The Ghost

by Ri

Disclaimers: This story is completely born out of my very over active imagination. It came from my dreams and a gentle comment from my friend Larisa.

There is a same sex relationship and some very minor violence. With in the frame of this story are circumstances that resulted from child abuse. So if any of this disturbs you please don't read further. There are references to several shows and movies I love and since there are several, I will not name them all, but I only mention them out of love not a desire for profit.

I'd like to thank my friends and fellow Bards Larisa and MJ for their input and helpful comments. I hope you enjoy reading this one as much as I enjoyed writing it.


A tall red head entered her office carrying her lunch in a paper bag. She placed it on the desk and sat down in a chair. She leaned under the desk to turn on her computer as she heard soft footsteps above her. She rolled her eyes and said up to the ceiling, "Good Afternoon Ghost."

She got up and stretched walking down the hall to the Ladies Room. Only three minutes later she returned to find her lunch gone. She put her hands on her hips and yelled at the ceiling, "Hey Thanks Ghost! The least you could have done is leave me one French fry!"

*** *** *** ***

About 20 minutes later and two floors down a tall blonde entered her office. She gently lay her brand new leather trench coat on a chair in her office. Before she can even sit down her boss buzzes her to come into his office to take dictation. She grabs her pad and runs out of the room.

A half an hour later she returns to find her coat gone. In tears she ran back to her boss to tell what happened once again to their staff.

*** *** *** ***

The next day a tall thin man came in with bag. Inside the bag was a brand new pair blue jeans and he was really proud of this purchase. It was on sale and he didn't have to pay extra to have them lengthen.

He went to the office next door to pick up the stack of papers he needed to start his day. He was only gone a minute but when he returned his bag was gone.

He looked straight up at the ceiling and yelled, "Hey you stupid Ghost those were brand new jeans! And they were designer originals!!"

*** *** *** ***

Two women sat in the office of the owner of the building. The small man was pacing angrily.

The smaller one didn't like him but money was money. He was also boring them to tears with his tirade when they could be investigating already. She glared at the slightly taller one and giving her a significant look. The taller blonde's hazel eyes met the impatient green of her partner and rolled. She projected through her eyes to just wait she would take care of it.

Mean while the little annoying man was still going on and on. "This so called ghost has been here for years. Now it's becoming so…well effective. Craftier I guess. Not one floor or company for that matter within this building has not been affected.

The small blonde snapped her gum and said as professionally as she could, "Sir, the sooner you let us get to work the sooner we clear this matter up for you."

"Oh you think so do you? You are the fifth firm I have called in here. This spook seems to get rid of them all in the matter of minutes. What the hell difference do you think you two can make?"

The taller blonde said with a forced smile, "Well sir, we are made of tougher stuff. You did hire our reputation."

"Well I hope your reputation protects you from our ghost."

*** *** *** ***

Rickie and her partner Doris sat on the floor of a deserted office on a blanket they had brought. They had just devoured an entire pizza and were just going to pull some other stuff out of their snack bag when they heard a creak from a floorboard.

Doris asked her partner, "Do you think that's our ghost?"

"Hell if I know Dory. I think our client is a creep and cold as ice. I really hate him already."

"Well Kiddo, so do I but he is paying us and we need the money. Hell if a leather coat of mine disappeared I would have my boss ranting at the creep too."

Rickie chuckled and said, "I think I'd be madder about all the food the ghost is stealing."

They heard another creak and softly moving feet.

"Ooooh, I think it's our ghost," Said Rickie with a wicked grin.

Doris looked up listening to the sounds and said, "It sounds more like person to me."

Rickie shrugged and the two of them stood up walking slowly down the corridor. Rickie looked up and saw an open vent. She smiled at her partner and said, "How about I go find our friend the spook?"

"I think that's an excellent idea, " Doris said with a wicked grin. She put her hands together and then boosted the smaller woman up toward the large old-fashioned air vent. Rickie pulled herself up and then realized the vent was large enough for her stand in. She shrugged and pulled her flashlight out slowly following the tunnel that was created. This must be a really old building to have vents like this, she thought as she walked and listened for sound of the ghost.

She stopped dead when the tunnel branched off into two directions. Just great which way do I go now? She thought with her hands on her hips. Just then she heard another creak and smiled thinking, Thanks spook. I hope you're like Casper cause there is no place to run away in here from unfriendly ghost.

At the end of the tunnel was a deep drop that she didn't see because it was so dark and the flashlight didn't catch it. She stepped through and found herself falling straight down. This is it! She thought grimly as she fell her arms flailing and screams of terror leaving her lips.

To her utter shock she was caught by something warm and very strong. The figure was totally in the dark because she had dropped her flashlight during the fall. All Rickie saw were laser blue eyes that seemed to be boring into her own.

"Hi…um, sorry to just drop in like this…"

The silent figure simply started to carry her along the tunnels of the vent system obviously knowing exactly where it was going even though it was pitch dark. Then it came to a vent and kicked it open. It dropped down into it carrying Rickie as easily as a giant would carry a kitten. They landed in access room and the figure put the small woman on her feet. She opened another vent and pointed out it. In a low soft voice it said simply, "You go."

Rickie was shocked it was a woman's voice. "Who are you?"

The icy blue eyes suddenly warmed and the voice was now a quiet plea, "You go…Please."

Rickie now needed to see the face of that went with those incredible eyes. She reached up and gently pulled off the hood. Staring up she almost fainted. This was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen in her life. She was very tall which is why she appeared to be stooping she was bent down so not to hit her head as she carried her through the tunnel. At least 5'10 or taller. She had long black hair with self-cut bangs. She had a classically beautiful face and strong athletic body. She was dressed all in black so when the robe was covering her and the hood over her head in the dark she appeared to be invisible.

"Who are you?" Rickie asked again in awed voice.

The tall woman looked torn. She was staring at the small blonde like she wanted her to stay. But she was fidgeting because she knew she really should go.

"Veba, Now go."

"Veba? What are you doing here?"

Blue eyes looked up and then down like a naughty little girl. She whispered to Rickie, "Live here."


Not looking up she said a bit louder, "Live here."

"But why?"

Shy blue eyes met compassionate green; "Me live here…um, Twenty years."


Veba nodded and looked down again.

"Veba, how old were you when you started to live in these tunnels and access rooms?"

A very tiny scared voice said, "Six."

*** *** *** ***

Veba had taken the smaller woman's tiny hand and led her to another access room. Then she reached up and pulled a lever that Rickie hadn't seen till Veba pulled it. A wall slid back revealing a hidden room.

"Who did this?"

"Uncle Jack. He like me," Said Veba as they entered the brightly decorated little sanctuary.

Rickie looked at the posters and all the pictures from TV shows obviously cut out of magazines and plastered all over every wall in the hidden room. There was a large bed and a large dresser. It was all clean and comfortable. There was a little alcove that Rickie could see Veba used as a little Kitchen with a small card table beside it.

"Where do you clean things and go to the bathroom?"

Veba smiled and pointed, "There."

Rickie peeked into another door and saw an industrial shower and sink and small toilette.

"Why would your Uncle have you live here like this all alone?"

"Bad man try hurt Veba. Uncle Jack hide me."

"Bad man?"

Veba nodded her head and bit her lip.

My goodness she is still a little girl. Well why wouldn't she be trapped her all alone for twenty years. She's a beautiful, sweet, innocent and very lonely little girl. I think I just changed our client. Dory and I are going to help her. Thought Rickie as Veba went to the tiny refrigerator and gave her bottle of water.

"Where did you get this?"

Veba shrugged, "Me take."

Yep, how else would the poor thing survive? She thought as she took a sip of water. "Veba, why would anyone want to hurt you?"

Veba shrugged again and said, "Bad man. Don't like me. My Daddy die. Bad man hit Veba." The girls lip trembled as she remembered it. The sight of it broke Rickie's heart. She put down the water and hugged the tall woman. Uncertain arms slowly reached around and hugged Rickie back. Then Veba lowered her head and rested it against Rickie's soft blonde hair, "You nice, Rickie."

Rickie smiled and said quietly, "So are you, Veba. Where is your Uncle now?"

"Me don't know. He stop coming …two years…had to…take stuff."

Rickie gently pulled back so she could look into the teary blue eyes. She reached up with her fingers and gently dried them. Then she cupped the tall woman's cheek. "Have you been all alone since then?"

Veba nodded and sniffled.

"Who is this bad man?"

"Peter…Marry Mommy. Hate him!" Suddenly the warm blue turned icy again and Rickie could see the anger in them. She understood she felt herself swell with anger as she realized who her client was.

"Peter? Peter Daniels?"

Veba nodded, "Bad man."

Rickie brought the tall woman back to her and hugged her very close again. I'm going kick that Son of Bitches Ass! Thought Rickie as she comforted the distraught woman.

*** *** *** ***

Veba sadly walked Rickie back to the vent that would take her safely to where Doris was waiting for her.

"You go. Bye-bye Rickie."

Rickie's eyes filled with tears as she looked into tear filled blue eyes. "Veba, would you like to come and live with us?"

"No…yes…I…I don't….I can't…." Veba sat down on the floor and began to sob.

Rickie couldn't stand this. She came and sat next to her pulling the crying woman into her arms and holding her close. "Please don't cry. Would you like me to stay with you for a while?"

The dark head nodded against her shoulder.

"Ok, let me tell Doris I'm ok and then I'll come right back."

A high squeaky voice said, "Ok."

Rickie got up and kissed Veba on the top of the head, "I'll be right back."

Veba reached up and caught Rickie's wrist as she turned back toward the vent. "Rickie…care-ful… bad man….I…he um, hurt you…" The poor woman was so frightened for Rickie she was shaking like a leaf and her teeth were chattering.

Rickie sat down again and took both the large strong hands into her own saying, "Shhh, I think that he has a lot more to be scared of then I do. I promise I will be right back." She squeezed both hands gently and then looked into the uncertain eyes trying to convince her with her own sincere ones. "Really Veba I will."

Veba nodded and let go, biting her quivering bottom lip.

"Bye-bye, Rickie."

Rickie gently caressed the frightened woman's cheek and said. I promise I will be back here really soon. I just have to get something from Doris and then I will be right back. Ok?"

Veba nodded.

Rickie went through the access vent and through a small crawl space till she came to another vent. She was sniffling all the way and her eyes stung with tears. She opened the vent and dropped down right on big soft leather couch. Rickie felt her heart swell at how thoughtful the tall woman was. She knew that she chose this path because of this couch and it touched her heart she was trying to take care of her.

She stepped from her office and pulled the cell out of her back pocket.

"Dory, Where are you?"

"I'm still in that office you started in."

"Ok, stay put I'll be right there.

*** *** *** ***

Rickie came barreling into the vacant office mad as hell saying angrily to her partner, "I'm going to kill that abusive Son of a Bitch!"

"Who are you talking about?" Asked Doris calmly looking up at the fiery little blonde from her perch on lawn chair.

"I found the ghost."

"Is it a vagrant?"

"No, she's a twenty six year old little girl."

"Excuse me?"

"It's a long story. I need to get back there to take care of the poor kid. I need you do a little digging for me. When you find what I need call me on my cell. Where the hell is our snack bag?"

"It's right behind you. Would you calm down? What kind of digging?"

"That Son of a Bitch that hired us abused this girl so badly that her uncle had to hide here in a secret place in the building to protect her. I need you to find out about her Uncle Jack and her Mother. Daniels was married to her."


"Don't argue with me Dory, just do it!" Said Rickie fiercely as she swung the huge duffel bag on her back and headed back toward the other office and Veba.

*** *** *** ***

Rickie was almost at the office that had the couch in it that would lead her back to Veba's hidaway. When a net sprang up from no where trapping her against the wall. She tried to push it back but it wouldn't budge.

"Fuck! Where the hell did this damn thing come from!" When she tried to move forward and ax fell inches from her foot. "Fucking Shit!" She yelled and then tried to go in the direction she had come from. Another ax fell. "What the hell is this place a death trap!?!"

The ceiling tile above her moved aside and Veba's blue eyes glittered above her looking down full of concern. "Rickie hurt?"

"No, I'm ok. I'm just trapped."

Veba nodded and dropped down next to Rickie she picked her up heavy duffel bag and all. Then she jumped straight up into what appeared to be another access room. She went to the safe part of the small room and put Rickie down and dropped the bag beside her. The she moved back to the tile floor and slid the tile back in place. She turned to look at shaken blonde and asked quietly, "Rickie ok?"

Rickie had sat down on the tiny step leading to the vents. She smiled and nodded, "Yep, I'm fine. Um, do you know what that trap was all about? It's a lousy way to keep his tenant happy?"

Veba looked like she didn't understand the last part but she did know what the first part of the question meant. She nodded and quietly said, "Bad man. Try to hurt Veba."

"That…he…my….I'm going to kill that ass hole!"

Veba came over to the boiling mad woman and sat beside her. She put her head on the smaller woman's shoulder and said sadly, "Me sorry Rickie."

Rickie gently ran her fingers through the tangled dark hair and said, "Veba you don't have anything to be sorry for."

Veba nodded her head against the warm shoulder; Rickie could feel the tears through her T-shirt, "No Veba's fault."

Rickie lifted Veba's chin gently so she could look into the tear filled innocent eyes, which broke her heart into a thousand pieces. She wiped her tears with her fingers as she said softly, "No, this is not your fault at all. It's his. Thank you for rescuing me my friend. How did you know?"

Veba pulled back and shrugged, "Bad man has…um, traps….Uncle Jack…he show…go around…me followed you…saw you…me scared."

Rickie smiled and kissed her forehead, "Thank you again."

Veba shrugged again, "Me like Rickie. You nice."

Rickie felt her face blush and said softly, "I like you too Veba. You're a very special girl."

"No…Veba…bad…me talks wrong…me bad…."

"Shhh, no you are very good and sweet. Veba, didn't your Uncle Jack ever teach you anything? How to read or write? Didn't he talk to you at all? Or did he just bring you food and clothes after he hid you here."

"Uncle Jack like Veba. No read. Count…um, no talk much. Just food and mags…"

"Count? Mags?"

"Me show you…um ,you want…come…my room?" Veba looked at her new friend shyly very unsure.

"Yes, I'd like that." Said Rickie carefully looking down the tunnel and seeing this one was a crawl space.

"Good," Said Veba smiling brightly picking up the duffel bag. "What?"

Rickie shrugged and said, "I thought you'd like some food. I have cookies in there."

Veba tilted her head and said softly, "Rickie very nice."

Rickie smiled back, "So is Veba." Her smile grew even brighter when she saw the tall girl blush.

"Um…come please," She said motioning with her hand that she should stay low and led the way to her secret hidaway.

*** *** *** ***

Veba led the way into her secret room. She went to the alcove and put the duffel down on a card table that she used as a dinner table. Then she pointed to a Tomb Raider calendar on the wall by the alcove.


Rickie looked at the calendar, which was turned toward the correct month. It was the one of Lara at the Temple in Cambodia. "Where did you get all this?"

Veba bit her lip and looked at the floor, "Take," she replied to her shoe.

"Veba I do understand."

Veba looked up from under her bangs and saw that Rickie did and she smiled then she waved for Rickie to follow her. Veba sat on the floor by her bed and pulled out two stacks of magazines. One was comic books and the other Star Log Magazines.

"Rickie…Mags," She said pointing from Rickie to the neat piles.

Rickie looked at the proud heart-stopping smile and almost fainted. Damn she is so beautiful. She looked at the neat pile of comics in perfect condition and the magazine kept the same way pristine. Then she looked at the wall and looked at the pullouts from the magazines and her eyes widened. They were all beautiful women.

Xena, Troi, Sheena and Lara Croft amongst many others. All neatly taped above the tall woman's bed.

Rickie smiled at the tall woman who was now sitting on her bed watching the small woman intently.

"You look like Xena and Lara Croft, Veba." She pointed at each picture as she named them.

Veba blushed beat red and looked down at her toes. Then she looked at the picture by her bed in a cardboard frame she held it up and said softly, "Thinks…you look…um, like she."

Rickie blushed now recognizing the blonde in the picture, "Thanks. Her name is Gabrielle."


"A bit faster."

Veba bit her lip and tried to say it fast it ended up being, "Gabrielellel"

Rickie sat on the bed next to her put a hand on Veba's arm and pronounced it very carefully. "Gabrielle."

Veba bent forward her head in her hands tears flowing again, "Me so bad."

Rickie gently put her arm around her shoulders and said softly in a tone she never heard from herself before in her life, "No Sweetie, You can do this. Now say it for me again. Slowly."

"Gabrielle," Veba said it so softly that Rickie had to strain to hear it.

Rickie hugged her and said softly into her ear, "That was perfect now say it a bit louder."

Veba looked into sparkling green eyes and felt better she said a bit louder, "Gabrielle."

Rickie kissed her forehead and said, "Good girl."

Veba leaned her head against Rickie's chest and closed her eyes. She felt funny around Rickie. It was nice and she liked it though. She felt really good with the nice lady. Special. Loved. She thought to herself as she hugged the smaller woman even closer.

*** *** *** ***

Rickie was lying on the couch trying to relax. Veba came out of the bathroom wearing only a tank top and a pair of Bugs Bunny panties. Rickie's fingers dug into the couch as she thought, My God she's a Goddess!

Veba looked at her with hands on her hips her head tilted to the side.

"Rickie why there?"

"I don't want to bother you."

"No, I want you." Veba said with a sweet smile sitting on her big bed patting it gently.

Rickie closed her eyes and reminded herself, She doesn't mean it like that you big goof!

"Rickie?" Veba's voice was now very uncertain. "Don't want me?"

"No! Um, I do…I mean…Veba do you know what the word privacy means?"

Veba leaned back on her bed with tears clouding her pretty blue eyes as she shook her head miserably.

"Veba, I don't want to disturb you."

"Rickie no disturb. Veba want. Please?" The tears were now pouring down the beautifully sculpted face.

"Awww Veba. Please don't cry." Rickie got off the couch and sat down next to the upset brunette. "I really like you a lot. Really. I was just taught that people need room to be by themselves."

Veba looked at her from under long black eyelashes and asked very quietly, "You need…room?"

"No…I mean new friends. You Veba."

Veba face suddenly lit up and smiled through her tears; "Me friend?"

"Of course."

"Good. Please sleep." She said as she settled herself in bed pulling a Bugs Bunny stuffed animal out from under the covers and then cuddling down under the quilt she fell almost instantly asleep.

Rickie got in on the other side of the bed making sure that there was space between them. She looked at the sweet innocent face sucking her thumb fast asleep like a beautiful angel. "Good night my friend."

*** *** *** ***

Sometime during the night the two women moved closer and closer till they were deeply cuddled together. Rickie woke the next morning to discover that she had replaced Bugs Bunny. She felt incredibly happy and comfortable cradled lovingly in Veba's strong arms.

Rickie sighed, she felt funny because she knew that Veba was a complete innocent. She was so attracted to her that right now all she wanted to do was to kiss her awake. She knew that Veba was very bright. She just needed to learn to read and write and some conversation so she could increase her vocabulary.

Well at least that's one area I'm totally comfortable with, I am a chatterbox. She should hear the whole dictionary with in a week of being around me. I will teach her to learn to read and write using her "Mags" since she already likes them so much. I know that Doris will help me I just have to convince Veba to come home with us.

She gently ran her fingers through Veba's soft hair and looked at the beautiful contented face sighing softly again.

Blue eyes fluttered open and Veba smiled as soon as she saw Rickie.



"You ok?"

Rickie smiled and nodded. "Yes, I'm fine. Are you ok?"

"Very…happy. I like…with Rickie. I feel….warm…safe."

Rickie felt her heart beat faster and she caressed Veba's cheek. "I feel that way too. Why won't you come stay with us? Doris and I would love to have you. You can stay with me in my room. I can teach you to read and write. I can help you improve your speech. We can be happy."

Veba hugged Rickie bringing her very close. She put her cheek against Rickie's and spoke very softly. "Me scared."

"But why?"

"Bad man…find me…hurt you…hurt…Dor-is….No me have to hide. Can't let bad man…hurt Rickie."

Rickie gently pulled back so she could look into the frightened woman's eyes. "What if I stop him…"

"NO!!!" She pulled Rickie closer to her protecting her the only way she knew how. "Me scared. Think…bad man…he hurt …Uncle Jack."


"Yes Jack…say…he thre…he thre…."

"Threaten? Did he threaten your Uncle Jack?"

Veba nodded, She had tears pouring from her eyes. "Jack gone. Can't…won't let…hurt Rickie. You stay here. You go home. No bad man."

Rickie shook her head in wonder. The girl was doing her best to protect her. She was something else, The poor kid would rather be alone again rather then allow me to get hurt.

"Veba, I won't let you stay here all alone again. I can't let that happen. You deserve a good life…"

"No, Veba bad. Rickie good. Rickie need…um, go home." Now Veba pulled gently out of the hug and got her Bugs Bunny from under the bed. She held him tight against her and sobbed on the opposite side of the bed.

"No way. I'm not going home, my friend. We will fight the bad man together. We will fight the Son of a Bitch my way."

Veba shook her head no.

"Yes, I'm very stubborn. Veba do you trust me?"

Veba nodded.

"Good. I have a few ideas on how to handle this. First I need to call Doris and get her here. When she comes will you guide her here?"

Veba nodded, "Yes. She nice?"

Rickie nodded and smiled. "Yep. She's very nice."

"She like Veba?"

"Oh yes, Doris will be another friend."


*** *** *** ***

Doris was sitting in the office with the couch that Veba had directed Rickie to that first time. She heard soft footsteps above her head and then a tile moved aside.

Rickie's face appeared above her with a big smile.

"Hey Dory!"

"Hi. Where is your new friend?"

"She's right here. She's a bit shy. Did you bring the food and stuff I asked for?"

"You know I did."

"Ok throw that up first."

Doris threw the bag straight up toward Rickie and to her utter shock a hand appeared right in front of the bag and caught it mid flight. Doris eyes widened even more when piercing pale blue eyes looked down shyly from the other side of the hole.

"Doris meet Veba the Ghost. Veba this is Doris. She is an absolute brat but she is someone I trust with my life and she is very nice."

"Hi," said Veba's shy voice.

"Hi, Rickie has talked a lot about you."

Big beautiful blue eyes widened in surprise and looked at Rickie.

Rickie shrugged and said with a big smile, "You're my new friend and I tell Doris everything. So yeah, I gushed."

"Gushed?" asked the uncertain brunette.

Doris smiled and said, "She told me how much she like's you Veba."

Doris was suddenly caught in breathtaking smile from the shy girl as Veba said, "Me Like Rickie…You nice?"

Doris shrugged, "I think I am."

"She is Veba," said Rickie smiling.

Veba nodded and then said, "Rickie back," motioning the small woman away from the opening. When she saw that Rickie was safe she looked at Doris and said, "Doris back." Doris got off the couch and backed away from the opening.

Then with the finesse of a panther Veba jumped down and landed on her feet next to Doris. She smiled at the shocked curly haired blonde. Then she picked her up and jumped straight up though the hole. She gently put Doris down and motioned her to sit by Rickie where she would be safe. Then she crawled back to close the hole up.

"Wow!" Whispered Doris.

"She literally swept me off my feet."

"Yes, I can see that."

Veba motioned that they should be quiet when she opened the access vent that they would have to crawl through to get back to her hidaway.

*** *** *** ***

Doris smiled at the décor of the small room. She looked the room over appreciating all that Veba had done in the last 20 years to make it so comfortable and cozy. It was clean and very cheerful with all the pictures from the magazines to liven it up.

"This is adorable, Veba. Who got you all this stuff?"

"Uncle Jack…brought Mags…Ador-able?"

Rickie smiled sweetly and said, "Adorable. Just like you are. It means cuddly and cute."

Veba blushed beat red and carefully repeated the word. "Adorable."

"Well done. Now say it in a sentence. Veba is so adorable."

Veba shook her head and said, "No Rickie adorable."

Rickie blushed and looked at Doris who was chuckling.

"Well I think you are both adorable. Now I have a lot to tell you two. Are you hungry? Would like to eat first?"

"I do!" Said Rickie with a huge smile.

Veba sat on a chair by the sack and looked up at Doris. "What food?"


Veba looked very sad. "No heat."

"Don't worry, Sweetie. I just bought this it's already hot." Doris pulled out the Dominos box and asked, "Veba do you have any plates or napkins to put the food on?"

Veba nodded and went into the alcove. She came out with pretty royal blue plates and glasses.

Rickie's smile widened even bigger as she asked, "Where did you get these?"

"Uncle Jack…Um, Mommy's." She sat down looking very sad.

Rickie came next to her and put an arm around her shoulder saying very quietly, "They are very pretty."

Veba smiled looking up at her, "Thank you…You pretty."

Rickie was shocked she hadn't expected that. She was tongue tied and looked helplessly at Doris who chuckled and said softly. "She's right kiddo you are pretty."

Veba beamed at Doris and said, "Rickie's right. You nice…um, Dory."

Doris winked at her and said, "Thanks. Let's eat Kids."

*** *** *** ***

Rickie and Veba sat on the comfortable couch. Doris sat in an armchair facing them. She wanted to start slow so she could gage her new friend's reactions to what she was saying..

"It seems when Peter married your Mother he got control of everything. Your Uncle Jack hid you to protect you. He wanted to make sure he couldn't hurt you like he did his sister."

Veba had been holding Rickie's hand when she heard that Peter had hurt her mother she squeezed it tighter then she meant to. She didn't really hurt Rickie she just made it uncomfortable and the small blonde squeaked. Veba let go of the tiny hand at once and got up. "Sorry Rickie. I sorry…I sorry…"

"Shhh, It's ok. Come back here. You really just surprised me you didn't hurt me really."

"Never ok…to hurt. Not at all. Uncle Jack say."

Doris smiled and nodded, "He was right, Sweetie but I doubt you hurt Rickie. She's pretty tough. Do you want me to stop?"

"No. Please. Um, go."

Veba walked over to her bed and pulled out Bugs Bunny from under the covers. She sat on the edge of the bed hugging her beloved toy tightly to her.

Doris's eyes met Rickie's. Rickie quietly got up and walked over till she was in front of the distraught woman. "Oh no you don't. Put that Wrascally Wabbit down. I'd rather I comfort you then old Bugs."

Veba's eyes grew wide; "You know Bugs? Uncle Jack read me. Bugs…Wrascally Wabbit."

Rickie's eyes twinkled, "Of course we do. He is one of my favorites."

Doris laughed gently and said, "Who doesn't love Bugs Bunny."

Veba looked at one of them and the other. She was utterly shocked by what they said. "Wow!"

"Veba, put Bugs down and give me your hand. I would like to comfort you."

Veba obediently put Bugs down on her pillow. Then she got up and gave the smaller woman her hand much to Doris's amusement and delight. Veba sat next to Rickie and Rickie pulled her friend's hand onto her lap. She put her other hand around the waist of the other woman bringing her as close as she could.

"Go on Dory."

"Veba, your real name is Veronica Wells. Aparently your family called you Veba when you were little. That's why it's the only name you know. Your Father died of a heart attack when you were five. Your Mother married Peter the Bastard a few months later apparently in whirlwind courtship. He must have been pretty damn charming back then or he threatened her because he somehow convinced her to marry him and not leave anything to her very beloved child. From what I read of your Mother's death, Veba it sounds like he poisoned her and then bribed the doctor into saying it was cancer."

"Peter hurt…my Mommy?"

Doris nodded sadly, "I'm afraid so. Then about two years ago your Uncle Jack was hit by a car."

Tears were now pouring down Veba's face. She pulled Rickie onto her lap and held her tight. She was now a lifeline and she needed her more then anything. Rickie was glad to oblige. She hugged her back, gently stroking her strong back and whispering comforting things into her ear.

"Veba do you need me to stop?"

"No," was the tiny reply. "Need hear."

Doris nodded, her eyes met Rickie's who were brimming with tears too. Doris could see the anger but she gave her a look which said comfort her. So Rickie hugged her tight laying her head on top of Veba's

Doris cleared her throat, which was pretty choked up, and continued quietly, "Your Uncle Jack was going to his office here. He crossed an empty street and out of an alley came a car with no driver in it hit him head on. It killed the poor man instantly. Jack Thomas's death meant that everything went to Shit head. He said he didn't believe in funerals and had everything burned. Veba, I think that's why he's after you. If you ever become…well who your capable of being he will lose everything."

"You mean…If…like you…like Rickie?"

"No Veba. That's not what she means. You are already smart. You just need to learn to speak as beautifully as you want to. That's up to you and we want to help you fix it so you are able to do that. We are going to take you home and teach you to read and write. And between us we'll talk your ear off so you will have plenty of practice. I know your Uncle loved you but he obviously was a man of few words. A child needs to hear words to learn to speak correctly."

Veba shook her head no. "You two…get hurt. No."

"Shh, listen to me. He can't hurt any of us if he can't find us…"

"He bad man…he find."

"No, we'll find him."

Unconvinced blue eyes looked at both women very scared and unsure.

*** *** *** ***

The sleeping arrangements amused Doris greatly. She slept on the couch. And Rickie was to sleep on the large bed with Veba. It took one glance of stern warning to stop Rickie from declining the offer. The big blue eyes brightened when the smaller woman climbed into the bed next to the now happy brunette. Doris thought it was utterly beautiful. Veba slept on one side of the bed and Rickie the other. Bugs Bunny nestled in Veba's arms and an extra pillow in Rickie's.

I bet that doesn't last long, Thought Doris as she settled down to go to sleep.

When she woke up the next morning she was very touched by the scene before her. Nestled in Veba's arms was Rickie. Rickie lay on her side her head cradled against a strong shoulder. The dark head was cuddled against the top of Rickie's and she had a very sweet contented smile on her pretty face which was missing when they had gone to bed the night before.

Damn, look at them. They look like they're just supposed to be together. Why is Rickie fighting it? I wouldn't.

She got up and went to the alcove to make some breakfast from the stuff she brought. As she waited for the water to boil on the hot plate that she had luckily thought to bring with her. She wondered How on Earth are they going to wake up in that position and not realize they were gaga about each other? How are we going to get a six-foot Goddess out of this place without the bastard knowing it?

She knew that all that would be worked out when the other two woke up so she just worked on the setting the table with pretty plates and cups and waited for the sleeping beauties to wake up.

*** *** *** ***

Veba woke up from the strange smell that now wafted through her small room. She smiled as snuggled closer to Rickie. She liked the smell and she liked where she found herself even more. One blue eye opened and looked at the sleeping face nestled in her arms and she sighed in contentment.

It amazed her that she felt this way. She was comfortable, relaxed and yet excited at the same time. Her tummy was tied in knots but she felt giddy with happiness. As far as she was concerned she never wanted to move again. She wanted to kiss Rickie and more but she wasn't quite sure what that was. She just knew that what she felt was right. It was good. She knew that her Mommy and Daddy would like Rickie and so would her Uncle Jack. She gently kissed Rickie's cheek and then gently rubbed her cheek against the soft cheek beside her as the small woman squeaked in response. This made Veba feel very good. She thought her family would really have liked to have met this special lady nestled in her arms.

Thinking of the only people in her life that had ever cared for her and loved her brought tears to her eyes. Before Rickie came and showed her that someone else could care she was sure that she would be alone forever. She felt great tears drops fall from her eyes. She hugged Rickie pulling her on top of herself she couldn't help it she needed her so very much.

*** *** *** ***

Rickie woke up from three very different stimulation's The wonderful smell of coffee. The wonderful feeling of being held in warm loving arms but the one that was most disturbing were pellets of water that she felt against her neck. She opened her eyes and saw that Veba's face was flushed she had tears falling down her cheeks.


Blue eyes opened and the tall woman whispered, "Sorry."


"Wake you."

"That's ok. What's wrong?"

The dark woman's bottom lip quivered as she replied softly, "Thinking…miss my Mommy and Daddy. Miss Uncle Jack. Hate Peter."

"I know. Come here." Rickie pulled the upset woman very close hugging her tight. She had an over powering need to comfort her new friend.

Veba hugged her back fiercely. She was crying again and asked, "Rickie?"


"Love you."

Tears came to the green eyes as she whispered quietly back, "I love you too. Very much."

*** *** *** ***

After they had breakfast and dressed Veba led them through several passages till they reached a large access room. Veba picked up the large duffel and dropped it down carefully. Then she picked up Doris and carefully dropped down to the floor. She put the small woman on her own feet smiled at her and said, "Back please."

Doris smiled and backed up till she was next to the wall. Then Veba jumped straight up and landing softly beside Rickie. She gave her a bright loving smile as she gently picked her up. Doris noted that the tall woman held her sister differently then she had herself. Rickie was nestled in her arms like a precious object where with Doris she was carried like some one she just didn't want to get hurt. Doris smiled sweetly as she watched Veba drop down beside her hugging Rickie close like she was made of porcelain and could easily break. Then she put Rickie down beside Doris and walked to an access lid and easily opened the big heavy piece of concrete.

Veba looked up at the two women and pointed down saying, "Cars."

Rickie nodded smiling, "Good girl Veba. Um, can you help Doris down so she can get our car?"

Veba nodded. She gently lifted Doris again and jumped down on to the cement of the floor. Then watched as Doris ran off to get the car. She jumped back up landing beside Rickie.



"Who Doris?"

Rickie smiled lovingly at into the unsure blue eyes as she said quietly, "She is my partner and my older sister."



Veba shrugged and looked down at her shoes.

Rickie caressed Veba's cheek and felt Veba automatically responding to it. Big blue eyes met warm green; "I have never felt toward anyone what I feel toward you."

"But Veba bad…she…talk bad…"

Rickie shrugged and shook her head. "No you're not bad. When Dory and I get through with you, you will talk as beautifully as you look."

"What bu-ti-fully?"

"Beautifully. You are Veba. You are so beautiful both inside and outside it sets my heart on fire."

Confused blue eyes met hers and Veba shook her head trying to get the meaning of the words sensing how important they were.

Rickie kissed her cheek and said softly, "You will understand. Very soon. I'll help you."

"You…help…um now."

"When we get home I will explain it all. I promise."

Veba nodded. She trusted Rickie so she would wait.

*** *** *** ***

When they arrived at the bungalow the girls had shared for the last eight years Rickie was gently guiding Veba to the couch. Doris went to the answer phone and checked the caller ID.

"We had 8 messages from the bastard," said Doris calmly as she sat down in the armchair by the phone.

Veba's eyes were huge and she was clutching tightly to her stuffed Bugs Bunny. Her big blue eyes looked frantically at everything in both fear and wonder. Rickie sat beside her she put a comforting arm around her shoulders and asked gently, "Veba are you all right?"

Veba nodded very slowly. She pulled Bugs close with one arm and Rickie close with the other getting comfort from both.

"Sweetie, You don't have deal with everything at once. Would you like lie down till you feel a bit better?"

Veba rubbed her cheek against Rickie's and then shook her head no.

Rickie looked over at her sister with very worried eyes.

Doris stood up and walked close to them kneeling next to the shook up brunette.

"What is it that's scaring you, Veba? Is it being here with us?"

"No," was the tiny reply. Veba's voice was so quiet the girls could hardly hear it at all.

"Is it being out of the office building for the first time since you were six?"

Veba nodded her head so hard they were afraid it would roll off.

Rickie brought Veba back into her arms. She hugged her close and asked softly, "Do you feel safe here with us?"

Veba put her head in the crook of Rickie's neck and whispered, "Here with Rickie."

Doris smiled and asked gently, "You mean your ok as long as long as you're with Rickie?"

Veba nodded her arms tightening again around the smaller woman.

"Don't worry I'm not leaving you for a second."

"Veba, is there anything I can do to make you feel more comfortable," asked Doris quietly.

Veba pulled back and pointed toward the window, "Close please."

Doris tilted her head and asked, "Do you mean you want me to close the blinds?"

Confused blue eyes peeked up at her from Rickie's shoulder.

Doris understood, "What you want is for me to cover those, right?"

Veba understood that and nodded.

Doris closed the blinds and made the room like it was pretty much dark outside except for two small lamps. One on the end table by the girls and the other in the hallway.

"Is that better?"

Veba smiled up at Doris and said, "Yes, Thank you."

Doris sat back down on the arm chair smiling. "You are so polite."


"Polite…you say please and thank you."

"Mommy teach Veba."

"Well you're a very good girl."

Veba blushed and hid her face against Rickie's shoulder. Rickie smiled at her sister as she gently ran her fingers through the tangled soft hair.

"Dory I'm starved, how about making us a snack."

"Sure. No problem." Doris went to the kitchen.

"Veba would you like to see our room?"

"You and Dory?"

"No, I mean yours and mine."

"Oh?" Said Veba smiling for the first time since leaving her sanctuary. "Yes please."

Rickie smiled and took the other woman's hand leading her toward it saying, "I hope you like it."

"Me like," said Veba holding tightly to Rickie's hand and clutching Bugs to her chest.

*** *** *** ***

After Rickie gave Veba a tour of the small home they went into the bedroom. Veba sat down on the huge old-fashioned canopy bed.

"What do you think, Veba?"

"Pretty…like you…me like green," Veba was examining the green quilt missing the blush on Rickie's cheeks.

Rickie sat down on the bed next to her saying, "Thanks. Want to see what I made sure I brought from your place?"

Veba peeped up at she nodded and bit her lower lip.

Rickie smiled and pulled out Veba's "Mags" from the duffel bag that she had brought with her after showing Veba the place.

"My "Mags"!" Veba smiled brightly very surprised.

"Yep since you like them so much I thought they would be perfect to teach you how to read with.."

"Um Rickie…Veba no read…"

"You will. I promised you remember…"

"But me bad…"

"Veba, if you say your bad one more time you will sleep on the couch in the living room."

Big blue eyes looked up at her suddenly filling with tears, "Mad at me?"

Rickie shook her head and dried the drops falling from the upset woman's eyes gently. "No I'm not. I want you to stop saying your bad. You're not. In fact you're very, very good."


"Veba." Warned the small blonde.

Veba shrugged and said quietly looking at the quilt, "Veba not bad."

Rickie hugged her close and kissed her cheek. Veba returned the hug enjoying the loving warmth.

"That's my girl."

*** *** *** ***

Doris just got off the phone when Rickie came out to get Veba some hot chocolate.

"How's Veba, squirt?"

"Very scared. She trusts us though so I believe she will be ok. And don't call me squirt your not much taller then I am!"

"But I am taller," teased Doris back with a huge smile. "She trusts you little sister."


"Don't growl at me she's head over heals in love with you blind jerk! And in case you haven't figured it out yet you are head over heals in love with her too."

"I figured it out. Dory she is so innocent…so untouched…I feel…funny…"

"Kiddo, she has been all alone for a long time. Of course she is untouched. She is a woman. With all the needs, feelings and desires of any woman. She loves you and you love her. Go slow by all means but for God's sake go."

"Considering how we've woken up the last two mornings I'd say our bodies are way ahead of the game."

"Rickie you will have to guide her but once she understands she will be incredible I'll bet."

"I know that too. She is very clever and creative. You don't survive that long with out being both. What she did took a lot of brains…Dory, I do love her so…Hell I'm in love with her but I will not take advantage of her."

"You won't. You're the most honorable person on this planet. I've got news for you dear sister of mine. I watched you two last night. She pulled you to her in her sleep and you went willingly like you were waiting for it. She wants you, needs you, craves you. How the hell do you resist that?"

Rickie sighed and said, "I can't. You're right. I am head over heals in love her and I want her so badly I think sometimes I will explode."

Doris hugged her sister and who hugged her back fiercely.

"So do you want to know what the Bastard said?" Asked Doris as she pulled back.


"He fired us. Three days with no results."

"Almost four actually." Said Rickie with a wide smile. "I am just so heart broken about it. I wonder how the ass hole will react when he finds out who our new client is."

"Maybe he will die of heart attack and save us a lot of trouble." They smiled at each other wishing he would but knowing they had a long way to go to get Veba's heritage back.

*** *** *** ***

When Veba came out of the bathroom wearing the same night things she had for the last couple of nights she noticed that Rickie had that same look again.

Veba sat on the edge of the bed looking down at her bare feet. "Me ugly?"

"What? No, you're beautiful. Why would you think that?"

Veba looked up with tear filled eyes as she replied softly, "You look…don't like…me looks…"

"It's my looks," Rickie said with a gentle smile. The upset brunette's eyes filled with tears and Rickie realized how up set she truly was. She crawled over to her and pulled her into a hug. "No, don't cry. I think you're very pretty. Beautiful. Perfect really…"

"My looks Bu-ti-ful?"

Rickie kissed her on the cheek for the effort to correct her speech and then found herself in bear hug. Veba loosened the hug but she didn't let her go. She whispered softly, "Me like hugging you."

Rickie just decided to go with the flow. She couldn't really resist the wave of love that hit her from the tall woman holding her in arms kissing her sweetly all over her face. She hugged her back and closed her eyes enjoying each sweet kiss as she whispered; "I like being hugged by you. Veba?"

Veba stopped kissing her and looked at Rickie with suddenly passion filled deep blue eyes, "Yes?"

"Can I kiss you on the lips?"


"But…um, are you sure?"

"Yes please."


"Please yes," Veba tilted her head so their lips were almost touching.

Rickie smiled and said, "Thank you," She then kissed her very softly and tenderly.

Veba liked kissing Rickie on the lips. Her body seemed to be alive with strange feelings and needs that she had never felt before. She craved the woman in her arms. She wanted more. She kissed her back passionately bringing the little body as close as she could. When she felt Rickie's little tongue caress her teeth she opened her mouth wide and met it happily with her own. It was like her body had knowledge that was hidden away and all it took was Rickie to find it and open it up.

When they ran out of breath they pulled back slightly. Veba cradled both Rickie's cheeks gently in her hands and whispered panting, "More please."

Rickie closed her eyes and followed her heart home.

As they drifted off to sleep nestled close Veba whispered, "Love you."

Rickie sleepily replied, "I love you too with my whole soul.

*** *** *** ***

The next morning Veba woke up with the wonderful feeling of warmth from the woman nestled against her. She knew what they had done last night was the right thing for her. She could feel it in her soul. She had never felt anything like it before. It was like being full of energy and contentment at the same time. It made her feel so happy and at peace.

She was very worried about Rickie though. She wasn't sure if it was the right thing for her love at all. She knew that Rickie wanted her as much as she wanted Rickie but she also felt her fear and worried about it very much. Veba was very determined never to leave her new home. So when Rickie woke up she would ask her if she wanted her to sleep in the living room. She would do anything to stay with Rickie even if it meant not being like this anymore. She would do whatever the woman she loved wanted her to do. Sacrifice anything as long as the small blonde was happy. Veba cuddled closer she wanted to enjoy this loving feeling of warmth as long as it lasted.

*** *** *** ***

Rickie felt drops of water hitting her back and it nudged her awake. Her eyes blinked open. She could feel the wonderful embrace of her sweet love. When she felt another drop she knew exactly what it was and it tore her up inside. Tears? Veba is crying. Maybe…? She thought as tried to turn toward the tall woman but Veba held her even tighter as she felt her try to pull away.


"Hi," was the tiny squeak that she heard by her ear.

"What's wrong love? Why are you crying?"

"Veba did bad."

"What?" Now Rickie gently disentangled herself so she could look into the red rimmed blue eyes. She gently wiped the tears and asked quietly, "Sweetheart, What could you possibly do that was bad?"

"Love you…you scared….Don't make Veba go….please…."

"What? Why would even feel that way?" Rickie was shocked as she gently rubbed the upset woman's back.

"I could feel…you ….um, scared. When we….Please no make go!" Veba pulled away and buried her face against the pillow. Her tears became sobs as her heart felt like it was breaking apart she was sure Rickie would send her back to her room in the building.

Rickie pulled the tall woman back into her arms and held her close. She kissed her forehead and stroked her hair. "I'm never, ever letting you go. Do you hear me? Please calm down. I love you. I don't want you to ever leave here. Ever." She was rubbing her back with one hand and stroking her hair with the other. She was gently giving her kisses on her face till the blue eyes opened and looked at her.

"But you scared?" Veba looked at her with unbelieving eyes. She was enjoying the gentle stroking and beautiful words but she had felt Rickie's fear. She would never hurt her so she wanted to be very sure.

"I wasn't scared about what we did, my love. You did absolutely nothing wrong. You were beautiful. I…I was upset with myself Veba, not you…"

"Why?" Veba was stunned by these words.

"You are so innocent. I shouldn't have allowed that yet. I felt like I made you. Like I did something wrong…"

"What in-no-cent?"

"That you don't understand what we did. I forced you…"

"No!…no force. No make. Me want. Me thought….I bad….I do wrong. Me thought….I should not kiss….My Rickie. You scared. Me scare my Rickie. You make….go back to room. Me want this home!" She cried as she burst into tears of pure fear.

"No, sweetheart. This is your home. I want you here forever. I want you as long as you want me…."

"I want…Please Rickie…please…." Veba was now gently kissing Rickie all over her face and neck. The tiny little butterfly kisses were driving the small woman mad with desire.

"Veba, I never want you to leave. Ever. All I want is for you to be happy."

"Me happy with Rickie," she pulled back and looked her into her eyes. She asked very unsure, "Veba kiss Rickie…there?" she put her finger gently to Rickie's lips.

Rickie kissed the finger and replied, "Actually I was thinking that Rickie really wanted to kiss Veba right there," She leaned forward and brought the soft lips that were now smiling to her own and kissed them tenderly. Bringing their bodies closer the kiss grew more and more passionate. This time Rickie only wanted Veba to feel her love and desire so she didn't even think she just gave the tall woman all she felt in her heart.

Veba joyfully returned the kiss and just allowed the small woman to do with her what she would. All Veba wanted to do was to love her.

*** *** *** ***

A very tired but happy Rickie stumbled into the kitchen.

"I take it that your bodies finally told you what your hearts knew all along?"

Rickie poured herself a cup of coffee and looked at her sister confused. "What?"

"I heard the grunts and moans of passion coming from your room. You finally allowed yourself to love that beautiful woman. Right?"

Green eyes met hazel and Rickie nodded. "Yes, I…I couldn't help it. I love her so much and I needed her. What's really strange to me is she loves me the same way. She needs as much as I need her…"

"Strange? Yeash Rickie do you need a house to fall on you? Your so blind! I could tell by the way she looks at you and holds you. I could feel the pure love from across the room. She truly likes and respects me but Sis, she is head over heals in love with you."

Rickie nodded, "I know that now. I feel the same way. I'm in love with her. I'd do anything for her. I'd die to protect her."

"Well lets hope it doesn't come to that. What are we going to do about jerk head?"

"I have a few ideas with Veba's help," Said Rickie with a wicked grin as she sipped her coffee.

*** *** *** ***

Veba looked from one woman to the other and then asked quietly, "Why do that?"

"Because it will scare him and then maybe we can get some of your stuff back that he took.

Veba simply looked up at Rickie with big confused eyes.

Doris sat in the kitchen chair next to the confused woman and handed her a cup of hot coa-coa. "Veba we have to scare him so we can get a confession out of him. Otherwise he could go on like he has for years."


"We want to make him tell us in front of the police what he did to your Mom and Uncle."

Veba shrugged and said with a big smile, "Veba beat him up."

Rickie smiled and caressed her cheek. "Actually I think he would deserve that but I would be worried that the police would arrest you instead of him."

"What ar-rest?"

"They would take you away and lock you up…" Veba looked very scared suddenly, Rickie pulled her into her arms holding her tight. "No, Sweetheart. I won't let that happen. I promise. The best way is to scare the hell out him. We will need your help for that though…Will you help us?" She asked stroking her back and looking up into warm loving eyes.

Veba nodded and leaned her head against Rickie's.

"Good girl."


Doris smiled and nodded, "Yep, you are a very good girl." Veba took a sip of the warm liquid and her face lit up like a Christmas tree. "This good."

"Not as good as you, but damn close," teased Rickie. Doris smiled as the pink blush covered the tall woman's face.

*** *** *** ***

The three women crawled through the access vent in the office building that led the hated man's private office. Veba motioned that they should stop and then pulled up a tile that would give them access to the office. She jumped down onto the ground landing on her feet silently like cat.

She held out her arms and caught Doris when she dropped out of the hole. She smiled at her and gently put her on her own feet. Her whole face lit up with a great big loving smile as her eyes met Rickie's twinkling eyes looking down from above her.

Rickie returned the smile with a look of pure love and a wink that made Veba blush. She then pulled herself over the edge and dropped right into the strong loving arms she knew would be there for her whenever she needed her. Instead of putting her down, Veba cuddled her closer and kissed her tenderly.

"Hi beautiful, nice of you to catch me."

"Thanks…you beautiful," replied Veba carefully sounding out the new word carefully so she said it correctly. Then she rubbed her cheek against Rickie's cuddling the small woman closer to her.

"Would you two mind cuddling later? We're in enemy territory."

Veba lovingly caressed Rickie's cheek but turned to look at a worried Doris, "Ter-ri-rory?"

"It means were in the bad man's place."

Veba nodded and said, "Yes, Bad man's place." She gently put Rickie on her own feet and then hugged her again.

Rickie hugged her back and then pulled back caressing her strong arm, "Dory's right let's get to work."

*** *** *** ***

They were in the car heading back to the house. Veba sat in the back seat with Rickie. She was still very scared outside of the house and the building. She was cuddled with the smaller woman and Rickie was gently running her fingers through the long black hair and kissing her on the neck. Soon all she really could think of was what her Rickie was doing to her body. She was in such a dreamy state that she really forgot they were in the car till Doris opened the door to the back seat and scolded them so they should get into the house already.

Rickie had begun kissing and caressing her love so she could calm the frightened girl down. Veba was so scared when they went into the garage that she was shaking like a leaf. As she felt the warm skin touching her lips and the soft moaning in her ears she lost her way and glided into the same dreamy state that Veba was in. Her passion intensified as she kissed her loves lips deeply forgetting where they were and what they were doing. She was shocked when they got home and Doris opened the back door to tell them to get out.

Doris smiled and hummed as she drove them home. She loved to see her little sister so happy. She knew that no one deserved happiness as much as Rickie and Veba did. After all that Veba had been through she couldn't think of better reward for her then to fall in love with Rickie. She kept her eyes on the road and turned the radio up a bit to distract her from what was happening behind her. She knew she would probably have to spray them with cold water when they got home but she didn't mind. She was happy for them.

*** *** *** ***

Peter Daniels was a very happy man. He had not heard a peep from his blasted stepdaughter in days. He always knew it was her doing all the ghostly things that had been reported and he had done his damnedest to catch and destroy her if he could.

He entered his office and the first thing he noticed was the scent of lavender. His nose twitched and he said quietly, "Where is that scent coming from?"

He opened his armoire where he kept some of his clothes for use when it rained or he needed to spend the night. He saw a sports jacket hanging there that wasn't his but looked very familiar.

His face paled as he remembered where he had seen it and he backed up as it were a snake. He knew Veronica couldn't have put it there because she never left the building and didn't even know that her Uncle Jack was dead. He went to his desk and sunk into the desk chair his teeth were literally chattering.

He opened the desk and a soft voice came to his ears with a stronger scent of Lavender, which he now remembered was his wife's favorite scent. "You killed me Peter. You killed me …I know you killed me Peter…"It kept saying the same thing over and over again.

He jumped out from behind the desk and slowly backed out of his own office like a wild animal was tracking him.

"This can't be Veronica I have never even heard her say one word. I know she doesn't speak but…how could anyone else know?"

He ran out of the office straight out into the street and home without even stopping to get his car.

*** *** *** ***

Rickie and Veba were on the couch cuddled close together. A Bugs Bunny comic book was settled on both their laps. Veba knew the whole story by heart but now she wasn't to rely on pictures she had to go through the story by the words. Rickie had said that she must concentrate on each letter of each word. She remembered her ABC's very well. Her Mommy and Daddy use to sing it with her on rides in the country. She loved to sing it and still did it alone in her room just to hear the sound of a voice. Now she was using that song in her head as she tried to put the letters to use. She was very frustrated.

"B…uh….g…s….um, Bugs. B…uh…neh…neh…" She looked up at Rickie unsure. "Rickie, Don't know Y…?"

Rickie was so proud of how hard her love was trying. She thought one page at a time would be enough. This was their first page and she was doing exceedingly well. Thank heaven her parents taught her the ABC's as a playful song that she could remember. This would be so very hard on her without that knowledge. She thought as she gently rubbed her love's forehead to smooth out the lines of concentration that the beautiful woman was forming there.

"Sweetheart, calm down. You're doing wonderfully." She gently kissed her on the forehead.


"MmmHmm, Y is either Yuh or ee. When used in this word it is used as ee. When a word has two letters like an N followed by a y it usually sounds like ee."

Veba nodded and bit her lip. Then her face lit up like a Christmas tree. "Its Bunny!"

Rickie's smile matched Veba's as she nodded and then kissed her loves nose. "Perfect."

The phone rang; Doris with a happy smile quickly answered it on the other side of the room. She didn't want to interrupt the lesson that was going on it was very important that Veba learn to read as soon as she could.


"Its Peter Daniels," said the hated man in a sharp nervous voice.


"I want to rehire you."

"Excuse me? Didn't you very recently fire us?"

"Um, I…I need you to check my office….I…"

"Sorry, we're not interested…"

"I'll pay you whatever you want. For both cases. I won't fire you again. Just help me. Please." He begged desperately."

"Could you hold on."

She put him on hold and walked across the room to the hard working couple on the couch. Veba looked so cute. She had her bottom lip between her teeth as she concentrated. Rickie had lovingly braided her long hair and Veba was playing with the end nervously as she sounded out each word.

Rickie had her arm around Veba's shoulders. She was gently rubbing Veba's arm as she guided her hard working student.

"Wrascally?" Asked Veba unsure she said it right.

Rickie smiled at the up raised eyebrow and the frown on dark woman's face. Rickie nodded her head and said, "Yep, you got it. That's perfect. You did the whole page all by yourself."

"You help me."

"Only a little bit. You did all the work…"

"Um, We are….team," said Veba with a beautiful smile. She was proud of herself for thinking of that word all by herself.

Rickie chuckled and said, "Yep, we sure are."

"Excuse me team, but we have a very upset person on hold."

"Oh who?" asked Rickie. She took the comic book and gently put it on the coffee table.


Veba looked confused, "What Ass-hole?"

"Your step father, Sweetie. It's a bad name for the rotten Son of a Bitch."

"Rotten son of a bitch? What that mean?" Asked Veba innocently.

"What does that mean, is the right way to say that Love. And they are very bad words. Dory!"

"Hey considering who she's in love with she needs to learn them."

"Dory." Growled the smaller woman. Veba looked between them like she was totally lost. Rickie realized Veba had no idea what they were arguing about. "Never mind Love, Its just the bad man."

"Oh?" Veba decided to question Rickie later when they were alone. She could usually get more out of her love when Dory wasn't there. "Why he call?"

Rickie snorted and asked gently, "Veba Love, remember all that stuff we did to his office?"

Veba nodded innocently. "Yes, you make me say…the same thing over and over. Right?"

"Yes that's right and you said that very well." Veba looked down and blushed. Rickie sat down next to her again and said, "I bet he wants us to investigate. Right Dory?"

"Yep. He wants our help pretty badly."

"Hmm, What are we suddenly exorcists?"

"What that?"

"What is that? Veba, say it again correctly please," Said Rickie gently stroking her back.

Veba was looking deeply into green eyes and whispered. "What is that?"

"Perfect." Said Rickie suddenly with an overwhelming need she pulled her love's lips to her own and kissed her passionately.

"Hey guys? We have a twit on hold remember?" Said Doris impatiently.

Rickie pulled back and rubbed noses with Veba as she said softly. "Yeah, I remember. An Exorcist is a sort of a ghost chaser. He makes them go away?"

Veba was enjoying all the attention she was getting with a soft voice and a big smile she said, "Oh? Like me?"

"No, not exactly. You see my beautiful ghost, we never want you to go away."

"Don't want go….um, Don't want to go. Right?"

"Yep, perfect. Just like you."

Doris groaned and sat down, "Hey come on! Work before play. What do I say to him?"

"Hmm, Let him stew for a few days. Say you can't find me and you won't make this kind of decision without me."

"Ok good, I can do that," said Doris with a smile as she went back to the phone across the room.

"Rickie what now?"

Rickie smiled and said, "Why don't we go to our room and fool around."

Veba chuckled and said, "That good….um, but what about bad man?"

Rickie gently pulled Veba close and kissed her on her neck as her fingers ran through the soft black bangs. Then she pulled back and whispered in her ear, "The bad man, my love."

Blue eyes were dark and full of passion as she gently lifted Rickie's chin and repeated softly, "The bad man."

"Good girl."


Rickie smiled at her tenderly and whispered, "I have a few ideas."

"Oh? You tell Veba?"

"Hmm, you should say, "Are you going to tell me?" And the answer is yes I will but right now all I want to do is to go to our room and play."

As if hypnotized Veba simply got up at the same time Rickie did and allowed Rickie to take her hand and lead her to their room.

*** *** *** ***

Doris smiled at Veba as she came out of her bedroom.

"Hey Sweetie, Where is my little sister?"

"Getting dressed. Dory what going do about…the bad man?"

"That was almost perfect. What are you going to do about the bad man? Say it again."

Veba eyes narrowed and she shook her head; "You do like Rickie. Don't want Veba…um, me to know…"

"Veba we don't want to worry you. We're trying to protect you because we love you."

"Me know that…I know that. I worry…um, anyway."

"Mmm, yes I see your point. What's Rickie doing right now?"


"Go get her and we'll have a nice chat."

"Thank you Dory," said Veba sweetly as she went to get Rickie out of the shower even if she had to carry her out.

Doris tilted her head as she watched the determined woman, "Your very welcome my other little sister." She smiled and waited for the family conference in her favorite chair.

*** *** *** ***

Rickie didn't want to tell Veba her plan not because she didn't trust her love but because she knew she would hate it but one pout from the determined woman shattered that resolve.

"Love, your not going to like my idea."


"Because my idiot sister is going to set herself up."

Confused blue eyes looked at each of them and in a suddenly wary undertone she asked, "What is set up?"

"Veba don't get upset?"

"Rickie no, you tell me what it mean!" Now there was anger in her voice.

Rickie looked nervously at her sister. As sweet and gentle as Veba was with them Rickie knew she could be formidable when provoked.

"Tell her Sis."

"I am going to call your step father and set up a meeting so he will get so upset he will try and attack me…"

Veba stood up and cried, "No! Me won't let you!" She pulled Rickie out of the chair and into a tight embrace. "He will hurt you. Do bad things like to my Mommy. Like Uncle Jack. No Rickie…please….please…."

Rickie hugged the now hysterical woman to her. She rubbed her back gently and waited till she calmed down enough to talk to. She then replied quietly, "I promised that I will never leave you. I won't. I won't get hurt he will. I promise, Sweetheart."

Veba was shaking her head no against her shoulder and crying.

Doris came next to them and said gently, "Ok, how about this. We don't set up Rickie. We scare him more…um, but we'll need your help and we need to protect shrimp over there since she may have to be in the room with him. So what if you do your ghost thing and protect her from the vents? Do you trust us?"

Red faced and teary eyes Veba nodded and replied quietly, "Yes."

"I'll tell you what I'll plug you in so you can hear everything too while your doing your ghost bit."

"I don't want my Rickie get hurt."

"To get hurt, and I won't. How could I? You will both be there protecting me every second. I'll be surrounded by a screen of love."


"You said you trust us."

Veba nodded.

"Well I trust you two too. I know if I need you, you will be there."

Veba nodded and pulled her love onto her lap cradling her against her protectively. "Forever," she whispered. She heard the word echo in her mind but she wasn't sure why exactly.

*** *** *** ***

Veba was very carefully studying her assignment today. She had to read three pages all by herself and then explain it on paper. Veba found it becoming easier and easier to read. To write though was very hard for her since she had never done it before at all. She sat staring at the blank sheet of paper doodling in the margins trying to form the sentences that she was taught in her mind before she committed them to paper.

Rickie was going over notes and maps that Veba had gone over the night before with Doris and herself. Doris was out getting some equipment for their little adventure and Rickie was trying to formulate a logical timetable for them.

She looked up from her work and her heart felt like it had expanded inside her chest. Veba had her chin on the desk near the paper. Her tongue was sticking out the side of her mouth as she concentrated on each letter she was committing to paper for her lesson. She was completely focused and unaware of anything but the task in front of her.

She just becomes more and more adorable everyday. It's amazing. I look at her and my heart feels like it almost stops because she affects me so much. I didn't think it was possible to love anyone as much as I love that sweet woman. She thought with a sigh as she went back to her own task.

Veba heard the sigh and looked up, "What wrong Rickie?"

Rickie smiled at her concerned soul mate and replied quietly, "That's "What's wrong."

"Oh? Ok. What's wrong Rickie?"

Rickie chuckled and said, "You are sooo beautiful and special. Its amazing I fall deeper under your spell everyday. You know I am just as worried about you as you are about me?"

Veba tilted her head and asked quietly, "Why?"

"Because my love, You will be right there and if he threatens me with a gun you will drop down right in front of him and take the bullet that would be meant for me."

Veba shrugged, "Yep, that my job."

"No Sweetheart. Your only job is to love me…"

"I do love you and I want protect you. They go to-geth-er…together."

Rickie looked very upset and said quietly, "Would you wear a protective vest for me?"

"Sure, will you wear too?"

Rickie nodded and smiled slightly. "Yes love, I will wear one too. I think it would be best if you wore your hood the whole time too. I don't want him to know its you till we get him."

Veba shrugged again and nodded, "Ok…um, Rickie…Are you mad at me?"

Rickie came over to her and pulled her out of the chair and into her arms. "Why would I be mad at you?"

Veba rubbed her head against the soft blonde hair enjoying its clean scent; "Me get mad…um I get mad…" She looked very sheepishly at Rickie.

Rickie thought she looked incredibly cute when she got like this, "I believe your trying for, "I got mad." And so what if you did. You're allowed to get upset. I know you love me and your only trying to protect me the only way you know how. I understand that and I would be the same way."

"But me yell?"

"So? Sweetie, there will be times in our life that I will yell my head off too. It doesn't mean I don't love you any more then you yelling at me means that you don't love me. Would you be mad at me if I lost my temper?"

"Um, no…you never mad."

"Not yet," Veba's eyes grew wide at that thought.

"Come on love," she pulled her closer and was amazed to hear the taller woman's heart beat going wildly against her ear. "Why are you so scared?"

"Don't want you mad."

"Why on Earth are you so worried about it?"

"Don't want to go."

Rickie pulled back and looked into fearful teary blue eyes, "Never. I will never tell you to go no matter how mad I may be. I can really get mad. Ask Dory but I would never say such a thing to you. Ever."


"Yes Sweetheart, I love you. Only you and I want you forever my sweet ghost."

A tiny smile came to Veba's lips; "I love only you too…boo."

Rickie chuckled and brought their lips together and kissed her passionately.

*** *** *** ***

Rickie came out of the bathroom to find Veba on the floor working out with a set wrist weights that Rickie didn't even remember she had. She was on the floor stretching out her abs, and the small woman felt herself reel like she would need another shower any minute. She had never seen anything so sexy in her life as the strong muscles rippling under the soft flesh.

Veba was completely focused on her work out. She found these strange things under the bed and thought it would be fun to play with them. She sat with her legs straight out and was bending forward with her arms straight letting her body take her as far forward as she could go. When she came back to her sitting position she found herself captured by small arms around her waist and surrendered willingly. She closed her eyes enjoying the feel of the strong small hands against her skin.

In a rough sexy voice Rickie whispered, "I was going to say the shower was all yours but would like to share it?"

"You came out now…Why go back?" Veba replied softly as she felt soft kisses against her neck and back. She felt that curious electricity soar through her that she only seemed to feel around her Rickie.

"We can go in there and play. There are a lot of fun things we haven't tried yet."

"I not try very much."

Rickie licked the salty rim of her loves ear and whispered, "Say I have not tried very much yet." She nibbled the ear.

Veba moaned then dutifully repeated, "I have not tried very much yet." She moaned again as Rickie sucked at her pulse point on her neck making her feel very funny in the stomach and wet below. When the lips started to kiss there way down her body Veba pulled Rickie right on top of her and brought the soft lips to her own kissing her hungrily.

When they ran out of air Rickie traced a line of kisses along her chin as she whispered, "What about the shower?"

"Later," said Veba with a deep purr bringing the lips back to her own and kissing her passionately. Her fingers unwrapped the towel that covered the soft strong body on top of her. Her hands started to explore the breast she adored playing with.

Rickie had already taken the panties off Veba and almost ripped the tank top off her love with the need to touch the strong supple body beneath her. When they were both naked and flesh had finally touched flesh a fire ripped through them both that water would never have put out. Both women felt like they were flying and they were just beginning.

Rickie was suckling Veba's breast and while Veba was kneading her loves beautiful behind. Veba really had no idea what she was doing she went with her instincts which seemed to grow better each time they made love. Her mouth was busy tasting any skin she could reach while her hands explored greedily. Rickie had driven her up the spiral slowly suddenly her head came back and she moaned out loud as her loves tongue entered her where she needed her most.

Rickie's hands were caressing the inside of her loves legs while she lapped up the exquisite juises pouring out of her loves apex. Veba was moaning and begging for Rickie to enter her.

"Rickie….Rickie…now love…please….n-n-need you…"Veba panted.

"Yes my Sweet, right now, " purred Rickie as she entered her love. Veba stiffened and screamed out her loves name. Rickie felt herself fall over the edge just watching the tall beauty succumb to her love. She screamed Veba's name and fell onto her stomach unable to move for several minutes.

When Rickie recovered she crawled up the tall body till she was cradling her love in her arms. When blue eyes finally fluttered open and met warm loving green Veba smiled and softly said, "Hi."

"Hi Sweetie, Are you ok?"

"Yes…nice…you very special…"

Rickie kissed her lovingly and replied, "Not as special as you are." She smiled and cuddled close to the now sleeping woman. She made her head comfortable against the strong shoulder and said quietly, "I guess we're sleeping on the floor tonight."

*** *** *** ***

Doris was pacing in front of her sister mad as hell. Veba was in the other room working on a little test that Rickie had made up for her. If she passed it she would graduate from her comics to her Starlog magazines. The tall woman was very determined to pass.

"Rickie, this is the worst idea you've have ever had! I hate it and so would Veba."

"I know that but this is all for her. You know as well as I do that I have done riskier things in my life."

"Well this one is just plain stupid. I mean why don't we just stick with scaring him? Why resort to pretending to black mail him…"

"What black mail?" Asked the tall woman in the doorway holding her test.

"Oh great! You finished your…"

Veba came in and put the test down on Rickie's desk saying, "Never mind test. What black mail?"

Rickie looked into angry icy blue eyes and sat down in her desk chair.

"Um, It's saying that you have information on a criminal but not going to police instead you ask them for money…."

"It's illegal and immoral and she's not really going to do it, Veba. She's pretending so she can draw him out more then scaring him would…"

Icy blue eyes met shocked hazel. Doris had never seen Veba so angry before, "What pretending?"

"Make believe…"

"No Rickie! NO!"


"NO…I won't let you. He…he hurt you….Like Mommy. No!"

"I won't get hurt…"

"You don't…see...he hurt people! He hurt me…me six! He kill Mommy. He kill Uncle Jack! No! NOOO!"

She pulled Rickie out of the chair and picked her up into her arms. She cradled her protectively in her arms. Tears were pouring down her cheeks and her heart was beating wildly. Rickie hugged her back trying desperately to calm her down. She looked over her shoulder at Doris.

"Don't look at me Addle Brain! I agree with her. It's a very stupid plan. I think our original plan is the safest and best. For all of us."

"Thanks Dory," said Veba's soft voice as she nuzzled her head against Rickie's.

Doris smiled at Veba and then stuck her tongue out at her sister. "No problem, So what do you say Brat?"

"I won't do it. So what are we going to do?"

"Plan A, Scare the shit out of him. Veba will you still help?"

"Will my Rickie be alone with bad man?"

Rickie was relieved Veba was trying to carefully say things correctly again which meant she was calmer.

"No Sweetie, she will not. I want us all to wear the Kelvar vests but if it works out right none of us will even be near him."

"Ok, me…I will help."

*** *** *** ***

Rickie sat behind Veba on the large bed in their room brushing the long black hair. She loved to see it shine in the moonlight coming through the blinds. It looked like it had stardust in it.

"Are you still mad at me?" She asked her quietly as she brushed the soft hair looking at the still tense back.

"Not mad. I…scared…I worry." Veba's eyes were closed as Rickie slowly brushed the tangles out of her hair it felt so soothing.

"Do you feel any better now?"

"Yes. Dory smart. She love you."

"Loves you."

Veba chuckled, "She loves you much."

"She loves you very much."

Veba caught her hand as she pulled the brush through her hair. She took the brush and placed it on the table. Then she brought the little hand to her heart. She looked at her with twinkling blue eyes and said sweetly, " No more teacher. I want playmate. I pass my test." She said pulling Rickie on top of her smiling happily.

"Yes you did. You're the top of your class. The very best," Then she kissed Veba tenderly.

"Still don't speak good."

"You will Love, I promised."

Veba chuckled and shook her head; "You always keep promises, don't you?" She cuddled her close kissing her tenderly on the forehead.

"Always," said Rickie putting her arms around Veba's neck and bringing her lips to her and kissing her passionately.

*** *** *** ***

Veba sat on the couch in the office fascinated as she watched Doris working on line.

"Dory teach me?"

"Will you teach me, please?"

Veba smiled and said politely, "Will you teach me, please Dory?"

"Yes, I'll teach you. I think you'll enjoy it. There's a lot of fun you can have on line and your very quick witted so I think you'll like it."

"Yes, I enjoy. My Rickie already say so. What quick witted?"

"What is quick witted?"

Veba rolled her eyes and repeated with a tolerant smile, "What is quick


Doris chuckled and said, "I don't correct everything you say. I promised your little barracuda of a teacher that I would correct you when you slipped a little."

"I know. What is quick witted?"

"It means your smart, My Love," said Rickie with a huge smile leaning on the doorpost that went into the hallway. "And I ain't a barracuda!"

"What is barracuda?" Asked Veba jumping up and giving Rickie a hug.

"What is a barracuda," Said Rickie going on her tiptoes and kissing Veba on her nose, which made the tall woman blush prettily. Then Veba sat in a chair and pulled Rickie onto her lap. Rickie cuddled close as she replied in a soft voice, "It's a very deadly fish."

"Oh? You fight like a barracuda."

"I do?"

Veba nodded and rubbed her cheek against Rickie's soft one. "Yes," she purred. "Me smart?"

"Yes, Love your extraordinarily smart. The way your learning to read and write proves it. You're zipping through this stuff like a house on fire. You are amazing. All we have to do is bring your speech to where you're happy with it."

Doris was working in the computer with her back to them. She wanted to get as ready as she could for their show down with the man who for twenty years tortured the woman who was now as close to her as a sister. They would see to it that he would be paid back in full.

Veba pulled back from the onslaught of kisses that Rickie was attacking her with. "Wait Love. Me smart? I not talk good? I don't know what…um, you mean. How can be smart?"

"Love, you didn't hear whole conversations for years. The only person you talked to was your uncle who was obviously a man of few words. How could you learn to speak well if you had no one to practice with?"

"Yes, Uncle Jack was nice. He just spoke about food, mags, and how I stay safe. Did I say that rightly?"

Rickie face burst into an even bigger smile and she licked Veba on the nose. "It was soooo cute I don't really care if it was correct at the moment. I think you're adorable." She pulled her close and kissed her passionately.

"You know when this is all over I want to find someone I can kiss all the time. You two are driving me nuts!"

The girls parted and Veba's beautiful smiled disappeared to be replaced with a concerned frown. "Is Dory mad?"

"No Sweetie, I'm not mad just a bit jealous, I guess."

"What that?"

"What is that?"

Big blue eyes rolled and she corrected herself, "What is that?"

Rickie kissed her cheek and said, "We only correct you because we want you to speak beautifully. Jealous means that someone wants what someone else has very badly. It depends on the person on what it does to them. Some people get sad and depressed like my sister. And some people who are already sick…it drives them to do bad things like Peter. How ever it affects you its not good thing to feel."

"Oh?" Veba looked at Dory with the sweetest most compassionate expression as she asked, "Do me and Rickie make Dory sad?" There were tears pouring down the high cheekbones, which deeply touched both Rickie and Doris.

Rickie hugged her tightly. Veba just amazed her. She had so much love and compassion. She had never known there was anyone like the woman she loved.

Doris was very touched too and she gently rubbed Veba's arm, "No Sweetie, I love to see you two together. I'm not sad exactly…I just wish I had someone special like you two do."

"Oh? Is hard…um, is it hard?"

Rickie kissed Veba on the nose, "Excellent catch, Darling. And yes we are very lucky it is one of the hardest things to find in life."

"Oh, me…I hope you find soon, Dory."

Looking at the best example she'd ever seen she smiled and said, "So do I Sweetie, So do I."

*** *** *** ***

The three women crawled through the vents on the way to the hated man's office. Veba led them carrying the large duffel bag on her back. The sisters followed each with a small knap sack on they're backs.

When they reached access area over Peter's office Veba motioned for them to stop and pulled a large tile from in front of her. Then she carefully dropped the duffel bag down to land on the large ornate couch to the side of the hole she had created. She dropped down to the floor with out a sound landing on her feet like a cat.

She then looked up and smiled brightly. She met sparkling green eyes with warm loving blue and held out her arms. Rickie winked and mouthed, I love you. Then she blew the tall woman a kiss. This made Veba blush beet red she carefully mouthed back, I love you too. Then she copied her blowing a kiss back up to the beautiful woman above her.

Rickie dropped into warm loving arms that brought her very close kissing her cheek. Rickie nuzzled Veba's long neck and whispered, "Hi."

"Hi," replied Veba before she brought the sweet lips to her own and kissed her love deeply.

Dory pulled a piece of bubble gum from her pocket and aimed it carefully hitting Rickie right on the head with it. Rickie pulled back and looked up into irritated hazel eyes. "Oops, I guess you need to get my impatient sister."

Veba tenderly rubbed where the gum hit and asked softly, "Ok…hurt?"

"No, it didn't hurt. Put me down Love, and get Dory before she hatches an egg."

"Ok," said Veba softly as she gently put Rickie down by the couch and walked back over to the opening. She looked up and smiled at Dory who smiled back took a deep breath and dropped down.

Veba easily caught the smaller woman in her arms. She put her down and turned toward Rickie.

She never misses, thought Rickie full of besotted admiration. The two women walked to Rickie and Veba whispered excitedly, "What we do now?"

"What are we going to do now, Love." Corrected Rickie gently caressing her cheek.

Veba leaned into in it and purred back with wicked smile, "What are we going to do now, Love?"

Rickie chuckled, "Smart ass."

Veba gently took the little hand and brought it to her lips kissing it softly. Rickie looked up at her blushing and said, "You are sooo sweet."

"You sweet."

"You are sweet."

"No you are."

Rickie chuckled and said, "I love the sense of humor that's coming out keep it out."


Dory shook her head, "So Whiz Kid what are we going to do?"

Rickie laughed and said, "Well first we have to set up our sound equipment then we'll do the special effects. Some of the more delicate stuff we'll have to wait till we get closer to the zero hour."

"Zero hour?"

"When we get Peter."

"Oh? Ok, what you want me do?"

"What do you want me to do?"

Veba shook her head and said softly, " Rickie never stop," Then she rolled her big blue eyes full of amusement and repeated, "What do you want…um, me to do?"

"Of course I won't let up. I promised you will speak as wonderfully as you look and that will take a lot of practice," Rickie whispered kissing her love on the cheek. "Why don't you help Dory with the sound equipment while I start on the special effects stuff."

"Ok," replied Veba sweetly.

"Gotcha," said Doris taking Veba's hand and leading her to the big duffel bag.

Rickie watched Veba with fascination as she followed her sister like a gentle obedient panther. She is just too beautiful for words. She thought to herself as she took a deep breath and got to work.

*** *** *** ***

Veba was in the office carefully doing her latest assignment. She had to read a whole story in Starlog all by herself. She had to find all the parts of it and then after she read it she had to explain it in full detail to Rickie and Doris.

She had the magazine, a piece of scratch paper, the paper she was going to write her notes on, a pencil and a dictionary in front of her as she carefully read the magazine. She concentrated on each word and their meaning digesting it all so she could explain it later.

Doris smiled when she came into the room unnoticed by the completely focused woman. She shook her head as she realized that the brunette had come a long way in a very short time. She knew that Veba wasn't just smart she was brilliant. She had 100% comprehension and she understood it immediately. What she was having a difficult time with was communicating what she read. Doris estimated that Veba was now at about a third of forth grade reading level. Which considering it was only a few weeks since she started learning how to read it was quite a remarkable accomplishment.

Veba sensed her friend's presence and without looking up she called, "Dory can't find word. Please help."

Doris smiled as she walked beside the other woman and looked down at the word that Veba was pointing to in agitation. She smiled and said softly, "The reason you can't find that is it doesn't exist in a dictionary. It's a made up word like Xenaverse."

"Oh? No trek-ism?"

"Well it is a word but just not in common usage. Remember what we said about Xenaverse?"

Veba nodded she had her bottom lip between her teeth as she tried to understand what her friend was explaining to her. It melted Doris's heart it was so cute.

"Well Trekism means that it has something to do with the show Star Trek."

"What Star Trek?"

"What is Star Trek," corrected Doris softly and then she pointed to a picture of the character of Deanna Troi. "See this pretty lady in the article?"

Veba nodded.

"She's from Star Trek."


"Hmm, I'll pull some tapes for you so you can see these shows that you love from the "mags". I think you will understand it better if you do. Ok?"

Veba smiled brightly and nodded, "I like tape. We watched whole tape of just my Bugs!" Said Veba very excited by the idea.

Doris chuckled and nodded, "Ok, then that's what we'll do. I'll pull some stuff and then you and Rickie can choose which ones to watch each night. Would you like that?"

"Yes please."

Ok, now back to work, Sweetie."

Veba nodded and went right back to work with out another word. She was very excited to watch more tapes they were so much fun to see. She got to see all the pictures move and she felt very excited by that.

Doris watched the now totally focused brunette who was brimming with excitement. She is so sweet. My sister is so damn lucky. She sat down at her computer and sipped her coffee as she went to work herself.

*** *** *** ***

Rickie put Tomb Raider in the VCR and yawned. She knew that Veba already liked Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft in pictures in the magazines and the character from her comics. She hoped that she would enjoy it all played out in front of her. She grabbed the remote and smiled at the site before her.

Veba was in their bed under the covers practically bouncing out of it she was so excited. Rickie chuckled and cuddled into bed with the excited woman. She cuddled close and whispered, "You are so cute."

"I am?"

"Mhmm," she replied as she hit the fast forward to get past the previews.

"Why you do that?"

"Why are you doing that?" Corrected Rickie as she got her head comfortable on Veba's shoulder. "I hate the previews I'm getting us to the main feature."

"Why are you doing that?" Veba corrected herself as her fingers began to automatically stroke the soft blonde hair. Rickie was really tired and this was making her even more sleepy but she didn't stop it because it felt too good. "No preview…look," said the excited brunette.

Rickie hit play then she gave the remote to Veba. She pulled closer to the warm body next to her. Veba put the remote on her bedside table and then helped to settle Rickie into a more comfortable position. "Comfy Love?"

Rickie glanced up into sparkling blue eyes and nodded. "Yep…Oh good here we go," Said Rickie as the actual studio symbol played in front of them. Rickie nodded off to sleep with in seconds of the opening. Veba kissed her forehead and settled her love so she could sleep comfortably as she watched the exciting movie.

Veba was fascinated. She really felt like she was part of the action. She smiled at Rickie and shrugged slightly thinking, Rickie right me look like Lara. Except my eyes different and me…I have bangs.

She had so many questions running through her mind as she watched the film. Her little love was fast asleep though and she would never wake her so she would wait till morning. When the film ended she rewound the tape like Rickie had taught her before. Then she turned off the TV and the VCR and put the remote down on the bedside table. She turned off the light and carefully lowered herself against the pillows so she didn't wake Rickie up.

She molded her body to Rickie's and relaxed into instant sleep secure in the knowledge that her smart love would answer all her questions in the morning.

*** *** *** ***

As green eyes fluttered open an excited Veba pulled Rickie up into her arms and said, "Oh Rickie! That was sooo great! Me want…I want to know…how shoot please. Can we go those places? Is place like that…want to see Mommy…."

Rickie gently covered her lips with her finger. Then she caressed her cheek and whispered, "Shh, come here love," She pulled her love even closer so their faces were right beside each other. "I'm so glad you enjoyed the movie, Sweetie. Yes, I will teach you how to shoot. It takes time and you have to learn every part of the gun, ok?"

"Yes," said Veba softly kissing her love all over her face so softly and sweetly that Rickie felt like she would lift off into orbit. When Veba stopped she opened her eyes and kissed her love on the nose.

"I can't really afford or to be honest want to go to either Siberia or Cambodia. But London and Venice might be something we can do next year some time."

"What afford?"

"It would cost us a lot of money."

Veba blinked then nodded, "Oh? I understand."

Rickie smiled and kissed her love tenderly on the lips. "We would have a lot of fun in Europe and I know that Doris always wanted to go so I think that would be a nice adventure for us to plan for ok?"

"Yep, How about…?"

"Sweetie, I'm afraid that there is known way to visit people who passed away. That was a pure fantasy in the movie. I wish I could give that to you so you can visit your parents and your uncle." She said softly drying the silent tears that were falling from the teary blue eyes. "Hell I wish I could visit my own folks that way..."

"You and Dory don't have Mommy or Daddy either?"

"No Love, Dory and I lost our Dad to cancer when we small children. We just lost our Mom eight years ago to Breast Cancer. I wish she would have lived to meet you she would have adored you."

"Me adore her too…" Cried Veba holding the small women closer.

"All the family we have is the three of us…"

"Me glad I have you two."

"We're very glad that we have you too. Especially me. I love you so much." She pulled her into a deep passionate kiss that was fully returned.

When they pulled apart for air Veba gently rubbed her cheek against Rickie's, "Me love…I love you too. A lot!"

"I know, Sweetie. I know."

*** *** *** ***

Veba was quietly playing on the Internet. She was having a ball surfing from site to site.

Rickie and Doris were going over a map of tunnels that Veba had made for them. She looked up at Veba lovingly and whispered, "We're going to have to be very careful about Veba watching stuff on TV. Tomb Raider really confused her. She thought you could go and visit the dead."

Doris looked up surprised; "Well you were there with her why…"

"I fell asleep…"


"No nothing like that. I was just tired and when I felt the warmth of Veba's shoulder…I just fell asleep."

"Oh? I see. Is she ok now?"

"Yep, I explained it to her." Rickie watched her love her with the mouse in one hand and her other thumb was in her mouth as she happily looked at every site connected with Tomb Raider. "Isn't she adorable?"

"I never thought I'd ever see my tough sister so whipped…"

"Nope, neither did I. I am though and you want to know something I've never been so happy in my life. I love her so much…I would do anything to make her happy. She just has to look at me with those big blue eyes and I give in. I have never done that even with Mom."

"I know. She loves you just as much as you love her. It's very beautiful to watch. I wish Mom and Dad were here. They'd be so happy for you."

Rickie nodded and looked up at her sister a bit shyly. "I know they would…um, Dory about our discussion."

"What discussion?"

"About jealousy.

"Sweetheart, I'm just fine. I love you. I love Veba. I am very happy to see that you found each other and you're so happy. Now it's nap time so go get your beloved off my computer and go to bed…and I do mean sleep."

Big green eyes searched the beloved hazel eyes and Rickie asked softly, "But…?"

"Go…and sleep little sister. No playing."

Rickie smiled slightly and then nodded. "Ok."

She went over to the busy brunette and kissed her love on the neck softly. The tall woman shivered as she played with computer. Rickie smiled wickedly as she put her arms around her stomach and said, "Come on Love, nap time."

"Aww Rickie, me… I'm having fun," said Veba looking over her shoulder with sparkling blue eyes.

"You can have that kind of fun anytime. We'll save the program and you can come back to whatever place your at in that game?"

"How? You show me please?"

"Hmm, How do I save it? And will you show me please?" Corrected the small blonde as she sat down in the computer chair. Veba stood up to avidly watch over her shoulder.

"Stop that…show me," said Veba with her head on her loves shoulder. Rickie chuckled and kissed her loves cheek.

"Dory do you need anything in here?" Asked Rickie after she saved the program and closed the Internet window.

"Nope, shut it down."

"Ok," Rickie shut down the computer. She got up pulled the tall woman close and Veba automatically put her arm around her loves shoulders. They walked out of the room their heads nestled against each other.

"Dear God, I hope I meet my special someone soon," She whispered as she walked to her room.

*** *** *** ***

"Wakey-wakey," cooed Rickie's soft voice into Veba's ear. Sleepy blue eyes fluttered open and the tall woman smiled lovingly. "Hi."

Rickie chuckled and kissed her love on the nose, "You ready to be our beautiful ghost again?"

"Me don't…um, I don't think they thought me beautiful," She said slowly trying to say each word correctly. She was still half-asleep but looking into those loving green eyes they made her want to do one thing so with a big smile she did it. She gently pulled her love to her and kissed her tenderly.

When they pulled back Rickie rubbed her cheek against Veba's and replied softly, "Well that's because they never saw anything other then a figure in black. If they even saw that."

Veba chuckled, "Nope, never saw. I was fast."

"Mmm, yes you are fast. In just about everything," said Rickie as she went on top of the taller woman and kissed her deeply molding her body to her loves.

When they pulled back for air, Veba cupped Rickie's cheeks and whispered, "I fast learner in loving you."

"Yep, surprisingly so was I. I never felt anything for anyone like I do with you. I loved you when I looked into those blue eyes and that was all I could see. It was like you reached inside my soul and touched me there."

"I too… I love you when you fell into my arms. You so beautiful…so perfect…I didn't…um, I didn't want you to go."

"I didn't want to leave you either. The whole time I was with you that first time I was trying to figure out a way to convince you to come home with us." Rickie kissed her love tenderly bringing her head against her chest kissing her forehead. "You were so scared though. I just decided it would be better for you if I stayed there and tried to convince you in the morning with Dory's help...By the way once we get the Bastard do you want to get some of the stuff from your room to bring home with us?"

Veba nodded her head against Rickie's chest and whispered. "I glad you stay too. I was so happy. I can't…I just wanted you." She pulled Rickie's lips gently to her own and kissed her passionately. Rickie responded by pulling the taller woman even closer. When they pulled back Veba whispered, "Me want…I want my pictures and posters. I want Mommy's dishes. I want my quilt…Mommy made for me when I five years old…Ok?"

"Of course it is love."

"Thank you."

Rickie pulled all the way back so they were side by side facing each other, "Are you ready to finish this, Love?"

"Yes…As long you with me, I fine."

"Then your fine."

*** *** *** ***

Veba was in her ghost outfit. Rickie and Doris were all dressed in black too. Doris shook her head if it wasn't so serious it would be comical. We look like we should be in an episode of It Takes A Theif. She thought with a smile.

Veba had carefully guided them to a look out points. She had made holes that went through the tiles so she could secretly spy on the most hated person in her life since she was a little girl. She never thought she would use them for something like this though. Rickie was over the Armoire and couch. Doris was over the bathroom. And Veba placed herself over the Peter's desk.

As Veba sat on her haunches waiting for they're target to show up she thought she would never have to live like this again. I never have to. Even if we don't get him. My home now with My Rickie and Dory. I love them and they love me. We family. I hope Mommy and Daddy like them. I think they do. She thought with a big smile that disappeared the moment she heard the key rattle in the door.

Dory's voice came over the little thing she stuck in Veba's ear before they started crawling through the vents. "It's show time Sisters!"

Veba's face broke into a beautiful smile at what Doris had just called her. It meant so much to her that Doris thought of her as a sister.

"Veba Love, talk quietly into the little mike on your shirt so we know your ok," said Rickie's voice sweetly.

Veba looked down at the thing that Rickie had put on her T-shirt under her robe. She bent down and whispered, "I ok."

Rickie smiled at how hard her love was trying even her mistakes were adorable. "Ok, remember none of us do any moves unless we have to, right?"

"Right," said Doris.

"Right," Said Veba quietly then her eyes narrowed, Peter had come into his office. Her eyes had gone from warm blue to Icy white in a second. She had such a surge of hatred go through her that she had to force herself to stay put. All she really wanted to do was jump down and beat the hell out of him.

He walked into his office with a huge smile on his face whistling happily. This really annoyed Veba she wanted to wipe the smug smile off so badly her breathing became heavy with the effort to keep herself in check.

"Easy love, We'll get him." Said Rickie's soothing voice in her ear.

Veba smiled slightly and whispered back, "I know. Thanks."

Meanwhile Peter sniffed the air and said out loud in the room, "Lavender again. Why do I keep smelling lavender?" He shook his head and took off his jacket. He opened the Armoire and this time the jacket that had belonged to Veba's Uncle Jack flew out of it with such force and surprised him so much he fell on his butt.

Veba's soft voice filled the room again, "You killed me Peter. I know that you killed me!"

Suddenly the image of Veba's mother appeared in the doorway to the bathroom. It was a perfect hologram that looked real and was walking toward the now quaking man. The beautiful woman was dressed in lovely blue dress walking right toward him with her arms outstretched.

There were tears falling down Veba's cheeks as she whispered in squeak, "Mommy."

"Calm down Love, It's a picture. It's like the movies we watch. Dory found it on the net and thought it would be helpful." Rickie whispered desperately hoping that Veba wouldn't break down she was right over the bastard and she didn't want her love to get hurt.

"Me…I know."

The voice on the tape continued to fill the room. "Confess. Go to the police and confess. Tell them how you poisoned me and killed Jack. Tell them Peter. Tell them.

Veba watched the despised man carefully. When he came into the position that Rickie had mapped out, she let the mechanism go and watched as one of the deadly devises that Peter had used against her was now being used to make the cruel man to confess to what he had done.

The arrow left the crossbow and missed Peter's head by inches. He watched in horror as the ghost walked toward him from the bathroom and a figure in black dropped down from above his desk stalking him from the other side.

He ran out of the office screaming and crying out in to the street. Leaving the building open and his car in the parking lot.

Rickie came down carefully from her hiding place and ran to Veba who was standing as still as a statue. She took the hood off and saw the pale face and the red rimmed eyes as she brought her love to her in bone crushing hug.

"You did really well, Love. I don't know why he ran off like that, I think you're sexy as hell in this out fit."

Veba smiled a bit and hugging her love back, "I only sexy to you."

"Your sexy to anyone with eyes in their head. I am sorry about that thing with your Mom love."

"It ok, I understand."

"If this worked your nightmare is over."

"If," said Veba quietly. Holding her love tightly to her.

*** *** *** ***

Veba was very quiet on the trip back to the house after they cleaned up Peter's office. The sisters exchanged worried looks all the way back to the house. Veba held tightly to Rickie's hand and said nothing as she looked out the window at the passing scenery.

As soon as they got in the door Rickie asked, "Are you ok, Love?"

"Where you get picture of my Mommy?"

Rickie looked at Dory who looked down and then leaned against the door as she watched Veba and Rickie sit side by side on the couch.

"I got it off the net. It was charity luncheon she attended the year she met Peter. I doctored it a bit so she walked and talked by using an old movie. I'm very sorry Veba I should have warned you."

Veba nodded and then she leaned her head against Rickie's shoulder as she said quietly, "I miss my Mommy. I wish…" Rickie pulled her love close and kissed her on the cheek and the chin.

"Oh love! Oh my darling! I'm soo sorry. I didn't even think about how it would affect you. I am so damn stupid ! Please forgive me…" Now Rickie was crying as continued to kiss her love all over face.

Veba's hand gently ran fingers through the tangled hair as she whispered. "No, not stupid. I know not mean it." Veba pulled Rickie on to her lap and kissed her lovingly. They needed each other so much. "I love you. I just…feel…sad," She put her head into the crook of her loves neck gaining comfort from the closeness.

Doris sat down on in the armchair and said, "Oh Sweetie I am sooo sorry."

Veba peeked up and looked at the tears falling from Doris's eyes. "Why you cry? You didn't know."

"This is all my fault. I didn't even think of you having a reaction like this. I am so stupid. So damn insensitive. I am so sorry you two.'

Two sets of compassionate red rimmed eyes looked into the just as red rimmed hazel. "You not know, Dory. I know that. I just miss her."

"I know you do. That's what I mean I'm an insensitive lout!"

"No Dory, your not insensitive. I mean we were both insensitive cause I didn't think of it either. I'm in love with Veba. I would never willingly hurt her and I let you do that."

"What in-sen-si-tive?"

"What is insensitive?…" corrected Rickie then Dory interrupted her.

"It means I'm an idiot! I didn't even think of your feelings I just thought what a great effect it would have on Peter. I am so sorry Veba…you don't know how sorry…" The bright, brave women burst into tears breaking the hearts of both Veba and Rickie.

They both jumped up and hugged the sobbing woman.

"We love you Dory. Please don't cry." Whispered Veba kissing her on the cheek.

"Come on Sis, Veba's not upset with you. She just misses her Mom."

"I know but…" Doris looked into loving compassionate blue eyes and she hugged Veba tighter whispering, "I know you love me Veba. You and Rickie are my family. I just feel like I should have known better. Like I should have at least warned you. I feel so horrible."

"It's ok Sis, really."

"Me forgive you. It ok."

Doris cupped a cheek of each sister and kissed each on the other cheek smiling slightly thought tears still fell down her cheeks. "Thank you both. I love you so much."

"We love you too," whispered Veba.

"Yep," Said Rickie quietly.

*** *** *** ***

The call came at 11pm that night. Peter Daniels was dead. He had turned himself in but when the officer was taking him out to the police car he had second thoughts and tried to get the man's gun. They struggled and the gun went off and shot Peter Daniels in the head.

Amazingly before he called the police he had written out a full confession and signed it. In that document he designated that all his worldly goods should go to his stepdaughter Veronica Wells.

Veba stared at Dory in complete shock. Doris had hung up and then brought her beloved adopted sister to sit down so she could carefully tell her what the police had said.

"Are you ok, Sweetie?" Asked Dory quietly.

Veba hadn't moved since Dory had finished talking. Rickie had moved to the couch and pulled the completely stunned woman into her arms holding her close. Veba hugged her back tightly her head lowered and she quietly sobbed into Rickie's neck.

The sister looked at each other not sure why Veba was crying about someone she hated being killed or how to handle it. "Honey, Are you all right?"

"Why he do that? He hate me."

"Do what?"

"Leave me stuff."

Rickie was gently drying Veba's eyes, the tall woman was calmer but her expression was pure confusion.

"It is your stuff, Sweetheart. Maybe he was just giving it back since he knew he was going to jail."

"But I…I…not…"

"Your not what?" Asked Dory softly sitting on the brunettes other side. Both sisters were trying to comfort her the best they could.

"I still…I can't…I not…" She buried her face against Rickie's shoulder unable to explain how she felt.

"Is it because your ashamed about the way you speak, Love?" The dark head nodded. "Sweetheart, you have improved tremendously in a remarkably short time. You read and write very well now. I am so proud of you. We both are."

"But…I not…Ver-on-ica," she said her name carefully unsure if she even said it correctly.

"You're whoever you want to be. All I know is that who ever that is I want to be with for the rest of my life."

Veba pulled Rickie on to her lap and said passionately, "Don't even think… leave me."

"Never Love, never."

*** *** *** ***


"Yes Sweetheart?"

"Do you think bad that I glad Peter dead?"

"No Love, I don't."

"They were cuddled together in front of the fire in the livingroom on the big comfortable couch under Veba's pretty quilt they had retrieved from the room at the building. They had just watched some tapes of Star Trek Next Generation and were now just staring at the fire. Rickie had thought that the positive futuristic show might calm Veba down a bit.

Veba had enjoyed the show she was amazed at how different from the comics the actual episodes were. Veba's head was in Rickie's lap and the small gentle fingers were going through her long hair. It was very soothing she felt like she was being soothed right into a deep sleep.

"Rickie, Is it not bad to want people dead?"

"That was very good sentence, Love," said Rickie kissing Veba on her forehead. "Yes, It is. This isn't normal circumstances though. He killed your Mother and Uncle and tried to kill you. He tortured you for twenty years and frankly I would have liked him not to have such a quick death. I would like to have seen him on trial. To be publicly humiliated and paraded through the news media. Then tortured in prison by his cellmates. You know prisoners have a they're own caste system. They don't like people who try to kill or hurt children. He would have been raped and murdered…"

Veba put her hand over Rickie's mouth and said quietly, "Shh, I know that you hate him to. You hate him cause you love me. He was a really bad man. I don't know a good thing he done…did for anyone."

Rickie kissed the hand and pulled Veba up so they were facing each other. "That was wonderful. You are getting really good at putting sentences together."


Rickie hugged her and pulled her closer so she could kiss her passionately. When they parted for lack of air she rubbed her cheek against Veba's and whispered, "Yes. You did that wonderfully love. Your going to get to the point where you don't even have to think about it. Honey, that man deserved what he got and worse. I just wish I found you sooner."

"It ok…It is ok. I glad we got each other now. I very lucky to have you find me. Um Rickie, what about…?"

Rickie pulled back as she looked into worried blue eyes and asked, "About what?"

"Um…my…stuff…you know…what he took from Mommy…"

"What about it love?"

"Should I?"

"I don't understand what you're asking me? Should you what?"

"I…scared…about money…"

"But why?"

"Love…I do not talk good…"

"What on earth does that have to do with anything?"

"Dory explain…explained I have a lot of money. I worry people try to hurt you and Dory to get me. People like Peter…you know, bad people."

"Sweetheart you can claim it and then stick in the bank and forget about it. We have enough for the three of us. It is completely up to you. Give it all to charity. I don't care. All I want is what I have cuddled in my arms the money can go to hell."

"All I want is you too…all right money stay in bank right now. Ok?"



"Forget about that ok?"

Veba nodded and cradled her head against Rickie's neck. Rickie kissed her cheek and whispered, "Would you like to make out?"

"Make out what?" Whispered the brunette.

"This," said the blonde as she gently pulled the soft lips to hers and kissed her passionately. They enjoyed each other till they ran out of oxygen.

Veba pulled back and whispered back, "Oh yeah, I like making out." She pulled out of Rickie's arms and gently lifted the smaller woman into hers. "Lets go in our room and make out." Said the taller woman as she carried her love quilt and all back to their bedroom.

The End

I hope you enjoyed this story. This was one of the hardest stories I have ever written, but I must say that Veba fascinates me and I have an idea for a sequel. If you enjoyed this and want to hear more about the girls let me know. (Hint; I can't seem to allow Dory to be lonely anymore)


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