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Enchanted Beach

By Ronica Black


Heat, intense and never-ending, beat down on the darkly shingled roof. Jordan Schaefer stood carefully and stretched, gazing at the shimmering sand surrounding the house. Squinting into the fierce sunlight, she wiped the warm sweat from her brow and laid her hammer on the roof to survey her work. The sun radiated waves, almost mirage like, off the shingles she was repairing. Closing her eyes, she allowed the hypnotizing heat to travel through her body and relax her. Thinking about how much the house meant to her, she opened her eyes with new found energy and continued her work on the roof.

She nailed the last shingle in place and stood again, pulling her dark mane off her shoulders and back into a pony- tail. She felt the heavy heat on her bare arms and she rubbed at them absently, suddenly grateful that her repairs were finished. But before climbing down, she turned and shaded her sensitive blue eyes, getting a long look at the teal colored sea spanning before her. The tide was coming in.

A deep sounding bark came from the sand below as her Labrador and Golden Retriever mix ran out to the dunes, alerting her of another presence.

Inspecting up past the dunes, not far beyond her beach home, she saw a red Ford Explorer pushing forward in the white sand. A broad grin crossed her face. Her friends had arrived.

"Good boy, Murph." The red dog looked up at her from the dunes, his tail wagging with glee.

Jordan climbed down from the roof steadily, just as her friends pulled in off the treacherous, private road leading to the beach.

Poised, hands on hips, she smiled as the truck backed in carefully. Glancing down at herself, she hastily attempted to brush the dirt from her sweat soaked sports bra and bare abdomen. She shoved her hands nervously in the back pockets of her cut off jeans, suddenly very wary of her appearance. The memory that Karen and Julie were bringing a friend along flooded her brain and anxiety washed over her. Her friends were forever trying to find her the perfect woman, regardless of her own repeated objections.

"Hey woman!" A booming voice shouted to her as the doors of the Explorer flew open and three women crawled out into the bright, beautiful day. Julie Nelson managed a stiff walk, stretching her short legs along the way. The compact blonde threw her arms up around Jordan’s neck. "Damn, that’s quite a drive, but look at this place! Incredible, absolutely incredible." Julie looked around with her mouth agape as she took in the beach stretching behind the house.

The other two women stumbled up to Jordan, stretching and absorbing their new surroundings.

"Wow. Jordan, how many miles of beach is this?" Karen Michaels asked enveloping Jordan in her arms for a hug. Karen stood eye level with Jordan, and she had always been able to read Jordan with her liquid brown eyes. Her light brown hair was thick and pulled back casually through her cap. Nevertheless, her beauty was pure and her spirit resolute, qualities that could never be hidden with casual attire. Jordan smiled at her long time friend and thought again how glad she was that Julie and Karen had found one another.

"It’s five miles to the estuary to the west, and 10 miles to the estuary to the east."

Jordan answered as she led them down the side of the house, pointing up and down the private beach as she spoke.

"Why in the hell haven’t we come sooner?" Karen asked her lover, not really expecting her to answer.

"I can’t believe this!" Julie exclaimed like an excited child. "We are going to have some serious fun." Julie then smiled and playfully put an arm around Jordan’s neck. "And look at you. Standing here, looking perfect." Jordan blushed profusely at the compliment.

"See Lori, I told you Jordan was a looker." Karen announced, pulling Lori up to meet Jordan. "Lori, this is Jordan."

They shook hands and briefly took notice of one another, careful not to stare. Lori stood shorter than Jordan, about five foot six, her body fit and curvy.

Lori, like the other women, had worn a baseball cap, which she pulled off in order to run her slim fingers through her short, sun streaked hair. Sweat glistened her cheeks and accentuated the light freckles across her nose. She smiled sincerely at Jordan and replaced her cap, obviously nervous at the encounter.

Jordan looked away shyly and smiled.

"So show us this house already!" Julie demanded as she tugged on Jordan’s arm.

They entered through the spacious back patio, which nestled up against the beach and allowed for a fantastic view. The patio was covered, offering much needed shade, and contained a comfortable lounging area with patio furniture and a grill.

Opening the sliding glass door, Jordan led them into the warm house. The women all promptly removed their shoes, helping to reduce sand from being brought into the house. The Spanish tile floor felt cool on their feet as they stood looking into the large living room. The walls were painted an off white giving the room a cool, spacious feel. Various paintings of sea scapes hung on the walls surrounding two tan, leather sofas. But clearly the room’s focus was the large stone fireplace nestled in the adjacent wall.

"Isn’t it too hot to use that fireplace?" Julie asked removing her cap, releasing her long mane of yellow hair to wipe the sweat from her brow.

"Just wait until tonight and you’ll be thankful we have it." Jordan answered. "It gets pretty chilly, especially with the ocean breeze." She continued walking a short distance to the adjoining room. "And this is the kitchen." She said standing in it’s tiny center. There was a counter, which housed a deep sink, a simple stove and a water cooler. A vast supply of full water containers sat next to the cooler.

"It’s not much, but it works." She said regarding the kitchen. Jordan rested a hip on the kitchen’s small wooden table and showed the women an empty space along the wall where they could keep their ice coolers. When staying at the house, several large ice coolers were brought full of food and water, enough to last the entire trip. The coolers were a necessity since the house was located 50 miles away from the nearest town in the Baja Peninsula of Mexico

"Let’s go check out the bedrooms." Jordan said leading them down the hallway to the only two bedrooms in the house. Both were relatively large with plenty of room for two good sized beds in each. But since Jordan usually vacationed alone or with her immediate family, she had only put one bed in her room.

"This one is my room," she said as the women peered in at her king sized bed. "The sofa in the living room has a fold out bed in case anyone needs it." She continued to walk. "And here is the bathroom." The room was tiny with a single sink, toilet and what appeared to be a shower. "The shower has terrible water pressure, but it’s all we get out here."

"So this is like camp." Lori said with excitement.

"Sort of." Jordan replied. "Only this camp suggests that you don’t drink the water. Don’t even use it to brush your teeth. Use the water cooler."

The women shook their heads in agreement.

"I wish the camp I went to as a kid was this nice." Karen stated as she looked around and headed into the guest bedroom. "I certainly didn’t have a view like this or a cabin this nice!" She flopped down lazily on one of the beds and Julie soon followed her into the room.

"Since your room is right next door, Jordan," Julie started, as she knocked on the wall. "We will be sure to have really loud sex to keep you up all night." She smiled coyly at Jordan as if daring her to protest.

Jordan leaned against the wall and crossed her arms over her chest, a grin tugging at the corners of her mouth. The women were notoriously loud when they made love, and Jordan had never failed to tease them about it.

"Knowing you and Karen, no one on this beach will get any sleep. I just hope you’ve warned Lori."

Julie flopped down on the bed playfully next to her lover.

"I just did." She said as she placed her hands behind her head and looked at them with cocky smirk.

"Guess I know where I’ll be sleeping." Lori said playfully throwing a pillow at Julie before heading into the living room.

Jordan watched the newest member of their group walk into the living room alone. Turning back to the women on the bed she said,

"Why don’t you two sleep in my room?" Both of the women perked up, supporting themselves on their elbows. "You’ll have all the privacy you need, and Lori won’t have to sleep on the sofa bed."

"Jor, we were only kidding." Karen said just before Julie cupped her hand over her mouth.

"We’ll take it." Julie said proudly while holding her protesting lover at bay.

The women spent the next hour unpacking and getting settled into the cozy beach home. Jordan busied herself around the house, helping to move in coolers and clearing space in the guest closet for Lori to keep her clothes.

"Feel free to use the entire room." Jordan said to Lori as she set down the last of her bags that she had helped carry in. "My stuff is in the other bedroom, so I don’t need much space at all."

"Are you sure you’re ok with giving up your room?" Lori asked with concern.

"Those two need their privacy." Jordan remarked as she tucked in a sheet on one of the beds. Silence filled the room as Jordan moved around the bed, busy adjusting the sheets. She suddenly realized that Lori may be uncomfortable sharing a room with her. After all, they had only just met. "I didn’t even think to ask if this was ok with you." Jordan began in a hurry. "If you want, I can certainly sleep on the sofa bed out in the liv.."

"Don’t be silly Jordan." Lori interrupted. "This is fine. I just feel bad that you had to give up your room." They both stood in silence for a moment.

"I really don’t mind. It was the right thing to do." Jordan said gently while smoothing the blanket over the bed.

Lori stood leaning against the doorframe, thankful for the support. She watched Jordan start in on the other bed in the same meticulous pattern. She thought briefly about stepping in to help, but she knew Jordan would insist on going at it alone, while mentioning something about Lori being her guest, etc. Just as she had done when she had insisted on carrying Lori’s bags in from the car.

It was obvious that Jordan was more than just well mannered. There was also a strong sense of nobility and integrity in Jordan that Lori found both alluring and refreshing. She had only known the woman an hour and already she felt she could predict with certainty how Jordan would behave in certain situations. There were no false pretenses with Jordan. No hidden agendas, no head games. She was just Jordan.

As if on cue, Jordan finished making the bed and stood looking at Lori.

"Which one do you prefer?"

"This one’s fine." She sat on the bed closest to the door and pulled her hat off to run a hand through her hair. Sweat stung her eyes and she couldn’t believe how warm the house was compared to outside. Jordan had explained that although temperatures could reach ninety five degrees outside, they would not find cool refuge in the house. Next to a generator, the house had no power and certainly no air conditioning. If one wanted to find comfort from the May heat, their best bet was to sit in the shade on the spacious patio and enjoy the ocean breeze.

Jordan watched the woman on the bed. She seemed to be lost in thought and although Jordan didn’t want to stare, she couldn’t help but take in the beautifully featured face of the woman sitting before her. Light colored freckles were sprinkled across her nose, drawing Jordan’s focus to a pair of sparkling green eyes. She could easily have swam in their abyss for days, but caution tickled her throat and brought her head back into reality.

"I should go check on the others." She cleared her throat and maneuvered past the attractive woman, this time careful to avoid her mesmerizing eyes.

As she strolled back towards the kitchen, her mind reeled and she willed her heart to slow it’s maddening pace. Lori’s effect on her was more than obvious and she thought again of the immediate circumstances in which she found herself. Even though Karen hadn’t told her the purpose of Lori’s presence, it had certainly been implied with women in the past. Karen would occasionally introduce Jordan to a woman with the hopes that there would be some mutual interest or attraction. All the attempts had failed, it seemed, with Jordan showing little to no interest.

Until now. Until Lori.

Like it or not, Jordan’s mind could not ignore what her physical body already felt. She cursed Karen under her breath as she stepped out on the patio for fresh air where she promptly sat in lounge chair. She wasn’t so upset at being set up, she had grown used to that. It was the fact that this time, Karen was right. Lori had been brought up in numerous conversations and Jordan had always squirmed her way out of meeting her. She should have known that Karen would have chosen this trip to introduce them. Only there would be no squirming here. Out here there was nowhere to hide. Only miles of isolated beach and the occasional sound of seagulls in search of their next meal. She closed her eyes as Karen’s voice replayed in her head.

"When are you going to give someone a chance? You have it all Jor. Looks, brains, wealth. But not love. Don’t you want love? You certainly deserve it."

Her answers had always been the same, lame attempts at avoidance, Jordan dancing around the truth. The confrontations had always ended the same as well, with Karen walking away, frustrated and confused at her long time friend.

"Hey Murph." She patted the top of his head, glad for his silent presence. He looked over at her with kind eyes and licked her hand as if somehow knowing she needed the reassurance. "Thanks, bud. I needed that."

"I see you still prefer the company of the four legged." Julie said with a smirk as she rested a hip on the top of the patio wall.

"Compared to the two legged? You bet." She scratched Murph behind the ear. "You up for taking out the Sea Doos?" Jordan asked, looking up at Julie from where she sat in the comfortable chair.

"Now you’re talking some sense." Julie stated as she helped her friend up and clapped her on the back.



"Are you sure there aren’t any sharks out here?" Karen yelled to Jordan from behind. She tightened her grip around Jordan’s waist as they zoomed away from the shore on the powerful Sea Doo.

"We’ll be fine." Jordan yelled back to her over the roar of the gliding craft. She smiled at Karen’s paranoia. The woman had been terrified of the ocean since she was a child when she had first seen the movie Jaws. Jordan wondered just how many people had developed shark phobias in response to seeing the movie. The woman now clinging to her for dear life was definitely one of them. But Karen’s fear of sharks not only pertained to the ocean but to any large body of water. She had clung in fear to Jordan many times on many different lakes. This was the first time she had ridden with Jordan in an actual shark bearing sea and her white knuckles showed just how scared she was. Jordan eased off the gas as they went over a small wave. She didn’t want to traumatize Karen anymore than was necessary.

Julie carved the water ahead of them, spraying Jordan and Karen in the face.

"See why I refuse to ride with her?" Karen yelled while spitting the cool salt water from her mouth.

Julie loved riding the Sea Doos and she made no bones about being dangerously wild while riding them. Her hair whipped behind her as she rode like a yellow flag flapping in the wind. No one dared ride with Julie and since there were only two Sea Doos, Lori stood waiting patiently on shore while Jordan gave Karen a very slow ride. Murph ran through the shallow tide barking at them in the distance.

"I don’t know why I let you talk me in to this. You know I hate it." Karen’s anxiety was increasing as the shore grew further and further away.

"Ok, ok. I’ll take you back in." Jordan slowed and carefully turned them around to head back into shore. Even though she secretly hoped that someday Karen wouldn’t be afraid, Jordan knew that she couldn’t push her. She just always felt bad about leaving Karen on shore while she and Julie rode around and had all the fun. They pulled in close to shore and Karen released her vice like grip on Jordan and jumped off into the frothy thigh high water. Lori walked out into the water and took the life jacket from an exhausted looking Karen. Murph bounded up to them as well and welcomed Karen back to shore with large licks to her knees.

Jordan let the Sea Doo idle as she watched Lori approach. The cute blonde was too busy fastening her life vest to notice Jordan checking her out. Jordan noted just how physically fit Lori really was. The red Hawaiian print bikini looked incredibly sexy on her well toned body.

Lori looked up and caught the well mannered Jordan staring at her intensely.

"You ok?" Lori smiled at her, knowing that she had probably just caught Jordan checking her out.

Jordan looked away quickly, a flash of crimson blotching her cheeks.

"Fine." She tried not to look at the other woman as she climbed off the Sea Doo. "Here you go." To her surprise Lori grabbed her arm to stop her.

"What are you doing?"

Jordan felt the flush on her face increase. Oh God, she wants to know why I was staring. "I …"

"Where are you going?" Lori continued, a look of panic washing over her face.

Relieved, Jordan finally made eye contact with her.

"I’m letting you ride, I just figured you would want to go out alone."

Lori shook her head in defiance.

"Oh no you don’t. I’ve never ridden one of these things before." She let go of Jordan’s arm and they both pulled the Sea Doo in closer to shore where it would easier for Lori to board.

"You want me go with you you’re first time out?" Jordan asked, still unsure as to how much help Lori wanted. She steadied the craft as Lori climbed on.

"Yes of course I do. I want you to drive this thing." She scooted back on the seat and waited for Jordan to climb on. Jordan moved them a little further out and hopped on quickly, accelerating them over a wave. Lori’s hands found their way around Jordan’s waist just as Karen’s had. But this time the grip wasn’t tight, it was slight, with Lori’s palms resting on the bare skin of Jordan’s mid drift.

"Where’s your life vest?" Lori said very close to Jordan’s ear.

"You’re wearing it." Jordan said with a smile as she accelerated a little more.

"What if you fall off?"

"I’m a good swimmer." Jordan replied.

Lori scooted closer to Jordan, pressing herself tightly up against her strong back. "Just because I said I didn’t know how to ride one of these things doesn’t mean I’m dead. Let’s go have some fun for God’s Sake!"

Jordan grinned, glad to have a passenger who wasn’t afraid. She gunned the engine and they sped off out into the ocean. Lori smiled into the wind and rested her chin on Jordan’s bronzed shoulder, clearly enjoying the ride and the closeness it allowed for. Jordan’s abdominal muscles tensed beneath her hands as they etched patterns in the water.

Jordan liked the feel of Lori pressed up against her. It made her feel strong, powerful, needed. The new feelings surprised her and she didn’t fight them. For once in her tragically lonely life, she allowed herself to enjoy the feelings that another person evoked in her.

She pushed the watercraft further ahead until she could make out Julie’s form seemingly standing in the middle of the teal sea. Julie waved at them from her position on a large sand bar. Water crashed all around her, untouching her on the mirage like little island.

"What is this?" Lori asked as they slowed on their approach.

"It’s a sand bar." Jordan explained. In another twenty minutes it would be completely covered as the tide continue to move in.

They climbed off the Sea Doo and stood next to Julie.

"This is beautiful." Lori stated looking around hands on hips. "Almost surreal." The shore was almost a mile away, another world away. She curled her toes into the warm sand, wanting to etch the reality of this wonder into her memory forever.

"We better get going." Jordan said as she turned to look at Lori. Her eyes were closed, her face angelic as she turned it toward the sun. Jordan hated to interrupt her peaceful dreamlike state.

"Ready?" She questioned softly, lightly touching her elbow.

Lori opened her eyes and saw Jordan standing before her. The sun burst around her, reflecting off her midnight hair, her bronzed skin, her warm smile. The sea churned all around her, aqua, awakening. She was the most beautiful woman Lori had ever laid eyes on.

The sound of Julie speeding away snapped her back from the dreamlike state. She grabbed Jordan’s arm to stop her from climbing on the Sea Doo.

"This time, I get to drive." Lori said with confidence. Jordan grinned and scooted back on the seat, allowing Lori to climb on and start the engine. "Let’s go!" Lori shouted into the wind as she gunned the craft with rebel flair.



Sunset brought with it wondrous colors and a cool breeze. Julie plopped down on the thick soft sand next to a lounging Lori.

"Thought you might could use one of these." Julie said and Lori took the icy bottle of Tecate gratefully from her

"Thanks, you read my mind." Lori licked some lime from her fingers and pushed the green wedge down into the golden beer. Hypnotizing waves crunched toward shore before them. Julie took a long hard sip from her Mexican beer and glanced over at the bikini-clad woman next to her.

"So…What do you think of Jordan?"

Lori let a grin slowly spread across her face. She knew this had been coming, and frankly she was surprised her anxious friends hadn’t asked sooner.

"Come on Julie, we just got here. You could have at least waited until tomorrow." She gave Julie a playful shove.

"Uh uh. No way." Julie shook her head in defiance. "There’s no way I could hold off until tomorrow. Besides, Karen is dying to know too." She glanced back toward the house where Jordan and Karen were busy preparing dinner. "So you can either fess up now, or be forced to reckon with Karen." She flashed Lori an evil grin, knowing that the threat of a relentlessly curious Karen would encourage Lori to spill her guts now, rather than later and at the hands of Karen.

"God, you two are so bad." Lori sipped her beer, enjoying the iciness going down her throat. She smiled even though she was hopelessly defeated. Thoughts of Jordan wrestled with her insides, almost tickling her. She hadn’t been able to get the gorgeous brunette out of her mind since she had first laid eyes on her. Her body couldn’t have been more perfect in strength and beauty if it had been sculpted. And yet there was such a softness radiating from the inside. An unspoken sensuality and a looming passion. A shyness, along with modesty…something very rare in such a beautiful woman.

"Well?" Julie persisted.

Lori looked back at the sunset, allowing the breeze to run it’s fingers across her warm body.

"She’s a goddess. An absolute Goddess."

Jordan sipped her beer and looked out over the thick white sand in the distance to where Julie and Lori lounged by the sea. She barely had time to wonder what the women were discussing when the grill sizzled, demanding her attention. She brushed on more olive oil and sprinkled some seasoning on the juicy chicken breasts. Closing the grill lid, she leaned against a porch post and continued to watch the two women and the sun paint the sky as it set beyond them.

Karen walked out and stood next to Jordan. She watched quietly as Jordan stared out over the sand in silence.

"She’s amazing isn’t she?" Karen questioned as she touched Jordan’s arm.

Jordan took another tug at her beer before answering.

"Who? Julie? Ummm, amazing isn’t quite the word I would go with in describing Jules."


Jordan flashed her a playful smile and Karen noted how breath taking Jordan looked in her khaki shorts and white tank top.

"What do you think of Lori?" Karen tried again, not ready to give up. She grabbed Jordan’s beer away from her, almost as a punishment.

"I like her just fine." She moved back to the grill to check the chicken. "Can I have my beer back now?"

"No way. You’re not getting off that easy." Karen sat down in a lounge chair and began to drink Jordan’s beer. "Come on Jordan, I know you. Tell me what I already know. You’re interested, aren’t you?"

Jordan shut the grill and crossed her arms over her chest in silence. She didn’t know how to answer Karen’s questioning. She was still trying to figure out how she felt herself. Karen watched her friend closely and she realized she already had her answer, even if Jordan didn’t yet know it herself.

"I think Marie would’ve liked Lori." Karen said the words softly, knowing Jordan needed to hear it. She had suffered too long, the time to love again was now. Jordan stiffened at the comment and she looked away, forcing herself to focus on the spanning green sea, tears burning her eyes. Marie had passed four years before and Jordan had spent those years trudging through life zombie-like, emotionless, lifeless. She had pushed everyone away with the exception of Karen and Julie and even they were held at bay more times than not.

Karen stood and stroked Jordan’s back, wanting desperately to comfort her, but knowing her silent presence was what Jordan preferred. Jordan wiped her eyes and forced a smile. She took a deep shaky breath and hugged her long time friend.

"Thanks." She whispered in Karen’s ear.

"You bet." They pulled apart and Karen gave Jordan a wink and handed her the sweating beer bottle.

Jordan took it slowly and looked at her long time friend with a sigh.

"She holds my attention." She said it so quietly that Karen had a hard time making out the words. But she knew how important those few words meant. They were milestones in regards to Jordan and her lack of interest in almost everyone. "But you can’t tell Julie." Jordan added with more assurance.

Karen grinned at her knowingly.

"Speak of the devil."

Julie and Lori stomped onto the patio shaking the sand loose from their feet.

"Hey, I’ve been called many things, but a devil is…the nicest." Julie smacked her lover on the ass. Karen squealed and planted a kiss on her lips as they walked into the house together.

Jordan smiled after them and turned off the grill and forked the chicken onto a plate. She could feel Lori’s eyes on her back and she felt her face flush with heat as she thought about the conversation she had just held with Karen. She turned to find Lori holding the sliding glass door open for her.

"Smells terrific." Lori said eyeing the chicken. Jordan smiled, trying hard not to eye the beautiful bronzed body holding the door as she brushed past her. They held brief eye contact and both women smiled shyly and politely, keeping the bubbling attraction at bay for the moment.

Lori excused herself to go change for dinner where she washed her face and hands and pulled on a tight fitting T-shirt and worn cut off jeans. She re-emerged, somewhat freshened up and joined the other women at the small intimate table for dinner where the conversation consisted mostly of Julie and Karen bragging about either Jordan or Lori. Every now and then Julie snuck in an embarrassing tale or two about Jordan and their college years until Karen kicked her under the table prompting her to stop.

When the large bottle of wine was nearly empty, the women cleared the table and wandered outside to experience the cool moonlit beach. Julie and Karen continued down to the water’s edge and began walking hand in hand away from the house. Jordan sat down in the soft, cool sand and hugged her knees to her chest. It was chilly out with the ocean breeze playing around her ears. Lori walked up from behind and sat down next to her. They both gazed up at the night sky.

"Wow, the stars are so vibrant here." Lori was awed at the starry spectacle. "What a sky." She whispered.

" If you look close, you can see satellites." Jordan said.

"Really?" Lori was looking intently skyward.

"Sure. I’ll find one for you." Jordan concentrated, suddenly wanting to impress the blonde. She rested back on her elbows and squinted at the vast star sprinkled sky.

Lori watched Jordan lay back on the sand and she wondered what it would be like to slowly crawl on top of her. With her hair tossed back, lightly touching the sand, her strong legs bent with her knees parallel toward the night sky. She thought about kissing her exposed neck, and nuzzling in her silvered moon lit hair.

"There’s one!" Jordan exclaimed as she sat up and pointed toward the night sky.

Lori nearly jumped out of her skin as reality set in, her fantasy interrupted.

"There, right there. See it? It looks like a small star, but it’s moving at a fast pace."

Lori followed Jordan’s hand and squinted at the millions of stars. She could feel the brunette leaning into her as she tried to show her the satellite. She could smell the clean scent of her hair and her breath quickened as her mind went back to climbing on top of Jordan and sending the goddess up to the stars. Her thoughts spun with wanton and her eyes swam over the sky. Suddenly, she saw movement. She forced her hazy eyes to focus and she saw the small light moving across the sky.

"I see it!" She grabbed Jordan by the arm in her excitement causing the woman to smile and laugh, amused at her excitement.

Lori felt the heat of Jordan’s skin under her fingers and she let go quickly. Jordan had a very powerful arm, and it only made Lori more aroused. She shivered as the cool breeze brushed over her heated body.

"Are you cold?" Jordan asked with concern. "Come on, you can help me build a fire." Jordan held out her hand and helped Lori stand. Lori allowed the stronger woman to pull her up, enjoying the feel of her raw strength.

They both walked in silence up towards the beach house. The ocean pounded wave after wave onto the shore, while a strong breeze continued to chill Lori. She watched as Jordan stopped walking and began throwing large pieces of wood in a pile on the sand not far from the patio.

"We’re building a fire out here?" Lori asked, curious and cold. She crossed her arms over her chest and hugged herself tightly.

"Yeah, a nice big bonfire." Jordan smiled and Lori’s heart flipped, and she felt her body instantly flood with heat.

Does she know how truly beautiful she is? Lori thought to herself.

"How does hot chocolate and butterscotch Schnapps sound?" Jordan asked a quiet Lori. But before she could respond Julie and Karen came trotting in from the beach.

"Hey, what are you two up to?" Julie asked out of breath. Karen soon followed and rested her hands on her hips.

"We were just building a fire." Jordan tossed in another piece of driftwood.

"Sounds wonderful." Karen glanced at Lori who was continuing to shiver. "Come on girl, let’s go get some warmer clothes."

Karen and Lori walked quickly into the house leaving Julie and Jordan alone to attend to the fire.

"Don’t even start Jules." Jordan shot the other woman a warning glance. She sense Julie’s intent without even looking at her. It was like a shark being drawn to blood and Jordan was bleeding heavily.

Julie grinned sheepishly at having being pegged.

"I don’t have to start anything." She said innocently. "Seems to me you’re doing that all on your own." She paused briefly for effect. "Besides, I already know all I need to know."

Julie was taunting her and Jordan knew it. But this time she couldn’t fight it, she couldn’t stand not knowing.

"Oh yeah? What is it that you know? I suppose Karen told you what I said about Lori?" Jordan squirted lighter fluid she had retrieved from the patio on to the dry wood.

Julie knelt down and lit the fire. It swooshed as it came to life and they both stood back and watched it grow in strength. The warm glow was a welcome on their cool faces.

"Karen told me about your discussion, but that’s not what I’m talking about." Jordan was looking at her intently and Julie noted how unlike Jordan this was. "I know what Lori thinks of you."

Jordan stood in silence for a moment, quietly battling with her conscious. She felt like a fifth grader wanting to know about a crush and she felt ridiculous. Nevertheless, she couldn’t beat down her overwhelming curiosity. Cursing herself, she gave in.

"Well? Are you going to tell me?" Jordan cringed at her own remark. She hated feeling like this. So exposed.

"Wow." Julie remarked in surprise. "You’re really into her aren’t you? I’ve never seen you behave like this."

Jordan glanced nervously back at the house. Lori and Karen were at the door, ready to come back outside.

"Just tell me. Hurry."

Julie sighed, and began looking at her fingernails, enjoying this rare opportunity to make Jordan squirm. She looked up and locked eyes with a very intense Jordan as the other women began to walk towards them.

"She thinks you’re a goddess, Jordan."
Jordan didn’t blink. She merely stood staring at Julie, unwavering.

"I’m serious Julie, don’t screw with my head."

"I AM serious Jordan. She thinks you’re a goddess. Those were her words. No wait." Julie paused, looking off into the stars. "An absolute goddess. Those were her exact words."

Jordan stared dumbfounded into the fire, heart pounding, mind racing. Lori and Karen returned from the house wearing sweats and bearing marshmallows.

"Here you go," Lori said softly handing Jordan a sweatshirt. Jordan looked at her with soft, humble eyes. For the first time, she looked at someone without any barriers, without any worries of heartbreak or fears of exposure. She looked at Lori with an unrelenting gaze and took in her beauty and her sincere presence. She took in the woman who had deemed her a goddess.

"Thank you," she managed to choke out.

Lori smiled softly at her, noting the powerful change in her stare. She could tell the brunette was flustered, but beyond that loomed a vulnerability she hadn’t seen until now. She had a good idea that Julie had told Jordan about their earlier conversation. She was almost positive, seeing as how Karen had informed her of Jordan’s apparent interest in her.

"You’re welcome." Lori sat down in one of the lawn chairs Karen had brought from the patio and soaked up the warmth from the massive fire.

For the next two hours the women sat lounging around the orange glow allowing the surrounding black beach to chill and nip at their backs.

They listened to music, told stories and sipped on hot chocolate tainted with the golden warmth of butterscotch Schnapps.

As the hot chocolate migrated through her body and the Schnapps soothed her fears, Jordan allowed herself to be taken in by Lori. She watched her from across the fire. The firelight lit up her features, speckled her hair with a golden brilliance. Jordan loved the way her mouth crooked slightly when she about to say something humorous. She watched the green eyed woman sip her cocoa and Jordan imagined following the hot liquid’s path, down her neck, trailing down the center of her chest to her abdomen. She imagined using her mouth to follow the trail, her lips, tongue and teeth slowly tracing the liquid’s path.

Jordan closed her eyes and let her thoughts ream control. She imagined the taste of Lori, her skin sweet with butterscotch. The taste warmed Jordan’s entire body, making her head spin.

"I’m going to go turn in." Lori said lazily snapping Jordan back into reality as Lori stood and stretched before the fire. "I’m worn out."

Jordan stumbled to her feet, suddenly realizing that Lori was turning in for the night and she should too so she wouldn’t wake her later. They were sharing a room and Jordan didn’t want to be rude and disturb her sleep. She steadied her stance and realized she was a little buzzed. It never took much alcohol to affect her.

Julie and Karen snuggled closer together and wished them both a good night, choosing to stay out by the fire a while longer.

Jordan and Lori walked carefully back up to the house their feet sinking in the cold, thick sand. Murph was curled in a corner on the patio, the cold sea breeze too much for his short red fur. He rose and stretched at their presence, ready to go inside for bed. Jordan held the door and they entered gratefully into the warm, dimly lit house. A lantern burned on the kitchen table and Lori heard the wind and the sea silenced as Jordan slid the door shut behind them.

Jordan grabbed the lantern and headed into their bedroom where she lit a large candle on the night table between the beds. She turned and found Lori and Murph standing in the doorway waiting to enter.

"You go sleep out in the living room. On the floor in the living room." She emphasized.

Lori ducked her head in mock shame and turned to exit the room. "Oh, ok." She said teasing. Jordan laughed and placed her hands on her hips.

"Not you, him." She said pointing to a motionless Murph. "Go on Murph." He finally conceded and headed off slowly into the living room.

"I don’t mind if you want him to sleep in here with us." Lori said, feeling somewhat sorry for the pup.

"Nah, I prefer he sleep out there to help keep an eye on the house." She knew Murph would bark if anyone came near the house while they slept. She moved past Lori to return the lantern to the kitchen table for Julie and Karen to use when they came in for the night.

When she returned to bedroom she found Lori standing nude, turning down the bed covers. Jordan’s senses jumped to life at the sight of the well toned body before her. She clapped her hands over her eyes in response and turned to leave the room.

"Sorry." She said just before she ran into the door frame.

"It’s ok. I sleep nude. " Lori climbed into the bed and covered herself, not at all embarrassed. "I’m in, you can turn around."

Jordan turned and rubbed her palm over her forehead where she had smacked the door frame. Her eyes adjusted to the candle light and she couldn’t shake the erotic image of Lori’s beautiful body being lightly caressed by the candle. She glanced over at Lori in her bed, hoping the now neutral seen would calm her pounding blood. Lori lay on her back with one arm tucked behind her head. The white sheet clung to her body and did nothing to hide the swell of her breasts and their erect nipples.

"Oh my God." Jordan turned again as her desire began once again to invade her mind.

"What is it?" Lori questioned with concern. Jordan moved towards her own bed and grabbed the pillow and blanket.

"I can’t sleep in here." She headed toward the doorway, careful not look at the seductive woman a mere few feet from her.

"Wait." Lori sat up, suddenly realizing that Jordan was leaving. "What’s wrong?"

Jordan stood still, thankful that the Schnapps had taken care of her fear for what she was about to say.

"I can’t sleep in the same room with you."

"Why?" Lori gulped, suddenly afraid that Jordan was repulsed by her. "Is it because I’m nude?"

"Yes." Jordan whispered.

"Oh God, I’m sorry. I’ll put some clothes on. I didn’t mean to offend you." Lori hopped out of the bed, upset at herself, and upset because she had probably ruined her chances with Jordan.

"You didn’t offend me." Jordan turned, needing to explain. She was assaulted once again by the sight of Lori’s nude body. This time she let her eyes sweep up and down over the full breasts, her muscled abdomen, the soft curve of her hips, and down the strength of her tanned legs. "I’m attracted to you."

Lori pulled on a pair of tight boxer shorts and yanked on a sports bra. She stood still, looking at Jordan and feeling her face flush at Jordan’s words. She stepped closer to Jordan and looked into her deep blue eyes.

"Can you sleep in here now, since I’m covered up?" Her voice was sultry and laced with sensuality.

"No…I mean I could, but I can’t promise that I wouldn’t come on to you." Jordan was stammering, truly affected by Lori’s intense gaze. "I just don’t think I could keep my hands to myself."

"Who says you have to keep your hands to yourself?" Lori said softly, stepping closer, lightly touching Jordan’s arm.

Jordan’s breath quickened at Lori’s touch. She could smell the butterscotch on her breath. Lori pulled the blanket and pillow from her arms and tossed them back onto the bed. She stepped closer still and pulled Jordan into her.

Jordan closed her eyes as Lori touched her lips softly with her own. Their warmth and wetness surged through her until her entire body was on fire. She reached out for Lori, holding her tight, kissing her deeper.

Jordan knew she would never think of butterscotch the same way again as she sucked the taste of it from Lori’s tongue. As she kissed Lori, she released all of the fierce attraction she felt for the woman, licking and sucking her mouth and neck with an out of control hunger.

Lori clung to her and moaned with desire as Jordan found her ear and nibbled. Jordan felt herself quickly losing control and she pulled away, aching at the break in connection. Lori’s grip loosened on her and they leaned into one another, touching foreheads as they tried to calm their rapid breathing.

"Wow." Jordan gasped, smiling broadly.

"Yeah, you’re telling me." Lori beamed back hugging the tall brunette closer.

"You’re some kisser, where’d you learn that, French class?" Jordan asked trying to regain some composure.

Lori laughed at the remark and answered with a soft kiss that lingered and spoke a thousand words.

Pulling apart once again, Lori looked at Jordan with raw emotion, her voice struggling to share what she was feeling.

"I think you are incredible. Absolutely incredible. I’ve never in my life met someone who was so many wonderful things. Beautiful, sensuous, intelligent, modest and kind."

"I don’t know what to say." Jordan was truly flattered and completely in awe of the woman. "I don’t…I don’t usually let myself get involved with anyone."

"I know, Karen has told me." Lori couldn’t hide the disappointment from her voice.

"Wait…let me finish. I’m attracted to you. Very much so. I have feelings for you." She paused, struggling to find the words. "I don’t want to move too fast with you. I want to get to know you and I’m afraid if I stay in here with you, we’ll end up making love and…"

"Jordan." Lori whispered. "Relax." She brushed her fingers lightly across her cheek. "You’re so intense, let’s just take it slow and see what happens, ok?"

Jordan shook her head in agreement.

"I still think I need to sleep on the couch."

Lori laughed and grabbed the blanket and pillow.

"If you insist. You don’t mind if I join you for the time being, do you?" She laced her fingers with Jordan’s and led her into the living room.

They sat side by side on the sofa and looked out over the moon kissed sea. Jordan glanced over at Lori and admired her beauty. Her eyes couldn’t help but linger over her breasts and tight stomach. She swallowed hard, trying to control her desire. She moved closer to her on the couch and tilted her face towards her own.

"So you’re ok with taking it slow?"

Lori responded by kissing her softly, gently.

"I can wait. And I absolutely want to know you too, inside and out, in more ways than one." She smiled the crooked smile that Jordan was coming to love.

They both laughed at the comment.

"You’ve got me so flustered, you have no idea." Jordan ran a hand nervously through her hair. "I think I’m going to have trouble following my own wishes."

"I wouldn’t mind if you didn’t." They kissed again, slower and deeper than before. Lori pulled away as she felt their desire mounting once again. "I just want to do what’s best for you." She fingered her lips, where Jordan’s had just been. She tasted so warm, so sweet, it was becoming very difficult for Lori to control herself as well.

"So let’s talk." Jordan conceded, getting comfortable on the couch.

"Ok, we can talk like two mature adults. We don’t have to paw at each other like teenagers. We can exude self control, right?" Lori was far from convinced by her own words.

"Right." Jordan said.

"Ask me anything you want." Lori offered. "Shoot."

"Ok," Jordan stroked her chin, thinking of what to ask her. "Why do you sleep nude?" She just couldn’t shake the vision from her mind.

Lori pegged her with the pillow. "That’s not showing a lot of control, Jordan." She could tell by the silly grin on Jordan’s face just where her mind was.

"Answer the question." Jordan tossed the pillow back at her.

"Fine." Lori snuggled the pillow to her chest, covering her breasts. "Because I’m more comfortable that way, less restrained."

Jordan’s mind flew to an image of a nude Lori restrained to the bed. "Oh my God, this isn’t working."

Lori saw the look on her face and knew what brew in her mind. She slammed the pillow into her, but Jordan caught her arm and pulled her into her. Lori’s mouth conquered Jordan’s with a fierce need to taste her. Jordan relented, enjoying Lori’s dominance as she lay back on the couch lost in Lori’s embrace.

The glass patio door slid open and Julie and Karen stepped in, flushed partly from the cold and partly from the Schnapps. Lori sat up quickly on the couch and wiped at her mouth. Jordan sat up slowly after her, readying herself for the verbal assault they were sure to receive.

"What happened to barking when someone came near the house?" Jordan asked Murph who merely sighed, completely uninterested, and laid his head back down.

"Well look at you two." Julie beamed, elbowing Karen as they stared openly at the sight before them. Karen grabbed Julie’s arm to steady her as she swayed.

"You’re wasted!" Lori announced as if Julie was unaware.

Jordan thought briefly that she should try the offensive since her two friends were obviously drunk. "Why don’t you two go off to bed and have wild, drunken sex?"

"What makes you think we didn’t already have wild drunken sex?" Julie countered, unabashed.

Lori laughed, "You had sex on the beach?"

"Yep, and I’ll tell ya, I’ll have sand up my ass from now till kingdom come."

The women laughed hysterically at Julie’s revelation.

"Oh my God Jules, let’s go to bed before you share anything else." Karen said leading the way to the bedroom.

"Next time you get to be on the bottom and in the sand. I took sand in the ass for you. See how much I love you." Julie continued her banter.

"I think we had better turn in." Jordan stood and stretched her lean body.

"Yeah, I’m exhausted. I just hope my mind let’s me sleep. I have a feeling it will want to fill my head with thoughts of you all night." Lori stated openly.

Jordan pulled the blonde up next to her, causing her body to come alive with electricity.

"Mmm, I think I might have the same problem." Their lips met for a long warm tender kiss.

"Well look at it this way, we will both have sweet dreams." Lori whispered, once again able to inhale the intoxicating scent of Jordan. "You sure you’ll be okay out here?"

"Yes, I’ll be fine." Jordan assured.

They embraced one last time before surrendering to the night, savoring the way each other felt.

"Sweet dreams." Lori whispered as she stepped away.

"Sweet dreams to you too."



Lori awoke slowly, somehow managing to claw her way out of the fitful sleep. She rubbed her tired eyes and balanced herself on unsteady legs. She focused on her watch, having to bring her wrist up to her face to make out the time.

Six o’clock. What time had they gone to bed?

She dressed in her running shorts and sports bra and clumsily yanked on her Adidas running shoes. She entered the living room having every intention of taking her morning jog. But the angelic form lying asleep on the couch changed her plans. Jordan looked so peaceful in the warm glow of the morning sunlight. Lori sat silently and watched as the tousled brunette awoke from her sweet dreams.

"Morning" Lori smiled sweetly at her.

"Hi," Jordan’s voice was raspy, not quite awake yet. "What time is it?"

"Six. How did you sleep?"

"Okay. I didn’t even pull out the sofa bed. I was so exhausted I just collapsed on the couch."

"I see that. I feel bad for letting you sleep out here. You should have slept in the bed."

"Don’t be silly." She stretched her tan arms up over her head. "I slept fine."

They took time and smiled at one another.

"So, are you off for a run?" Jordan motioned at Lori’s attire.

"I was hoping to, yes."

"I should have known you were a runner. With a body like that, how could you not be?"

Lori laughed.

"It’s too early in the morning for flattery, you’ll have to wait until at least noon."

"Early? It’s not early." Jordan stood and approached her, straddling her lap. "Give me five minutes and I’ll go with you. That is if you don’t mind a little competition this early in the morning?"

Lori smacked her firm ass.

"I don’t mind. But you better hurry up before I skip running altogether and substitute it for wild sex."

"Don’t give me an ultimatum like that, you know which one I’ll choose."

"Ahh yes, but don’t forget our pact to behave ourselves for awhile."

"Pact schmact." Jordan giggled at her words as she walked away to the bedroom to change her clothes. She couldn’t believe how light hearted she felt. And something else…happy.

Lori stepped out onto the patio as she waited for Jordan. She inhaled deeply and let the cool salty air awaken her senses. It was a clear beautiful day, with the sun sparkling the tide as it began to move back in.

"Ready?" Jordan stood proudly showing her body in similar sports bra and gym shorts. Her full breasts were snuggled together tightly in the bra, showing off their perfectly globed shape. Her abs were toned and strong, lined up neatly on her waist. As she walked the defined muscles in her legs rippled smoothly, almost panther like.

"Jesus." Lori couldn’t take her eyes off her. Now that she could look freely without fear of getting caught, she nearly drooled.

"Nope, remember it’s too early for flattery." Jordan saw the look in her eyes and recognized the desire burning within them. She jumped off the patio and into the sand, a teasing grin tugging at her lips, Murph bounding excitedly after her. "Let’s go."

They ran together for two miles up the beach with Murph keeping pace and occasionally venturing off on his own. Lori playfully sprinted ahead of Jordan, showing off her cardio vascular fitness. Jordan ran after her and caught her, wrapping her arms around her in victory. They stopped running and kissed long and deep, searching each other, and wanting forever to find what it is they searched for.

They pulled apart, needing to breathe. Jordan took her hand and led her to a corral reef, exposed by the absent tide.

She knelt down and lifted a loose piece of reef free from the wet sand. She stood and brought her cupped hands up to a curious Lori.

"What is it?" Lori asked.

"A baby crab ." Jordan slowly opened her hands to let Lori see.

"Doesn’t it pinch you?" The small pink crab crawled across Jordan’s palm. Lori was surprised that the crab didn’t creep her out like other insect- like creatures did. But instead she found the little crab endearing.

"Nah, it’s too small. And look, there are lot’s more." Jordan moved other pieces of corral aside and showed the blonde how to find the crabs.

Lori giggled like an exploring child as she found crab after crab in varying colors. Murph helped to dig but he jumped back every time he found a crab.

"They are so cute! I almost want to keep them." Lori stood and brushed the clinging dark sand from her reddened knees.

"I tried to keep one once." Jordan said as she replaced the pieces of corral just as she had found them. "I hid it in a cooler until we got back to Phoenix. Unfortunately my mom found it before I got to it. I think everyone on our street heard her scream. And it was just big enough to pinch her too."

"Oh no!" Lori exclaimed laughing. "So what happened, did you get to keep it?"

"I’m sorry to say," Jordan placed her hand on her heart in mock grief, "that Twinkle Toes was sacrificed to the porcelain god.

Lori doubled over in laughter and stumbled up to the heart broken brunette, placing a hand on her slumped shoulders. In a voice bitten back by laughter she said,

"I’m sorry to hear that about Twinkle Toes. If it means anything to you, I also lost a beloved pet to the porcelain god."

"Oh yeah?" Jordan asked continuing the sad role.

"Uh huh, his name was Kermit."


Lori sighed and looked off in the distance as she remembered Kermit.

"Kermit the frog." Jordan laughed unable to stifle it. "No I’m serious." Lori continued. "He was my frog and I loved him dearly. I brought him home from a creek in Flagstaff and knighted him Sir Kermit."

"Did you actually kiss him wanting him to magically turn into a prince?"

Lori thought for a moment.

"No, but I did kiss him. I just didn’t wish for a prince. I rather liked him just as he was. But my father caught him one day hopping about the house, scaring my grandmother, and he flushed him. He said I was too attached anyhow." She sighed again. "But hey, you never know maybe Twinkle Toes and Kermit met up and became friends."

"Yeah, I’m sure they did. I’m sure Twinkle Toes pinched Kermit’s cute ass too." Lori yelped as Jordan pinched her.

"If I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re flirting with me." Lori raised an eyebrow at Jordan.

"I’d say you’re absolutely right." Jordan grabbed her hand as they headed up the beach.


Further along up the beach, back towards the house, Jordan showed Lori where to find sand dollars.

"Wow, there must be a million of them." Lori couldn’t believe how many of the white sand dollars speckled the sand.

"I call this Sand Dollar Hill." Jordan blew the sand off of a large sand dollar.

"How long have you been coming here?" It was obvious that Jordan loved this beach and knew more than a little about it.

"Since I was a kid." Jordan handed her the sand dollar for a keepsake. " I love it here."

"I can tell. It radiates from you."

"Really?" Jordan looked off towards the approaching tide. "Well I guess it should. It’s been like a second home."

"So this house has been in your family?" Lori rubbed the smooth sand dollar, awed by it’s design.

"It was up until a few years ago when my parents wanted to sell it. But I couldn’t bear to lose it, so I bought it from them. It just meant too much to me." Jordan found a small brown sand dollar and put it back in sand so it could continue to grow. "I think I was about eight when my parents first brought me here. And every summer after that was spent here."

"Wow, that must have been fantastic." Lori could only imagine how incredible it was to spend summers here as a child. "Can you speak Spanish then?"

"Yes. Although not as good as I should. Sometimes it sounds more like Spanglish."

They continued walking.

"What’s this beach called again?" Lori asked, squeezing her hand.

" La Playa Encantada."

"What’s that in English?"

"Enchanted Beach."

Lori smiled. "Yes, it sure is. Any idea why it’s called that?"

"Funny you should ask, it’s quite a love story."

"Really?" Lori raised her eyebrows in interest.

"Yes, a forbidden love."

"Tell me." Lori said tugging on her arm. "I love stories about forbidden love."

Jordan knew she couldn’t resist her, even if she had wanted to.

"A long time ago there were a vicious people known as the Toltecs. And they had two villages on either side of the beach known as the Tula and the Chichimeca. In the Tulan village lived a beautiful young woman named Quetzala and she was treated very badly. Women in the Toltec tribes were not considered equals by any means. They were property and used as such. In the other tribe, the Chichimeca, lived a handsome, kind young man named Eight Deer. And one day both were walking on the beach when they came upon one another. They immediately fell head over heels in love. But they had to keep their love secret, for she was promised to wed another man. A mean man. So every night they would meet and make love on the beach and dream of being together. Then one day someone noticed that she was with child and she was locked away for fear that she would turn into a wild animal."

"What happened then?" Lori was dying to know the rest.

"Well Eight Deer went looking for her and he found her locked away. He vowed to return to her the next night to free her and to take her away. And he did. He broke her out and off they ran together, but not without waking some of the villagers. They ran through the night until they reached the moonlit beach where he hurriedly shuffled her aboard a small boat he had stolen from his village. Off they went into the sea carried out by the tide just as the vicious villagers reached the shoreline. They sailed away to a neighboring island and raised a family and lived peacefully in love. And legend has it that when the moon is full you can see them walking hand and hand along the silver sand. They say that the beach is enchanted and that if two souls meet on this beach they will forever be in love."

"That was beautiful. Playa Encanta…the enchanted beach." Lori whispered softly in the ocean breeze.

Back on the patio, Jordan motioned for Lori to be quiet as she slid open the door. "I think they’re still asleep." She led her silently into the warm house. They stood facing one another." You’re all hot and sweaty." Jordan said as she slid her finger along Lori’s glistening chest.

"You are too." Their bodies gelled together for a passionate kiss. Lori moaned with delight and melted into Jordan’s mouth.

"Let’s go take a shower." Jordan whispered with want.

"What about being good?" Lori asked not at all caring about caution.

"Screw it." Jordan echoed with a growl.

"Oh my." Lori said hearing the hunger in Jordan’s voice.

Jordan shushed her with another kiss and guided her into the small bathroom. She turned on the water to the tiny shower and turned to watch as Lori slowly undress. Her breathing became rapid at the sight of the sensational woman before her. Steam began to fill the tiny room, enveloping Lori in cloud like form.

"Aren’t you going to undress?" Lori approached her and began to help her out of the tight fitting bra. Jordan’s taught breasts bounced slightly with the release from the bra. Her nipples hardened into deep pink buds at the light touch of Lori’s fingers. The magical fingers continued down Jordan’s goose fleshed torso to the waist band of her shorts. Lori pulled them down slowly over the long, lean legs of her goddess. She rose back up slowly, lightly kissing Jordan’s thighs and lingering before her black curls.

Jordan’s legs began to shake as she felt the hot breath of the woman kneeling before her. She pulled her up and into the shower.

The cool water coated their bodies, allowing them to slide against one another in erotic bliss as they hungrily embraced in devouring kisses. Carried away with the desire for one another, they slowly lathered soap over each other, careful to wash every inch. When Jordan reached between Lori’s legs to lather her, Lori nearly collapsed with pleasure. Jordan stroked her folds softly, creating heated cries of rapture from the aroused blonde. Jordan felt the blood engorge the flesh beneath her fingers and she stopped just short of Lori’s orgasm. The shorter woman bucked at the absence of her fingers and she clung to Jordan, her hands clawing into her strong back. She growled her protest into Jordan’s ear and slowly opened her eyes. Jordan watched as the light green eyes shaded with darker green motive.

Lori poured a generous amount of shower gel into her hand, coating her fingers with deliberance. Reaching between Jordan’s legs, she cupped her soapy hand over the folds and worked her hand into a slick lather. Instantly feeling Jordan respond, she latched her hungry mouth onto her neck where she proceeded to feed on the sensitive flesh. Her fingers hastily continued their pleasure assault between Jordan’s legs until two fingers found their way deep into Jordan’s heated center. Jordan groaned at the sweet penetration and she clung to Lori’s shoulders, desperately needing the support to stand.

"No fair." Jordan said, her voice throaty with passion. "I didn’t do this to you."

Lori laughed devishly.

"All is fair in love and sex." She stroked Jordan deeper and used her thumb to massage her hardening clit.

"Ah, God." Jordan was quickly losing control. "I’m going to come." Her voice was raspy and constricted with pleasure.

"Oh no. Not yet." Lori slowly pulled her hand away and kissed Jordan long and hard. Both of them were slick with readiness and they rinsed hurriedly as best they could, emerging from the shower, once again tangled in a web of wet passion. Jordan grabbed a towel and patted them both dry as best she could while yearning seared through her veins, making any task more than difficult.

Tumbling into the bedroom, hands grabbing and pawing at one another, mouths unwillingly to separate, Jordan hastily managed to scoot the two beds together while Lori closed the door. Jordan stood by the bed and watched Lori walk the few steps over to her. The blonde seemed to float to her, heaven sent. Jordan licked her lips at the spectacle and ran her hands lightly over the beautiful blonde, causing her to tremble with desire and her skin to awaken with want.

Overcome with need and hunger, Lori backed Jordan up to the bed and eased her down, once again burying her face in her exposed neck. Jordan caught her breath as she felt teeth lightly nibble at her, then sink in deeper with a possessiveness. Her skin burned at being sucked, awakening more nerve endings between her legs. She clung to Lori’s back, lifting herself off the bed, trying desperately to feel Lori’s skin against her own.

Every inch of Jordan was alive with craving. She wriggled and sighed as Lori found every last one of the burning places and fed the fires with her mouth and dancing tongue. She found Jordan’s core, liquid hot and molten and she suckled her clit hungrily while pausing to go down to penetrate the walls of her with her strong tongue. Jordan tugged on Lori’s hair, lost in a maze of pleasure, wanting her to stop, the sensation too intense, yet holding her to her, never wanting it to end.

Jordan was close, her breathing shallow and quickening, her hips thrusting into Lori’s face. Lori lifted up from her and looked deep into her blue eye, hazed with bliss. She wanted the moment to be special, something neither one of them would ever forget

Slowly, she thrust two strong fingers into the hot creamy walls of her goddess and watched with delight at the gorgeous brunette’s reaction. She felt the raised patch of skin against her fingertips where she curled them tightly and pumped soft and slow. Jordan groaned loudly as Lori continued to strum her g-spot, causing a warmth of pleasure to spread throughout her insides. She threw her head back in pleasure, her hips bucking wildly on the bed.

"Please, Oh God, please make me come." She begged, barely able to speak. Lori felt her own heat rise between her legs in response to Jordan’s words. She felt close to orgasm herself.

"Jordan, look at me." She demanded softly. " I want to watch you come." She pumped her harder and faster and clenched her own legs close together, feeling the throbbing getting stronger. Jordan’s clear blue eyes seared into her and Lori knew it was time. Jordan cried out and sat up off the bed as she came hard and loud. Lori had never seen anyone more beautiful in her life, as the waves of orgasm washed over the brunettes face, causing flash after flash of ecstasy to light up her face. She continued to spasm around Lori’s fingers as she sat up and kissed Lori fiercely.

Lori carefully removed her fingers as Jordan pulled her down on top her.

"I want to taste you." Jordan said seductively as her fingers found her heated center and plunged into her. "God, you’re so wet and ready for me." She purred, smiling wickedly up at Lori.

Lori nearly came on the spot as she felt the long fingers sear into her and melt her insides.

"Come here." Jordan’s eyes were clouded with desire, as she removed her coated fingers to scoot Lori up to straddle her face. Lori trembled with sheer excitement as the reality of what Jordan was about to do set in.

"Mmmm, I’m going to lick you clean." Jordan seethed. She eased Lori’s hips down to her hot hungry mouth. Lori cried out instantly at the first touch of the voracious tongue and she had to rest her hands on the wall to hold herself upright. She could feel Jordan’s tongue all over her, lapping at her and then plunging into her.

"Ahh. God. YES." She gyrated her hips and rode Jordan’s face, losing what little control she had left. Jordan moaned in delight and held her tight. Feeling her orgasm near, Jordan plunged two fingers deeply up into her, while her mouth held firm to her clit. Lori groaned, deep and throaty as the waves penetrated deep with her. Jordan continued to suck at her juices, determined to drink all of her.

"Christ." She whispered as the last wave consumed her, causing her to buck in response. She rested her forehead against the wall, completely spent. Carefully, she crawled off of Jordan and snuggled up next to her on the bed.

Jordan propped up on her elbow and examined the beautifully flushed woman lying next to her.

"I don’t think I’ve been this happy, ever."

Lori looked up at her and stroked her belly.

"Why?" She didn’t understand why someone as wonderful as Jordan kept the world at bay, even at the risk of losing someone.

"Fear, I guess. Fear of getting hurt, fear of loving and losing." A short silence followed, before Lori spoke.

"Karen told me about Marie." She whispered. "I’m sorry." Lori knew how painful it must have been for Jordan to lose her lover and she knew how lucky she was to have been let in at all.

"It’s ok. I’m just glad Karen never gave up on me. If she had, I would’ve never met you." Jordan took her hand and gently kissed her palm.

"I’m glad too." Lori said smiling up at her. "So much for taking it slow." She teased.

"Oh, I plan on taking it slow…painfully slow." Jordan kissed down her hand to her inner wrist where she ran her tongue slowly up and down her arm.

Lori wrapped herself around her and kissed her sweetly.

"I count on it."

"Mmm…I better get some breakfast if I’m to continue ravishing you." She stood and yanked on her shorts and a tank top. Lori turned on her side and rested her head in her hand.

"Do you have to cover up?" She loved watching Jordan’s body move and she hated to see it covered.

Jordan came over to the bed and kissed her forehead.

"You relax and I’ll go make breakfast."

"Ok, but don’t be long." She said as Jordan let go of her hand and walked out of the room.

Jordan smiled to herself as she felt Lori’s warm juices coating her lips and chin.

She walked cheerfully into the bright kitchen, hair tousled, wearing nothing but gym shorts, a tiny tank and a huge grin. Julie and Karen sat smirking over their coffee.

"Morning." Jordan said gleefully, completely oblivious to their expressions.

"Hey Jordan?" Julie said, her voice tired from her hang over and lack of sleep.

"Yeah?" she said opening a cooler and pulling out some orange juice.

"Don’t ever say another word to us about being noisy lovers."

The End.

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