The Fallen, part 8

The doctor's discovery caused a ripple of shock throughout the counsel members and the public. It had never happened before. To have the child of a Queen also bear the sign of inheritance.

People began wondering why now and why this child? They spoke among themselves, and within a short time, the priestesses announced their opinion. It was said every Queen followed a voice within, and in choosing an alien for her consort, she did as the Holy One wished. It was her reward for never straying from the path chosen for her. Tashalia's daughter would follow in her role as Queen.

Although the majority of the population had already accepted Lona, some had feared her because of the silent disapproval of the religious leaders. Now, after withholding their nod of approval for the Queen's choice for so long, they suddenly welcomed her with open arms. The impact was instantaneous. No longer were there splinter groups whispering dire possibilities. Lona had been fated to be with the Queen and no mortal being had the right to challenge it.

When Lona heard of this, she did her best not to laugh at the news. It wouldn't do to offend the pious counsel member who told them. Lona didn't follow their faith but never said anything against it. She followed her own spiritual beliefs.

"Well, whatever works," she muttered to herself.

"I didn't realize something like this would happen when I scanned Belle!" Janet said, listening to Lona explain.

"I know, but I'm glad this happened actually. I felt badly that a child might one day be taken from her family like Tashalia had been. She grew up being a very lonely little girl with no one to give her love and support. Belle won't have that happen to her."

"And she'll have very loving parents to guide her. We wish you all the best," John said at their parting.

Lona hugged the three of them goodbye and once again thanked them for the items they had given her. As the shuttle flew from sight, she brushed aside her tears and returned home.

"Lona! Will you stop eating those things? You're going to grow fat!"

"Just one more sweetie. I haven't had these in years and I love them," she said, popping one more of the raisin stuffed pastry treats in her mouth.

Tashalia snickered and grabbed the last one from her bowl.

"Hey! Tashalia!"

"No more!" she laughed, holding the sesame seed covered goodie out of her reach.

"Be good or else!" the monarch warned.

"Or else what?" Lona challenged, her eyes twinkling.

Her mate quickly straddled her body and pinned her arms down. Lona was much stronger but allowed it, enjoying the horseplay. What she didn't count on however, was Tashalia being a little more than frisky. She reached for her sash from her robe used it to quickly tie Lona's hands to the headboard.

The human laughed in spite of her position. The binding wasn't tight and the naughty sparkle in her mate's eyes promised playful games.

"So, what are you going to do now?"

"Hmm, I think I'll eat this myself!" she said and popped it into her mouth. Lona pouted. Tashalia cooed over the protruding lip and teased it with her finger. Lona nipped playfully at it and growled.

"Bad tam, bad!" the Queen admonished, shaking her finger. Lona whined like a sad puppy.

"Aww." Tashalia leaned forward and kissed her lightly. Lona hummed in approval and asked for another. Soon, the kisses became more than teasing. It had been too long since they made love without worrying about something. Tonight, they were free to share their passions fully. Tashalia began sucking and nipping on Lona's sensitive lips until her entire body trembled beneath her own.

She reluctantly left her mouth for the moment and tried to get control of her own rising passion. She wanted to enjoy this night and not rush. Shifting slightly, the taller woman brushed her lips along Lona's strong features, kissing her brow, her eyelids, and the tip of her nose. That always made Lona smile. Tashalia returned for another searing kiss then quickly broke it to explore her jaw and neck. She avoided her mate's ticklish ear, not wanting to get accidentally tossed out of the bed.

Bending closer to the rounded ear, she whispered softly. "I hope you have an abundance of patience tonight love, because tonight, you are mine!"

Her mate made a strained whimper and clenched her fists.

She knew that voice well. The last time Lona heard it, she was too weak to even raise a finger by the time Tashalia finished with her.

Her mate began kissing every inch of skin, never lingering nor rushing. The touch of her lips was soft and light, making her shiver. Lona closed her eyes and enjoyed the tender treatment, almost falling asleep several times. But her lover sensed each time she drifted towards sleep and nipped her unexpectedly. Her eyes would pop open and her heart would race, once more fully aware of each caress. Tashalia began nuzzling and licking her way back up from her feet, occasionally sucking on a tempting piece of flesh.

Lona began breathing faster when her wandering mouth came close to her parted legs and darted near her now throbbing flesh. But the queen was in charge and she avoided the sweet flesh, continuing her way along her hips. She paused at her naval, dipping her tongue into the small depression. Lona moaned as her lover used the same techniques she often used lower down. Her mouth took the skin above the belly button and suckled on it as the tip of her tongue flicked at it. Lona could actually feel her arousal quicken as though she was truly pushing her towards an orgasm.

Her belly clenched and quivered as the feelings rushed over her. She strained against the bindings holding her wrists, aching to bury her fingers into Tashalia's dark hair. Teeth nipped just below her naval and Lona arched as her body responded, sending her over the edge. She sucked in air as her body quivered with aftershocks, but her mate was far from finished.

She moved up to her lips and began kissing her roughly, bruising her mouth as she ravished it. While keeping their mouths fused together, she moved to her side and ran her fingertips very lightly over Lona's ribs. The goose bumps caused by the delicate touch caused her nipples to tighten into tight buds just as she hoped.

Tashalia took both peaks in turn and lightly pinched each hard tip, delighted in the way her lover sucked in her breath between clenched teeth. She tugged on each nipple ring and playfully asked her mate if she were her little sex slave. Lona's answer to the affirmative made her chuckle and doubly aroused.

"Care to play a little game?" the queen asked. Lona nodded, always willing to play harmless role games because it added a bit of spice to their sex. Tashalia smiled and reached over her and opened the drawer to the bedside table. She pulled out a finely made metal chain and dangled it over Lona, allowing the cool metal to brush her heated skin.

"I never told you why the pierced nipples were considered so damn sexy Lona. You've never gone to a function where Shans where brought along, but a personal Shan never appeared in public without one of these," she wiggled the doubled over chain then attached each small hook to her lover's nipple rings. She untied her wrists then got out of bed, holding onto the other end. Lona figured out the purpose quickly. It was a leash. Her mate was careful not to tug on the chain, but she took a slow step away and asked if she cared to take a short stroll across the room. Lona grinned and followed, feeling the light pulling sensation on her nipples.

The Queen sat down in a wide chair and placed one long leg over the arm.

"Love slave, I have a need that needs fulfilling." Her robe had parted invitingly, exposing her coffee and cream skin to her hungry eyes. Tashalia ran a finger along her own torso and smiled. Lona got down on one knee and nuzzled between her breasts, inhaling her spicy scent. Her mate arched, bringing the tempting breasts higher. Lona licked at one hard tip and teased the flesh as Tashalia's long fingers tangled into her hair. Lona's rough palm slid along the raised thigh and ran her knuckles along the inner length until her hand found moist flesh. She brushed her fingers along the soft down, causing her mate to moan with frustrated need.

"Somewhere else needs your talented mouth Shan!" Tashalia managed to hiss out.

Lona began nibbling along her upper thigh. "Here mistress?" she asked, grinning. She loved these games.

"No! You've missed the spot my slave."

Lona teased another area, far from the place Tashalia wanted. The Queen didn't know whether to strangle her mate or not, so she grasped her by the hair and pulled her to the place she needed her.

"Oh! That spot," Lona said with feigned innocence, then dipped her tongue deeply into her mate's sweetness. Tashalia cried out and lifted her hips in pleasure. Lona liked the height and slid her hands under her mate, cupping her bottom and keeping her there. Using a firm stroke, she explored each fold and dip as her mate whimpered out her appreciation for her skills. Tashalia was close, so Lona began increasing her efforts only to have Tashalia pull her away from her feast.

"Not yet," she groaned shakily. She stood weakly and used the leash to urge Lona to her feet. She led her over to the sturdy table and tied the end of the chain to a handy curtain sash.

"Remember the first time we used this table? I took you hard and fast that night."

Lona recalled it, the time she realized Tashalia was a little minx and loved tormenting her. True, her mate rode her hard, but kept stopping just before she came, teasing her until she was begging shamelessly.

"Tonight my little Shan, we'll play a little game. She took out small faceted cubes that were much like dice from earth. There are 36 possible rolls and I once wrote out a little list of things I'd like to do with you, each assigned to a number. Now, some of the little fantasies I wrote were a bit…rough, so you have the choice of allowing me the fantasy or letting me just take you like I did that first time. Okay?" Lona nodded and threw the dice. Seventeen was thrown. Tashalia consulted the list. "Hmm, seventeen is to take you here," she said, rubbing the place in question, "while I torment you breasts."

Lona gulped. That was strictly an exit only in her mind. "Sweetie, let's go to option two shall we?"

Tashalia chuckled, already knowing the answer. She wrapped her arms around her smaller mate and nuzzled her nape. "Fine with me. You know I love having you at my mercy anyway." Her hands rose and cupped Loan's small breasts and teased the hard peaks. The short pause in action had allowed her to cool off, so the monarch began arousing her mate once more, letting her hands wander. Once Lona was moaning, she excused herself long enough to fetch her toy.

Returning, she wrapped herself around Lona once more, allowing the toy to prod her bottom. The older woman moaned as Tashalia's warm fingers slipped between her thighs and teased her until her knees went weak. She was urged to lean forward to rest against the table. The shock of the cool table surface against her skin made her whimper until her body grew used to it.

"You know, I think I changed my mind," Tashalia whispered. She removed the hooks from the rings,  took Lona's hand, and returned to the bed. She asked her to lay on her back. She crawled on top of her and kissed her lightly.

"I want you to hold me as I love you," she whispered.

Lona smiled warmly and wrapped her arms around her. Tashalia moved between her thighs and entered her slowly. Once inside, their lips met once more. Tashalia got lost in the kiss and didn't move until Lona's hips began rising. Shifting her weight onto one arm, the queen deepened the kiss as her hand caressed one of her mate's breasts. Lona moaned into her mouth and tightened her thighs around the taller woman. They got lost in the kiss, breathing frantically whenever they stopped for a moment.

Finally desperate for air, Tashalia broke the kiss and buried her face into Lona's neck, nipping at the tense muscles. Her lover gasped and arched upwards, grinding their breasts together. Tashalia began moving her hips, feeling every reaction of her mate, adjusting to her silent demands.

Lona placed one hand on Tashalia's hip and rolled until the taller woman was under her. Now straddling her, she grinned at her own cunning and began moving her hips. Far from upset over the switch, Tashalia lifted her hands and teased the easily reached mounds above her. Lona groaned and leaned back, gripping the taller woman's raised knees.

The vision above her caused Tashalia to swallow hard. Lona strained above her, her body glistening from the sweat of her efforts. Her muscles stood out like a sculptor's chiseled work, burning the image forever into her memory. Now, more than anything, she wanted to hear her cry out with pleasure. She lowered one hand and found Lona's center and rubbed it with her thumb. Lona gasped as the extra stimulation forced her beyond her endurance. She screamed out Tashalia's name and fell forward, gasping for air as her body quivered and shook.

"You," she managed to gasp, "are a wicked, wicked woman," Lona said against her neck.

Belle kicked her feet in the warm water. "I think she likes it," Lona grinned, watching the baby wiggle in her mother's arms as they soaked in the large tub. Her mate hummed in agreement and tickled her little tummy, watching her kick faster. Lona giggled as she watched the two of them interact. She enjoyed their times in the tub, the memories sweeter since Belle's birth.

"She's a regular little water baby."

"With fangs," Lona snickered. "Better hope she doesn't yawn when she's nursing," Lona teased.

"Lona! I can't believe you said that!" Tashalia whispered to the infant, telling her not to listen to her trouble-making parent. Lona chuckled.

"Sweetie? What's that?"

Tashalia followed her gaze, looking down into the garden. "Is that…?"

"Yup, it is. I didn't know you could do that in a hammock," she said in wonder.

"I give the kid credit, he has stamina."

"Lucky Palla," the Queen said with a grin. "That reminds me, take your vitamins today?"

The End

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