Rescue in Zoess 

By Ri


Disclaimer: The story came to me while watching Rachel Zoe's reality show and I thought, Mmmm, that might be cute. So Rachel and her husband belongs to her and Xena and Gabs belongs to them. The idea is mine, it's kind of silly but its fun…Enjoy.



Xena and Gabrielle were encamped off the beach right by the forest, so they had the best of both worlds. It was the evening of The Miss Known World contest. They were finishing dinner discussing it.

“Do we get to keep the outfits that we got, I loved my costume and I loved the evening gown you wore.” Asked Gabrielle as she finished her dinner.

Xena sipped her beer and looked at her best friend amused; “I don't know why not, we earned them.” She stiffened when she heard a noise at the edge of their camp. She grabbed Gabrielle's hand pulled her close and jumped straight up to the trees.

A figure in black robes entered the encampment, they circled surprised to see the warrior and bard missing. She bent down and picked up Gabrielle's mug of hot cocoa it was still warm.

“Xena…?” the figure called in a soft female voice.

“What do you want?” Xena called out from above, she could see the figure was not armed.

The hood of the black robe was pulled off by a tiny arm and face they both knew was revealed.

Xena and Gabrielle were shocked when they saw who it was, Miss Skiros who was not they're biggest fan. Although she did soften up when Xena saved her life and taught her a very important lesson.

“It's Shana, Miss Skiros…I need your help.”

Xena shrugged and jumped down with Gabrielle in her arms.

Shana stared and asked, “How did you do that?”

Xena smirked and said, “I jumped out of a tree, not a big deal.” She released Gabrielle who went back to her seat and continued to eat her dinner like she wasn't interrupted. Xena leaned against the tree that she had jumped from and asked, “What can we do for you?”

Shana shook her head a bit stunned by them and then said; “I...need your help. I received word after the ceremony that my sister…she…she ran off with some warlord.” Tears started to fall from her eyes.

Xena was surprised by the emotion from the stoic woman, “Oh? Who was it?”

“His name is Draco…”

Gabrielle moaned and Xena shook her head and growled. “We both know him too well. Did he kidnap her or did she go willingly?”

“Willingly. You know how we all suffered; he offered the moon and the stars…”

“Sounds like him to offer things he didn't have to the poor girl.” Xena was disgusted.

“Will you help me? Can you bring her home? She's not sixteen.”

“Of course we will,” replied Gabrielle with deep compassion.

“Do you know where the Bastard took her?” Asked Xena sitting beside her friend, she took an angry bite out of her dinner. To Shana it look she was taking a bite out Draco.

“Yes, my Mother said he took her to the Village of Zoess .”

“The fashion capitol of Greece ?”

“The fashion capitol?” Asked Xena amused, “And how do you know that?”

Gabrielle giggled, “Lila follows fashion and she love to talk about it in her letters.”

Xena chuckled and rolled her eyes. “Ok Shana, we will get her. What is her name and what does she look like?”

“Her name is Dalia, She is very pretty. She is a brunette, my size, we kind of look a like but she is sweeter…nicer. Much more innocent.” Tears suddenly filled her eyes again.

“Don't worry my friend, we will get her and she will be fine.”

*** *** ***

They had entered the Village of Zoess to find people running amok. There were colorful tents everywhere. Each tent had a name on it; the tent of Draco was black and full of models and soldiers.

Gabrielle's eyes widened as he saw women running around in different states of undress.

Xena looked amused and asked, “What is all this?”

“It looks like it is Fashion Time. Lila told me about this but I didn't know how mad it was.”

“Fashion Time?”

“Yes, they have a week where they compete to be the best house. All these tents are fashion houses. The Princess and Prince choose the winner. Lila says that Princess Rachel is an expert and she loves this week. Her husband not so much. So Xena, do you want to compete again…”

“Nope, that was preventing a war…”

“This is to save a girl…”



*** *** ***

Prince Roger was annoyed, he despised Fashion Time. It was such madness and he lost his Princess during this time. She presided over every show with her serf Brad and loved it. The two of them speak of nothing but fashion and the Prince felt left out and bored to tears.

The Prince ran his Principality from this small village which was his Princess's home which she loved. Zoess was where her heart was so Prince Roger gladly obliged because he adored his wife.

“My Lord, Xena is here to see you.”

“Xena… The Xena?”

“Yes, My Lord.”

“Are we about to be attacked?”

“I do not know, shall I bring her in?”

“Yes, of course.” Said Roger worried.

Prince Roger had of course heard of the great Xena who was redeeming herself but since it was peaceful he was not sure why the Warrior would come here.

When Xena came in he smiled politely and said, “Welcome Xena.”

“Your Highness, it is good to meet you.”

“It is good to meet you too, but are we under attack or about to be?”

Xena smiled and shook her head, “No My Lord, I am here to bring a girl home. She was brought here by the Warlord Draco. He is not a good man, My Lord. I mean to rescue her.”

“Who is the Warlord?”


“Oh Gods!”

*** *** ***

Gabrielle was searching the tents for Dalia or Draco himself. When she found them both she was stunned.

“Well?” Asked Xena she was sitting a tavern with mug of ale.

“You won't believe it?”


“Draco has started a fashion line.”


“His lead model is Dalia.”

“Oh for heaven's sake!”

*** *** ***

Gabrielle and Xena borrowed some clothes from Princess Rachel. The Princess had a lot of fun dressing them. Xena bore it because she knew it was a means to an end, Gabrielle smirked at the Xena who was gritting her teeth.

“Now that is to Die!” Said Princess Rachel as she pulled Xena in front of the mirror.

Gabrielle hid a huge grin behind her hand. “You look beautiful Xena; you should have won The Miss…”

“Don't even go there, Countessa!”

“Countessa?” Asked the Princess confused.

“Just a character I played,” said Gabrielle with a smirk.

“Oh?” The Princess was a bit confused.

Xena shook her head and said, “These will be fine, My Lady. Thanks a lot.”

“Anytime Xena. You Look Bananas!”

Xena and Gabrielle looked at the Princess a bit confused.

*** *** ***

Xena was in the tent for the House of Draco, She found Dalia at the center of the tent. She was practicing her walk for the show and looked really good.

As soon as she got off the stage Xena sauntered up to her and said, “Dalia of Skiros ?

Dalia blushed and said, “Yes.”

“I'm from Fashion Weekly, My name is Kalena. I have a few questions for you.”

“Oh?” The pretty woman blinked her eyes and nervously licked her lips. “Um…sure.”

“Great, You came here to…”

“Be a model.”

“Wonderful. And Draco is…?”

“My Boss. He is the Designer.”

“Oh? Nothing personal?”

“Oh no! Not at all. He thought I was a perfect model. He said I was the perfect model and hired me on the spot. ? With the war there was no work at home and this was my ticket to Athens …”

“ Athens ?”

“Yes, he was going to take me there with the winnings so I could start a shop and he gathers more of a following.”

“I see? Thank you, Dalia. The best of luck.”

“Thank you so much.”

Xena nodded and turned till she found her target. She walked behind him and pulled a dagger from her beautifully tailored sleeve. “Hello Draco.” She growled into his ear.

“Xena?” He whispered his voice choked.

“We need to have a bit of chat.” The knife went enough into his side so he felt it but so it didn't cut him or his robe.


“Your health.”

“Eyah…right. Which way would like to go for out chat?”

“Well unless you enjoy to being sliced, I'd go right.”

“Right it is.”

They walked outside into the daylight and Draco blinked. “Wow! You look really good.”

“Thanks loads!” She started to clean her nails with her dagger as she leaned against the tavern that was next to Draco's tent. “So Dalia, what are your intentions?”

“Why? Jealous?”

“Yeah sure, I am just so damn jealous! Draco, she is a young girl and remembering what you did with me, with Gabrielle, with every young woman you have ever met, I think I have right to be concerned.” The knife started to bounce all over the place making the Warlord nervous. “ Don't even try it, Draco. I am getting really angry and you remember how I react to anger.”

“Xena, I wouldn't…”

“Oh Please, This is Xena your talking to, I am not stupid!”

Seeing the murder in her eyes he held out his hands, “Ok, ok. Calm down! She is a girl I saw and thought she would be perfect for this contest. I want to buy weapons in Athens ; she wants to go to Athens . I don't want her I want my army…oh…um…”

“So you can pillage her and another village?” Xena was pissed the knife was at his throat.

“No, no…really Xena I was going to bring her to Aphros…”

“The slave trader!” The knife fell and her fingers sunk into his throat, “You know the drill, you will die in…”

“He isn't a slave trader anymore…” Draco croaked.

She released him, “What did you say?”

He bent over trying to catch his breath and reached to the dagger, Xena hit it with her boot. It flew to her hand and he backed up.

“The last time you kicked his ass, he gave it up. He's an agent in Athens for models and performers of plays.”

“And you will get?”


“And she?”

“A career with a lot of dinars of her own.”

“That's all?”

“Yes, I swear!”

“Well you better mean it! Because I will be watching!” She sliced off the epaulette that was on his tunic and growled.

*** *** ***

She walked into the tavern and met Gabrielle at a table. She smiled at the warrior and said, “I bought our meal already.”

“Thanks. It's ok. He is after money for his army, not the girl. He is going to bring the girl to an agent in Athens .”

“Do you believe him?”

“Let's just say he had real motivation to tell me the truth.”

*** *** ***

The Prince and Princess were on the dais to one side of the audience. The whole audience stood and bowed or curtsied then re-took their seats. Xena and Gabrielle were stationed at different parts of the tent just to make sure it went smoothly.

The musicians started to play and the models started the show. Draco introduced each girl and then they went down the cat walk. The lead girl was Dalia; she was the most beautiful and the best at showing the clothes.

At the end of the show Princess Rachel ran up to stage. She was excited and in her element. She smiled at the crowd and said, “It is my joy that the winner is of the Fashion Time.” Loud applause she smiled at her husband who winked back to her.

She held out her hands and the crowd became respectfully quiet. “The best show is Rick of Straus.”

The man ran up and was so excited he looked like he would faint. Xena and Gabrielle slowly moved up on either side of the cat walk till they were on opposite sides of the stage.

“Best Dress is Ray of Itah!” Said Princess Rachel joyfully. The tall man ran up and accepted his prize jumping up and down. Draco look fit to be tied, his face was bright red and his eyes were full of fire.

“Best catwalk on the dais goes to Dalia of Skiros !” Dalia squealed and ran up to the stage. She forgot herself and hugged the Princess. Rachel was fine with she hugged her back and gave her a peck on each cheek.

“The House of Imal is the Winner of the Tents!” A full roar met this with joy. A tall woman ran up with joy and curtseyed to the Princess. Holding the cup high for all to see. The Prince got up and gave the tall women the dinars of the prize.

The Prince and Princess held up their hands and smiled to the crowd. Prince Roger said, “Congratulations to all the winners!”

Xena nodded to Gabrielle, she took Dalia's hand and said, “Come with me, your sister sent me.”


“You have to come before Draco goes nuts!”


“Come on already!” said the bard dragging the other girl with her.

At the same time Xena put a hand on the Prince's shoulder and directed him to take the Princess out now. Roger nodded and dragged Rachel with him.


“Aiaiaiai!” Xena's warrior cry resounded throughout the large tent. She landed on the stage right in front of the enraged Warlord her sword drawn.

“Xena did you arrange….?”

“No, it was honest.”

“Honest my foot! I lost and Dalia won!”

“Why would Dalia win and not me?”

“How would I know? It was the way it went, now take it like a man!”

“I need the damn money!”

Their swords were both drawn and they were circling, most of the crowd left. Some stayed to watch the excitement.

“You will get your money; try something your good at!”

“I will, I declare war!!!!!!!!!!”

“Oh no you won't! This is a peaceful place. Go away or fight me. Your choice, but guess what happens if you fight me?”

Draco growled, “Fine I will go to Athens but I won't forget this Xena.”

“Some people never learn. Now get out!”

*** *** ***

Princess Rachel had decided to hire Dalia for a new house that she was creating called the House of Zoe. She thought it was a to die for idea.

Gabrielle and Xena were leading Argo out of Zoess. “This is the last time we play dress up.” Said Xena.

“Till the next time we have to.” Said Gabrielle with a smile, “You know you love it!”

“No I don't…”

“Yes you do…”



The End


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