Reining in the Bell, part 6

Two starving young women finally admitted they couldn’t live off of love and hastily showered and dressed. As they strolled towards the family dining room everyone who passed them greeted the two young women. Belle tried her best to ignore the smirks and winks she received from various servants.

“By the High One, does everyone in the residence know what we’ve been doing?” Grasen asked.  She had also seen the knowing grins and servants prodding one another with their elbows. Why did the trip from upper floors to dining room seem so much longer?

Belle snorted. “I claimed you as my consort. Do you honestly think anyone here is unaware of it?” she asked. Of course, it would be nice if everyone acted unaware but Lonnie guaranteed long ago that the servants would no longer fear showing emotions and felt freer to express them. Lonnie treated everyone as family and hence the winks and grins.

They reached the dining room where Lona and the Queen were already sitting at the table. Servants were placing meals down for the two of them but would have fresh plates ready for any latecomers. The older couple exchanged looks but greeted the young women warmly. The new couple had no way of realizing how they glowed with young love and could hardly hide the fact that they had become intimate. They sat down as they greeted the royal couple.

“Sleep well?” Lona asked, doing her best to keep her face neutral, ignoring the kick under the table from Tashalia.

Grasen cleared her throat. “Yes, thank you Lona. And you?”

“I doubt they got a wink of sleep last night,” a teasing voice said from behind them. Brittany strolled into the room. “It seems a pair of temkas in heat were causing all sorts of ruckus last and kept the entire upper floor awake,” the young girl said without even a glimmer of a smile on her face. The embarrassed pair moaned and wondered if they could go into hiding now.

Brittany gave a belly laugh as her older sister tossed a roll at her, smacking her in the chest. Brittany grabbed it and took a healthy bite, looking smug. She ignored the scolding looks from her parents and sat innocently quiet as servants entered the room bearing trays. The youngest sister was served first and she thanked the young man who placed the meal in front of her. Next were the newlyweds.

Belle glanced at the plate and blinked, then looked again. The entire meal consisted of what the C’helans considered aphrodisiacs. She looked into the faces at the table and smirked.

“Do you really think I need these?” she asked with a leer to her consort. Grasen turned several shades brighter and covered her mouth, trying not to laugh. Belle continued.

“And who’s bright idea was this anyway? Lona, did you put the servants up to this?”

“Me? I did no such thing!” she denied as she salted her meal. “It was your mother,” she deadpanned. Belle's eyes widened in shock as she turned her eyes to her parent.

“Mother! You?”

Tashalia tried to look away, the guilt evident. She put down her utensils and tried to explain. “Daughter, listen, I was just trying to help…” Tashalia glanced at her other family members who were snorting and squirming in laughter, “After all, you need your strength. You missed morning meal and...” the family laughed harder, the excuse was so lame. “Okay, fine, I admit it. I did it to tease the devil out of you!” she confessed, tossing her napkin to the table. 

Belle roared with laughter. Her overly serious mother had truly gotten her well. She looked at Grasen who was giggling and leaned over for a kiss.

“By the Holy One, she doesn’t need the damned food, look at the two of them,” Brittany commented to the rest of the family. “Get a room!” she heckled.

* * * *

Belle slammed her hand down onto the offensive alarm to shut it off. She didn’t want to get out of bed and go to classes. Grasen moaned and hid her face into Belle's shoulder.

“Do we really have to get up today?” she moaned.

Belle sighed. If they stayed in bed perhaps no one would notice. Neither of the young women moved, thinking the same thing. They managed to ignore their responsibilities for several more minutes until Lona entered the room.

“I thought so. Out of bed and get ready!” she ordered, her face stern but her voice merry. The girls moaned and pulled the bedding over their heads. Lona shook her head and grabbed the edges of the sheets and pulled, efficiently yanking off all their coverings.

“Get a move on you slug-a-beds!” Lona said loudly as she delivered a slap to Belle's rump, who protested loudly at her parent. Lona chuckled and left their quarters.

“Did I say I liked Lona at one time?” Grasen grumbled. Belle grumbled a yes and she stood up. She held out her hand and helped her lover up.

“We’d better shower before she sends in reinforcements.”

A long and lingering shower helped ease them into waking although time for dressing and eating would be hurried. Grasen watched her friend pull out her normal school attire.

“Wait, Belle, why don’t you dress in something casual today?”

Belle lifted a brow. “Why? I’m used to it, Grasen.”

The smaller woman smirked. “Uh huh, and you suffer for it all day.” Grasen walked up to her lover and trailed a finger along her belly. “I only want to see you hot and bothered in our room—not at school,” adding a wink. Belle gulped and nodded. She only donned a floral-patterned nayst and soft leather sandals.

A quick meal and Palla rushed them to the car, glancing at her watch. The drive was quick and silent. Palla parked in front of the school and told them to have a good day. Once they exited, Palla hit the automatic locks and waved as she drove away. For better or worse, they were on their own.

Students and staff alike seemed to be all milling outside the building. Grasen noticed many whispering and pointing. Word had obviously reached the school grapevine. No other student attending their school was mated so their situation had to be shocking. Now that they were once again facing the outside world, the truth of her situation was sinking in. She was the consort to the next Queen and her life was going to change.

Belle sensed her feelings and squeezed her hand in support. “Ready?” she whispered. 

Grasen nodded and they walked into the school.

Homeroom class seemed to drag horribly. No one had said anything because the teacher had arrived early but as the class ended one student approached them.

Belle glanced at the young woman who stepped in front of them. Tauch gave an appreciative leer to Belle, frankly staring at her naked breasts along with the evidence of light bruising on the soft flesh.

Grasen hid her smile when she silently crowed over the fact she’d be the only one able play with those lovely morsels. Tauch could just stand there and be jealous. 

The bully’s gravely voice intruded on her thoughts. “It’s said you took her as your consort. Is this true?”

Belle glared at the larger student but answered her. It was no use avoiding the truth. “Yes,” she said calmly.

Tauch glanced over her torso greedily. She had no manners at all. “Well, if you ever tire of her, allow me the privilege of knowing first. I’m sure we could…find you a more suitable for mating,” she grinned.

The outraged Grasen lunged, fully intending to throttle the arrogant bitch but Belle grabbed her first. Before Grasen had time to protest her lover lowered her mouth and took possession of her lips. Everything else disappeared and Grasen relaxed. It wasn’t until a discreet ‘ahem’ finally broke them apart.

Other than the teacher, the room was empty. They hadn’t seen the other students leave, chuckling and snickering at Tauch’s outraged look before she stormed out of the classroom.

“I suggest you move on to your next class Mistresses Belle and Grasen. You’re late,” she commented. She didn’t want to lecture them. It was never a good idea to scold a future queen.

Both of them nodded and separated reluctantly. It was going to be a very long day. They had passed each other once in the halls and waved, not able to move through the crowded passageway. It was just before the last class prior to lunch that they were able to speak for a few moments.

 “Goddess, this is the most miserable morning of my life,” Belle complained. “Can we just skip classes and go home? We can find other things to do instead.”

Grinning, Grasen sneaked in a kiss and shook her head. Yes, it would be tempting but they had another year to go before graduation. Belle needed to behave and she needed to get her hormones to behave too. Just the slightest suggestion got her hot and bothered.

Belle saw the look in her eyes. “Hey, the office in the locker room is empty during lunchtime. Want to eat lunch in there and, um, play a little?” Belle asked hopefully.

Grasen felt her heart race and started sweating. Did they dare? Looking into her lover’s dark eyes destroyed whatever willpower she had. She grinned and promised to meet her there later.

* * * *

To be continued...