone that in this world, I love so much. How do I tell Gabrielle that in this realm, she may have been sold as a slave. Chances in this world she would have been beaten, raped and scarred for life by the hand of a whip master.

Some days, it just doesn't pay to get out of bed.

Gabrielle awoke from a nightmare. Sweat soaked her trembling body as she tried to control her sobbing. Her concerned soul mate held her close, kissing the tear stained cheeks and whispering words of love and reassurance in to her ear.

"An owl. Xena" "It was a beautiful white owl." She managed to say in between the sobs.

"You were trying to kill it." "But, it wasn't you, only looked like you." "Alti."

"Alti, was with you." "She was laughing, urging you on." "Then, you grabbed her up in your arms and kissed her." "Like you were lovers." "Oh Xena, it was awful!" "There was death everywhere!" "The smell of blood in the air."

"Gabrielle." "You've had a nightmare." Xena spoke with a gentle whisper. "Besides, I would never kiss Alti." "Kill the bitch, would be more like it."

I have learned over the years, you should never just "pop in" on Xena and Gabrielle. More then once a very sexually aroused, hot, sweaty, naked warrior has held her sword to my throat threatening to slit it, if I didn't announce myself first, while a very shy, naked bard had a few choice words for me as well.

I'm quite sure she never learned that language at the academy in Athens.

A ray of light appeared before the tired couple. Xena whispered her concent and I

arrived seconds later.

My first words to the couple should have been good morning, but upon seeing Gabrielle I say. "I'm sorry."

Gabrielle spoke first. "I had a terrible nightmare last night." "I'm still upset."

"Sometimes Gabrielle, nightmares are just visions your mind refuses to show your heart." I state.

Xena's soft blue eyes turned a cold colour of steel. "These visions had soon better stop." "Her heart has seen enough."

"Please tell me these nightmares didn't involve a white owl, Xena and Alti." I choaked.

The look on their faces answered my question. It seems my owl gets around.

For the next three nights, as sleep claimed by body, my owl cradled me in her wings and we flew to the same realm. The senario never changed. Xena and Alti slitting the throat of a faceless Amazon warrior. Catching the blood in a ceremonial dish. Laughing, how this would give them the ultimate power to defeat their enemies and finally rule the known world. Then the dream would end.

Gabrielle seemed to be having the same reoccuring nightmare each night as well. The owl, the laughter, death and the smell of blood. Xena was at a loss. No herbal tea mixture, no amount of comforting could ease her soul mates torment each night. These nightmares were going to have to stop soon. Xena would find a way or else.

"Xena, please!" "I don't know where this realm is!" How I hate it when Xena yells at me. "How can I take you someplace that I can't find?" "There's no realm road map you know." Oops, wrong thing to say to a very angry warrior princess.

"Xena!" "Put the wizard down." "Let's figure this out together." Thank the Gods for Gabrielle, or i'm sure Xena would have tossed me into Tartarus centuries ago.

"The owl is our only lead into this mystery." I pleaded with Xena. "Let me try one more night to figure this mess out."

Again that night as sleep claimed my body, the owl returned. This time however I was prepared to stay. Whoever this faceless Amazon was, she was the key.

"No, no more of this owl, I want answers and tonight's the night." The owl gently sat on my shoulder, while we waited for this Xena and Alti to leave.

The lifeless body of the amazon still hung by her feet. I approached carefully, should there be any traps set in the surrounding area. As I drew closer, I noticed how small she seemed for an amazon. Long reddish blonde hair fell down to the ground. "Sweet Aphrodite." I cried. Gabrielle!!


The flash of the memory hit me so hard, I barely had time to drop one knee to the ground. The contents of last night's dinner violently brought up behind the tree.

"Cyanne." A name long forgotten in history. But not in my heart.

I can still see the carnage and smell the blood as a young warlord and her witch, walked away in laughter after collecting the blood of the young Amazon Queen Cyanne. A dozen of the nations finest warrior lay dead after Xena butchered each of them.

Alti had used Cyanne's blood for an incantation that prevented Cyanne's Amazons from crossing over into the Amazon Land of the Dead.

"Damn!" I thought. What if Gabrielle in this realm was still Artemis' chosen. Her blood would be more powerful then Cyannes. "Curse you Alti!"

With a wave of my hand, the rope snapped, dropping Gabrielle's body into my arms. Another pass of my hand, cleaned her blood covered face and hair. I just held her close to me and wept. "No." I sobbed. "It can't end like this."


I awoke the next morning, the pillow wet with my tears. My own soul mate who had been away all week teaching, held me close. "What's been going on since I left?" she quietly asked. "Xena called this morning." "Gabrielle had another nightmare again." "She's been throwing up since early this morning and Xena said something about having owl for dinner." " I can't go away for a week and you three are in trouble."

I kissed my lover and held on to her, briefly explaining the week of nightmares. I looked into her dark brown eyes, searching for an answer that I hoped she could give me.

"How do I tell Xena, in this realm from tartarus, that i've been to, she kills Gabrielle?"

"You don't." She replied. "You go back further into the past of this realm and prevent it from happening."

"What if that means having to kill Xena as well?" I ask.

"Be true to your beliefs, Tap." "The souls of Xena and Gabrielle are entwined for all of eternity." "Use it to your advantage." She reminded me.

A smile formed on my mouth. "Now I remember why I love you so much."

For that remark I got a swat accross my arm. Those big brown eyes, turned a much darker shade. "Why don't you show me instead." She mumbled while nipping at my ear.

It seems wizard's have many skills as well.

Her soft lips touched mine and a fire shot through my body. Oh how I loved to feel her body against mine. Clothes were quickly shed. My hands greedy in their touch of her breasts. She moans urging me to further explore the wonders of her. Wetness. Hers, mine, not that it mattered. A silent prayer to Aphrodite. Thankyou for this realm of my own, to which I will shortly take her. Divine release.


The following day I prepare for my journey. I know what I must do.

If Xena and Gabrielle are to have a future in this other world, then fate must be changed.

I disguise my self as a high ranking Amazon Elder. A visitor from another tribe.

I chose to bring Xena and Gabrielle's descendants, Sandra and Amy with me as guards, leaving their children with my love, Sally. If required, they would be able to do the job, I could not.

I hugged them, knowing that this would not be a pleasant journey. I always worry that something can go wrong with these missions. But, they have their own special skills. Each of them beautiful and deadly. A combination that has it's rewards.

We enter this realm one week prior to Gabrielle's death. I hope this is enough time to gain her trust and change her fate.

"Queen Gabrielle." I bow. "Thank you for this audience."

"Sister Amazons are always welcome here." She replies.

"You are here on a trade mission?" She asks.

"Yes." I reply.

Your life for possibly Xena's I think to myself.

I am taken by her smile. Those gentle green eyes. The soft amazon leathers. Her hair adorned with brightly coloured feathers. She is so beautiful. Once again I have lost my heart to her.

The next day is spent touring the village. It was much the same as it had been nearly 3000 years ago in my realm. Look out posts high up in the trees still warned the village of any dangers. The warriors carried their weapons at all times. The royal guard never left the queens side.

How did this Xena Destroyer of Nations manage to capture Gabrielle? I ask this question to myself. I know Xena has "many skills", but this?

It is now I begin to realize Gabrielle's nightmares. Her visions of death and the smell of blood.

All this time, I thought she was seeing her own death.

No, she was seeing the death of her amazons.

"Amy, Sandra." I call to them. "Have you managed to find out any information yet?"

"Not really." Sandra replies. But we have made friends with two of the amazons and we're hopeing to check out their security system.

A memory comes to me. "What are their names?" I asked.

"Ephiny and Eponin." Came the reply.

I smiled. "They are good warriors and friends of Xena and Gabrielle." "Enjoy your time with them and learn what you can." "Their lives depend on us."

I have been summond by Queen Gabrielle to attend a meeting in her hut.

As I enter, I take notice of my surroundings. Her hut is the largest in the village. A good sized comfortable looking bed in the corner, a cabinet off to one side, which I assume contains her clothing. A large table with four chairs sits in the middle of the room. Her scrolls seem to be neatly arranged off to one side. The trade agreement sits in the middle of the table, with a quill and ink in the upper corner. She smiles at me and extends her hand offering me a chair next to her. Her lips are moving, but I do not hear they're meaning. I simply listen to her voice and loose myself in her eyes. I recall a memory from so long ago, I thought buried along with the past.

Gabrielle had been staying at the amazon village while Xena and Epinion had taken some young amazons on a training mission outside the village. This would be their graduation test into becomming a warrior and who better a teacher then Xena.

On this particular night Gabrielle was having a nightmare. Sobbing in her sleep, I came to her in her dream, only to console her. I held her gently in my arms, rocking her, whispering that Xena was well and would be returning soon. Her eyes looked into mine. "I know you." She said. "Yes you do." Came my reply. "I will protect you forever Gabrielle." "Have faith in me." "Have faith in us." I whispered.

It was then I kissed her, not meaning for what happened next. I kissed her again passionately and she responded. As she was already naked in her bed, my hand touched her breast. How soft and firm her breasts. I lowered my head and kissed each nipple gently, my arms pulling her body closer. The feel of her overpowered my senses and I made love to her for the rest of the night.

When she finally fell asleep, I left her dream world, knowing that when she awoke, it would have been only a dream to her.

It had been much more than that to me.


It was the scream of catapults that jarred me from my daydream.

I grabbed Gabrielle's hand and headed outside of the hut.

This was it. This was how Xena, Alti and their army, had managed to destroy the amazon village. The catapults would send everyone running. You can't fight a catapult with a sword or arrows.

As the warriors would try in vain to fight the enemy, the army simply surrounded the village firing arrows into the charging warriors.

It would be over soon and Gabrielle would be captured.

Except for one small detail......

A small snowy owl, had been quietly keeping watch over Xena and Alti.

Reporting back to Sandra and Amy every move the Destroyer of Nations had been plotting.

While I had been keeping Gabrielle busy with the dealings of this trade agreement, the girls had been busy convincing the other Amazons to build shelters under the ground. Each had been carefully placed around the village.

When the army charged in , thinking the Amazons dead from the catapults, the signal was given and the Amazons charged out from the shelters quickly capturing the army.

Sandra and Amy made quick work of capturing Xena with a modern day stun gun, unnoticed by the other Amazons.

My attention turns towards Alti.

"Hello Alti." I smirked. "I just can't seem to get rid of you, can I?" It was statement more then a question.

"Wizard, I'm beginning to think your enjoying following me everywhere." She purred.

"Some sexual fantasy you have about us, perhaps?" She laughed.

"Of course Alti, it's called bondage." I said with a straight face.

"It involves binding your hands over your head, tying you to a tree and beating the SHIT out of you!" I screamed at her.

As I lunged toward her she disappeared in a cloud of black smoke.

She would again travel into another realm.

Hopefully our paths would not cross again for many years.

Damn, that witch! Someday I will find a way to rid of her. But until.....


Xena. The Destroyer of Nations. She was coming around and I was going to have to make a decision.

My lovers words came back to me. "Xena and Gabrielle's lives are entwined for all eternity."

"Eternity." I thought out loud.

Give her the gift of sight into the future. Her future. Show her how the love of your soulmate can open your heart and your eyes, to see above the hate and the violence that this world has to offer. Give her a purpose to change her ways and become Xena Defender of the Greater Good.

I placed Gabrielle's hand in Xena's. A ray of light shone down and engulfed them. They would be in Aphrodite's hands now. She would show them their future together. In this realm and all others to come.


We have returned from our journey, back into our own realm.

I know that Xena is upset with me for not taking her with us.

But what if things hadn't of worked out.

Would Xena Defender of the Greater Good be able to kill her counter self?

It was a question better left unanswered.

I hear a flutter of wings and a small snowy owl lands on my shoulder.

She has returned to be at my side once more.

After so many years of being lost.

Tapesus has found her owl.


The End.

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