Death of a Hunter

By: Robin Alexander

Disclaimer: This story contains adult content.

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Death of a Hunter

"I'm not hanging up this phone until you agree to be there!" Candice nearly shouted.

"I've got you on speaker phone. I can sit here like this all day. You're welcome to listen to me work if you want, but I have to warn you, it'll be boring."

Candice sulked and listened to the tapping of the keyboard in her ear. "You owe me, ya know? Remember the time I got rid of that girl who kept hounding you for a second date?"

"Yes, and as I remember it, you told her I had an STD. Frankly, I would have preferred youtold her I was a serial killer."

"Nevertheless, a favor is a favor, and now you owe me." Candice crossed her fingers, hoping that she had played the winning card.

"What do you need me for? Nicole will be there by your side."

"Brette, I want you there. Think of it this way: There will be tons of women for you to pursue."

"Do I have permission to hunt?" Brette asked with a predatory gleam in her eye.

The clicking of the keyboard stopped, and Candice knew she had Brette's full attention. "Yes, you may hunt, but stay away from Nicole's friends. It pisses her off when you romance and then dump them, leaving Nicole to clean up your mess. And don't forget, this is a formal affair, dress accordingly," Candice threw in before she ended the call.

"Simple is always best," Brette said aloud to no one in particular as she looked over her outfit in the full-length mirror. Sporting a black cocktail dress, matching heels, and her favorite diamond studs in her ears, Brette was ready to prowl.

She reminisced about the good old days when she and Candice would spend nearly every night on the town in fierce competition over who would bring home the best catch of the evening. Of course, somewhere along the way, the hunter became the hunted, and Candice had been converted into a loving and committed mate. Brette, on the other hand, had always been the predator and was determined to always be.

The cab pulled away from the majestic hotel, leaving Brette on the curb, where she stood wondering why she had agreed to this. She hated formal parties and wished she was in some smoky club wearing her favorite jeans, looking for her next conquest. Running her fingers through her dark brown hair, enjoying the feel of it as it fell against her bare shoulders,Brette took a deep breath and bit the bullet.

Walking into the banquet hall, she spotted Candice right next to the bar. "Perfect positioning, my friend," she muttered under her breath as she wove her way through the crowd and ordered a glass of cabernet before greeting her friend.

"You look amazing in that outfit," Candice proclaimed as she leered at her best friend. "If I weren't spoken for, I might consider taking you upstairs."

"And you look … married. Who dressed you -- Nicole?"

Candice looked down at her outfit in disgust. "Isn't this the most garish thing you've ever seen? Nicole says that I need to get away from wearing black all the time, but sequins are just not for me. I think I look like a hooker."

"Maybe that's her plan. She dresses you to repel," Brette said with a grin before polishing off her first glass of wine and quickly ordering another.

"Nicole is giving me the look. I must mingle now. Try and behave yourself for a few minutes," Candice said as she downed her scotch and moved swiftly to obey her orders.

Brette watched in amusement as her best friend worked the crowd, pretending to be thrilled to be in the presence of people she hardly knew. Nicole always threw lavish parties whenever she opened a new designer boutique, and her lover was required to co-host. Being a computer programmer, Candice found the parties to be her worst nightmare, and to share in her agony, she demanded that Brette be there, as well.

Slate blue eyes surveyed the crowd, looking for someone to bedazzle with her charm. Brette lived for the thrill of the hunt. All she desired was one night of passion, no commitment, and no exchange of phone numbers, nothing to tie her down.

"See anything interesting?" Candice asked as she sidled up next to her at the bar and ordered another scotch.

"I hope Nicole is doing the driving tonight. You're well on your way to a first-class hangover."

"Aside from making you share in my misery, getting plastered is the only thing that makes this night tolerable. Besides, we have a room here; there will be no driving until tomorrow, then Nicole can do it while I sleep."

Brette caught a glimpse of a well-toned back, and black hair stood out in contrast to the creamy pale skin revealed by a emerald backless, floor-length dress. The hint of a thigh could be seen through the slit that daringly reached near the hip of a woman who gestured gracefully as she spoke to a captivated group.

Brette was barely aware that Candice was speaking as she watched intently, waiting to see if the face matched the beautiful body. She was not disappointed when suddenly the woman turned and looked in her direction. Even in the dim light, Brette could see that the woman's eyes matched the dress perfectly.

The woman was a statuesque five-foot-eleven, with a curvy figure to die for. Brette suddenly felt insignificant compared to the beauty that slowly made her way through the crowd toward the bar. Brette watched as the lovely creature spoke with Candice. The low alto voice sent shivers up her spine.

"Chantal, please allow me to introduce you to my best friend Brette." Hearing her name shookBrette from the speechless stupor as she extended her hand. The stunning woman took it and squeezed gently.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Chantal," Brette responded, hiding her sudden nervousness. Her eyes darted to the left hand that held a glass of white wine, searching the graceful fingers for a ring. Normally, the marital status of her prey was of no consequence, and she was surprised at herself for taking pleasure in the fact that there was no gold band on the ring finger.

The following morning, Brette sat in the bar nursing a cup of coffee and smoking a cigarette, a habit she had long ago given up.

Surprised to see her, Candice sat down at the table and ordered herself a coffee, looking forward to hearing about the spoils of the previous night's hunt. Taking her first sip, Candice noticed something unfamiliar in the eyes of her best friend.

"I assume since you're still here this morning that you spent the evening with Chantal." Candice noticed for the first time that Brette was clutching a cigarette.

Brette silently remembered each second of the previous night. Absently, she ran her fingertips across her neck, remembering how Chantal's lips felt against it. She remembered the sensations of being pushed against the hotel room door while Chantal kissed her savagely as she ran her hands over her body.

Feeling hands on her bare thighs jolted her back to reality, andBrette fought to take control of the situation as she always had in the past. Weaving her fingers into the black tresses, Brette tugged softly until a slender neck was revealed to her. She grazed her teeth over the tender flesh, feeling and hearing a moan that made her insides flutter.

Desire to taste more of that flesh overtook her as Brette turned and pushed her lover roughly against the door. Neither willing to submit to the other resulted in a match of wills as they tore at each other's clothes. Dresses, shoes, and assorted garments littered the floor on the way to the bed, where they fell entangled in a mass of arms and legs as they both struggled for dominance.

Chantal lost the battle as Brette sucked a hardened nipple into her mouth, making Chantal's back arch off the bed. Brette's merciless assault on her tender skin made Chantal unconsciously dig her fingernails into the shoulder she was clutching. Brette was spurned on by the hissing sound Chantal made while taking a breath between clenched teeth.

Fingernails tearing through her overheated skin brought her pleasure and pain, and Brette welcomed both sensations as she plundered the body that writhed beneath her.

Pushing Chantal's legs farther apart with one of her own, Brette wasted no time slipping her fingers into the wetness that awaited her. Her first instinct was to plunge directly into what she had desired the moment she had met this woman, but the desire to tease and taunt took over. With most of her body resting on top of the woman pinned beneath her, Brette had control, and she took full advantage.

She smiled into the darkness as she felt her partner's body grow rigid each time she teased her opening with the tips of her fingers, gathering moisture as she slid through the slippery folds to the spot that brought forth shudders and moans. The smile slipped from her face as she heard the words breathlessly uttered against her ear.

"Don't tease me. It'll be my turn soon, and I will make you scream for mercy."

Torn between wanting to see if this woman would make good on her threat and the feeling of desire that flooded every inch of her being, Brette hesitated for a split second before desire won out. She took her harder than anyone before and landed in a breathless heap when she felt the body beneath her go limp.

The guttural cry that her actions had elicited nearly brought her to the point of ecstasy. Brette lay for a long time listening to the rapid heartbeat pounding in her lover's chest, the steady cadence rivaling her own. She fought to rein in her own urges, knowing that the least little movement would send her over the edge.

With stamina rivaling Brette's, Chantal flipped her onto her back and nestled her body firmly between her legs. "Wrap your legs around my waist" was whispered in Brette's ear, and she complied without argument. Soft hands gripped her wrists and pinned them over her head, and she was lost in the sensation as the body sweating as profusely as hers ground against her center.

Brette groaned and gave into the first wave of the orgasm that began to overtake her, when Chantal stopped and pulled her hips back slightly. "No, not yet," Brette heard whispered into the darkness over her own whimpers of protest. Brette's legs trembled against the body lying firmly entrenched between her thighs.

A velvety tongue traced Brette's ear as Chantal began to slowly grind into her again. Their sweat-soaked bodies slid easily against one another, bringing Brette closer to what she craved. She was unable to contain the sob when she was denied the release she was on the brink of once again. Chantal had complete control of her now, and she was to the point of doing something she had never done before -- begging.

Brette clamped her eyes shut when she heard Chantal breathlessly whisper in her ear, "I won't stop this time." Chantal pinnedBrette helplessly to the bed, asshe had done to her earlier,and thrust against her untilBrette came so hard that every muscle in her body shook with her release.

"Brette? Are you okay?" Candice asked with concern.

"You know what's strange?" Brette finally said after sitting in silence. "I waited for the usual ‘Can I call you sometime?' or ‘Can I see you again?' and it never came. She was the first woman in years I would have said yes to."

The End …of this part


If this story was arousing, you may want to stop here. My sick sense of humor is responsible for the rest. Since I live in south Louisiana (redneck country), I decided to write a different version of this story. Now, if you're a country girl, don't get mad. If you live in a small town and have been to Wal-Mart, you've seen these women, don't deny it. And if you are one of these women … well, I'm sorry.

"I ain't hangin' up this phone till you say you'll be there!" Arlene hollered.

"Well, missy, I got you on the speaker phone, and you can listen to me pee if ya want, but it ain't gonna be exciting."

"You owe me, bitch! Remember the time I got rid of that girl you didn't want no more?"

"As I recall, you shot up the side of my truck with buckshot! I would have rather you shot her."

"A favor is a favor, you bucktoothed whore. Now, git yer ass in the truck and come on down here!"

"What ya want me there for? Irma's gonna be right by yer side."

"Tanya, I want ya there. Just think of it this way: There's gonna be a lotta hos runnin' 'round there today."

"Well, do I have permission to hunt?" Tanya asked with a predatory gleam in her eyes, rivaling her best huntin' dog.

"You can hunt if ya want to, but don't be messin' with any of Irma's cousins. She gits pissed off when you love and leave 'em, and she has to help 'em return the U-Haul. And don't forget to wear your shoes this time."

"Simple is best," Tanya said as she admired herself in the bathroom mirror. She was sporting her best bib overalls, her new John Deere trucker's hat, and her favorite spoon and fork earrings. Tanya was ready to go a huntin.

Sitting on the tailgate of a chicken truck she'd thumbed a ride with, Tanya reminisced about the good ole days when she and Arlene used to go out to the Dairy Queen every night and fight over their best lookin' cousins. Then, Irma caught Arlene in her goat rope, and she ain't never been the same since. Tanya was a hunter, and as far as she could see it, she was gonna stay that way.

Jumping off the back of the chicken truck, Tanya wondered why she had agreed to this. Wal-Mart was always crowded on the weekends. She'd much ratherbe down at the Shell station eatin' hogs head cheese. She plucked a few feathers out of her teeth, enjoying the feel of her new overalls that she ain't washed yet, and bit the bullet.

Walking past the greeter, she tipped her hat and quickly found Arlene in the garden department. "Perfect positioning, my friend," she muttered under her breath and grabbed a bag of manure for the flower bed.

"Damn, girl! You look good in that getup! If I wasn't shacked up, I'd take you out behind the Dumpster and show you a pig snortin' good time!"

"And you look … like shit! Have you been buying your clothes at the feed store again?"

"Naw, Irma's been a sewin' again. And this damn burlap is crawlin' up the crack of my ass!"

"Maybe that's her plan. Make yer ass itch so much, you won't look at her cousins."

"Irma's givin' me that look again. I gotta go help her pick out a string of them fancy bug lights to hang around the trailer. You behave yerself now!" Arlene called over her shoulder as she tugged the burlap out of her butt crack.

Tanya watched her friend in amusement as she pretended to ooohh and aaahh over the bug lights. Irma always dressed up the trailer, and bein' unemployed, Arlene'sworst nightmarewas going to Wal-Mart.

Slate blue eyes scanned the crowd lookin' fer somethin' to stalk. Tanya lived for the thrill of the hunt on the shampoo aisle. She liked a woman who washed her hair. That's all she wanted from a woman, aside from hot sweaty pig sex.

"See anything worthwhile?" Arlene asked as she joined Tanya at the garden gnome aisle.

"I hope y'all didn't walk down here. Looks like Irma is gonna buy some of them twirly flowers on a stick."

"Naw, we brought Earl's truck. Irma's drivin'; she finally passed the written drivin' test."

Tanya caught a glimpse of an ass cheek hanging out of a pair of Daisy Dukes. Curly hair hung down the back of a flannel shirt with the sleeves cut out.

Tanya could hear Arlene complainin' about her itchin,' but she wasn't hearin' nothin.' She was a wantin' to see if this ho was ugly or not. She wasn't disappointed when the girl turned around, and she saw her green eyes a glowin' like she lived next door to the nuclear plant. With bangs teased and standin' two feet high off her forehead, she was a vision of beauty.

Tanya's butt puckered and sucked up half her overalls when the girl came a walkin' over just a smilin' and a wavin.' She didn't hear nothin' but Conway Twitty singin' in her brain as Arlene and the girl talked.

"Claudette, meet my buddy Tanya." The sound of her own name put the skids on the record playin' in her head, and she took the hand thrust out in front of her and shook it hardy like.

The following morning, Arlene found Tanya sitting in front of the Shell station lookin' dazed and confused. She had a dip in her mouth, and Arlene was both shocked and thrilled and took a pinch for herself.

"So, did ya get laid last night or what? And why the hell did you start dippin' again? You're gonna lose another tooth."

Tanya remembered every second of the previous night. She ran her fingertips over the enormous hickey that Claudette put there. She still remembered being dragged across the parking lot and thrown roughly into the back of a broken down pickup truck. Her breath was sucked from her lungs when a big pair of fish lips suctioned onto her face.

(Note from the author: Dear Lord above, I don't know if I can write any more beyond this point.)

Tanya was jolted back to reality when she felt hands slipping inside of her overalls, connecting with bare skin. She took control of the situation and flipped Claudette onto her back, where she ravished her flannel-covered chest with kisses as she made quick work of the buttons. Clothes flew left and right, and moments later, they lay naked amongst empty bear cans and fast food wrappers.

Tanya was spurned on by a whistling sound when Claudette sucked a breath through her missing front teeth, as her mouth connected with overheated skin that smelled faintly of fried chicken. Tanya's hand trailed south, where she went to town on Claudette's girl parts. Claudette howled like a wild animal and dug her dark blue painted nails into Tanya's shoulder.

"Hush, you crazy woman! You want someone to call the law on us?" Tanya silenced her vocal partner by stuffing a hamburger wrapper into her mouth.

Both were sweating like two whores on dollar day. Tanya lay in a breathless heap, and Claudette launched her attack. "Oh, hell no, you don't. You ain't touchin' me with those talons," Tanya hollered as she pointed at the dark blue nails.

"Hey, bitch." Arlene punched her buddy in the arm. "Let's go to my house, this curb is killin' my ass."

Tanya looked at her friend for a moment. "You know what's weird? I kept waitin' for her to make plans to pick up a U-Haul, and she never did."

The End … really

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