Koty Silvers, a detective from Virginia Beach is just getting over her break-up with Tina. Not wanting to get involved in another relationship at all, she was so not ready for Doctor Kasey Brooks to enter her life via her sister-in-law Chris.

This is an uber story, and does contain love (and other things) between two consenting women, but nothing real graphic. It also contains a little bit of violence but once again, nothing too graphic. Please send comments good or bad to so that I may learn from them. This is my first attempt at writing.

Special thanks to Phantom Quill. This story would not be half of what it is today without her guidance, and help on some basic English that we tend to overlook as we get older. For anyone who is thinking of writing a story, have someone beta read it. It really makes a difference. Hats off to you phantom Quill, you're the bomb.

Dakota's Way

by Robin Hicks

Chapter one

Koty Silvers awoke to the obnoxious sound of her alarm clock blaring in her ear. Mumbling into her pillow she slowly reached out to shut off. 'Jesus, I feel like I just fell asleep!'
Lately, it was very difficult for her to fall asleep easily. Up until a few months ago, Koty had fallen, asleep almost every night in Tina's arms.

For the three years that they were together, Koty thought that life just couldn't get any better. It was by pure accident that Koty's loving world came crashing to an end, when she caught Tina in the arms of another woman.

Her best friends Jamie and Trish had asked Koty to go out with them to a new bar that had opened about eight months ago. Since Tina worked for the fire department, and this was one of her on nights, Koty told them she would go with them...

"Man, this place is packed," Jamie yelled over the loud music as they made their way to the bar. "I don't see any tables open right now but we can hang out here until someone gets up to leave."
"This is fine right here Jamie, we can just...oh my God."

Turning to see what Koty was looking at, Jamie saw Koty's lover Tina on the dance floor with another woman kissing. Reaching for Koty's arm, she wasn't quite quick enough as Koty bolted past her, headed for the dance floor. Right before Koty reached her destination she changed her mind, and turned to leave but Tina had already seen her.

"Koty! Koty wait!" Koty stopped but she refused to turn around. Tina caught her by the arm and turned her around to face her. "Jesus Koty, what are you doing here?"

"What am I doing here? What the hell are you doing here Tina, you told me you had to work tonight, and who the hell was that woman you were fucking kissing?"

Tina tried to pull Koty's trembling body to her. "Baby..."

"Don't Tina, don't you fucking dare! Please just get the hell away from me." Koty turned and walked towards Jamie who had a murderous look on her face and was aiming it towards Tina.

"I gotta go guys, I'll call you tomorrow." Without looking back, Koty made a beeline for the door and out to the parking lot. She just made it into her car before she breaking down in tears. Five minutes later she was leaving the parking lot and was heading home. Not far behind her was Tina.

Koty had never in the three years that they were together questioned Tina on where she was going or where she had been. She fully trusted her so it had never entered her mind at all that she was screwing around on her.

'What a fucking idiot I am! Son of a bitch, why am I always the last one to find these things out?'

Jamie had been telling Koty for a while that she had a bad feeling about Tina. Jamie wasn't one to hold anything back if she thought that something or someone was out to hurt Koty.

She had never believed Jamie, she thought it was just Jamie being her over protective self. The look on Tina's face when she knew that she had been busted, man was that a kodak moment. She was scared. Well, she needs to be scared.

Koty had just walked into the kitchen to make herself a strong drink when Tina came rushing through the door. Koty caught her breath, and tried to speak as calmly as she could.

"Tina, why are you here? At this very moment I really have nothing to say to you."

"Baby, please just talk to me for a minute...Please"

She walked into the living room and sat on the couch. Koty followed behind her but chose to sit in her recliner. Looking at Tina, she saw tears in her eyes but ignored them and swallowed down half of her drink.

"What do you want Tina, what is it you want me to say?"

"I don't want you to say anything yet, just please hear me out. No matter what happens here tonight Koty, you've got to know that I love you, and I didn't intend to hurt you. Please believe that Baby...I don't want to lose you."

"Tina, how long has this been going on and you may as well tell me the truth?" Leaping from the couch, Tina ran her hands through her long red hair.

Focusing her eyes on the picture of her and Koty above the fireplace, Tina sighed, "let me fix us both a drink and I'll tell you everything. Just remember Koty, I don't want to lose you over this..."

Koty had been devastated to find out that Tina had been messing around on her for several months. Working for the fire department, Tina worked three days on, and four days off. One of her days off, Koty agreed for Tina to spend one of the nights she had off, with friends from the station. Apparently, this one night with her friends, had been the night she had been seeing this woman.

Tina had told her that she didn't love the other woman, that it was something that just happened and she couldn't seem to help herself.

"I love only you Koty, I wish I could make you understand that. I know what I did was totally fucked up, and I don't know what happened to me to make me do it. I meant it when I said I didn't love her baby, I just can't explain it."

That night, Koty had told Tina that she couldn't believe their love meant so little that she could do this and yes, as a matter of fact; she did lose her because of it. Since Tina never said it would never happen again, Koty had asked Tina to leave. She had not seen her since.

For a full month, Koty refused to go anywhere except work. Not to her twin brother Monty's, and not even over to Jamie and Trish's. It had taken a lot of time and patience for them to finally get her to start going out again. Just going to a restaurant for dinner seemed to be a major ordeal for her. It took a little time, but slowly Koty started to venture out again.

There were a lot of women interested in Koty, especially when they found out that her and Tina were no longer together. Koty was oblivious to it all though. She wasn't the least bit interested.

She did have drinks a few times with different women, but she let them know in the beginning, there would be nothing else. Alone. That is just how she wanted to be. No one to answer to, eat when she wanted, go out when she wanted and no one else to break her heart.

Chapter Two

Shaking herself from the bitter memories, Koty slowly dragged herself out of bed. Rubbing her eyes and stretching, she made her way to the kitchen, started a pot of coffee then headed for the bathroom for her shower. She had a long day ahead of her and was already in a foul mood.

Koty was a detective for the Virginia Beach Police department for the past fifteen years, joining the police academy when she was twenty-one, right out of collage. Her brother had tried to talk her into taking a summer just to play around and enjoy herself, but she wouldn't have any of it. She felt like she didn't deserve to enjoy herself. The pain of losing her parents when she was seventeen was still too fresh in her heart.

Once she had joined the force, she poured her life into accomplishing her goal, so it didn't take long for her to advance to detective. She was well respected by most at the station, and was now one of the top detectives there. Everyone there knew of her sexuality but either didn't care or was too chicken shit to say anything.

For the past month she had been working a sting operation on jewel theft in the Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake areas. With a little luck, today she would end the case.

On her way to work, she thought about the birthday party the following night for her brother's wife, Chris. She loved Chris like she was her own sister, but she just wasn't much in the partying mood. She had promised her she would be there, so she figured she would go for a while to make an appearance then leave.

At the station, she was talking to another detective, and good friend of the family, Jason Price. Patting Koty on the back as he walked up to her, he said, "today should be the day Silvers. Hopefully you'll get that rat bastard."

Tossing a snickers bar at him, koty smiled. "Geeze Koty, why couldn't I be your type so I could marry you? You treat me better than my mama."

"Yeah, but unlike your mama, I would have kicked your sorry ass a long time ago. I'm supposed to meet with the perp Brian, at two o'clock. We know he's working alone on this, and I'm pretty sure that I'm the only one he has sold any of it to. Let's hope so anyway. I'm going there today to purchase more. As soon as he shows it to me, I'll have his ass."

Handing Koty a cup of coffee, Jason told her, "This guy is a real slime ball Koty, just watch your back on this, and be really careful."

"He has a record a mile long, but I have good back up. It should go pretty smoothly. I'm ready for this thing to end."

Chapter Three

On her way to her meeting with the perp, Koty thought once again about Chris's party tomorrow night. Her twin brother Monty and Chris had met about the time Koty was getting ready to finish college, and got married two years after that. Chris and her hit it off right away. Chris had always accepted her for who she was and could care less for what her lifestyle was.

Chris was a orthopedic specialist at Virginia Beach General, and also worked part time at a walk in clinic. Monty owned a very successful construction company in Chesapeake. Monty and Koty had always been close, but since the death of their parents, became even closer. Without Chris, Monty, Jamie and Trish, Koty didn't know what she would have done these last few months.


Koty pulled her lavender Jag up to the curb of a really beat-up and run down house. 'Jesus, what a piece of shit.'

Checking her 357 Magnum and the wire they had put on her before she left the station, she put on her bomber jacket and pulled it tight. Taking a deep breath, she locked her car and walked to the door while taking stock of her surroundings, and knocked. The door opened slowly, then she was looking down the barrel of a Glock 34 9mm.

"Shit Brian, put that fucker away before you shoot someone or even yourself." Brian moved away from the door and let her in.

"I wasn't taking any chances, you got the bread?" She showed him the briefcase.

"Yeah I've got the bread. It's all here, you got my jewelry?"

Brian shut the squeeky door, walked to the counter and poured himself a shot of tequila. "Want a shot babe?"

"I aint your babe and hell no, that shit will rot your brain. I'm a whiskey girl myself."

"Suit yourself," he said as he sat down in the chair setting the bottle on the table next to him.

"Man Brian, you sure got some sweet looking things in here for such a dump of a house."

"Yeah, but aint no one gonna wanna rip off a joint like this now are they?"

Taking another shot of tequila, he reached under his chair and pulled out a tattered shoebox and handed it to Koty. She lifted the lid and let out a soft whistle. 'Holly Shit, look at all of this.' Pulling a jewelers glass out of her pocket, she slowly lifted a beautiful ruby and diamond ring.

She caught the initials L.G.T. engraved on the inside. 'Lillian Grace Thomas.' A wealthy woman in Chesapeake that had her house broken into just two weeks ago.

"This is a fine piece man." That was her cue for back up to come in. Hearing a slight noise outside his door, Brian jump up and reached for his gun but Koty was already in motion and tackled him, both crashing into the end table that the tequila sat on, bringing a lamp down on the side of Koty's face.

Koty held fast though, until officers Parks and Stevens pulled him away and cuffed him. She turned her head just as her Captain walked in and helped her to her feet. "Hell of a job Silvers." He reached and wiped blood away from her eye.

"We'll take it from here Koty. Make sure you have that pretty sister-in-law of yours look at that eye."

"Alright Capt. I'll be in, in the morning to fill out my paperwork."
She turned to Brian. "Thanks son, you just made my day."

"Fuck you bitch, I'll catch up to you."

When Koty got in her car, she reached in the glove compartment for a band-aide and put it above her eye on the cut. 'Ow, shit that hurt.' Pulling away from the curb, she headed to her favorite club, 'Laces' for a drink.

Chapter Four

Koty awoke late Saturday morning with a banger of a headache, and her eye bruised and swollen. Groaning, she popped some Motrin, made a pot of coffee then called Chris.

"Koty, I was getting ready to call you. You are coming to my party tonight right? Jamie and Trish will be here."

"Yea Chris, that's why I'm calling. I have to go to the station for a few hours but I will be there, I promise."

"Oh, that's right. Jason called Monty last night and told him that you finally caught that guy. Congratulations Sweetie, I know you're glad it's finally over."

Koty finished her coffee before answering. "I am glad it's over. It was really starting to drag out. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I would be there. I'll see you tonight."


Latter that day after finishing her report, Koty went to find Chris a birthday present. After a couple of hours shopping, which felt like it could have been days to Koty, she decided on a pair of gold earrings with Chris's birthstone in them.

After taking her shower, she was trying to decide what she would wear. Chris had told her not to dress up, just to wear jeans or something. Everyone always told her she could wear a burlap sack and she would still be the hottest woman around.

Koty didn't see it that way. She knew that she had nice eyes, but she always felt that she was just average. She finally decided on a snug but comfortable pair of jeans, and a mauve silk shirt. After lacing up her Timberland boots and spritzing on some New West perfume, she was ready to go.

When she arrived at Monty and Chris's, there were already about twenty people there, including Jamie and Trish. Trish was the first one to spot her.

"Oh my God Koty, what in the hell happened to your face?"

Chris, who on her way to the living room with a tray of food overheard Trish's comment. Slowing to take a look at Koty's face, she stopped short. Placing the tray on a nearby table, she gently reached for Koty's chin, turning it to face her.

"Koty, what on earth happened?" Koty gave her one of her crooked smiles.

"It's nothing Chris, just a scratch. It happened yesterday in my scuffle with that asshole. I'm ok."

"Scratch my ass, Koty. Kasey does better with this kind of thing than I do."

Looking over her shoulder, Chris hollered for Monty to get Kasey, a trama surgeon, and close friend. Kasey had recently moved back to town, and was working at the same hospital and clinic that Chris was at.

'Who the hell is Kasey?' Koty mused.' "Honest Chris, it's alright."

Koty persisted as a woman walked up to Chris. Koty momentarily lost her breath. She was looking into the most intense gray eyes on one of the most beautiful women she had ever seen. Hair, the color of the sun with a few red highlights, full pink lips, and the sexiest dimple.

'God, this is a friend of Chris's? Why haven't I ever met this woman before?'

Koty knew that she was gawking like a teenager but couldn't help herself. Just then the corner of her lip started to twitch, something that always happened when she was nervous.

She was finally able to pull her gaze from Kasey's eyes when Chris started telling her what happened. When Kasey reached for Koty's face, Koty thought she was going to pass out.

Koty started to pull away from her touch, but Kasey put one hand on her cheek and the other on her shoulder. In a low husky voice, she said, "it's ok Honey, I wont hurt you."

As Koty's lip started to twitch again, Kasey gently probed around her eye, for what felt like an eternity to Koty. Without releasing Koty's face, she stared into her ice blue eyes, which were a hell of a contrast against her tanned skin and pitch-black hair.

Smiling, Kasey slowly released Koty's face, and eyes. "I can't tell for sure without an ex-ray, but you could have a fractured bone here and it's starting to get infected. You really should have gone to the emergancy room and had this taking care of. It could use a couple of stitches."

"I'll go on monday. I hate waiting in those damn things anyway. It takes forever to be seen." Koty whispered.

Chris was watching Koty's reaction to Kasey and just smiled. She had never seen her this nervous around a woman before. Anyone for that matter.

Looking into Koty's eyes once more, Kasey said, "if you're insisting on waiting until then, at least let me clean it for right now, and cover it up. Chris will be at the hospital on Monday but why don't you pop into the clinic and let me get an ex-ray, ok?"

Kasey would not release Koty's gaze until she agreed to let her check it out. "Um...sure, I guess so, but I know where Chris has her first aid kit. I'll go clean and cover it, and I'll be there on monday." Koty turned and walked to the bathroom cabinet where Chris kept the first aid kit.

Koty's actions did not go unnoticed by Jamie or Trish either. Jamie had been Koty's best friend since grade school and a smile played on her face. 'It's good to know that Koty is alive again, but I won't get my hopes up just yet.' Jamie would give anything to see her best friend happy again. If this woman was a friend of Chris's, she had to be ok.

Chapter Five

Koty would hear that husky voice every now and then throughout the evening, and would steal a glance in its direction. Every time that she did, she would catch Kasey's eyes just leaving her. 'Hmm.'

This woman had definately caught Koty's attention, and for the life of her she couldn't figure out just why. Sure she was beautiful, and those gray eyes spooky, and sultry at the same time, but it wasn't that. 'I know that I have never met her before, but yet she seems so familiar.'

Later that evening Koty asked Chris how long she had known Kasey. "We became fast friends when we met. We were in our second year as undergraduates, and we became study buddies for exams, and would go out to each other's clubs whenever we had a break. It was at one of my favorite clubs back then, when I met Monty. We had stayed close friends through out the years and Kasey we were both glad that she got back up with me when she moved back.

"Just curious." Koty felt her face heat up from a powerful blush, so she turned away to go make another drink. Jamie and Trish walked up to her as Chris went to answer the door.

"What's that shit eating grin on your face Jamie Jennings?"

"Oh...nothing, what's up with you and Dr. Feelgood?"

"Nothing is up with Dr. Feelgood and her name is Kasey, so get that smirk off of your face. Besides, she's straight, knuckle head."

"Ok, ok... just asking. Don't go getting your panties pinched. She is pretty hot though if you ask me." Jamie said as she pinched Koty on the cheek.

"Yeah well nobody asked you." Koty told her as she pinched Jamie back. Trish just laughed and patted her on the back. "She is pretty cute Koty, and she has been watching you tonight."

'Yeah right.' Koty thought as her face heated up yet again.

Later in the evening, Koty watched as Chris walked up to her with a perplexed look on her face. 'I bet I don't want to know what this is about.' "What's up Chris?"

"Some guy in a monster truck has Kasey blocked in and he's nowhere to be found. Someone said that he left with some guy that was here earlier." Chris hesitated for a moment, "Um...Koty, Kasey is ready to go, and I normally wouldn't ask but can you give her a ride home? She only lives about ten minutes from you."

Koty really wanted to say no, but didn't want to let Chris down. "Sure Chris but I'm gonna go ahead and say my goodnight's now then. I'm starting to get another headache." She gave Chris a hug. "Happy Birthday sis, I love you."


"I'm sorry that you had to cut your evening short with your family, just to bring me home Koty."

"It's ok, I was ready to leave anyways. Honest."

Pulling into Kasey's driveway and putting her Jag in park, Koty turned in the seat. "You need a ride tomorrow morning to pick up your car?"

"That's awfully sweet of you but no, Chris told me that she and Monty would drive it over here in the morning for me. Thank you though for asking. Remember, come see me at the clinic on Monday so I can check out that cut of yours. You really should have gone to the emergancy room though."

Before Kasey reached for the door, she leaned over and gave Koty a quick kiss on the cheek. "Thanks again, I'll see you Monday." Then Kasey was out of the car and walking to her door, leaving Koty slack jawed and staring.

'She would not get that close to these lips if she knew that I was a lesbian.'

When Koty got home, she made herself a whiskey and seven, then sat in her recliner to listen to her answering machine. She had just taken a huge swallow of her drink and almost choked when she heard Tina's voice asking if they could get together sometime this week for some drinks and to talk. Koty reached over and slapped the answering machine right off of the table, not caring where it landed, or if it broke.

Later, she had stopped counting how many drinks she had had, and woke up at four in the morning still sitting in her chair. Getting up to go to bed, she mumbled something about whiskey and ex'es.

Chapter Six

By the time that Koty made it in to see Kasey on Monday morning she had a huge black eye, and the cut was really swollen. Kasey made a small gasp when she saw it, and turned to her assistant.

"Renee, please get an ex-ray of Miss. Silvers eye for me, and let me know as soon as you have it.

Twenty minutes later, Kasey told Koty that she did indeed have a chipped bone, and there were some fragments that needed to be removed. "I'm going to have to make about a half inch incision where your cut is to remove those pieces. You will get about four stitches and I'll be done. Don't worry though, I only mess up once in awhile."

Seeing the look on Koty's face, she laughed. "Joke Koty, that was a joke. I'm sorry. Look, you won't even be able to see the scar unless you really look close, I promise."

Watching the needle come closer to her, Koty cringed a little and asked, "are you really gonna give me a shot right there in the cut?"

"It's going to hurt like hell if I don't. Don't tell me a tough detective like you is afraid of a little needle?"

Koty smiled, and closed her eyes, cringing again at the thought of it. "Here, put these headphones on, lay back and relax. Don't take them off until I say so. I will be done in no time."

Koty's lip started to twitch when she felt Kasey's soft hands on her face. Finally she felt Kasey remove the headphones, and lift her chin to inspect her work.

Koty gave a crooked smile and said, "I guess I will have to walk around looking like Mike Tyson for a while huh?"

Still holding her chin, the doctor very slowly looked over Koty's face. In that low husky voice, she said, "Mike Tyson you are not Honey. It is going to hurt for a while, so I'm giving you a prescription for some painkillers, and an antibiotic for the infection. You need to let me know if the swelling doesn't go down."

Turning to leave, Koty stopped and smiled. "Would you like to have dinner with me sometime this week Doc?" 'Oh my God, I did not just ask her out did I? Please, please let that have been just inside my mind!'

The doctor hesitated a moment. "I would love to Koty, how about Wednesday night?"

"Um...great, how about I pick you up around seven? Dress casual, it's not real fancy, but they have really good food."

"That will be fine Koty, I'll see you Wednesday night then."

Walking out of the building, Koty still couldn't believe that she had just asked a straight woman out to dinner. 'I guess she is straight anyway.' Koty mused. 'Oh well, what's a little innocent dinner anyway? We are going to eat, not to have sex for Christ sakes! God, she is one of the sexiest women I think I have met.
Since Koty had taken the whole day off, and knowing that Monty was usually in the office on Mondays, she decided to ride to Chesapeake and see if he wanted to go have some lunch.

The siblings hadn't had lunch together in almost a year, and she really missed that. Before Tina and she had gotten together they used to meet at least once a month for lunch. That started to slowly diminish until it was only around every five or six months. Actually, they used to do a lot of things together. When Chris and Monty got together it was the three of them.

She knew then and there that she would have to start seeing them more often, and make up for the lost time. She would start spending more time with Jamie and Trish as well.

Monty and she were born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia, in the Edgewater area down by Old Dominion University. Back in thoughs days, kids could play outside even when it was dark outside, and they never had to worry about the sicko's that there seemed to be today. Today, you don't want your kids to play outside even in the daylight, for fear of something happening to them.

They had lived on 48th Street at the time, and 49th on up, was all white families, and 47th on down, was where the black families lived. In thoughs days though they all played together. To those kids, there wasn't any seperation by color, or gender, or anything else for that matter. Whose ever yard you were in at the time darkness came, that was where the kids useally had dinner, and sometimes ended up spending the night there.

Koty shook herself out of her memories and pulled into the parking lot at Monty's office, just as he was just getting out of his truck. Spotting Koty's infamouse lavender jag, he walked up and leaned into the window.

"What' up sis, and what brings you to my side of town? Anything wrong?"

"No, nothing is wrong. Can't a girl come see if her brother has time for her, and maybe see if he wants to go have some lunch?" She got out of her car and gave him a hug.

"As a matter of fact, I do have time for something to eat. I just need to do something in the office real quick, come on in."

"Cindi, could you please get Paul Richardson on the phone for me, then put him through to my office?" He asked of his secretary as he passed by her desk.

“Sure thing Boss Man. Hi Koty.”


Puzzled, Koty asked why he was trying to reach the man who had been their family lawyer for over twenty-five years.

"I'm not real sure yet, but I might be having a problem with my foreman. I got a call from the hardware company that we normaly do most of our bussiness with. They wanted to know if we were going to need to place a order for the supplies that had came in a week before. When I told them that Coleman should have already picked it up, they informed me that they haven't heard from him, or seen him in over a month.

"He's getting the material from some place because the jobs are being done. When I confronted him on it, he told me that he wasn't sure if the supplies would come in soon enough for the deadline, so he went somewhere else.

"While that seemed logical enough, something about the way he seemed to fidget during that conversation, and believe me, that man doesn't fidget, well it made me curious so I've been checking a little bit more into it. He's pocketing money somewhere, I just know it. I just haven't found out how, or where yet."

Koty left his office when the call came through to let him talk, and to pass the time talking to with his secretary. Cindi had tried to date her for a long time. They went out several times, but nothing became of it, at least not for Koty. Now they were just good friends, and saw each other at Laces every once in awhile for drinks. Koty really enjoyed Cindi's company, but couldn't make her feelings become any stronger.

The younger woman would rather have Koty for a friend than nothing at all, so she no longer pursued a relationship with her. If the detective ever changed her mind though, she would be right there.

'That bitch of an ex girlfriend is crazy as shit for fucking around on a woman like Koty. If she were mine, I would treat her like the Goddess she is,' the secretary silently fumed.

Monty came out of his office and told Koty that he was ready for her to buy him a really expensive lunch, that there was a new restaurant that just opened by Greenbriar Mall he'd been wanting to try.

Koty and Monty both inherited a great deal of money when their parents passed away, leaving them the sole owners of a huge import, export bussiness. Niether Monty nor Koty knew very much about the bussiness, so they both agreed to sell it. When they both turned twenty-five, they inherited trust funds from thier deceased grandparents.

Koty generously donated to just about any fundraisers that had to do with Aids, and people really loved it when she walked in the door to one. She was very well known in the gay community, though only for her generous contributions.

Chapter Seven

As Kasey drove home from work that evening, she thought about Koty and their dinner date on Wednesday night. 'There is something about that woman,' she thought as she pulled into her driveway. A strong attraction that she couldn't deny.

Kasey knew that she would have to keep herself grounded where Koty was concerned though. Chris, worried about Koty, had filled her in on what Tina had done to her. She told her how devastated Koty was at the break-up

'That woman is a fool. Koty is not only gorgeous, she is downright sexy. She is on the rebound though, and I know all about women on the rebound.' This line of thinking brought to her mind, the memory of Samantha, that she had buried long ago. A memory that still brought uneasy feelings with it.

Two years ago, Kasey had met Samantha, a beautiful therapist that was on the rebound from her lover Annie. She had let herself fall head over heals in love with Samantha, then eight short months later, Sam told her she was going back to Annie.

Kasey still vividly remember Sam's explanation. "I need to do this Kasey. I need to show that I didn't give up on a five-year relationship. I love you. I'll always love you, but I have to give her another chance."

That was the last time she had seen Sam, and was saddened by it because they were actually very close friends before they became lovers. Kasey moved back to Virginia Beach from Richmond, just at the begining of the year.

Kasey had totally shocked herself when she accepted Koty's offer for dinner. She knew she needed to keep a safe distance but couldn't help herself. She had said yes before she even realized it.

'What was the harm in having dinner with a friend?' Kasey mused. 'Koty seemed like a really nice woman. Besides, Chris believes the sun rises, and sets on Koty Silvers.'

Chapter Eight

Wednesday evening Koty pulled out of her driveway, dressed in a pair of denim dress pants, Justin cowboy boots, and a baby blue silk shirt. Her long black hair was falling loosely down her back.

She wasn't quite sure why, but she wanted to look nice for Kasey and their date. 'It's not a date you ding-a-ling! It's just dinner, nothing more and nothing less. Besides, I like to look nice every now and then. Tonight is no different.'

She knocked on Kasey's door, and when it opened, for the second time in less than a week, she found herself speechless. Kasey was wearing a black dress that hugged every curve imaginable and showed a generous amount of thigh. 'Oh sweet Jesus!'

Mistaking the look on Koty's face, Kasey backed up a little. "My, I'm a little overdressed aren't I?"

Composing herself and catching her breath, Koty whispered. "You are perfect. look great, please don't change. Are you ready to go?"

"Yes, let me grab my jacket." Kasey turned quickly, so Koty would not see the blush on her face from her comment. "Shall we?"

As they drove, Koty told her that she was taking her to one of her favorite places to eat. "It's small and quiet, but you'll love the food. I used to go there quite a bit, but it's been awhile. By the way, I wanted to thank you for taking care of the eye thingy for me."

"You're welcome."


Dinner was going quite nicely. Both women were relaxed, and conversation came easy. They were suprised at some of the things they had in common. They discovered that they both loved the same country artist's, snow skiing, and a secret passion for Walt Disney movies.

"Are you up to another bottle of wine, or are you ready to leave?"

"Actually Koty, I would like some more wine if you are up to it."

They were waiting for the waiter, to come back to the table to take their wine order when a beautiful red headed woman walked up to Koty, and put her hand on her shoulder.

"Koty, why haven't you returned my phone calls? I really need to talk to you. Please call me later, no matter what time it is." With that, she shot a none too friendly look at Kasey, and walked away leaving them both speechless.

Koty was doing a good job hiding it, but Kasey could tell that she was suddenly uncomfortable. Reaching across the table, she put her hand on Koty's. "Look Koty, why don't we just call it a night, ok?"

Koty just stared at their hands for a moment, then looked into those incredible gray eyes before answering. "Yeah, lets get out of here. You don't mind do you?"

"Absolutely not. It's been a long day for the both of us I'm sure. Lets go."

The ride back to Kasey's was pretty quiet. Kasey was wondering who the beautiful redhead was, and Koty was wondering what the hell Tina was doing there, when she didn't even like the place. Koty almost had to beg Tina to go there with her before.

Koty walked Kasey to her door, and when they both at the same time, went to kiss each other on the cheek, they missed and got each other on the lips instead. Both of them, wide-eyed, backed away from each other, and gave a small gasp.

Koty made a quick apology, said goodnight, and hurried to her car then left.

Kasey was still standing there for several minutes with her jaw dropped, when Koty was well out of sight. "This isn't going to be easy being just friends with her. That woman is so charming, she is dangerous."

"Great Silvers, just Great! What in the hell was that all about?"

She remembered the look on Kasey's face. Man was she shocked. 'Shocked yes, repulsed no.' Koty was sure that Kasey felt it too. 'Felt what? Just what do you think you're feeling. I need to get a handle on my emotions.'

Chapter Nine

Thursday night after work, Koty stopped by Monty and Chris's house, to let Monty know that she had some phone calls in about his foreman. Chris answered the door, and pulled Koty in by her arm.

"Koty, come on in here. I made lasagna for dinner, why don't you stay.

"You know I can't turn down your cooking Chris, of course I'll stay. But, is there going to be enough food left for Monty? I'd hate for him to go hungry, because you know how much I love lasagna."

"I guess we can let him have a little bit. You know how bitchy he gets when he's hungry."

While they were sitting at the table, Chris asked Koty how her dinner with Kasey went the night before, and made Koty almost choke on her tea.

" did you know about us having dinner?"

Chris just smiled and filled their glasses. "Well, Kasey told me of course. Why, is it supposed to be a big secret?"

"No. Well no, I was just curious how you knew about it, that's all." She glanced over at Monty, who was just smiling to himself.

"Besides, it would have been a little better if Tina hadn't shown up, asking me why I haven't returned her phone calls. Like I have nothing better to do than worry about her. Other than that, it went ok. It felt good." 'Too good actually, and that scares the shit out of me.'

"Kasey and I are going to open a clinic together." Chris told her as they went to sit in the living room. "She is very sweet isn't she Koty?"

'What are you up to Chris?' Koty wondered before responding. "Yeah...I guess she is, but then again, all of your friends are very nice. I know you've been talking about opening a clinic for quite awhile now, I'm happy for you sis."

Koty thanked Chris for the 'best lasagna in town' and got up to leave. She hugged them both goodnight, and was on her way home when she decided to stop at Laces and have a few drinks. It was still early enough.

Laces was one of the few clubs around, that served as a wonderful restaurant in the afternoon and early part of the evening, turning into a hot spot dance club, with a D.J starting at 9:00.

As Koty turned from the bar with a whiskey & seven in hand, she heard her name being called. Jamie and Trish were at the corner table.

She bent to give them both a kiss. "Hey guys, what are y'all doing out on a work night?"

Jamie worked at the Fire Department with Tina, and Trish owned a little book store that was doing really well. Most of the books were lesbian romances, but there were a lot of other gay related and straight ones. They also had collectable gifts as well.

Koty even helped out with the store a few times when Trish and Jamie wanted to take off for the weekend. She enjoyed lesbian romance novels, and had quite a collection herself. Trish had recently hired a couple of collage students to help out part time, but normally worked until closing.

"It's my off days, and Trish doesn't have to be there until eleven. Sit your sweet ass down, and tell us how your date with Dr. Feelgood went."

"Jesus, how in the hell does everyone know about us having dinner together? And it wasn't a date!"

"Easy Tonto, I'm just yoking your chains a bit. Besides, I told you, she is a hotty. If I wasn't with this old ball and chain, (Jamie playfully poked Trish in the ribs) I would probably make a play for her myself."

"Yeah right, you would be a jiggling mass of sappy goo, if it wasn't for that ball and chain right there ya goof ball."

Anyone who knew Jamie and Trish, knew that they were a match from the Goddess herself. Koty knew that Trish was the perfect catch for Jamie. She was loving, funny, sensitive, and 100% monogamous. Something none of Jamie's past girlfriends ever were. They were totally made for each other, and Koty would dare anyone to say different.

Koty had never known her best friend to be as happy as she was with Trish. Trish put up with even more shit from her than Koty did. True love suited them both.

"Hello...Koty, anyone home?" Jamie laughed as she finished off her drink.

Koty shook herself from her thoughts and reached for her drink. "Dinner of course was great. I took her to Bluegills. We were getting ready to order more wine when Tina waltzed up, put her hand on my shoulder, told me I needed to return her calls, gave Kasey a shitty look, then sauntered off."

"Tina? What the hell was she doing there?" Jamie asked with a frown.

"I don't know, she sure never wanted to go there when we were together. I about shit when she walked up."

"Koty, when was the last time you talked to her?" Trish asked as she handed her another drink.

"She left a message on my answering machine asking me to call her so we could get together and talk, but I haven't seen her since I asked her to leave. I really don't have anything to say to her right now."

Laughing, Jamie put her drink on the table. "To hell with Tina, I say make a play for the Doc."

"I told you Jamie, she's straight. Besides, I'm not in the market for anyone right now.” 'Even if she is hot.' Koty silently added.

"I don't know about her being straight Koty, surely a smart Dick Tracy like yourself can figure that out."

Koty finished off her drink and stood to give them hugs goodbye. Trish asked her if she was still going with them to see the Martina Mcbride concert with them on Saturday night.

"Are you kidding? I wouldn't miss it for the world, that's one woman I should marry."

"Yeah right, you and every lesbian on the east coast. Go home and get your beauty sleep Baby." Jamie told her, patting her on her butt.

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