Wishing For a Warrior For Christmas

by Ri

Disclaimers: This is a sequel to my first Xena / Bewitch story. It is a Christmas gift to everyone I hope you enjoy it.

There is no sex or violence but it is a nice loving tale I hope you enjoy it

J Ri

Thank you to Larisa, Webwarrior, Bardeyes and MJ for all their encouragement. Happy Holidays. Ri

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The little girl sat on the back porch on a big wide white swing staring up at the stars.

She sighed as she wondered where Xena and Gabrielle were. Her Mommy was putting Adam to bed and her Daddy was busy in his den. She was lonely and bored.

She bent her head back against the swing and said, "I wish…Oh how I wish that I could be with Xena and Gabrielle just for Christmas…"

Suddenly there were puffs of white smoke in front of her. She looked up and smiled brightly at the two beautiful surprised woman surrounded by smoke.

Xena looked at the little girl who was smiling brightly at her and shook her head. She had her arms crossed and her toe was tapping and to little Tabitha she looked like her Mommy but really tough at the same time. She loved it and her.

"Tabitha, Did you bring us here again?" Asked the Warrior who wasn't really mad but knew the little girl was being very naughty and shouldn't get away with it.

"Hi Xena…Hi Gabrielle…not exactly I just made a wish on a star and…"

"Poof? Little one what will your Mommy think?" Said Gabrielle softly.

"Um she doesn't know I did a no-no but…"

Xena looked at Gabrielle with a very sympathetic expression as she sat down next to the little girl on the swing. "So why did you bring us when you know you shouldn't?"

"I wanted to be with you two for Christmas…"

"What's Christmas?" Asked Gabrielle sitting on the side of the sweet little witch.

"It's a Holiday with Santa Clause," explained Tabitha enjoying the attention and the stroking from her two friends. Xena was stroking her hair and Gabrielle had her arm around her shoulder gently rubbing her back.

"Oh?" Asked Gabrielle looking at Xena completely bewildered.

"Who is Santa Claus, Sweetheart?" Asked Xena softly.

"He is this really nice man who brings presents to children all around the world on Christmas Eve… Tonight."

"Um Tabitha that doesn't tell us what Christmas is, can you?" Asked Gabrielle gently.

Tabitha shrugged and bit her lip. Gabrielle took the little hand into her own and rubbed the palm, "It's ok Sweetie. Its really nice of you to want us here…"

"But Tabitha you know your parents won't like it…"Said Xena with gentle honesty.

"I know…but… I just wanted you cause…you're my friends and I was lonely."

"Aww, Sweetheart, why are you so lonely?" Xena brought her little friend close and gave her comforting hug.

"I like Adam…I really do…Its just he is so little and Mommy and Daddy spend all their time with him. I'm not allowed to play with anyone because I could do a no-no and …"

"They are afraid someone will find out that you're a Witch?"

Tabitha nodded and put her head on Xena's shoulder. Xena bent low and kissed her forehead and then looked at her best friend with a very heartbreaking and readable expression.

Gabrielle head was tilted and she winked at her worried friend, "So you wanted us to play with you, right?"

"Yep, Do you mind? Is it ok?"

Xena hugged her and said softly, "No, we like you too and of course we don't mind. I am afraid that your parents may ask you to send us back though.

"Tabitha when is this Christmas thingy?" Asked Gabrielle thinking hard trying to find a winning argument in her head for the Samantha, Tabitha's mother and very powerful witch herself.


"What exactly do you do for this holiday?" Not too thrilled with religion but wanting to do something nice for the lonely little girl.

"Well we eat a lot of cookies and hot chocolate and Ice cream. We give presents and the adults talk a lot. Me and Adam open one gift on Christmas Eve and play with it and then we do the same thing on Christmas only we open all our toys." Said Tabitha with a triumphant smile.

The two women exchanged very amused expressions at the child's view of the holiday. "What would you like us to do?"

"Well this is Christmas Eve and Mommy makes dinner and prepares things for Christmas and takes care of Adam. Daddy locks himself in his den making a lot of noise and saying really bad words that Mommy keeps saying not to." Xena's face broke out in a huge smile; Gabrielle gently poked her in the ribs and shook her head no.

"So all I want is for you to play with me and stay till after Christmas Day. That way I won't be so lonely. That's all."

"Sweetheart I doubt that…"

"Tabitha Stevens!" Said Sam from the doorway drying her hands on a towel shocked beyond words for the moment. Her eyes met Xena's and she tilted her head saying, "Hi Xena…Hi Gabrielle I…"

"Samantha, may I have a word with you please?" Asked the Warrior quietly.

"Sure, Gabrielle would mind taking this naughty little Witch to her room?"

"Sure, I'd like that. Come on Small one. Let's see what new things you have in your room since I saw it before…"

"Oh Goodie! Come On!" Said Tabitha excited pulling Gabrielle off the swing into the house.

Xena smiled as she watched the tiny little girl pulling Gabrielle and her friend going with a huge happy smile on her face. She sighed and turned to Samantha; "She is a beautiful little girl. Love her and hold her close."

Sam was surprised at the intense pain in those pale blue eyes, "We do…Xena are you ok?"

"Yeah…she just reminds me of a little girl I never got to see grow up that's all."

Sam sat beside the Warrior and asked, "Who?"

"My daughter."

"Is she…?"

"No, but she never knew me as a mother at that age… um, it's a very long story. She was a baby that was taken away from me by fate…literally. I did get her back eventually but she had gone through a lot by then. I wish with all my soul I got to play with her….um, Sam that's why I wanted to speak with you. If you and your husband wouldn't object. I'd like to grant her wish.

Sam had tears pouring down her cheeks and watched Xena impatiently wiped away her own. "Yes, I'd like that too. I'll speak to Darrin.

Xena nodded and leaned her head back against the swing and closed her eyes.

"You ok?"

"Yeah…Why would Tabitha remind me so much of Eve? I never even knew her at that age."

"Cause she's pretty and sweet and very smart. I bet that's just what Eve was like before Aries got a hold of her."

"Yeah, I can see her like that in my heart. She must have been a wonderful little girl…till…"

"I wish Aries never saw her…"

"Me too….Damn him" Said Xena bitterly. "I know I forgave him after he saved you but sometimes..."

"You want to punch him in the nose?"

"Or lower."

The both chuckled. Xena looked over her shoulder into the house and asked quietly, "Do you think Darrin will let us stay."

"I have no idea. I hope so."

"So do I."

They both looked into the house wondering what was going on in Darrin Stevens Den."

*** *** *** ***

Sam walked in on her husband who was sitting on the floor surround by bits and pieces of his daughter's new tricycle. He was cursing his head off as he tried to read the instructions. "Easy to follow my Ass…" He muttered to himself.

Sam leaned against the door with an affectionate look on her face. "Um Darrin?"

Frustrated eyes met hers and she asked, "Sweetheart I have a to ask…?"

"Oh no please don't tell me that Endora is here. Or your Uncle Arthur or Aunt Clara…"

"No Sweetheart the family have all gone to Monte Carlo for the holidays."

"I know that look Sam, What is going on?"

"Um Tabitha was a bit bored and lonely so she did a bit of a no-no…"

"Oh God, What?"

"Now Darrin calm down it's…"

"What did she do?"

"Um do you remember Xena and Gabrielle?"

"Of course they…No…Sam, she didn't?"

Sam nodded and looked a bit upset herself, " She wanted to spend Christmas with them because they are her friends and she was left on her own…Darrin after talking with Xena I want to have them stay too…"

"You what?" He roared standing up.

"Oh Please Sweetheart. Please, it would be a present for all of us. Pretty please."

Darrin looked into his wife's eyes and he could see the deep need there. He liked them so he smiled and shook his head ruefully, "Ok. On one condition that you put them into modern clothes. If Larry sees them in those outfits Louise will kill him."

Sam burst into a fit of giggles thinking about it, "Oh boy, I could see that Louise glaring daggers at them. Larry drooling. And Xena about to cut out his tongue for doing it. Yep, I think it would be a good idea to change they're out fits."

Darrin walked over to his wife and hugged her kissing her on the forehead. "Ok, if you do that they can stay till Christmas night after Tabitha goes to sleep. Sam what are we going to do about their names I mean Larry saw them but he won't remember them…"

"Oh don't be silly with my family no one would question their names."

Darrin chuckled and gently pushed her out the door. "Ok go make our baby happy and tell them while I finish her and Adam's toys."

"Believe me my love, it will make us all happy."

*** *** *** ***

The girls were now wearing modern clothes courtesy of Samantha. They were looking at themselves and each other admiring how they looked and the strange material the clothes were made of, "What are these things called?" Asked Xena curiously as she examined the strange cloth that covered her legs.

"Those bottoms are called jeans and the tops are called sweaters. When we have dinner tonight and Christmas night I will fix you up something a bit fancier."

"I like these they're warm and comfortable. Actually could we possibly take them back…"

"NO! I mean I don't think that's a very good idea. Enjoy them while your here you both look wonderful in them."

"I like them too. I think they would be easy to fight in if I have to…"

"Uh, yeah but your not going to have to right, Xena?"

Xena gave her a crooked grin and nodded.

"Would you like to help me cook dinner for tonight or play with the kids?"

"I'll play with the kids. I wouldn't want to kill anyone tonight or tomorrow."

Gabrielle laughed and shook her head, "Come on your not that bad!"

"Well I think it's better to be safe then sorry. Um, Sam what is this holiday? Tabitha tried to explained it but it was little…"


Gabrielle nodded and said, "Yeah that's a good word for it."

"Well, its really not a holiday I know that much about I only began to celebrate when I married Darrin. It's a celebration of the birth of the Son of their God. Sort of huge birthday party for people of the Christian faith. It's a nice holiday it promotes peace and good will. They have gatherings and exchange presents."

"Hm, It sounds sort of like the Winter Solstice…but your not mortal so why do you…?" Asked Gabrielle a bit confused.

"There are some ancient rituals from different faiths integrated in the holiday so there are probably parts of a lot of mortal holidays. I celebrate because my husband does and I live a mortal life."

"This is not my kind of thing but I'll be happy to play with Tabitha." Said Xena looking forward to playing with the little girl and her baby brother.

"I'll help in the kitchen that way Xena will have the kids all to herself." Said Gabrielle with a wicked grin and twinkling green eyes.

"Cute Gabrielle, really cute."

*** *** *** ***

Xena had Adam on her shoulders as she helped Tabitha trim the Christmas tree. The little girl was teaching the warrior Christmas carols and they were all having a wonderful time singing and working diligently on the beautiful tree.

Darrin came into the living room smiling at the warrior and his children having a grand old time. He was amazed at how much fun his kids were having with the tall gentlewoman. She was fun and firm at the same time and they understood that because that's they way he and Sam was trying to raise them.

In the mortal way of course, He thought with an ironic twist of his lip. He had brought in some decorations that were stored in his den and found both his children on the Warrior's back. All three were smiling and Tabitha was giving her directions where they wanted to ride to.

Xena glanced over at him and smiled. He smiled back as straightened up after putting some of the kid's presents under the tree.

"Hi, are you three having fun?"

"Yes, we are but I think I will need my dinner soon just for some energy." She replied with a slightly tired smile.

"It should be done soon. Larry, his wife Louise and their son Jonathan will be here soon. Then you'll have another fan to add to your collection."


"Jonathan is my age," Said Tabitha with a smile. He's nice. I just don't get to see him very often though."

Darrin picked up his daughter and cuddled her, "I know Sweetheart, that's because Uncle Larry sends him to boarding school. After dinner you three can tear apart one present each. That will be fun won't it?"

"Yes Daddy."

Xena looked at Father and Daughter full of sympathy. She understood both of them but her heart went out to Tabitha. All the little girl knew was that her only friend was sent away and that she was lonely.

"I'll tell you what Little One, after dinner we'll have a sing along. And the three of you can teach me more of those songs ok?"

Tabitha's face became as bright as sunshine and she nodded looking at her Daddy to see what he thought. He nodded and smiled so she said, "Really Xena?"

"Yep, I love to sing…"

"She sure does and she sings beautifully as you all now know." Said Gabrielle carrying a large bowl to the table with a huge smile.

Samantha was behind her with bowls for the salads everything else was out on the table. "Really Xena? I wouldn't have thought that."

Xena looked amused; "Well I have…"

"Many skills," interrupted Gabrielle. The two women broke up in a fit of laughter which caused the Stevens family to laugh too. Though they weren't at all sure what the joke was.

Adam still on top of Xena's shoulders played with her hair saying, "Xena silly."

Xena looked up at him then reached up and tickled his ribs as she pulled him off her shoulders causing the little man to giggle. She cradled the chuckling toddler in her arms kissing him on the top his head with a loving expression. Then she looked at the others saying, "Yep, that's my mission here for the next few days."

*** *** *** ***

Larry and Darrin were at the bar mixing drinks for the adults. Xena was wearing a black evening dress with spaghetti straps and flat black sandals. She wore here hair pulled in a pony tail in silver barrette and silver necklace was around her neck. She was casual but dressy and very, very sexy. Gabrielle was wearing silk strapless pants suit. It looked so cute that you would have thought she was an upscale coed at college dinner party.

Larry kept looking at them wanting he was practically drooling and had down a couple martinis before he spoke to his friend. "Um Darrin? Sam's cousin and her friend, They were the ones playing the parts for our client right?"

Darrin nodded, very amused by his friends over active libido.

"They are quite attractive aren't they?"

"Just attractive?"

"Well…um…you know…"

Darrin busted up laughing, "Yep I know they are beautiful and sexy but to be honest I see them differently then you do. You should remember your wife is going to skin you alive if you act like this in front of her.."

"You're not…attracted?"

"I think they are very beautiful. But I've gotten to know them both as people and they are family. So no not the way you are. I like them a lot and the kids adore them and that's all that counts."


"I know their sexy Larry but honestly I don't think of them that way. Besides old boy, Xena could split you in half with hardly any effort. I wouldn't lay a finger on Gabrielle either…"

"You're kidding?"

"Looks can be deceiving Lar, She is very strong." He smiled remembering when she came into the den to ask him a question and found him cursing because the instructions got wedged under his desk leg. She merely lifted the very heavy old desk up and waited for him to get it. Then lowered it grinning and left the room.

"She looks like a sexy college girl…"


"Hey, a man can dream…"

"Pick a healthier dream," He picked up Xena's port and Gabrielle's wine and headed over to them.

They were both on the floor with the kids. Darrin smiled, Xena had little Adam on her lap and Jonathan was on her shoulders. Tabitha was teaching Gabrielle how to do her new Barbie's hair.

"Would you like these now or should I put them on the table?"

Xena chuckled and said, "I think it would be safer if you put them on the table."

He nodded and put the drinks down where the girls would be sitting. They both wanted to sit with the kids, which greatly amused Sam who decided she would make it one huge table for everyone.

She set a tray of delectable looking food on the coffee table and said, "Would anyone like something before we eat?"

Gabrielle smelled the food and kissed Tabitha on the cheek saying, "Come on Little one, Let's eat!"

Tabitha giggled and followed the hungry bard holding her hand.

Xena laughed and looked at Adam on her lap, "Are you hungry?"

He shook his head, "Play Xena," and he tightened his grip.

"Ok small fry got ya," Then she looked over shoulder up at Jonathan and said, "How about you Jonathan are you hungry?"

He nodded and jumped off her shoulders and ran over to his Mother. "Not bad you'd make a good warrior some day Kiddo." Then she looked at Adam and wicked grin came on her face as she began to tickle him till he laughed and cried at the same time. "No ….Xena…No…"he was bursting with giggles and holding on tight.

Sam and Darrin's eyes met and Darrin nodded. He could see how much the children loved Xena and how much Xena adored the children. It amazed him how much she seemed to be enjoying this. She seemed so tough when he had met her before he was now very that glad he said it was ok. He was having fun just watching them.

*** *** *** ***

Xena and Gabrielle were fast asleep when tiny little feet burst into the room and two tiny figures jumped on top of the sleeping warriors.

"Its Christmas! Wake up!" They said happily at the top of their lungs.

Two sets of sleepy amused eyes met and then Xena asked Tabitha, "Are you suppose to wake people up as part of the celebration?"

"Mommy is up and we already woke Daddy so yep!" Said Tabitha cuddling close to the warrior with a huge smile. Xena shook her head and looked at the equally amused Gabrielle.

Gabrielle smiled, "Ok Little Ones will be down in a bit, Can you give you us a minute to wake up. Please?"

"Okey Dokey, Gabrielle, Come on Adam," she said taking Adams hand leading him out of the room quietly.

Xena looked at her friend and said, "They are just so cute…I don't mind being jumped on top of by them…"

"I got that impression with them climbing all over you like you were Argo."

Xena rolled her eyes and lay back saying quietly; "To tell you the truth I've been enjoying this. A lot. I kind of like being a…well with children like this…it's nice."

Gabrielle nodded smiling sweetly, "Yeah, I have been enjoying this too. After we open the presents Tabitha wants to bake cookies."

"That sounds like fun…I wonder how they do that here?"

"From what I saw yesterday very fast. You should see how they cooked dinner last night, Wow!"

"Mmm, I think I'll skip that experience. I really enjoyed decorating the tree and playing with the kids."

"Xena! Gabrielle!"

"I believe we are being called Xena." Said Gabrielle with a huge smile.

"Yep, come on lets get dressed."

*** *** *** ***

Xena and Gabrielle watched with huge smiles and two little children ripped apart their presents and squealed with delight. Tabitha looked at her Mommy who winked at her and nodded.

She got off her new tricycle and walked over to the Christmas tree. Hidden behind the tree where two big gifts that was almost bigger then she was. She handed one to Xena and one to Gabrielle. The two women looked stunned. They looked at each other and then looked with shocked face at Samantha.

Samantha shrugged and said, "We really like you a lot and wanted to do something nice for you. So here's a little something to remember us by.

"Wow!" They both said looking down at the package with bright red faces.

"Open!" said the excited little Adam.

"Yes please open them," Said Tabitha giggling.

Both women chuckled and unwrapped they're presents.

Xena's present was a doll a perfect rendition of Tabitha. Tears filled the blue eyes and she looked at Samantha speechless.

Gabrielle's was a beautiful scarf the same green as her eyes and shimmered when she put it on. She looked at Xena who smiled and said, "It looks beautiful on you. Thank you….Um, I'll be right back." She got up and ran up stairs taking them two at a time.

Gabrielle knew what her friend was doing so she smiled at the family and said, "Thank you so much we really didn't expect this."

Darrin smiled and said, "We all wanted to and I …well I bent the rules a little."

"It was nice of you Darrin."

Suddenly a familiar war cry was heard and Xena flipped off the landing on the stairs landing right in front of the shocked family. She smiled wickedly and said, "I have a few things that Gabrielle and I would like to give you too." Gabrielle met Xena's eyes her smile widened and she nodded at her best friend.

Xena winked at her best friend and then she went to Sam and handed her a beautiful silk red kimono. "This is for you Sam it's from Chin."

"It's beautiful, thank you Xena."

"My pleasure and here some special tobacco I got in India I think you might enjoy."

"Wow, Thanks."

"Your welcome," then she went over to Adam and pulled him onto her lap. "Well Angel this is for you, Its for when your bit older but I hope you use it well. It's a lamp from Rome, maybe you can use to do your schooling."

"Ooooh pretty." Said the little boy looking at the beautiful ancient glass lamp. She kissed him on the cheek and returned his hug gently. She looked up at Sam who took the lamp and said, "Yes its lovely. Sweetheart we'll save it for you ok?"

"Ok Mommy."

"What about me, Xena?" Asked Tabitha pouting.

"Oh, I have something very special for you my dear little friend. This for you because I love you very much and I think your very special." She handed her a doll that Eve had given to her when she left her the last time in Rome. She wanted to give it to Tabitha so she would know her daughters beloved doll would be well cared for.

"Oh Xena it's beautiful," Tabitha cried hugging Xena around her neck. Xena pulled Tabitha to her side and hugged her back. She now had both children on her lap and she hugged them tight.

"My little girl gave it to me and I know she would love me to give to someone special like you."

"Is your little girl as pretty as you are?"

"Prettier Sweetheart." She buried her face against the little girl's neck as tears poured down her cheeks.

"Why are you crying?"

Xena shrugged, "I miss her. She is all grown up and on her own. I don't get to see her much…"

"Why? Your so much fun!"

"She's working far away from me. Um, would you like your other present?"


Xena pulled out a scroll looking at Gabrielle who smiled and nodded. Xena winked at her friend as she mouthed "Thank you" and then smiled gratefully.

"This is Gabrielle scroll tells a story of a pretty little witch who wished us here the first time. It tells how special she is and how much we like her and her family."

"Oh Wow!" Tabitha took it and held it close. "Thank you, Xena I love you. I love both of you."

"We love you too little one. Merry Christmas."

The End

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