The Fallen, part 5

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Branen sat in his room and stared at the phone. He was supposed to report daily to his aunt Daz but he was hesitant to do so. Something wasn't right.

As a male, there was little interest in his education. Men just didn't have the intellect to understand the complex world. They were to be sheltered from the unpleasant and in their role in society, obey the female members of their family. But something wasn't right.

In spite of his fictional role as a reporter, he had little idea of what was going on. He only knew what his family told him. Aunt Daz had come home after a long hospital stay and told everyone that she had been unfairly defeated in a match against an alien woman who had somehow mesmerized the Queen. She had been brutalized when the alien continuously struck her after she fell. The alien woman had immense strength and powers none understood. Daz spoke of her fears that their society would somehow be changed, and that the alien would destroy them all.

For the sake of the people of C'hela, the Queen must be protected from the evil alien. Branen had been stunned and honored when his aunt had stepped up to him and asked him to fill this role. But nothing seemed to fit!

The Queen certainly didn't seem controlled by the human. In fact, Consort Lona appeared enthralled by her mate, eagerly waiting on her every whim. They looked truly fond of one another. Then there was the slaves of the Residence, who said nothing but good of Lona. Branen stared at the phone. Somehow, it felt wrong. How could the alien be so evil when even the slave children adored her? Sighing, he knew he couldn't delay any longer. He picked up the receiver and dialed.

Phone activated 13:77


"It's me, Branen."

"What has taken you so long nephew? I've been waiting for hours. Did you deliver the package?"


"Why not?"

"Tell me again Aunt, why I must do this."

"Because I told you to. It must be done, for the safety of C'hela."

"I can't. Not today. The Queen delivered her child and her guards are everywhere."

"Find a way. Do not fail your family's honor Branen."

Call terminated 14:03

Lona sighed. Without the actual recording to listen to, it was hard to judge.

"He seems reluctant to deliver this ‘package', but I can't be sure." She said to Palla. The Head of Security agreed.

"It's a shame he is being used this way. I kind of like him. He actually has a brain."

Lona chuckled, her wry sense of humor taking control of her mouth. "Why don't you nab him, take him as a mate and ruin Daz's plan," she joked and left the room, leaving behind a stunned Palla.

"Yes, why not?" the woman grinned to herself. The alien had been joking but it was perfect. She informed her second in command she was leaving.

A short time later, Palla parked her car in front of a large estate on the edge of town. As she left her car, she noticed several nervous servants scurry from sight. The former advisor must be a terror to belong to. She walked up the winding steps and knocked on the door.

A male slave opened the door, asking politely her business with the owner.

"That is for me and Mistress Daz to discuss," she said stiffly. The man hurried from the room to find his owner. Daz joined her in the hallway a few moments later.

Palla stood and introduced herself, but neglected to say she worked for the Queen.

"I understand you have an unwed nephew by the name of Branen?"

"Yes, what of him?" Daz asked impatiently.

"Do you speak for the family or should I seek his mother? I wish to have him as a mate. A friend told me he was quite attractive and intelligent. My other mates are as dim as dying embers."

"Hmm, well, I am the head of the family, so I may speak for my sister. The boy is not here at the moment. I have him performing a service for the family. He should return home shortly."

"What is his groom's price?"

Daz poured them drinks from a crystal canister and handed her a glass, obviously thinking. "I would think 4 pieces of silver would be sufficient. After all, he is young and properly trained. He'd make a good mate."

Palla wasn't a fool. She began dickering over the price. "The boy is a minor child of your sister's. I happen to know the boy can't even cook because his mother neglected to have him taught. He's only good for one thing Mistress Daz."

The former advisor laughed. "Well, you seem well informed. Alright, 2 pieces silver or a small house in a decent neighborhood. I fancy increasing my rental properties."

Palla thought it over and agreed. "I have a spare house in the Toma district. Is that acceptable?"

"Yes. Let us formalize the agreement shall we?" Daz summoned her secretary. The slave wrote out their agreement and signed it as a witness. The two women also signed them. Palla signed a form relinquishing the Toma property to the former advisor. Branen was now hers. Daz promised to have him available for pick up that evening. They bid each other a good day and the Security Chief left.

The grinning woman knocked on the private chamber door of the Royal couple. Dala opened the door and allowed her to enter. The couple was snuggled up on a well padded lounge chair while the infant nursed.

Tashalia looked at her head of security and asked why she was grinning like a fool.

Palla took the mating agreement from her pocket and handed it over. Lona looked over her mate's shoulder to read it as well.

"Palla! You sly dog! I was only joking!" the consort said, laughing.

"You took Branen as a mate? Why? You've avoided taking a mate all this time, why someone we distrust?"

"Well, why not? He's a good looking young man and in spite of our suspicions, Lona's first instinct was to trust him. I've learned to listen to her instincts. Even your vaulted inner voice didn't distrust him until I brought up Depran's suggestion to investigate him. I think he's just Daz's victim and has no choice but to do as his family wishes. But now I am his family. To do as Daz wants, he would have to betray me, who serves you. Lona might have been joking but it was a perfect way to release him from his obligation to Daz."

Lona grinned. "Dala, please fetch Master Branen and bring him here." The servant left the room.

"To quote an old saying on my world, I wish I was a spider on the wall when Daz finds out she was conned."

Tashalia shook her head, unable to decipher that one. She shifted Belle to her other breast and the baby resumed suckling. She was about done when Dala returned with the confused young man. Tashalia motioned him to a chair facing them.

"I'm sure you're curious as to why you were summoned." The young man nodded, staring at the nursing infant. "Well, we have to tell you a few things. Firstly, we know Daz sent you here."

Branen paled, wondering how quickly he would be executed.

"Don't get all wide eyed on us. We want you to tell us all that you know. Now," the queen said sternly.

"I, my Queen, I know little. Aunt Daz ordered me to place something within your quarters when I was able to. That's all."

"And where is this thing now?" Palla asked.

"Hidden in the gardens. I was told not to risk bringing it inside until I planted it."

"Was there a specific place she wanted it?"

Branen paled further. "In the nursery," he said softly.

"Hmm. And killing our child would accomplish what I wonder?" Branen had no clue, that much was certain. "Well. It matters little at this point. Branen, you are no longer a member of Daz's household. Palla here has taken you as a mate. Please greet her properly and obey her." Tashalia said, hiding her mirth as the young man's eyes widened.

He glanced at the intimidating woman who stood next to him. She was easily the most frightening female he had ever met. Her arms were massive and powerful. She did have a pleasant face though. Swallowing hard, he hoped she would be a kindly mate and didn't beat him too often. He stood and approached her, his throat tight.

To his surprise, the woman smiled warmly and tilted his chin up with a finger. She bent down and kissed his lips gently. Surprised by her tenderness, he felt tears burn his eyes.

"Why don't you show me where it is and I'll have it disposed of?"

"And take the next few days off and get to know one another," Lona suggested with a wink. Palla thanked them both and left with her new mate.

"You are such a softy," Tashalia accused her mate.

"Who? ME? Nah, I'm a hard hearted alien witch who terrifies everyone she meets," Lona said with a silly grin.

"Uh huh." She turned to Belle and spoke softly to her. "Did you hear that little one? Your parent is telling fibs in front of her child. What kind of example is she setting?"

"Wait until she sees what else her parents do." Lona leered and wiggled her eyebrows. Tashalia felt the stirrings jump at the look even though it had only been a day since she gave birth. She moaned. It was going to be a long 6 weeks before Taob allowed their love life to resume.

Glancing at Belle, the new mother saw her sleeping.

"Why don't we lock the door and put Belle down for her nap. I think you need a little comforting," she suggested.

"Tashalia, I can wait until you're ready, really."

The queen smiled and brushed her hand against Lona's bare midriff. Her nipples instantly came to attention. "Because my love, I know your cycle as well as my own. Right now, you are at the time you crave lovemaking the most. Besides, I like tormenting you, you know that. There isn't a reason not to ease your tensions while we wait."

"I could take care of my own needs if I must," she said weakly, her mate's wandering fingers causing havoc.

"Lock the door."

Lona nodded and threw the bolt, telling the staff they wanted their privacy. She took Belle from her mate's arms and gave Tashalia a hand up. They tucked the baby into her cradle that stood near their own bed. Lona was going to crawl into it when her mate stopped her and pointed to the sofa.

Tashalia sat down and told Lona to straddle her lap carefully. The sofa was made of a leather-like material and had little give to it.. Cautiously, she settled over her mate's lap. Tashalia didn't hesitate. For the last several months, she hadn't been able to touch her mate as she wished, her girth had prevented it. Now she was able to do what she had craved.

Tashalia dipped her head and took one rigid peak into her mouth, suckling at it hard. Lona groaned and arched forward. The queen really enjoyed these time when Lona's hormones demanded sex, and rough was okay too. As much as she adored her mate, there were times she wanted to go wild and just ravish her—to take control. Lona's cycle made it possible.

Using her hand, she took the other nipple and tweaked it hard, making Lona cry out in her native language. Her eyes were already closed, her face and neck flushed with desire. She continued the rough treatment, lightly bruising the tender breasts. Lona was moving with each touch, arching and groaning in pleasure, making it difficult to keep her lips wrapped around her peak. Tashalia grabbed Lona's butt and dug her fingers roughly into them to hold her still. Lona cried out softly but didn't protest, which she would if it got too painful.

Now enjoying the game, Tashalia took a deep breath and could smell the arousal of her mate. She lifted her head and demanded Lona kiss her as her hand took over for her lips, lightly crushing the soft breast. Lona bent down and kissed her hungrily. Both women fought for dominance, their tongues dueling. The queen decided Lona was more than ready and removed her hands from their prize. She pulled Lona's mouth away from her own by tugging on her hair at the nape. She tapped the seat to one side and told Lona to put both knees there and brace herself on the sofa arm.

Lona did as she was told and found herself in a position where she was almost prone over her lap, like a child about to be paddled. Incredibly turned on, she moaned and begged Tashalia to take her. Her mate's large hand played with her buttocks and thighs, running her nails lightly over the skin. Lona shivered.

She whimpered, wanting to come so badly she could already feel herself throbbing. Warm fingers trailed along her inner thigh and teased her moist flesh. She cried out in English, her mind unable to form anything else. Tashalia swirled her fingers lightly against her readiness before easing into her. Moaning louder, she begged Tashalia for more. It did little good since Tashalia didn't understand her and would do as she wished anyway even if she could.

Long fingers began a gentle rhythm, doing little to ease her need. She thrust her hips towards the hand, hoping for more. Tashalia stroked her powerful back with her free hand and grabbed her hair, in attempt to hold her still. Lona tried to remain still, but her body refused. The fingers withdrew. Lona whined and forced her body to be still.

"Very good."

The fingers found her once more but hovered teasingly.


Tashalia smiled and thrust her fingers into her mate, causing her to gasp. It had been a long time since they indulged in this rough play and she wasn't sure what Lona could take.

"More!" Lona managed to grunt out. Tashalia withdrew and added another finger. She thrust back into her several times, but not with any more force than before even though Lona begged for it. She knew her mate well. What she craved wasn't pain, but to be possessed. Withdrawing her fingers carefully, Tashalia slid back inside with her all her fingers, carefully working herself deeper. Once she reached Lona's limit, she used her free hand to tease her sensitive flesh. It was enough. Lona cried out as her body exploded in pleasure.

Her body shook violently as the orgasm ripped through her. Tashalia remained still, allowing her time to recover. Her powerful inner muscles milked her hand and then slowly eased to a gentle thrum. She withdrew it and urged Lona to relax, stroking her back and thighs. Still panting, Lona propped herself onto one hand and rested her cheek against her mate's breasts.

"Vitamins, I definitely need more vitamins."

To Be Continued

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