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Part I

Lydia curled herself into the music letting the notes envelop her. She felt safe there, hidden away in that one small corner of her mind. She let the notes wash over her, her body shivering with delight as the piece reached its final crescendo. The music stopped, and a loud silence invaded the room. She looked at the clock. '1 a.m. Where is she?' Lydia wondered as she stretched out on the couch and waited for her lover to come home.

She heard the key in the lock and closed her eyes. Footsteps moved across the room. She felt the energy above her. It waited, watching. She tried to breathe deeply as if in slumber. She felt a blanket cover her and a soft kiss gently brush her forehead. She willed her muscles to be still. The body above her walked away hesitantly. She heard footsteps click down the hall and the bedroom door quietly open and shut. Tears slid unnoticed down her cheeks. 'Where were you, Gina,' Lydia whispered to herself.

The light of the morning sun shining through the bay window cast its heat on Lydia’s sleeping form. She awoke slowly, savoring its warmth. She felt a slight ache in her bones from sleeping on the couch and tried to stretch the kinks out. She padded down the hall to the bedroom and opened the door. The bed was empty.

She heard the shower. She removed her clothing, folding it neatly, and laid it on the trunk at the end of the bed. She stepped into the steam-filled bathroom and stood watching the tall body whose back was to the shower door. She opened the shower door and stepped in. She pressed herself against the lean, compact form in front of her. She reached her arms around the form and took the soap from long, thin fingers. She began to massage breasts and stomach and thighs, her breasts and mound never losing contact with her lover's back. "I missed you," she said.

The tall woman turned, the soap on her body acting like a lubricant easing the glide of their naked bodies against each other. She placed her hands on the smaller woman's buttocks and drew her to her. She leaned down and kissed the eager lips before her. The lips were soft and slightly open. Her tongue gained entrance and danced against the tongue of her lover. She felt the wetness flow between her legs and reached down to feel the same wetness between the legs of the other woman as she touched her. She stepped back slightly and looked deeply into Lydia’s eyes. "I missed you, too," she said as her fingers stroked her lover's throbbing clitoris, then entered her slowly, without resistance.

"Forgive me," tall woman whispered as she felt the smaller woman move against her hand.

"Always," the smaller woman replied.


Katherine crumpled the paper in her hand and threw it across the room where it joined an ever-growing hill of crumpled yellow paper. 'Damn it,' she thought angrily. 'I'd rather be doing it than writing about it!' Just writing the words had stirred her libido.

She looked at the clock on the mantel. 9:00 p.m. 'Well, don't just sit there,' her alter ego told her. 'Get up and get going. The night is still young.' She sat for a moment torn between working to meet the deadline she knew was rapidly approaching or heading out for some R&R. Her baser instincts won out, and she headed to her bedroom to shower and change.

'An evening at Cherries or the G Spot should be just what the doctor ordered,' she told herself as she dried off and began to dress. She selected black leather pants, a black leather vest, and a silk long-sleeved teal shirt, open at the neck. She placed a thin spiked collar around her neck and silver studs in her ears. A leather wrist strap and black boots completed the outfit. She ran her fingers through her short, dark hair, curly with its after-shower dampness.

She looked in the mirror and was pleased with what she saw. 'O.K.,' she mused. 'Let's rock and roll.' She put on a long black coat and buttoned it at the collar. 'No need to give the doorman apoplexy,' she thought.

She let herself out of the apartment and took the elevator to the ground floor. She smiled at the doorman as he held the door for her. "Good evening, Ms. Grant," he said deferentially.

"Good evening, Dominick," she responded. "Cab, please."

One quick whistle and a cab appeared seemingly from out of nowhere. The doorman opened the door of the cab, and she stuck a bill in his hand just before he closed it. "Thank you, Ms. Grant. Have a good evening," he said.

She smiled at him. 'Oh, I intend to,' she thought. "One Hundred block of Christopher Street," she told the cabbie. Traffic was good and the ride downtown only took ten minutes. She had the cabbie let her out on the corner. She watched his tail lights fade in the distance as she headed up Christopher Street. She hit Cherries first. It was midweek, and the crowd was not as large as it was on weekends. The bouncer recognized her and waved her in.

She checked her coat and headed to the main floor. She mouthed "usual" to the bartender and leaned against the bar while she surveyed the action. "Hey, there Cagey," the bartender said. They had known each other for a long time. Alex had at first shortened Katherine's name to K.G., and then started calling her Cagey. She kind of liked the appellation.

"Hey, Alex," she replied. "Any good action tonight?" She surveyed the room and her eyes stopped on a petite blonde sitting alone at a table. 'Not bad,' she thought. The D.J. put on some slow music and she headed over to the table to ask the smaller woman for a dance. She had barely reached the table when she felt a large hand tighten on her shoulder.

"Hold on, there, big stuff," a gruff voice drawled in her ear.

She turned around grinning. "Hey, Texas, what's happening?"

"Nothin' much, dude," the other woman replied, holding out her hand. Katherine shook the proffered hand.

"That yours?" she said, glancing at the small blonde appreciatively.

"Let's just say I got here first," Texas replied with a leer. "Come on, lemme buy ya' one."

Katherine nodded and followed the tall Texan to the table. "Laurel," the large woman said, "Like you to meet a friend of mine. K.G., Laurel; Laurel, K.G."

Katherine looked down into warm emerald eyes. She felt her heart skip a beat and stepped back, surprised at the visceral reaction her body had to the small blonde..

Laurel held her hand out, and Katherine took it gently. Instead of shaking Laurel’s hand, Katherine turned the small hand over and kissed the palm lightly before surrendering it to its owner. "Pleased to meet you," she said, smiling.

"And I, you," Laurel replied, smiling back.

"Hey, Alex," Texas yelled. "Another round over here." She turned to the small blonde. "Watch out for K.G., here," she smirked. "She's real Cagey."

Katherine groaned and looked at the smaller woman. "Don't mind, Texas. She likes to pull everybody's chain. I hope she hasn't been pulling yours," Katherine said with a wry smile.

"No, we've just met," the younger woman said. "She hasn't had time to pull anything."

Katherine raised an eyebrow and looked at the blonde. When the smaller woman realized what she had said, she blushed. "I mean...I didn't mean that like it sounded...I mean..."

Katherine laughed. "I know what you meant. This time I was trying to pull your chain." The small blonde looked at her and smiled broadly.

The DJ put another slow tune on, and couples began to straggle out onto the dance floor.

"Hey, Tex," Katherine said. "Aren't you going to give your girl a dance?"

"Aw, Cagey," Tex replied. "You know I don't like slow ones."

"Would you mind if I do?" Katherine asked.

Tex hesitated. "Nah, go on," she said.

Katherine stood and held out her hand to the petite blonde. Laurel looked up at her as if she was not quite sure what to do. Then she placed her smaller hand in the larger one, stood slowly, and followed Katherine to the dance floor.

Katherine put her hands on the smaller woman's waist and drew her to her. The blonde put her arms up around Katherine's neck and leaned her head against her chest. ‘A perfect fit,’ Katherine thought as she melded her body to Laurel’s and they began to sway together to the slow beat.

"I'm not a piece of property, you know." Laurels said softly.

"I know you're not," Katherine replied. "I just didn't want to start anything with Big Tex over there."

The dance ended, and Laurel stepped away from Katherine. The two women returned to the table and sat down just as a Texas two-step started.

Tex grabbed Laurel. "Come on, baby, let's do it," she said loudly, as if staking her territory. Laurel looked embarrassed but rose and followed her to the dance floor.

Katherine walked over and leaned against a post at the corner of the dance floor so that she could get a better look. She watched the couple closely and noticed the small blonde shy away whenever Tex tried to give her a familiar touch. 'Nothing's going to happen, there,' Katherine thought. 'Interesting.'

The two-step ended, and Tex dragged Laurel back to the table. "How ‘bout another drink," she said to Laurel.

The small blonde shook her head. "I think I’ve had enough, but thank you," she said, looking out of the corner of her eye at Katherine.

"Hey, Alex," Tex yelled, ignoring Laurel‘s response. "Another round. Make mine a double." The large woman had downed several doubles in succession, and it was obvious she was feeling no pain.

"You're cut off, Tex," Alex yelled back. "How about a cup of coffee?"

"Hey, bitch," Tex shouted belligerently. "Nobody tells me when I'm cut off. Get your butt over here and bring me a double." She jumped up from her chair, swaying dangerously, and headed for Alex.

Katherine stuck her foot out just slightly, and the big Texan went sprawling to the floor.

'Oh, oh, here we go,' Alex thought as she jumped over the bar and headed toward the tall woman lying on the floor.

Tex looked at Katherine with murder in her eyes and started to rise. "Stay down, big guy," Katherine said as she put her foot gently on the tall Texan's chest. "Tex, ya' gotta cool it. Somebody will call the cops if you start something."

The larger woman grabbed Katherine around the ankle in an effort to throw her off balance. Before she could complete the move, she snorted heavily and passed out cold.

"O.K., everybody, it's over," Alex said as she reached the snoring Texan. "I'll take care of this Cagey," she said. "Thanks."

"That's O.K.," Katherine replied. She looked at the small blonde. "Do you have a way home?" She asked.

"No problem," Laurel said. "I came alone. I'll just catch a cab."

"Let me get my coat, and I'll walk you out. O.K.?"

"All right," Laurel agreed. She rose and pulled a small jacket around her. She and Katherine walked out together into the cool night air. They stood on the sidewalk for several minutes while Katherine tried to hail a cab.

The night breeze was cutting, and the small jacket was not enough to keep Laurel warm. Katherine noticed her shivering and opened her large coat, inviting Laurel inside.

Laurel stepped into the coat and leaned against Katherine who wrapped her coat around the smaller woman, trapping them both inside. It was a pleasant sensation, and Katherine felt a familiar stirring in her loins as the blonde leaned back against her. Katherine was disappointed when a cab pulled up to the curb, but she opened the door and held it while Laurel entered.

"Would you like to share the cab?" Laurel asked.

"No, thanks," Katherine responded. "I have another stop I have to make." Sheknew instinctively that getting to first base with Laurel would require some "getting to know you" time. There was no time for that tonight. She needed more, much more.

Laurel looked disappointed and waived out the window to Katherine as the cab pulled away from the curb.

Katherine continued down the street to The G Spot. 'Better luck, this time,' she thought as she entered the club. She looked around, seeking a familiar face. The crowd was thicker and the music more raucous than at Cherry‘s. Katherine laid her coat over the back of a chair and stepped up to the bar. She ordered a Chivas and water and leaned against the bar, watching the dance floor. She felt a body slide up against her and smelled the familiar smell of Opium. "Hey, Jade," she said without turning. "Long time, no touch," she joked. Things were looking up, indeed.

"Hi, K.G.," the red head said throatily. "I've missed you, baby. Where ya' been?" She rubbed her hand across Katherine's stomach and inched it slowly to the mound between her legs. "Love the feel of leather. You're looking good."

K.G. grabbed her by the wrist and twisted it. "You know better than that, Jade," she growled.

Jade grimaced. "I'm sorry, K.G. It won't happen again."

"It better not, or you'll be one sorry bitch. Get your coat and let's get out of here," she ordered.

Katherine threw some bills on the bar and grabbed her coat.

Jade picked up her jacket and followed Katherine out the front door. The two women walked in silence the two blocks to Jade's apartment, a second floor railroad flat in a non-descript brownstone. Jade opened the door and let the taller woman enter first. She shut the door behind them, turned, and looked at Katherine expectantly.

"Take it off," Katherine commanded. "Slowly."

The red head began to remove her clothing piece by piece. Katherine sat in a chair, legs spread, and watched her. When Jade was completely nude, she ordered her into the bathroom. Katherine followed. She drew a warm bath but made Jade stand there while the tub filled. When she was satisfied, she ordered: "Get in."

Katherine sat on the commode and watched Jade in the tub. She was sorry she had worn her leather. She would have bathed the other woman if she were wearing anything else. She was aching to touch the body in front of her.

"Wash," she ordered. She watched as Jade ran the soap all over her body. It excited her to see Jade move the soap over her breasts and stomach.

"Touch yourself," she commanded. Jade rubbed the soap between her legs, then spread the lips apart and began to touch herself. Katherine felt the swelling and throbbing between her own legs. She heard Jade's breath become more and more ragged and knew she was about to bring herself to climax.

"Stop!" Katherine ordered. Jade's hand stopped immediately, and she looked at Katherine expectantly. "Get out of the tub." Jade did as she was told. The taller woman handed her a bath towel which was hanging from a rack.

"Dry yourself. Don't miss a spot," she said.

Jade complied at once, rubbing the towel all over her body several times, pulling her breasts up to reach underneath, and bringing it up between her legs like a sling, pulling it back and forth against herself.

"Stop it," Katherine demanded. "I know what you're doing. You don't do that until I tell you to do it." Jade stopped immediately.

"Go into the bedroom," the taller woman ordered. Jade hung her head and obeyed the command.

Katherine followed her into the bedroom. "Get on the bed." Jade lay down on her back on the bed.

"You know the position," Katherine said.

Jade raised her arms above her head and spread them. She spread her legs and watched Katherine expectantly. They had played this game before, and she knew exactly what to do.

Katherine reached into the nightstand next to the bed. She found four silk scarves there. She tied them lightly around Jade's wrists and ankles and tied her to the bed. "You know what happens next, don't you?" She snarled. "You cannot move. You cannot speak. If you make a sound, if you cause the ties to come lose, it's over. Do you understand?" The red head nodded.

The dark-haired woman reached into the nightstand again and pulled out a large feather. She began to move it lightly over Jade's body, covering every square inch.

Jade moved as little as possible but was unable to remain still. Her arms and legs ached from the effort of keeping enough length in the silk ties to prevent them from coming loose.

Katherine dropped the feather and picked up a bottle of lotion which she began to rub over Jade's body in ever widening circles. She covered her face and neck and breasts. She rubbed it on Jade’s stomach and up and down her legs. She poured it in between Jade’s legs and let her fingers rub it up and down between her engorged nether lips.

Jade's rapid breaths broke the silence of the room. Her swollen center throbbed with desire.

Katherine knew the red head was at the point of exploding. She reached in the bedside stand to retrieve a dental dam and moved between Jade's legs.

Jade felt the taller woman's breath on her clitoris and anticipated what was coming next. She drew a deep breath and felt herself moan involuntarily.

Katherine froze. She got up from the bed, threw the dental dam in the waste basket, grabbed her coat, and walked out the door. She did not see the tears flow down Jade's cheeks nor did she see her reach down to touch herself to complete what Katherine would not or could not do.


To be continued in Part 2

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