The Rainbow Room


Rainne O. Lawless

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Seabreeze, Florida was not a very large town, and thus did not command a great selection of nightclubs and after-dark entertainment spots.  There was a large dance club downtown, a few sports bars, and several seedy hole-in-the-wall bars all over town.  And there were three clubs which remained, despite their vastly differing genres, grouped together: The Wrangler, a country-western denim club; Yellow Brick Road, a high-energy dance club with connections in nearby New Orleans; and the Rainbow Room, a hole-in-the-wall with a very dedicated and very specific clientele.

The Wrangler was full of large, hairy men on the night in question, and she decided that an apparent meeting of the Seabreeze Bears was the wrong place for her.  Yellow Brick Road was packed to the rims with college boys and their girlfriends, unusual but unfortunate for tonight.  She turned her car and drove across to the west side of town.  The Rainbow Room also was packed to the rims, but with an entirely different kind of crowd.  She showed her drivers' license to the black-haired woman at the door, who examined it, examined her, and examined the license again.  "Hey, aren't you...?"

She nodded and smiled.  "I am, indeed."

"Well!  Look at that!  And it's your birthday, too?"  When she nodded, the woman collecting cover charges turned toward the nearby bar.  "Melinda!"  she shouted over the music.  "Hey, Melinda!"

The woman behind the bar, with the long blonde hair and deep tan, turned.  "Yes, dear?"

"Got a birthday!"  The woman pointed at her.  "Twenty-one!"

Melissa whooped and waved her over.  "Come on over.  What's your name?"

She smiled shyly.  "Kaia."

Melinda stopped and eyed her.  "Kaia Lasgow?  The singer?  I thought you looked familiar.  Now, then... do you have any idea what you want or should I just give you something?"

Kaia looked wide-eyed at the array of bottles behind the bar, then helplessly at Melinda.  "I'm clueless.  I've never drunk alcohol before."

"Never?"  Melissa teased.  "Quite the innocent.  Try this on for size."  Melinda poured and mixed and served her a bright pink drink with a cherry floating in it.  "On the house, sweetie, happy birthday."

"Wow," Kaia replied, tasting the drink and liking it.  "What is it?"

"Black raspberry liqueur, melon liqueur, vodka, pineapple juice and cranberry juice.  Better known as Sex on the Beach."

"It's good.  Thanks!"  Kaia started to turn away from the bar and make room for other people, when Melinda stopped her.  The bartender called out to someone passing behind Kaia and waved the woman over.

A woman in her late thirties, tanned and with close-cropped dark hair, walked over.  "Hey, Melinda."

"Hey, Corrie, this is Kaia... she's just turned twenty-one and she's brand new here.  Want to kind of introduce her around?"

"Sure thing," Corrie replied, and turned a quirky grin on Kaia.  "Come on, girl, there's about a million folks here for you to meet."

So Kaia Lasgow became the fair-haired girl of the Rainbow Room, Seabreeze Florida's only dedicated lesbian bar.

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