Faces of Evil

Part 2

by ShoeX



Warning this part contains a sexual assault. If you or anybody you know have been sexually assaulted or just have questions about the topic this is a good site to go to: http://www.cs.utk.edu/~bartley/saInfoPage.html

*A little side note: I kinda lost my beta reader folks, so I revised the next parts myself...so be forewarned. If you find any mistakes, sorry! My prayers go to my beta reader and her family. My deepest sympathy.



Jane had walked over to them and stood next to Rebecca, and just stared at Tom while she spoke to Rebecca.

"Hey Rebecca we're ready. C'mon."

Rebecca looked away from Jane and saw Kristen on her way over to them with a concerned look on her face. Rebecca looked back to Jane.

"Okay, I have nothing else to say here."

Jane nodded her head to Tom and took Rebecca's arm and pulled her towards Kristen. As they met in the middle of the ER Jane said to everybody. "Coffee shop, lets go."

Kristen knew something was wrong but nodded her head at Jane. Kristen started walking ahead of them out of the ER and down the hallway. While walking down the hallway behind Kristen, Jane quietly spoke to Rebecca.

"Kiddo, you okay?"

Rebecca let a small smile form on her face. "Yeah fine-- later."

Jane nodded her head in understanding. Kristen heard there quiet exchange but didn't say anything about it, she hoped that Rebecca would trust her enough one day to talk to her.

The conversation was short in the coffee shop due to the fact everybody needed to get back to work. Within twenty minutes they were walking back in the ER. Kristen did notice that Rebecca was coming down with a really good cough. Rebecca was still looking a little pale and Kristen wasn't so sure if it was from everything that took place in the ER earlier. She had gotten the whole story from Jane yesterday about Rebecca's little swim in the river and was hoping that whatever she was coming down with her body could fight off.

Kristen watched as Rebecca quickly walked through the ER and out the door after saying her good-byes. Jane was right behind her with the stretcher. Just as they left, a patient came through the doors. This trauma patient would keep Kristen busy in the OR for a few hours.

As soon as they left the ER Rebecca immediately went to the passenger seat of the ambulance. Jane walked around to the back and put the stretcher in. Jane looked around the area to see if Tom was still around. Sure enough he was sitting over in his car watching them. He wasn't even trying to hide that fact. Jane climbed in the front seat behind the wheel and started the engine.

Rebecca looked over to her friend. "Jane, he's sitting in his car watching us."

"Yeah, I saw the sonofabitch. C'mon lets get out of here." Jane put the unit in gear and pulled out of the hospital.

It was quiet for awhile inside the ambulance, Rebecca sat and stared out the passenger window. After a few minutes or so she turned to look at her friend.

"Jane, do you think Kristen noticed anything wrong?"

"Rebecca, I'm sure she did. Your face went totally white when you ran into Tom, what did he say to you anyway?"

"He said he still 'loved' me and how sorry he was that we had that little fight."

"What a sick bastard!"

"Yeah, you don't think Kristen will ask me about it do you? I really don't want to lie to her."

"Hon, I have a feeling she'll wait for you to bring it up and then talk to you about it. You know she really cares about you?"


"Really. I wish you wouldn't be so blind sometimes."

"What do you mean, I'm being blind?"

"Rebecca, she really likes you if you get my meaning?"

"Jane, you don't know what you're talking about we're friends, that's all." Rebecca turned and looked out the window again.

Jane just shook her head she wasn't going to push the issue. "If you say so kiddo."

The rest of the day was spent running more calls due to the bad weather. Jane didn't talk about Kristen or Tom that much, she did try a few times to get Rebecca to open up and talk about her feelings some. Jane was worried that Rebecca would keep everything bottled up inside like she always did until she would finally brake down from the stress she was trying to hind inside.

Kristen stayed busy in the ER most of the day. She hated bad weather but it was good for business. She did get to see Rebecca and Jane about five times so, she was happy about that.

At the end of their shift Jane didn't think her friend was looking so good. Rebecca's cough had slowly gotten worse throughout the day and she was still very pale and that had Jane a little concerned. They had the next few days off so she hoped Rebecca could rest up and get over the cold she seemed to be coming down with. Before they left the station Jane told Rebecca she would call her tomorrow and see how she was feeling. Jane asked Rebecca to be very careful while driving home since she wouldn't let Jane drive her.


Wednesday afternoon Jane called over to Rebecca's house to see how she was feeling. She had talked to Rebecca for about ten minutes and then they hung up. Jane didn't like how Rebecca was sounding. Rebecca said she was feeling better, she was just tired and needed a little more sleep. Jane told her to call if she needed anything; she was going to be home for the day. Jane felt a little better when Rebecca said her dad was going to be home today and tomorrow to take care of her. Jane told Rebecca she would call again tonight before she went to bed to see how she was doing.

Kristen had a long day at work, she had three meetings to go to, plus she ended up in an emergency surgery for four hours. Kristen really found out that she really missed seeing Rebecca when it was her days off from work. Throughout the day her mind would go to those green eyes and she found herself smiling. She also noticed; if she was going to be honest with herself that lately it was getting harder to keep her mind from wondering to Rebecca. She would just tell herself, 'Yep, you got it bad for her' and then tried to focus on her job and go back to work. Kristen found it was always better when she just kept herself busy with something. She would work late on the days that Rebecca was off, so tonight it was after eight before she was home. The first thing she did was grab a glass of wine, then the clothes came off on her way to the Jacuzzi. Kristen found one of the best ways for her to relax and help her tired muscles was a long soak in the Jacuzzi.

Jane called over to Rebecca's around nine to check up on her. Rebecca's dad Dale answered the phone. Dale explained to Jane that Rebecca was out like a light, that she had taken some night time cold medicine. Jane thought, 'Good, she could use the rest and she'll probably feel better in the morning.' They said their goodnights and then Jane headed for bed herself.

On Thursday Jane called Rebecca in the afternoon to see have she was doing. Rebecca didn't stay on the phone long. Jane didn't like how her cough was sounding worse then before. All Rebecca would say was that the cold medicine was helping a lot, she just need more sleep and then told her to stop worrying so much. Jane suggested that maybe she should see a doctor but Rebecca refused, so she didn't push the issue with her. Jane could never understand why she had a problem with seeing a doctor. Jane also knew that Rebecca was an adult and could make her own decisions and she couldn't make her do anything she didn't want to do.

Thursday night around ten when Jane called over to Rebecca's house, she got no answer. As she climbed into her own bed she thought to herself, 'Rebecca's probably sleeping with the night time medicine again and dad is out, I'll try her tomorrow.'

Friday afternoon Jane got a phone call from Dale and that surprised her.

"Hey dad-- what's up?"

"Jane, I'm starting to get really worried about Becca. She's sounding pretty bad and I have to go out of town in a little while for a week. Could you come and sleep over tonight with her, please?"

"Sure dad that's not a problem. What time are you leaving?"

"In about three hours."

"Okay, that gives me enough time to grab a friend of ours who just so happens to be a doctor. She can see Rebecca without Rebecca really knowing it."

"Good, I think she really needs to see a doctor. I'll see you when you get here if it's before I have to leave, if not I'll call tomorrow and see how she is. Okay?"

"Okay Dad, bye."


Jane was at the hospital an hour and a half later looking for Kristen. When she didn't see Kristen in the ER she headed to her office. She knocked on the door and a voice behind the door told her to come in.

"Hey Kristen, you got a minute?"

"Sure Jane-- what's up?"

"Um, Kristen I have a little problem and I was hoping you could help me out."

"Jane, are you okay?" Kristen asked with concerned look on her face. Jane had never asked for help before.

"Um, yeah it's not me. It's Rebecca."

"What's wrong with Rebecca?" Jane saw the change in Kristen face as soon as Rebecca's name came out of her mouth.

"Well, I got a call from her dad a little while ago because he's worried about her cold and he's going away for a week and leaving this evening. He asked if I could stay with her. I think she really needs to be seen by a doctor but she's refusing as usual. So I was hoping that since it's Friday night we could just drop by and see her because it's what we do on Friday's and you could just check her out without her really knowing it."

"What is it with her and doctors?-- God, she's so stubborn sometimes."

"You have no idea!"

"How was she sounding when you talked to her last?"

"Her cough is really bad, it sounds like it gone down into her chest and she sleeping a lot."

"Just great. C'mon, I'll grab a few things from here and we'll head over to see our stubborn friend."


They arrived a little over an hour later at Rebecca's house. Kristen had followed behind Jane in her own car. The thing that Kristen found funny was that Rebecca only lived about a half-hour away from her house.

Kristen grabbed her bag from her car and followed Jane to the front door. Jane noticed that dad had already left so she used her house key to let herself in.

"Jane, you have the door keys?"

"Of course, I've had one since I was a kid--I used to baby-sit Becca."

"Really, I didn't realize that you were that much older then Rebecca."

"Yeah, I'm five years older. I know I don't look like it-- I hear that all the time."

They walked in and Jane turned on the lights and Kristen put her bag down on the chair. Jane looked to Kristen and motioned to her to follow.

"C'mon, let go see the patient."

"Right behind you."

Kristen followed Jane down the hallway to a closed door. Jane opened Rebecca's bedroom door and the first thing that hit her was the heat that came out of there and then the smell of sweat.

Jane looked back to Kristen. "Oh boy-- this isn't good."

Kristen felt the heat and could smell what Jane had smelled. "Nope, not good."

Jane found the light switch and turned on the light. Rebecca didn't even move, she was laying there in her bed under what looked liked four blankets. Jane could make out her Winnie the Pooh pajamas. Jane looked over to see what the heat was set at. "Eighty-five. She has the heat set at eighty-five."

Kristen shook her head and headed for the bed. "Yeah, she's sick all right. Jane can you go grab my bag off the chair and bring it in here please."

"Sure, be right back."

Jane was back in a flash. Kristen was pulling the blankets off of Rebecca and Jane sat the bag on the bed. Rebecca still didn't wake up.

"Kristen shouldn't she have woken up by now?"

"From the way she sounds from just trying to breathe she's probably just too exhausted."

Kristen reached into her bag and pulled out her blood pressure cuff and her stethoscope and a digital thermometer. Kristen handed the thermometer to Jane.

"Here, you hold this in her mouth while I get her blood pressure."

"Okay." Jane climbed into the bed and opened Rebecca's mouth and held the thermometer there while Kristen took her Blood pressure. When the thermometer beeped Jane pulled it out and looked at Kristen.

"Oh shit. Kristen her temp is 104."

"Yeah her pajamas are soaked with sweat and her blood pressure is really low. Let see if we can get her to wake up a little here." Kristen placed her hands on Rebecca's cheeks.

"Rebecca, I need you to wake up sweetheart, c'mon." Kristen then gave her cheek a little slap.

Rebecca finally opened here eyes. "Whoa... c'mon I don't feel so good mom. Just let me sleep a little while longer," and then closed her eyes.

Kristen and Jane looked at each other. They both said, "Oh boy" at the same time.

Kristen unbuttoned her pajama top and opened it up. Jane's mouth fell open. One she had never seen her friend naked and two she knew that Rebecca would be so pissed off if she knew what they were doing to her.

"Man-- Kristen, she would have a cow right now if she was awake."

"She'll just have to deal with it Jane. I know how she is, I had to fight with her just to stitch her boob up. She really needs to get over being so modest."

Kristen listened to both lungs and her heart; she didn't like what she was hearing.

"Jane we need to sit her up, then I need you hold her up while I listen to her again."

Kristen pulled Rebecca up into a sitting position and Jane sat closer and held her while Kristen put the stethoscope to her back.

"Okay, you can lay her back down now."

Once Jane had laid Rebecca back down on the bed she watched Kristen palpate her stomach and move her hands a little under the pajama bottoms to palpate her abdomen. Rebecca groaned when Kristen palpated this area. When Kristen was done she just sat there beside Rebecca for a minute thinking of how she wanted to work this. Kristen looked to Jane.

"Well Jane, our friend here has fluid in both lungs, she's dehydrated and her fever is way to high. By all accounts she should be in the hospital."

"Kristen you know that as soon as she woke up she would just leave right?"

"Yeah, I know. So it looks like we're going to have a girls sleep over Jane."


"Okay, first things first."

Kristen pulled two syringes from her bag and two bottles of medicine and an IV kit. She filled the syringes and then placed them on the bed. Kristen rolled Rebecca a little on her side and pulled her pajama bottoms down to expose her bottom area and then pushed Rebecca so she was laying mostly on her stomach. Kristen picked up the one syringe in one hand and an alcohol prep pad in the other. She cleaned the one area and then injected the first shot. Then went to a different spot on her cheek and cleaned it for the second shot. Jane just watched Kristen, when she was done she rolled Rebecca back over. For the first time Jane noticed how exposed her friend was at that moment. She was seeing way too much of her friend.

Kristen piled all the pillows behind Rebecca to sit her up, which would help her breathe a little easier. She had left Rebecca's top unbuttoned but pulled them together and placed one blanket over her. Kristen started Rebecca's IV and just ran it wide open for now, she looked to Jane.

"How about some coffee and maybe a pizza? I need to gave the medicine some time to work, Jane if she not sounding better in a couple of hours I may have to admit her."

"What ever you say Kristen, c'mon I'll call the pizza in and you can make the coffee."


The pizza order was placed and the coffee was brewing. Jane had turned on the TV and was now looking for blankets and pillows for her and Kristen. Kristen was in the kitchen doing what looked like to her at least four or five days' worth of dishes that were left in the sink.

When the pizza arrived, Jane and Kristen sat at the table and talked. Kristen started to explain her plan of action for Rebecca while eating her pizza. Jane sat and listened and shook her head. 'Boy is she going to be pissed at us.' She thought after Kristen said Rebecca was going in the bathtub to get cleaned up when they were done eating.

When Kristen was finish she was back checking on Rebecca with Jane right behind her. Rebecca's temp was still too high, so Kristen decided more shots for Rebecca. She went through the same process as before but used a different cheek. While she was giving Rebecca her shots her only comment was "Boy, are these going to be sore tomorrow." Jane had to laugh a little when Kristen said that with a smile on her face.

When Kristen was done with that she asked Jane to start running the bath water. Kristen explained to Jane that she wanted the water warm not hot. Jane nodded her head and went to do what she was asked. When she was done she came back to the bedroom.

"Okay it's ready, now what?"

Kristen smiled. "Now our friend here is going to take a bath with our help."

Jane's only reply was. "Oh boy."

"Jane. I need you to hold the IV bag for me. Okay?"

"Sure thing."

Jane walked around the bed and picked up the IV bag. She watched as Kristen picked Rebecca up like she only weighted, five pounds.

"Damn Kristen-- what the hell do you eat?"

Kristen shook her head and smiled. "It's a secret!"

When they were in the bathroom Kristen stood Rebecca up and held her up and told Jane to pull her pants off.


"C'mon Jane, I need some help here. Play the EMT thing and pull the pants down so I can sit her on the toilet."

"Oh man, I am so not telling her we did this!"

"Jane, you'll have to learn how to separate yourself from personal and professional. Especially when you're taking care of somebody you know."

"I know your right-- I just never worked on somebody I'm friends with."

"Believe me I understand. It took me awhile to learn how to separate them too."

Jane pulled Rebecca's pants down and then Kristen sat her down on the toilet. Kristen stepped to the side of Rebecca. Kristen pulled Rebecca's body towards her and just held her. "Now let's see if she goes pee for us, her bladder felt like it had something in it."

They stood there one on each side of Rebecca. After about two minutes of this they heard Rebecca's body do what it would naturally.

Kristen smiled. "Bingo, this is a good sign my friend, lord knows when the last time she went."

"Kristen this is good. But I am not wiping her-- you are!"

When Rebecca's toilet issues were taken care of Kristen disconnected the IV for a moment to get Rebecca's shirt off, then hooked it back up. Jane could not believe she was seeing her friend sitting on the toilet totally naked leaning on Kristen. Rebecca groaned and moaned a few times and even mumbled something but she never woke up all the way. Jane only hoped that tomorrow Rebecca would just think this was all a dream or something. Jane watched as Kristen lifted her up and put her in the tub, and then she hung the IV bag on the hanger that she had bent over the shower rod.

"Kristen, isn't she going to fall over or something in there?"

"No, I'm going to sit here with her. You can stay or go watch TV or something if you want."

Jane watched as Kristen sat on the floor next to the tub and kept one hand on Rebecca's shoulder.

"Um, I think I'll go watch a little TV-- just call me when you need me okay?"

"Sure, we'll be awhile. I'm going to let the water cool down and hope that it helps bring her fever down some."

Jane left the bathroom and went to the kitchen for another cup of coffee and then laid a blanket out on one of the sofas and got comfortable.

Once Rebecca was settled in the tub Kristen went into her personal mode and just looked at Rebecca, she couldn't help it. It had been a very long time since she was attracted to anyone and the person in front of her was the most beautiful creature that she had ever seen. At first she just looked at her face, this was the first time she was able to really study it and then her eyes looked over the rest of the body.

Kristen groaned to herself, 'I know I shouldn't be staring, but god is she beautiful.' She looked at the nice firm breasts that were floating in the water with big pink nipples and then down to the golden patch between two very strong, shapely legs. She sat back and wondered what it would be like to be with this beautiful person. Rebecca seemed so bold sometimes and then so timid at other times it just warmed her heart. Kristen felt great pleasure while she bathed Rebecca. When she was done she felt a little guilty about it, but knew she could live with it.


About forty-five minutes of sitting in the now cold water, Rebecca opened her eyes. She had felt cold and wet and it slowly brought her back into the world of the living. When Rebecca's eyes opened, she slowly turned her head to lock eyes with Kristen.


"Hey there sweetheart. Glad to see your going to wake up for me."

It took Rebecca a few minutes to realize she was sitting in the bathtub in front of Kristen. She looked down to herself, then back up to Kristen's eyes.

"Please tell me this isn't real?"

"What, that you're in your bath tub?"

"Um. Yeah, that I'm in my bathtub and naked. Oh man, this is really embarrassing."

"Rebecca you were pretty sick earlier-- I was going to admit you, but Jane talked me out of it. We'll going to have a little talk about this thing with you and seeing doctors when you're better. Your fever was really high and this was helping to bring it down some, there is nothing for you to be embarrassed about."

Rebecca moved her one arm to try and cover herself, then started to move the one that was on the side of the tub. Kristen placed her hand on Rebecca's forearm.

"Oh no you don't, this hand can't go in the water-- you have an IV in."

Rebecca just bent her head down; this was so embarrassing for her. Kristen lightly brushed the hair off her forehead in an attempt to make her friend feel better. Kristen knew that Rebecca would probably have a hard time with this if she woke up while in the bathtub.

"Rebecca listen to me for a minute, I'm talking to you as a friend here okay?"

Kristen placed her hand on Rebecca's chin and turned her head so she was looking at her.

"There is nothing for you to be embarrassed about, you have a beautiful body Rebecca. Be proud of it."

Rebecca face turned red and nodded her head.

Jane had heard voices in the bathroom so she headed there. She walked to the bathroom door and quietly peeked her head in. The picture she saw just warmed her heart to no end. Kristen was lightly brushing Rebecca's hair off her forehead.

"Hey guys--how's it going in here?"

She walked over and sat on the toilet seat. It took Rebecca a second to realize that Jane was now in the bathroom too, she was so lost from the feel of Kristen stroking her hair.

"Ah man, not you too-- this is now totally embarrassing. Jane close your eyes!"

"Take it easy kiddo, I won't tell anybody about seeing you naked in the tub."

Rebecca looked up to Kristen, she knew that Rebecca wanted to get out of the tub.

"Rebecca, how about we get you out of the tub? I think you've been in there long enough now."

"That would be nice!"

"Jane grab me a towel-- when I help her stand up wrap it around her."

"Okay," as Jane stood and grabbed a towel for Rebecca to use.

"I can do this myself guys if you would just leave the bathroom." Rebecca said from the bathtub.

Kristen shook her no. "Nope. You could fall over. You'll be pretty weak for awhile-- so you get our help whether you like it or not. C'mon I'll help you stand."

Kristen helped Rebecca stand and Jane wrapped a towel around her, much to her dislike. Then Jane grabbed the IV bag while Kristen walked Rebecca to her bedroom. Once they had Rebecca sitting on the bed Kristen asked Jane to find pajamas for Rebecca that buttoned up in front. Rebecca just sat there and shook her head. This was totally embarrassing her to no end.

Once Jane pulled out another pair of Winnie the Pooh pajamas for Rebecca, Kristen asked her to go and turn the recliner in the living room into a bed. Kristen said she would bring Rebecca out when she had her dressed.

Once Jane left the room Kristen disconnected the IV to get Rebecca dressed. Once everything was done Kristen helped Rebecca out to the living room and sat her in the recliner and covered her in a blanket. Rebecca looked around and noticed that both sofas had blankets and pillow's on them.

"Hey, what up with the sofa's?"

Jane and Kristen looked at each other and both said at the same time. "Sleep over party."

"Guys, you don't have to stay over I'm feeling a lot better now."

Kristen knelt down beside Rebecca. "Rebecca, the only reason you're feeling better is because I've re-hydrated you and the medicine is working. You're still a little ways away from being better. Anyway it's been a long time since I've had a girls sleep over, so we're staying."

Kristen stood and walked into the kitchen before Rebecca could say anything, Jane just climbed into her sofa and wrapped up in her blanket. Kristen came back into the living room with her coffee, sat on her sofa and wrapped the blanket around her legs.

"Jane, find us a good movie to watch."

"Sure thing Kristen."

Rebecca just looked at both of them and then tried to get comfortable, they weren't going to leave her.

About an hour later Rebecca found that she had to really go pee and started to get up from the recliner. Kristen turned from watching the movie to see what she was doing.

"Rebecca, where do you think you're going?"

"I have to go to the bathroom." She said as her face began to flush.

"Hang on-- I'll help." Kristen got up and walked over to the recliner that Rebecca was sitting in.

Rebecca looked up into Kristen's eyes. "Kristen, I think I can handle this myself."

Kristen shot her eyebrow up and shook her head. "Nope. One-- I have to hold your IV. Two-- you might fall over. So don't argue with me!"

Kristen helped Rebecca stand and walk to the bathroom; she hung the bag on the hanger. Kristen just stood in front of Rebecca and held her up, she was very unsteady on her feet.

"Okay Kristen, I'm here now. You can leave."

"I'll leave just as soon as you're on the toilet."

"Oh, c'mon. Man."

"C'mon, pull them down and sit, then I'm out of here. I'll come back in when you're done. Do not get up without me, understand?"

"Fine." She knew by the look on Kristen's face that she wasn't going to win this one.

Rebecca pulled her pajama pants down. Kristen helped her to sit, then went and stood out in the hallway until she was done. When she was done she helped Rebecca back out to the living room and her waiting recliner. Kristen went back into the bedroom and grabbed her stethoscope, she wanted to listen to Rebecca's chest to see how she was sounding. In about another hour or so Rebecca would need her shots. Kristen hadn't told Rebecca about them yet. Kristen was just going to wait until it was time for them, then tell her. She walked back into the living and knelt next to Rebecca.

"Rebecca, I'm going to give a listen to your chest, okay?"

Kristen started to unbutton her top half way down, Rebecca's face turned red as an apple. Kristen listened to the front and then had Rebecca sit up some and listened to the back. Kristen just shook her head-- she still sounded bad. In the morning she hoped she would sound a lot better after a night of antibiotics and from the shot that would help with the fluid in her lungs and the fever. When she was done she buttoned her top back up and replaced the blanket. Kristen hung a new IV bag and then went back to watching the movie. Jane never moved off her sofa, she kept her eyes on the TV hoping to help ease some of Rebecca's embarrassment.

It was an hour and a half later when Rebecca finally broke down and said she needed to use the bathroom again, she was really beginning to hate IV's. Jane was asleep on her sofa so Rebecca spoke in a quiet voice to Kristen.

"Kristen, I have to go to the bathroom."

Kristen looked over to Rebecca and was wondering way she was being so quiet then she noticed that Jane was sound asleep.

"Okay, hang on."

Kristen moved to help Rebecca to the bathroom and went through the same process as before but instead of waiting in the hallway Kristen went into the bedroom. When Rebecca was ready she went into the bathroom with two loaded syringes. She placed them on the sink counter. When Rebecca looked to see what she had put down her eyes went wide.

"Um. Who are those for?"

"You of course, you already had a few tonight. Tomorrow you can started taking the pills."

"You know I hate needles Kristen!"

"Yeah, but this way it gets into your system faster. So c'mon stand up so I can get those butt cheeks of yours."

"Man, I don't believe this shit!"

"C'mon up you go, then just lean on me. I can reach your butt cheek."

Kristen helped Rebecca stand. Rebecca couldn't believe how exhausted she felt just from the two short walks to the bathroom. If Rebecca was to be honest with herself, she would admit that it felt good when Kristen held her. Kristen had wrapped her one arm around Rebecca's waist to help hold her. Kristen reached for the prep pad, cleaned an area and then picked up the shot.

"Ready?-- Here's goes."

Rebecca squeezed Kristen when the needle when in. "Ow. That hurts."

"Hang on, one more."

"OW, ow-- okay that one hurts more. Shit that burns!"

"Okay, all done."

Kristen reached down and pulled Rebecca's pants up, then helped her back to her chair. Within the hour Rebecca was asleep, so Kristen let herself get some rest also.

Kristen opened her eyes slowly after hearing the toilet flush. She look at her watch it was four a.m., 'Well, since she's up she can have her shots-- it's probably time for a new IV bag too.'

Rebecca came walking into the living room from the bathroom and saw Kristen sitting in the recliner waiting for her. 'Oh no.'

"Um, I had to go-- don't give me that look Kristen, I'm feeling way better now."

Kristen stood up from the recliner and motioned for her to sit. Rebecca walked over and sat down and looked up in to Kristen's eyes.

"Good, glad to hear you're feeling better. Just to make sure you feel even better later this morning you get another dose of medicine. So roll to the side and give me the left butt cheek this time!"

"Damn, but you said I get pills today!"

"Yeah, after this last dose. I was going to get you up at five for it, but you can have it now."

Kristen had everything set up by the chair.

"Okay, c'mon roll and give me your back side Rebecca."

Rebecca rolled a little and Kristen pulled the pajamas bottoms down to expose the area she needed. She cleaned the area and then gave Rebecca her first shot.

"Ow, ow-- that hurts!"

Jane woke up with the noise. "Oh, that really looks like it hurts. This would make such a great picture with that cute butt of yours up in the air Rebecca!"

Rebecca brought her head up to look at Jane. "I'll remember you said that smart ass. Go back to sleep trouble maker."

Jane smiled and shook her head. "Touché, night." She rolled back over with a smile on her face, 'It's a bad thing she's sick but in a way this has been great for her and Kristen, they soooo need to wake up!'

Kristen gave her the last shot and then started to change the IV bag.

"Kristen not another one, they keep making me have to pee, don't you think two has been enough?"

"Just one more okay? You were pretty dehydrated last night and your body needs this."


After everything was done Rebecca got comfortable again in the chair. Rebecca did find it a lot easier to breathe sitting up some, but she wasn't about to say so to Kristen. She knew that was the reason Kristen had put her in the chair in the first place.

Kristen sat back on her sofa after she had covered Rebecca up. She wasn't sure if she could go back to sleep; this was around her usual time to get up. Kristen didn't want to keep anybody else up, so she just closed her eyes and thought about Rebecca. Kristen found herself falling back to sleep with a smile on her face.


It was actually late morning when everybody started to come alive. Jane was in the kitchen making coffee while Kristen was taking out Rebecca's IV. Jane was trying to come up with a way she could leave and have Kristen stay with Rebecca. 'They need some time together.'

Kristen walked into the Kitchen. "Jane anything I can help you with?"

"No I got it. Where's Rebecca?"

"She's in the bathroom taking care of some personal business."

Jane handed Kristen a cup of coffee and grabbed one for her and sat down at the table with Kristen. Things were quiet for a minute then Jane spoke up.

"Um, Kristen I have a problem and I was wondering if you could help me out?"

"What's up?"

"Well, I have to be someplace at noon today and I'm not sure what your plans are but I was wondering if you could stay with Rebecca? I don't want to leave her by herself."

Kristen smiled. "Sure I'll stay with her, I don't want her by herself either."

"Good, thanks."

Rebecca just walked into the kitchen to see her friends with the look of the cat that ate the canary look. "Okay you two-- what's up in here?"

Jane and Kristen looked at each other, and then Jane spoke up.

"Rebecca, I have to be someplace at noon today, so Kristen and I were talking and she's going to stay here with you after I leave. We both think somebody should be here with you today. Kristen said she didn't want an argument out of you. Right Kristen?"

"Um, right-- I'm staying."

Rebecca shook her head. "Umhumm," she walked over and got herself a cup of coffee and sat at the table. As soon as she sat she made a face due to the pain in her butt. Kristen and Jane looked at each other and busted out laughing. Rebecca knew what they were laughing at and wasn't about to admit her butt hurt, so she said the next best thing.

"Okay, so who's cooking me breakfast?"

After Jane had left, Kristen wanted to check out her patient and see how things were sounding. Kristen walked over to the recliner and knelt down beside Rebecca.

"Rebecca, I want to take a listen to your chest and see how things are sounding in there and just check you out in general. I would rather have you laying flat so can we go back to your bedroom?"

Rebecca could all ready feel the heat rising in her cheeks. "Um-- sure."

Rebecca got up from the chair and Kristen followed her back to her bedroom. She took Rebecca's blood pressure first then had her lay down on her bed. Kristen unbuttoned her top and opened it up, Rebecca's face turned red and she couldn't look at Kristen. Kristen smiled to herself, 'She's so cute when she blushes.' Kristen took her stethoscope and listened to her lungs and then had Rebecca sit up and listened again. 'Sounds better, good.' Kristen had Rebecca lay flat again and then started to palpate her stomach, she felt Rebecca tense up when she slipped her hands under her pants to palpate her abdomen.

"Rebecca, relax sweetheart-- I know this makes you uncomfortable, but I'm just trying to make sure you're okay."

"I know... I'm sorry."

When Kristen was finished she pulled Rebecca's shirt closed.

"Okay-- your lungs sound a lot better and everything else is looking good. You'll be back in good health in no time."

Rebecca sat up and started to button her top up. "Good, I hate being sick!"

"No kidding-- is it because you have to see a doctor or because you're sick?"

Rebecca was sitting on the side of the bed and Kristen sat down next to her.

"Kristen don't take it personal, but I just don't like seeing doctors."

"I know you don't sweetheart, but when you get as sick as you were you should have gone to see a doctor."

Rebecca looked down at her hands. "I can't-- I don't even have a doctor to see."

Kristen reached over and placed her hand on top of Rebecca's. "Yes you do, me."

Rebecca looked up into Kristen eyes. "Thank you."

"You're welcome, now how about some lunch and a movie?"

"Sounds good to me."

The weekend flew by for Kristen and Rebecca between watching movies and talking throughout the day. Rebecca slept a lot also; Kristen enjoyed the time when she did. Kristen enjoyed the opportunity to just sit and watch Rebecca sleep. There was only one thing that was bothering Kristen. Earlier in the day while Rebecca was in the kitchen getting something to drink she had that sickening feel come over her again. Kristen went into the kitchen and found Rebecca looking out the kitchen window white as a ghost. She had asked Rebecca what the problem was, but all she would tell her is that she thought she saw somebody she knew drive by the house.

It was late in the evening and Rebecca was sleeping in the recliner. Kristen decided to use the quiet time for a much needed shower. Kristen went into the bathroom and stripped off her clothes and stepped into the shower. Kristen left the bathroom door open so she could hear Rebecca, plus to let her know that if she needed to use the bathroom she could come in and use it.

Rebecca woke up and noticed that Kristen wasn't in the living room. Rebecca heard water running and looked down the hallway from her chair and saw that the bathroom light was on. When the water turned off she looked down the hallway again and saw Kristen come out of the bathroom and head into her bedroom. What caught her by surprise was that Kristen only had a towel wrapped around her waist, Rebecca found her eyes glued to Kristen's well-built chest area.

When Kristen came back out into the living room she noticed that Rebecca's face was flushed and asked if she was feeling okay. Rebecca said she was fine, so Kristen sat back down and watched TV. Throughout the evening Kristen noticed that Rebecca would stare at her for a few minutes and then go back to watching TV. Kristen had no idea what was going through Rebecca's mind.

Jane had called several times on Saturday and was glad to hear that Kristen was going to sleep over again. Jane told Kristen that she would come over tomorrow afternoon and stay with Rebecca and sleep over so Kristen could head home and get some of her things done.

It was Tuesday before Kristen ran into Rebecca at the hospital, Kristen had recommended that she stay home on Monday and rest, she even wrote her a doctor's note. They had their morning coffee together and then they all went back to work. The rest of the week went by as usual running into each other and having coffee breaks together.

Since both Rebecca and Jane had to work on Friday night their plans were switched to Saturday. So far this had only happened one other time and nobody had a problem switching nights.

Saturday evening they were at the Italian restaurant for dinner. After a few hours of enjoying the food and the conversation they headed out to the parking to get into their cars. While walking through the parking lot Kristen and Rebecca felt like they were being watched again, but neither of them said anything to the other. Kristen knew that Rebecca felt it also by the way she tensed up and started walking faster toward Jane's car. When they pulled into the parking lot of the club and started walking to the doors they still felt as if they were being watched.

There was a feeling that came along with the thought of being watched and Kristen wasn't happy with it; Trouble.


Chapter 7

It was Monday evening and the ER was busy with patients and staff running around. Kristen had decided earlier in the evening that she was going to stay and help out in the ER. Kristen had seen Rebecca and Jane earlier before they were due to get off, it was around four thirty and they were able to go for coffee. Rebecca and Jane talked about how everybody from the station goes out to the Grill for dinner and drinks on the first Monday of each month. Some small part of Kristen felt jealous about the girls going out and having fun and she was just going home to an empty house, so that played a small part in her staying at the ER tonight. The biggest part was Kristen for some reason deep down inside her soul felt like she needed to be in the ER this evening.

Rebecca and Jane had only been back at the station five minutes when Jane had a phone call. Rebecca went into the kitchen to get something to drink and see what everybody else was up to, in an hour they were all heading out to the Grill for the evening. Jane came into the kitchen and found six of her co-workers in the middle of a conversation about the evening events at the Grill.

"Hey guys--looks like I'll be a little late getting to the Grill. Ray just called and asked if I could cover for him til nine or so. As soon as he gets here, I'll be there!"

Rebecca looked over at her friend with a smirk on her face. "We'll save you a drink my friend."

"Yeah, you do that Rebecca. Don't have too much fun until I get there." Jane gave Rebecca a hard look and Rebecca just laughed at her.


The station alarm went off about forty-five minutes after everybody had left for the Grill. When Jane arrived at the hospital with her patient she walked into a very busy ER. Kristen spotted her and gave her a funny look. When Jane had finished with her patient she went to talk to Kristen for a few minutes.

"Hey Kristen."

"Jane, why are you still working? I thought you and Rebecca were going to the Grill at six."

"Yeah, Ray called in and asked if I could cover for him until he could get in-- as soon as he gets in I'm heading to the Grill. Man, it looks even more packed in here then earlier!"

"Yeah, if this keeps up we'll be on re-route soon." Kristen closed the chart she was working on and walked around the counter.

"So, how long are you going to stay Kristen?"

Kristen looked around the ER. "Um, I guess for awhile at least until it quiets down some."

"Okay, maybe I'll run into you again later-- there's my partner, I've got to go. See ya."

Jane was sitting in the TV room watching a movie; she only had a half-hour left before Ray would be in. Just as she looked at her watch the alarm went off. "Shit, now I'm going to be later getting to the Grill." She said to an empty room.

She ran to the unit to find her partner already in the driver's seat as they were pulling out it hit her were they were headed. 'The Grill.'

They pulled into the parking lot few minutes later since The Grill was only a couple of miles away from the station. The parking lot was filled with people from the Grill and two police cars. The on lookers from the Grill slowly moved out of the way so the ambulance could get past them. Jane's partner was Ed and he parked the ambulance right next to the police cars. Jane and Ed got out of the unit and headed towards the police officers who were standing in front of the alley. They had lost most of the light of the day and Jane couldn't see all the way down the alley after the officer directed her that way. They followed another officer down the alley as he filled them in on what they had.

"A girl was found back by the dumpster. She been beaten pretty bad and we're sure she was sexually assaulted. We found her pants ripped up not far from her... She won't let anybody near her, she just lays there quiet until we try to get close and then she screams."

"Okay." Jane said as they rounded the corner in the alley.

Jane stopped in her tracks when she saw the girl lying on her side almost in a ball on the ground. Her back was against the dumpster and the way she was balled up you couldn't tell what she looked like.

"Man, you guys could have at least covered her bottom half up."

Jane looked at the police officers and her partner and noticed they were all males and they were all just as uncomfortable as she was at what they were seeing.

"I'm going to cover her up and see if I can talk to her. When I call you Ed bring the stretcher over, okay?"


They all watched as Jane took the blanket off the stretcher and started to walk over to the patient. As soon as Jane got close enough to get a good look she stopped dead. Jane couldn't see the girls' face, but she could see her shoes. 'Oh god those are Becca's shoes. Okay Jane, do what Kristen told you-- separate yourself.'

Jane got up next to Rebecca and knelt down beside her and slowly placed the blanket over her while speaking to her.

"Becca, it's me Hon."

Rebecca swung her arm at Jane. "Stop. Leave me alone-- god dammit!"

Jane got a little closer to Rebecca's head. "Hey kiddo-- it's me, Jane."

Rebecca brought her arm up to cover more of her face up. "J-- Jane don't look at me please. Go away and leave me alone!"

"Becca I'm not leaving you, I'm going to get you off this ground and into the back of the unit."

"NO." She was shaking -- everything hurt so much.

"Becca, please don't fight me." She said as she waved Ed over with the stretcher.

"Ed, let's get her off the ground. Let's move fast and don't stop if she screams. Load and go-- got me?"

"Yep, I got you Jane."

Ed moved to the head area while Jane took the bottom half and they moved Rebecca in the same position they found her, on her side. She screamed a lot and swung her arm trying to hit them, but they didn't stop until she was on the stretcher. They quickly strapped her down and made there way to the unit with a very upset Rebecca trying to fight them the whole way. Once they had her in the back of the unit Jane yelled to Ed, "Haul ass to the Trauma Center."

Before Jane had covered Rebecca up in the alley she noticed the bite marks and that she was bleeding from her southern parts. Now that Rebecca was in the unit, Jane needed to treat her patient. She pulled out a trauma pad to place between Rebecca's legs and one for her chest area to help with the bleeding and an oxygen mask.

It was a fight to get the trauma pads in place and put on the oxygen mask. When she listened to Rebecca's chest she could see all the damage that was done to her friend up close. Jane's heart broke at the amount of damage she saw.

Once Jane was done looking at what injuries should could, she covered Rebecca back up with the blanket. Jane had to place an extra set of straps on the stretcher because Rebecca was fighting so much. As Rebecca grew more agitated, Jane stopped being the EMT and started being Rebecca's friend holding her one hand for the ride to the hospital.


They went on re-route about a half-hour ago, so that meant they would only get priority one traumas. Kristen had just finished suturing up a young boy's hand in the gyn room because the ER was so full and that was the only room left. When she was done suturing the hand she told herself she was going home. 'I've been here almost fourteen hours, I'm going home.' Just as she thought that, she got that feeling of Rebecca coming in. 'That's strange she's at the Grill with her friends.'

They had just walked through the ER doors when Rebecca started screaming again because Jane told her they were at the hospital.

Just as the ER doors closed behind them a nurse that was standing off to the right of Jane made a comment to them. "Oh just great, we went on re-route over a half hour ago. This isn't a trauma patient, you should have gone to another hospital."

Jane just looked at the nurse and lost it. " Shut up bitch, this is my best friend on this stretcher and I really don't care if you're on re-route or not... WHERE'S Doc Kristen?"

Kristen left the exam room she was in when she heard the exchange of words out in the ER. When she locked eyes with Jane she knew something was wrong. A fear like she had never felt before gripped her heart. She looked at the patient that was lying in a lateral recumbent position on the stretcher; she couldn't make out the face. Then she heard a voice through the oxygen mask that had become so important to her these last few months.


Jane was trying to hold Rebecca down and said to Kristen. "Kristen she's in stable condition but you really need to sedate her or something."

It was all happening so fast for Kristen she wasn't sure what was going on, but she knew Jane was right. Rebecca was in distress and in that state she was twice as strong and could hurt herself more. Kristen went to the drug chart and grabbed a light sedative, with syringe in hand she went over to the stretcher. While she was walking around to the backside of Rebecca, she gave a cold look to the nurse and told her to "MOVE." Kristen pushed the sheet over to expose Rebecca's bottom and what she saw shocked her. The first thing was the blood and the second was the missing clothing and the trauma pad that was in place there. While she found her mark and gave Rebecca the sedative she looked up to Jane for the answer of what happened.

"Kristen, she was sexually assaulted."

Before she could say anything else Kristen cut her off and looked over at the nurse's station.

"Sarah go and move that kid out of gyn room two now!"

Sarah was up and heading to the room as quick as she could. Kristen looked at Jane and nodded her head for her to continue with her information and helped guide the stretcher to the room.

"I couldn't get her blood pressure, she was fighting too much. I had to put extra restraints on her so she wouldn't hurt herself or me. I was lucky enough just to get the oxygen on her, but as you can see she's fighting that. At the scene I noticed several bite marks on her thighs, back and breasts. I couldn't get a good look-- every time I tired she became more aggressive. We tried to just get her here as fast as we could."

The only statement that was going over and over in Kristen's head was. 'Oh God not Rebecca-- please dear god.'

They moved the stretcher into the exam room. An ER Tech came to help move the patient to the table. They undid the restraints and when everybody grabbed the sheet to move Rebecca, she started to scream again. "Don't touch me god dammit!" Rebecca started to move her left arm around to try and hit anybody that touched her. Even being sedated Rebecca was still very aggravated and strong.

Kristen told everybody to stop and move away. Kristen moved around so Rebecca could see her. As she bent down to talk to Rebecca she saw Rebecca's left hand coming at her. The ER Tech moved to grab the hand and Kristen shook her head, "No don't touch her." Kristen grabbed Rebecca's hand and spoke in her ear.

"Rebecca, it's Kristen you're safe now. Nobody here is going to hurt you sweetheart but I need to get you off the stretcher and onto the table, okay?"

Rebecca recognized the voice she heard. It was a voice she had heard so often and every time she heard it, it made her feel safe and calm. Everything seemed to be a little fuzzy with the drug in her system. Rebecca followed the voice up and then focused on a pair of ice blue eyes. Rebecca pulled Kristen's hand closer to her face and tried to talk but nothing would come out at first. Kristen whispered in her ear again.

"You're safe now Rebecca, let us help you okay? C'mon sweetheart everything going to be to fine now, let us move you."

Rebecca started crying and found her voice and told Kristen, "I'm afraid!-- I'm afraid!-- I don't want anybody to touch me-- please stop!"

Jane just watched her friends; they were both in so much pain right now.

Kristen looked right into Rebecca's eyes, "I'm here Rebecca, tell me what will make you feel better sweetheart?"

Rebecca was crying and her body was trembling uncontrollably. "Everything hurts pl-- please make it stop. I want everybody to leave and not touch me anymore! Please Kristen only you in here. Please!"

Kristen whispered in Rebecca ear. "How about this, let them help me move you over to the table, then I'll have everybody leave the room. It will only be you and me in here and we can talk. Okay sweetheart...please?"

Rebecca only reply was, "Okay."

Rebecca still had a death grip on Kristen's hand. Kristen looked at everybody and with a nod of her head they walked back to help move Rebecca to the table. Rebecca cried out when they picked her up. It hurt so much that she stayed on her side frozen from the pain. Kristen asked everybody to leave the room. She told Rebecca she needed to talk to the tech for a minute and that Jane was going to stay with her until she came back. Jane walked around and took Rebecca's hand so Kristen could leave with the Tech. Kristen followed the ER Tech out of the room. Kristen told the tech what medical supplies she wanted and told him to have Sarah bring them and to make sure she knocked first and said who she was and that she would let her in the room.

Part 3

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