Faces Of Evil

part 4

by ShoeX



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Chapter 10

The hour-long drive to Kristen house was quiet. Rebecca was out cold for the ride due to the sedative that was given to her at the hospital. Kristen had so many questions going through her mind and she wanted answers.

Kristen pulled into her garage and got out of the car, she walked to the kitchen door and punched in the security code and opened the door. She walked back to the car and opened Rebecca's door.

"Sweetheart we're here-- wake up Rebecca!"

When Rebecca didn't wake up, Kristen just picked her up and carried her in to the house. Kristen put her in her room since everything that Rebecca would need was there. The master room had a large bathroom and a large TV and VCR. Rebecca never once woke up.

It was about twenty minutes later when Rebecca woke up with a start. She didn't know were she was. Kristen was at her side in a heartbeat and told Rebecca that she was safe and they were at her house. Once Rebecca woke up a little more Kristen asked if she could check her wound for any damage.

"Sure go ahead-- but be gentle everything is really sore."

Kristen pulled back the blanket and pulled down the gown and noticed a little blood on the bandages around her breasts. Kristen hoped that all the sutures were still in place. She cut the bandages off and was glad to find that Rebecca hadn't ripped any of her sutures out, she just pulled them a little. She had Rebecca sit up so she could check the wounds on her back. They all looked good. Kristen put ointment on the wounds and then re-bandaged them and pulled her gown back up and asked Rebecca to lay back down.

Kristen pulled Rebecca's gown up past her hips and then gently pushed her legs open.

"Ow. Ow-- that really hurts Kristen!"

"I know Rebecca, you were fighting pretty hard in the hospital. But I need to check and see if you did any damage to yourself."

Kristen sat on the side of the bed and put on her gloves and explained to Rebecca that she was going to examine the area around her vagina. Kristen pulled open her swollen vagina lips to check the one set of sutures and then looked over the other sutures. They all looked good so far. Kristen moved down a little lower.

Kristen noticed that Rebecca had ripped some of the sutures out of one of the bite marks that was near her anus. She wasn't sure about the others on her butt until she had her roll over.

Kristen looked up at Rebecca. "Sweetheart, you pulled some of your sutures out down here, I'm going to get the tweezers and pull them out."

Kristen walked in to the bathroom and came back with the tweezers. She removed the sutures that were ripped out and applied ointment to the area. She had Rebecca roll on her side to check the sutures on her butt cheeks and those looked good as well. While she was there she gave Rebecca her pain shot. Kristen put a fresh blue pad under her and Rebecca rolled back over. Kristen covered her up with the blanket and asked if she was hungry, Rebecca nodded her head yes. Kristen told her she would be right back with her lunch. Before Kristen left the room she turned on the TV for Rebecca and then handed her the remote.

Kristen came back to the master bedroom with lunch for the two of them to find Rebecca sound asleep. Kristen set the tray down on the night stand and then gently began to wake Rebecca for her lunch.

While they ate their lunch Kristen made sure she explained to Rebecca that tomorrow they were going to have to talk about what took place at the hospital earlier. Kristen knew that today was a day that Rebecca needed to rest physically and emotionally.

The rest of the afternoon went quickly for Kristen. She did a few things around the house including her laundry and started dinner while Rebecca had slept most of the afternoon.

After dinner Kristen gave Rebecca her pain medication and they watched TV for awhile. Kristen noticed within the hour that Rebecca's pain shot had put her to sleep. Kristen grabbed a blanket for herself and pulled a chair over to the bed so she could be near Rebecca. She sat down and put her feet on the bed, covered up with the blanket. The last thing she remembered before she fell asleep was Rebecca's gentle face.

Kristen woke up to Rebecca screaming in her sleep. Rebecca had a haunted look on her face from the visions of her nightmare. Kristen was out of her chair and beside Rebecca in a second. Kristen quickly sat Rebecca up some to try and wake her up, but she was too far into her nightmare and wouldn't wake. Kristen sat behind her and pulled her close to her chest and Rebecca immediately calmed down. The haunted look on Rebecca's face slowly turned to a peaceful look. Deep within Rebecca's mind she felt Kristen presence surround her and she felt safe. Rebecca slept peacefully the rest of the night in Kristen's arms.


Rebecca woke up and felt somebody holding her and knew right away that it was Kristen. It felt so natural that she didn't understand. Rebecca relaxed into the warmth she felt from Kristen. The feelings she was experiencing from being held by Kristen were mixed. The week had been an emotional roller coaster but this felt so right. About a half-hour later Rebecca felt Kristen move and start to wake up.

"Good morning." Rebecca said in a soft voice.

"Good morning yourself-- how are you feeling? You had a rough night last night."

Rebecca turned her head so she could see Kristen and apologized for waking her during the night. Kristen told Rebecca not to worry about it, she was just glad she was here for her. Kristen asked Rebecca if she wanted to talk about her nightmares. Rebecca was quiet for a moment before she spoke.

"Not yet, maybe in a little while."

Kristen nodded her head, she understood Rebecca needed some time to work it out for herself. Kristen felt for some reason this nightmare was a little different from her others. They usually talked some about the nightmares, but Kristen knew that when Rebecca was ready she would talk about it. Kristen asked Rebecca if she wanted some breakfast and after a nod from Rebecca, it was time to start the day. Kristen sat Rebecca up some and pulled herself from her own heaven of being able to hold Rebecca for the first time, and it felt so good.

As Kristen was walking to the bathroom to take care if her full bladder, she asked Rebecca if she wanted some coffee before her breakfast. Rebecca was sitting herself up in the bed in the same spot that Kristen had just left, which was still warm from her body. When Kristen returned from the bathroom Rebecca said that a cup of coffee would be great. Kristen headed to the kitchen to start the coffee and breakfast. Kristen was back with Rebecca's coffee with ten minutes then headed back to the kitchen were she had bacon cooking.

Rebecca was sitting in the bed looking out the big bay window when her belly started to cramp up. At first they were small cramps then they started hurting more and she felt like she had to go to the bathroom. She thought she could handle making it to the bathroom herself, so she swung her legs over the side of the bed.

Kristen was in the kitchen cooking after she had checked the house security system. She had just finished with the bacon and was about to start the eggs when she heard a cry of pain coming down the hallway. She moved quickly down the hallway to her room and found Rebecca sitting up with her feet hanging over the bed. Kristen looked at her.

"What are you doing trying to get out of bed again?"

Rebecca looked at her and her face blushed and she put her head down and she spoke quietly, "Oh god, this is embarrassing-- I have to go to the bathroom."

"Okay, that's a good sign Rebecca I was beginning to worry about you not having a bowel movement yet – there's nothing to be embarrassed about. How about we go ahead and remove the catheter now and then I'll help you into the bathroom?"

With that Kristen removed Rebecca's catheter, carried her to the bathroom and gently lowered her onto the toilet. Rebecca grabbed onto the sink.

"Ow-- ow-- this kinda hurts my butt!"

Kristen tried to explained to Rebecca that going to the bathroom would also hurt due to the fact that this was her first real bowel moment since her sutures were put in, and then she explained to her not to push just let it happen on its own. Kristen knew Rebecca was going to have a hard time with this little fact of life problem.

Rebecca looked down at her hands. "Kristen, this is really embarrassing for me."

Kristen tried to reassure her that there was nothing to be embarrassed about and then explained to her that when she was done that she needed to wipe very gently due to the sutures. That she would wash the area up with an antiseptic wash when she was done to help keep an infection for happening, Rebecca shook her head.

"Oh God, this is really going to be embarrassing."

Kristen knelt down beside Rebecca and rubbed her knee. "Rebecca, you can't do it by yourself with your hands looking like they do. Sweetheart, I'm here to help you-- so let me okay?"

Rebecca just looked down at her hands-- this was so embarrassing for her. "Okay."

Kristen told Rebecca that she was going to be right outside changing the bed sheets and to just call her when she was done. With that Kristen stood up and left the bathroom leaving the door open a crack so she could hear Rebecca. Kristen had changed the bed already and was sitting in the chair watching cartoons. She looked at her watch. Rebecca had been in the bathroom now for a half-hour. She hadn't heard a sound from Rebecca so Kristen walked over to the door. She heard Rebecca softly crying now that she was close to the door.

She knocked on the door. "Sweetheart, are you okay?"

When Rebecca didn't answer, she went into the bathroom and knelt down beside her and rubbed her knee. "Sweetheart, are you okay?"

Rebecca looked up. "It hurts Kristen, it feels like I need to go but I can't. The cramps are really hurting."

"Okay sweetheart, with all the medications you've been taken this week it probably has you constipated. I brought something home with me just in case this happened, okay?"

Rebecca nodded her head; at this point all she wanted was the cramps and pressure she was feeling to stop.

"C'mon sweetheart, lets get you back in bed."

Kristen picked Rebecca up and carried her to the bed. Kristen went to the supplies she brought home with her and found what she was looking for then returned to Rebecca's side.

Rebecca watched Kristen carry a little box with her back to the bed and place it on the night stand. Kristen sat next to Rebecca.

"Rebecca, roll on your side for me so I can put your suppository in."

"WHAT!?" Kristen almost laughed out loud from the look on Rebecca's face.

"C'mon Rebecca, it's better then an enema. That's why I grabbed the suppositories. C'mon roll over for me sweetheart."

Rebecca rolled on her side while saying. "Man, I am so tired of all this embarrassing stuff."

Kristen reached over to the night stand and opened the box and pulled out two suppositories for Rebecca. Kristen rubbed Rebecca's hip.

"You ready Rebecca?"

"Yeah, go ahead."

Kristen pulled Rebecca's gown over to expose her bottom area. She grabbed one suppository and gently inserted it, much to Rebecca's dislike. Rebecca had pulled the pillow over her head. This was so embarrassing for her, plus it hurt. Kristen inserted the second one much to Rebecca's surprise.

"Whoa—ow. Kristen wasn't one enough?" Rebecca rolled back over.

"No. In a few minutes you'll feel them start to work, it's going to feel like you have to go but you need to hold it in as long as you can, okay?"


"I'll be right back. I'm going to go a grab us more coffee."

Kristen had just finished making their cup's of coffee when Rebecca called out for her. She walked back to the bedroom with their mugs and sat them down on the nightstand.

"Kristen, I have to go!"

"They haven't been in very long Rebecca, can you hold it for a few more minutes?"

"C'mon Kristen, before I have an accident in your bed-- please take me to the bathroom."

Kristen picked Rebecca up and carried her into the bathroom and sat her down on the toilet. "Call me when you're done." And then left the bathroom to give Rebecca her privacy.

Kristen left the door open a crack again and sat on the bed and waited for Rebecca to finish. Kristen heard Rebecca in the bathroom.

"Ow—ow—ow--that hurts, I never knew a shit could hurt some much. God I can't believe this—ow, ow, ow. I don't know how much more I can take dear God. "

Kristen just shook her head and felt for Rebecca. When Rebecca was done she went in the bathroom with a medicated antiseptic wash to clean her up. Rebecca was not happy with this whole situation. It was totally embarrassing no matter what Kristen said to her. When they were done Kristen said, "How about we go ahead and change your bandages before we have breakfast?"

Rebecca just nodded her head. "Okay, sounds good to me."

Kristen decided now was as good as any time to get Rebecca walking some. So she helped walk Rebecca back to the bed and then grabbed a clean T-shirt for her.

Kristen sat on the bed next to Rebecca and explained to her that starting today she wanted her up and walking some.

Rebecca looked at her. "Okay, just the walk from the bathroom hurt. It's going to hurt a lot but I'm ready to get out of this bed."

Kristen told Rebecca that it would probably hurt some for a few days but it would get better. Rebecca really needed to start walking around and using her muscle's, the more she sat around the harder it would be on her body.

"Sweetheart, I want to do a pelvic check this morning. I'm going to call Anna to make sure it's okay with her that I take your sutures out tomorrow and if she says it's okay I will-- If most of the dissolving sutures are gone then you can actually take a shower if you want too."

"It all sounds good, but I don't like the idea of the pelvic poke!"

Once again Kristen explained to Rebecca just like she did in the hospital why exams were so important. When Kristen was done explaining she had Rebecca lay back flat on the bed and lifted her gown up to her hips. Kristen asked Rebecca to bend her knees up and out a little. Rebecca moved her legs into that position while Kristen put on her gloves.

Once Kristen had her gloves on she started her exam of the wounds and suture sites around Rebecca's vaginal area and butt area. Kristen told Rebecca that all the sutures were looking great and that most of the dissolving sutures were almost gone and there was no sign of infection anywhere.

"Sweetheart, you're going to feel my finger go inside now. Try and stay relaxed for me, okay?"

Rebecca nodded her head. "I'll try."

Kristen grabbed the tube of Surgilube and put some on her finger and then gently inserted it into Rebecca's vagina.

Rebecca started saying, "Ow, ow, ow-- that hurts!"

"I know sweetheart and I'm sorry-- I'm almost done."

Kristen pushed on Rebecca's belly and felt around and then pulled her finger out.

"All done."

Kristen filled the wash tub with hot water and then helped Rebecca remove her gown and then cut off the bandages around her chest area. Once Rebecca was washed up, Kristen only put the mesh sports bra bandage on over the wounds. Kristen helped Rebecca put on the clean large T-shirt, then had Rebecca roll on her side. Kristen put a fresh chux pad down just in case Rebecca did anymore bleeding due to the pelvic exam. Kristen applied Rebecca's ointment to her bottom areas. Kristen changed Rebecca's pain medication to a pill, so no more shots for Rebecca. That was the best news of the morning for Rebecca.

With Rebecca resting in bed and making a phone to Jane to let her know she was okay and was at Kristen's house, Kristen went back out to finish breakfast. They watched the morning news while they ate their food, neither talking to the other. When they were finished eating Kristen took the dishes to the kitchen and placed them in the sink then made them both another cup of coffee. Kristen headed back to the bedroom to talk to Rebecca with coffee mugs in her hands. Rebecca was sitting up in bed watching TV when Kristen walked back into the room and sat on the bed next to Rebecca, handed her a mug and then turned off the TV.

"We need to talk Rebecca."

As Rebecca looked down at her hands that held her mug, she spoke quietly. "I know."

Kristen placed one hand on Rebecca's thigh. "Sweetheart, I know you know who did this to you."

Rebecca started to shake her head no when Kristen said, "No Rebecca, I know you lied to the Detective. I want you to tell me the truth sweetheart. That's the only way I can help you. I want to know who called you at the hospital and upset you so much."

Rebecca started shaking and she went pale from just thinking about talking about it. Kristen reached over and took her mug and placed it on the nightstand. Kristen took Rebecca's hands into hers and gave them a light squeeze.

"Rebecca you're safe now sweetheart, I promise. But you need to tell me what's going on, so I can help-- start at the beginning."

Rebecca nodded her head and then took a deep breath and started at the beginning.

"It started after I got transferred to the station, during my first week there I went out on a car accident scene with Jane. There was a police officer at the scene watching me. At first it kinda freaked me out but Jane knew him so I felt better-- after dropping off our patient at the hospital he came over and talked to us. His name was Tom Green, he seemed like a really nice guy. Later that day he stopped by the station and asked me to dinner. Jane and I talked about him on they way back to the station and he sounded nice so I said yes. I've only dated one person and we were together for a year and a half. I met him in high school. We stopped seeing each other about two year's ago when I found out he was seeing somebody else. I thought maybe it was time for me to start dating again and Tom was so nice, plus he was a police officer-- I felt safe with him. We went out to dinner a few times and to the movies."

Rebecca could feel her body trembling as her voice cracked while telling the story. Kristen gently took one of Rebecca's hands and intertwined their fingers and gave them a light squeeze in support. Rebecca felt her body relax some and continued her story.

"Then one night after dinner he took me home and we were sitting in his police car outside of my house -- He started kissing me and he wouldn't stop and he really scared me. I kept asking him to stop, and then he started to grab at me. He bit my lip really bad that night. I was finally able to get out of the car and ran into my house. He left me alone after that, but I kept feeling like someone was watching me. This happened that first week I met you."

Green eyes looked into blue, and they squeezed each other's hand at the same time.

"On Monday night, when I was at the Grill for dinner and drinks I felt like I was being watched again. We all were having a great time laughing and carry on. My friend Jim asked me to dance and when we were on the dance floor I noticed Tom in a corner booth just watching me. The look on his face gave me the creeps and I just wanted to get out of there as soon as I could. I went to the ladies room and slipped out the back door to the kitchen. I thought I got out of the bar without Tom seeing me.

The last part was said in a whisper. "I was walking up the alley when somebody behind me pushed me into the wall and held me there. I didn't know it was Tom until he spoke to me."

Rebecca started crying from the memory. Kristen released Rebecca's hand and gently placed her arm behind her friend and pulled her close to her chest while gently rocking her until she stopped crying. When Rebecca could speak again, she continued her story while still within the safety of Kristen's embrace.

"Tom told me he was watching me act like a slut and that any slut could fuck him. The things he was saying to me—I just never heard him talk that way before. He started to grab me in places. He held my hands above my head with one hand and the other hand went in my shorts and started touching me and kissing the back of my neck and biting me and saying how wet I was for him. He pulled my shorts down and ripped my underwear off and then use his legs and kicked my legs open and then I felt him in me. It hurt so much I started to scream and he covered my mouth and told me to shut up or he was going to kill me when he was done. He just kept pumping it in harder and harder and then he stopped. I thought he was done until he turned me around and pushed my face to the brick wall. I felt his hand pull my butt cheeks open. I asked him what he was going to do, he just said, ‘I'm going to keep fucking you until I get tired of you.' And then I felt him trying to go in my butt. God it hurt so much I had to scream-- he hit me in the head and then he pushed it all the way in and started to bite me."

When Rebecca stopped speaking, Kristen softly spoke with a voice filled with emotion.

"Sweetheart, you don't need to tell me anymore." Kristen wasn't sure she could take hearing more of this nightmare.

Rebecca wiped the tears from her face as she spoke to Kristen. "I want you to know. I need you to know."

Kristen rubbed Rebecca's back in a silence support. "I'm listening sweetheart."

Kristen sat and held Rebecca while she continued telling her nightmare of what happened that night in the alley with Tom. Kristen felt her anger building to new heights with each word Rebecca said about the ordeal. Kristen wanted to leave and start the search for Tom now after hearing that he just kicked Rebecca and then told her thanks for the fuck and walked away from her. She wanted him to die a very slow painful death and she was the one who was going to do it.

When Rebecca had finished telling her story to Kristen her body was trembling uncontrollably as her tears found their way down her face. Kristen held her as tight as she could without hurting any of the injuries on Rebecca's chest. Kristen rocked her and gave her a kiss on the forehead. Kristen kept saying over and over again that he would never hurt her again.

They sat like this for an hour until Rebecca finally fell asleep from the emotional stress of telling her story.

Kristen went to her computer room and e-mailed Adam the name of the police officer and asked him to find out what he could about him and to get back to her as soon as possible. While in her office she called Harry at home and asked him for the week off to stay home and take care of Rebecca. Kristen informed him of the facts she had found out about the rapist and that she was looking into things. Harry told her to be careful if he was a police officer and to let him know if he could do anything to help her, he wished her luck and they said there good byes. Harry knew that when she started something she didn't stop until the problem was solved one way or the other.

The day went by quickly for Rebecca. She was glad that she told Kristen about Tom, she was a little embarrassed by it but she knew she did the right thing. Kristen just had a way of making her feel safe and loved. She he slept for most of the day, every time she woke Kristen was there. She helped her to the bathroom several times and sat with her throughout the day. In the early evening Kristen left to prepare dinner. Her day was going by slowly waiting to hear from Adam about any information on Tom. Before she headed into the kitchen she headed into her office to call Adam. That's when she found out he was away until Monday on official business.


Rebecca came into the kitchen while Kristen was cooking dinner, she sat at the table mostly but Kristen was glad to see her up and about some. They had an enjoyable dinner together at the kitchen table. Rebecca made them both a cup of tea while Kristen cleaned the kitchen up. With that done they headed into the bedroom to watch some TV and have their tea. Kristen got Rebecca's pain medication ready just in case she needed it during the night and sat back in her chair by the bed. Kristen needed to talk to Rebecca as her doctor.

"Rebecca we need to talk."

Rebecca looked at her. " You know, I really hate it when you say that. It means something that I won't like it!"

Kristen laughed, "I know, but I need to talk to you as your doctor for a minute okay."

Rebecca sat up in the bed, "Okay-- doc, what's on your mind?"

Kristen needed to explain to Rebecca some things that needed to be done.

"I talked to Anna earlier and she said it was no problem with taking out your sutures tomorrow morning. Rebecca, I'm going to need to do a week check up on you-- so Monday I would like to go to the hospital."

Rebecca nodded her head. "Okay, what kind of check up are we talking about here Kristen?"

"Well, I need to do a pelvic exam on you and make sure that you have no infections and take some swabsticks to test for sexually transmitted diseases and do a pregnancy test also."

Rebecca's face went pale with the thought of being pregnant or having a disease from Tom. Everything just seemed to hit her at once and she started to cry. Kristen moved to the bed and held her until she stopped crying. Kristen explained to Rebecca that she wasn't likely to be pregnant because she was on her period at the time of the rape and that everything to stop infections or diseases was done for her, this was just a safety check. Rebecca felt a little better after Kristen talked to her, but what felt better was the safety she felt while being in Kristen's arms. After a few moments Rebecca softly replied that whenever she wanted to go to the hospital was okay with her. They sat back in the bed, neither saying a word just enjoying the warmth of each other. Kristen held her during the movie, in which Rebecca fell asleep half way through. Kristen slowly pulled herself away from Rebecca and headed for the kitchen to make a cup of tea and then to her office to check her emails.


Sunday morning came too soon for Kristen. She was woke up three times during the night. Once because of pain and twice because of nightmares that Rebecca was having. On the last nightmare Kristen ended up in bed next to Rebecca again and held her all night long. Rebecca woke up at one point, smiled and then fell back to sleep.

Kristen slowly moved out of bed and headed to her coffee maker for her much needed cup of coffee. Kristen checked her computer and then returned to the kitchen to cook breakfast. She went back into her room and found Rebecca sitting up in bed and staring out the window. Kristen walked over to the bed with breakfast in her hands.

"Good morning sleepy head. Have you been up long?"

Rebecca shook her head. "No, not that long. I woke up when you left the bed. I couldn't get back to sleep."

Kristen sat Rebecca's tray on her lap and then sat in her chair next to the bed. Kristen watched as Rebecca ate her breakfast while she sipped her coffee. They chatted as Rebecca ate her breakfast. When she was done Kristen removed the tray and they just sat there watching the morning news until Rebecca let it be known that she had to pee. Kristen helped Rebecca walk into the bathroom and then turned and left closing the door behind her. Kristen decided to set things up to remove Rebecca's sutures while she was in the bathroom.

Rebecca came out of the bathroom with a freshly washed face, brushed teeth, and hair that still looked a mess. Rebecca was looking forward to a shower. Kristen was at her side after the first step out of the bathroom. Kristen helped walk her over to the bed. That's when Rebecca saw what Kristen was setting up on the night stand. Kristen helped her into bed and covered her up with the sheet. Then Kristen sat next to her on the bed.

"Okay, lets get those sutures out so you can take a quick shower this morning. You can't stay to long in the water Rebecca your wounds are still to new for that!"

Rebecca smiled at Kristen. "Okay, I won't. But I just can't wait to take a shower and wash my hair."

"Okay then, lets get them out so you can."

Kristen had Rebecca sit up some and then Kristen helped remove her T-shirt. Kristen moved closer to Rebecca so she could take the sutures out of her face first. Rebecca held her T-shirt in front of herself until Kristen was ready to cut the bandages off of her chest. Kristen just smiled at the modest move. When Kristen was done with her face she moved so she could get to the ones on Rebecca's back. Rebecca tensed up when some of the sutures didn't want to come out. When Kristen was finished with the back sutures she asked Rebecca to lay back on the pillows so she was sitting up a little.

Kristen looked at Rebecca. "I'll be as gentle as I can Rebecca, I promise."

Rebecca moved her T-shirt away from her chest. "I know you will."

Kristen cut away the bandage that covered Rebecca's chest area. Kristen gently started to remove the sutures that were on her breasts. Kristen decided to leave the ones around the nipples for last, she knew removing the ones on the left nipple was going to be painful for Rebecca. While Kristen was removing some of the sutures Rebecca made a few gasps from the pain. Kristen said she was sorry and that she was trying to as gentle as she could be every time she heard Rebecca gasp in pain. Rebecca told her it was all-right, she knew she was. Rebecca lost count of how many times Kristen had apologized.

Kristen started on the right nipple first. As she gently removed the sutures, Rebecca's nipple got hard from being touched. Rebecca's face turned red as she spoke, "Ow. Ow--that's smarts." Rebecca just wished they were all out already, it hurt and it was embarrassing. Kristen looked up into Rebecca's eyes and tried to convey how sorry she was that it was hurting with her eyes and then went back to work removing the rest of them.

When Kristen was done with the right breast she covered Rebecca up with the T-shirt and smiled at her. Kristen sat straight up for a minute to work the kinks out of her back from leaning over Rebecca. Rebecca heard Kristen's back pop when she sat up straight.

"Kristen, was that your back?"

Kristen just shook her head and smiled. "Yeah, sounds great doesn't it? That's what happens when you get old Rebecca." Kristen patted Rebecca's hand. "I'm just kidding Rebecca. It's no big deal, it does it all the time."

"Well, it sounded pretty bad."

Kristen rolled her shoulder a few times. "It just sounds bad Rebecca. Okay, lets get the ones out of your left nipple now. Rebecca, these will probably hurt a little more okay? There's some swelling around these."

As Kristen moved the T-shirt out of the way, Rebecca replied with an okay. She didn't want to look down at herself so she turned her head and looked out the window. When Kristen started to remove the sutures Rebecca cried out in pain. The pulling of the sutures and just the fact that that area was being touched hurt so much. There was a little blood from this set being pulled out.

She just kept looking out the window until Kristen was done with all the sutures on her chest area.

Kristen pulled the pillows out from under Rebecca so she was laying flat and covered her upper half with the sheet. Kristen asked Rebecca to open her legs so she could get the sutures out of her thighs, Rebecca open her legs while Kristen picked back up her instruments to remove the sutures in her thighs. Rebecca was glad when it didn't hurt as bad as the other sutures.

"Okay sweetheart, I'm going to pull out the ones in your vaginal area now so I need you to bend your knee's up some for me and open them as far as you can for me. This really would be easier if we were at the hospital but we'll make do with what we have here. I'll use the pillows to help support you, okay?"


When Rebecca did as she was asked, Kristen took a pillow and put it under her butt to tilt her up some and then put a pillow under each knee to help with the pressure of Rebecca holding her legs up while she took the sutures out.

Kristen went about taking the ones on the outside out of her vagina area, and then started on the one that was half in and half out.

Kristen had just started on the one on the inside of Rebecca's vagina lip when she cried out in pain and grabbed the sheets with her hands. Kristen went as fast as she could and then started on the ones on Rebecca's butt. When Kristen was done with all of the sutures she pulled the pillows from under Rebecca and placed them under her head and covered her up with the sheet. Kristen grabbed her robe off the foot of the bed and handed it to Rebecca. Kristen left the room to give Rebecca some privacy to put her robe on. Kristen went into the bathroom to start the hot water for her shower.

Kristen walked back to the bed and looked at Rebecca who was sitting on the side of the bed and asked if she was ready for her shower? Rebecca reply was a nod of her head and the word yes.

"Um. Kristen do you think I could shave my legs? I know it sounds stupid but it's kinda of embarrassing having hairs on them?"

Kristen smiled. "No problem, I have an extra razor you can use."

Kristen helped her to the bathroom. Rebecca's eyes went wide when she saw there was a huge bathtub that could fit four people at least and a really large shower.

"My God, that's the biggest tub I've ever seen!"

She looked at Kristen and Kristen arched her eyebrow. "I like big tubs and roomy showers."

Kristen went to help Rebecca out of her robe and she tensed up.

"I can get it Kristen, thanks."

"Okay, I'll be in the other room-- just yell if you need any help. I'm going to change the bed sheets."

Kristen put a razor and the shaving cream in the shower for her and told her not to shave where they just took out sutures on her legs. Rebecca looked at her and blushed.

"Call me when you're done."


Once Kristen was in her room she thought ‘God she's beautiful when she's blushing' and shook her head and said ‘stop that Kristen' and started to change the bed sheets.

Rebecca was sitting on the seat that was built into the shower, she was just letting the hot water go over her body, it felt wonderful. Kristen came to mind ‘God, I love it when she arches that eyebrow at me' she shook her head and then she started to shave her legs. Shaving and washing up was harder then she thought it would be with only one hand, the splints on her right fingers did get a little wet.

When Rebecca was done she realized that she was totally alone and for the first time she could really look at her body. She looked at herself for the first time, since she was attacked and started to cry. All week long she had wanted to take a shower, just to feel clean. Kristen said they washed her up, but she just didn't feel clean.

The memory of everything came flooding back to her full force she felt dirty and turned the hot water hotter and started to scrub her body. Her legs gave out on her and she went down on the floor of the shower. She pulled her legs to her chest and held them as tight as she could to herself. All the pain came back, the shame and embarrassment. The marks were all over her for everybody to see. She rocked herself and the hot water continued to beat down on her skin turning it red.

Kristen had just walked back into the bedroom from the kitchen when she heard Rebecca crying she looked over at the bathroom door and saw steam coming from the opening of the door. Kristen dashed into the bathroom and opened the shower door and reached in and turned off the water. When she looked down on the floor a lump started to form in her throat, Rebecca was sitting there holding herself and rocking back and forth crying. Kristen knelt down on the bathroom floor.


Rebecca didn't answer her.

"Sweetheart-- look at me. What's wrong?"

Rebecca still didn't answer.

Kristen reached in and placed her hand on Rebecca's shoulder and Rebecca screamed and pulled away.

"Don't touch me." Her body started to tremble -- she was breathing rapidly.

Kristen moved as fast as she could and went to the top of her dresser where she had four syringe's laying in case of an emergency. Two were pain medication and two were a sedative. She was back on the bathroom floor next to Rebecca; she placed a towel on the floor next to her. Rebecca was still rocking back and forth crying. Kristen had the syringe in her right hand and with her left she was going to try and hold Rebecca in place with. She moved into the shower with Rebecca, Rebecca noticed Kristen had moved closer to her.

"Get out, leave me alone. Don't look at me!"

"Rebecca its going to be okay. I something here that will help you calm down some and make you feel a little better, okay?"

"Don't you touch me-- go away god dammit. Fuck you. Stop looking at me!"

Kristen had had enough of this now; she was in a good spot to hit Rebecca with the needle now. Kristen grabbed Rebecca with her left arm and pulled her to her chest, Rebecca started fighting her. Kristen's right hand came up to her mouth and she bite down on the cap of the syringe, her hand went to Rebecca's butt cheek and Kristen shot the sedative in. The drug worked fast, Rebecca stopped fighting. Kristen held onto her until she felt her muscles go limp.

Kristen sat down on the floor of the shower and leaned against the back of the shower bringing Rebecca with her. Rebecca was between Kristen's legs still in a ball and crying.

"Shhh, Rebecca it's all right now I gotcha. You're all right now. Shhh, you're safe sweetheart, I gotcha. I won't let anybody hurt you Rebecca."



"I'm sorry."

"It's going to be okay sweetheart."

Kristen held her and gently rocked her like a baby while rubbing her back. They sat like this for twenty minutes and then Rebecca's body started to shiver.

"Kristen, I'm cold."

"Okay Rebecca-- hang on."

Kristen reached out of the shower and grabbed the towel that she put on the floor and wrapped it around Rebecca.



"Sweetheart can you talk to me about what just happened in here?"

"I'm afraid."

"Of what Rebecca?"

Rebecca took a deep breath. "I feel so dirty, so ugly with these scares. How can anybody ever look at my body? I can't stand to look at it!"

Kristen held her a little tighter. "Sweetheart, you are the most beautiful person I've ever seen. Your wounds aren't even a week old yet, they will look better. You have to give it some time." And Kristen softly kissed her forehead. Rebecca started to cry again.

"Shhh, I have you Rebecca. You're going to be okay honey. I'll be here every step of the way with you sweetheart, I promise."

"Kristen, I'm getting sleepy."

"Okay, let's get you out of here and back in bed."

Kristen placed her arms under Rebecca and stood up with her and carried her in the bedroom and laid her down on the bed. Kristen took the wet towel and pulled the blanket over Rebecca. Kristen climbed in next to Rebecca and held her until she fell asleep.


Kristen was sitting in her office going through the file Adam had finally sent her about Tom Green, she made sure that Rebecca was sound asleep before she left to come in here and go over the papers on Tom. She had called Rebecca's fire station earlier in the morning and talked to her chief and explained that Rebecca would be out of work for four weeks and if he had any questions to call her at the hospital. Kristen was so deep in thought about the information on Tom and the rape cases she never heard Rebecca come into her office.

Rebecca walked over and put her hand on her shoulder and Kristen jumped and turned to see Rebecca standing behind her

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. What are you looking at?"

Kristen quickly closed down the screen.

"Oh, nothing really. Glad to see you're up. How'ya feeling?"

"Better, thanks."

Just after she said that her stomach made this really loud noise.

Rebecca shook her head, "Hungry!" and started laughing.

Kristen got up from her chair and took Rebecca's hand and headed to the kitchen to fix dinner. While cooking dinner Rebecca sat at the table and found she liked the kitchen and watching Kristen cook.

All of sudden Rebecca said, "Oh my God, I haven't even called the station."

Before Rebecca could finish her sentence Kristen turned from the stove and looked at Rebecca. "Don't worry, your doctor called your Chief and told him you would not be back to work for four weeks due to your injuries -- so relax."

"Thanks. God that smells good."

Kristen smiled back. "You're welcome and it tastes as good as it smells."

Rebecca asked Kristen when she needed to go back to work. Kristen looked at her and smiled.

"Well, it's just so happens that I called my boss yesterday and took the next two weeks off just in case you needed me."

Rebecca's eyes went upwards and met with Kristen. No one since her mother cared so much about her welfare. Rebecca felt a lump form in her throat. "Thank you. I'm not really sure how I would be doing if it wasn't for you."

Kristen walked over to the table and gave Rebecca a hug and a kiss on her forehead.

"Anytime Rebecca."

Over the past few months they had started a foundation and a bond that would last the rest of their lives and they didn't even know it yet.

After their long meal and a lot of talking, Kristen started to clean the kitchen with Rebecca helping as much as she could. When Kristen noticed that Rebecca was in a lot of pain from walking and standing she made her go to bed. Kristen finished up the kitchen and made them both a cup of tea and went back to watch TV with Rebecca. Kristen walked back into her room and gave Rebecca her cup of tea along with her pain pill.

Kristen sat in her chair until Rebecca fall asleep, once she was sure Rebecca was sound asleep she headed for a hot shower and a cup of tea. Soon after Kristen found herself back in her office going over the background information on Tom.

Kristen was only in her office for about an hour when she heard Rebecca cry out in her sleep. Kristen quickly turned out the light and headed for the bedroom.

Rebecca was crying and talking in her sleep and thrashing around in the bed. Kristen quickly climbed into the bed and held Rebecca and whispered in her ear that she was safe now and nothing was going to hurt her ever again. Kristen fell asleep holding Rebecca.


Chapter 11

Monday morning Rebecca woke up first and found herself half laying on Kristen ‘Oh God, I can't believe I'm laying on her. I can't believe it actually feels good, I could wake up every morning on her. My god my face is laying on her breast, what is going on with me?'

Rebecca rolled very slowly off of Kristen so she wouldn't wake her. Of course as soon as she did Kristen woke up but kept her eyes closed. As Rebecca rolled, the sheet came with her and half of Kristen became uncovered. Rebecca couldn't help herself, she just stared at Kristen's legs and then her hips and then her belly. During the night Kristen's shirt had rolled up past her stomach. Rebecca's eyes were drawn to the dark patch between her legs; she felt a funny feeling go though her body. Then a fear went through her from the emotions she just felt from looking at Kristen. Kristen saying good morning brought her out of her thoughts.

Rebecca blushed. "Hmm—Um. Good morning."

Kristen smiled to herself. ‘ If I didn't know better I think Rebecca was enjoying view. She looks so cute when she blushes.'

Kristen sat up in the bed and made no attempt to cover herself from Rebecca's eyes.

"How'ya feeling this morning?"

Rebecca with her still red face was trying to look anywhere but at Kristen and her exposed body parts.

" Um. Fine, just a little stiff. I actually slept on my side."

Kristen smiled. She had no idea that the human face could have so many shades of red.

"How does breakfast sound to you?"

"That sounds great."

Rebecca quickly got out of bed and headed for the bathroom to take her shower, these feelings were confusing to her.

Kristen went into the kitchen to cook breakfast for them, she keep thinking about earlier when she first woke up and found Rebecca looking at her and how red her face got, she started laughing to herself. Rebecca may like men or so she thinks, she was looking really hard there for a minute. Rebecca was beautiful, but she was too young for her. The more time Kristen spent with her, the more she really liked Rebecca and thought the age difference wasn't that important anymore. Somehow Rebecca had broken though the barriers around her heart.

Well' She thought ‘I'll just let Rebecca find things out for herself and I'll go were she leads it, either way we can always be good friends."

While they were eating breakfast Rebecca asked if they could stop at her house to pick up some clothes and leave a note for her stepfather. Kristen had no problem with that but she wanted to check and see what Tom's schedule was for the day. Rebecca said that sounded good to her, she really didn't want to run into him. She was glad her stepfather was at work now, she didn't want him to see her with bruise's being a light yellow with some purple.

Kristen had just put the garage door up and was backing the car out when she noticed the look on Rebecca's face. "Hey, what's up?"

"This really feels weird being out with no underwear and shorts on." Rebecca's face turned that lovely shade that Kristen loved. Kristen stopped the car once it was outside of the garage.

"Sweetheart, nobody can tell you have nothing on under that shirt. So don't worry about it. I won't tell anybody if you don't."

"Ha—ha-- ha. It's still a little embarrassing whether anybody knows or not."

Kristen rubbed Rebecca leg. "I thought you worked past all this embarrassed stuff around me all ready Rebecca?"

"It just feels funny sitting in your car like this, that's all."

Kristen shook her head and Rebecca asked, "What?"

Kristen laughed a little while putting the car in gear. "I'm going to miss it when you forget you don't have anything on and bend over!"

Rebecca turned a deeper shade of red and just shook her head as Kristen backed out unto the driveway and headed towards Rebecca's house.

When Kristen arrived in Rebecca's neighborhood she drove around the block twice just to make sure it was all safe and that nobody was watching the house.

When they were in Rebecca's room Kristen was looking at all of her awards and pictures on the walls while Rebecca packed her cloths. Kristen was impressed with Rebecca sports awards in track and field and softball and swimming. Rebecca also had awards from the fire department for the top running E.M.S. tech and her certificates for her fire classes. While Kristen was looking at the family pictures on the wall, Rebecca came over and told her who everybody was. Rebecca pointed out her favorite picture of her and her mother. Rebecca enjoyed showing Kristen some of her world. When she was done with her packing and a note to her stepfather saying she was staying with a friend for awhile, they headed for the hospital.

During the drive to the hospital, Kristen noticed Rebecca getting really nervous. Rebecca felt a little scared about seeing everybody that she knew in the ER or some of her friends from the station. They all knew what happened to her by now and she felt embarrassed and dirty, it was like Kristen was reading her mind.

"Sweetheart, there's nothing for you to feel afraid of. I know you're nervous about going into the hospital and seeing everybody, but you need to relax. You look like you're about to jump out of the car. They're all your friends and they love you—so relax. I'll be there right beside you the whole time."

Kristen rubbed on Rebecca's leg and kept her hand there while she drove. Rebecca put her hand on top of Kristen's and held onto it for the rest of the trip to the hospital.

When they pulled into the hospital parking lot Rebecca let go of Kristen's hand, Kristen turned off the car and turned to Rebecca.

"Rebecca, I need to go to my office first and check on things and then we can go down to the ER and do your stuff, okay?"

Rebecca nodded her head. "Okay," the longer she could put this off the better.

They were in Kristen's office for about an hour, Rebecca enjoyed looking around at everything in there. Kristen would look up and smile as she watched Rebecca look at everything on the walls to her bathroom. When Kristen was done she asked Rebecca, "Well, you ready? I'm done with my paper work."

Rebecca shook her head no. "No not really, but I know I have to. So lets go and get this done with."

They walked into the ER and Rebecca was relieved to find nobody from her station in there. Sarah was on duty in the ER, she gave Rebecca a big hug and they talked for a few minutes while Kristen checked on things in the ER.

Kristen walked back over to them and asked Rebecca if she was ready. Kristen walked Rebecca back into one of the gyn rooms and handed her a gown and a sheet.

"Take everything off, including your bra Rebecca."

Kristen told Rebecca she would be right back that she was going to admit her to the ER. Kristen smiled and walked out of the room closing the door behind her. Rebecca changed into the gown and sat up on the table and covered herself with her sheet. She was getting really nervous the longer she sat.


Kristen came back into the room twenty minutes later with Doctor Jutton and Rebecca's chart and her armband. Kristen sat the chart and armband down of the counter and walked over to Rebecca, she could tell that she was nervous. Kristen rubbed Rebecca's shoulder.

"Relax Rebecca, this is a piece of cake okay? Doctor Jutton is going to check out your chest first and then we'll do the rest, okay?"

Kristen helped Rebecca lay back. Anna pulled Rebecca's gown down to her hips.

"Sweetheart, bring your arm over your head for me I'm going to check your right breast first."

Rebecca moved her arm and Anna palpated around the right breast tissue. While Anna was feeling around the nipple it got hard. Rebecca got a goofy look on her face, and turned a lovely shade of red.

Anna wasn't sure what the look was for so she asked. "What?"

Rebecca let a soft laugh out. "Um. Nothing, it still hurts when it gets hard that's all."

Anna palpated the left breast the same way as the right one. When she got near the nipple Rebecca cried out. The tissue around the nipple was still inflamed and the nipple still didn't respond to touch. All the other wounds were healing very nicely, she pulled Rebecca's gown back up and Rebecca sat up.

"Well Rebecca for the most part things are looking good. But I'm worried about the left breast. The infection is still there. I'm going to change your antibiotics. Hopefully once all the inflammation and the infection are gone your left nipple will start to react to being touched. Kristen since she's staying with you I'm going to fill her prescription and leave it at the nurse's station for you."

Kristen looked from Rebecca to Anna. "Thanks Anna."

Anna looked down to Rebecca. "Rebecca I would like to see you in a week, okay?"


Anna nodded to them both and left the room closing the door behind her.


Kristen asked Rebecca to lay back down so she could palpate her stomach and abdomen and then do her exam. Kristen could tell the mention of an exam made her more nervous. "It's just you and me in here okay -- c'mon lay back for me Rebecca."

While Kristen was palpating certain areas, Rebecca made a few groans due to the pain. Some areas were still really sore and some areas had healed up very well, but everything was a lot better then a week ago. Kristen pulled Rebecca's gown back up and walked around to the foot of the table and pulled out the stirrups and put Rebecca's feet in them.

"Okay, sweetheart I need you to come down some, a little more. C'mon sweetheart a little more. That's good Rebecca, try and relax for me okay."

Rebecca automatically grabbed on the sides of the table. Kristen was standing at the foot of the table and gently rubbed Rebecca's knees.

"Look at me Rebecca. I really need you to relax for me, okay?"

Rebecca nodded her head. "I'll try."

Kristen sat down on her stool and pulled the medical tray closer and then put her gloves on. While Kristen pulled the sheet up over Rebecca's knees and she closed her legs.

"Rebecca, open your legs back up for me sweetheart."

Kristen helped guide Rebecca's legs open. Kristen told Rebecca she was going to check around the outside area first. Rebecca tensed a little while Kristen examined the suture area.

"Sweetheart, I'm going to insert the speculum now. So relax it's just me down here."

Kristen only had the very tip inserted of speculum and Rebecca stiffened up and closed her legs again.

"Rebecca, you need to relax and open your legs for me."

Kristen looked up and found that Rebecca had closed her eyes and had white knuckles from holding onto the table. Kristen pulled the speculum out and then stood up in between her legs and with one hand rubbed on Rebecca's belly and spoke to her in a soft voice.

"Sweetheart, open your eyes and look at me."

Rebecca opened her eyes and looked at Kristen. "I'm sorry. I'm just really nervous."

Kristen while rubbing on her belly said, "I know you are sweetheart, but you're not helping yourself by tensing up on me. Please relax for me, you know I'll be as gentle as I can with you."

Rebecca slowly opened her legs. "Okay. I'm ready."

Kristen sat back down and started to insert the speculum again Rebecca tensed a little, "Ow-- ow. That still hurts Kristen!"

"I know Rebecca, I'm sorry." Kristen tried to be quick with swabsticks and then she pulled the speculum out, she stood up.

"Rebecca you're going to feel my finger inside and I'm going to push on your belly - ready?"

With a nod from Rebecca, Kristen inserted her finger and felt around and pushed on her abdomen. Rebecca felt the warmth of her tears rolling down her cheeks again.

"Oh god, that really hurts. Hurry up please. Ow. Ow!"

Kristen pulled her finger out and explained to Rebecca the reason it still hurt so much is because she had a lot of inflammation on the inside and that in another week or so it should all be gone.

"Good -- It will be nice when nothing hurts anymore."

"I'm sure you're looking forward to that Rebecca-- I have one more thing to do. I need to take a few swabstickes of the inside of your rectum."

Rebecca started shaking her head no.

"You're kidding right?"

"No sweetheart I'm not. I'll be quick."

With that Kristen sat back down and grabbed the swabsticks, she went as fast as she could.

"Oh God that burns. Hurry up Kristen- ow- ow. That burns!"

Kristen finished with the swabsticks and then stood up between Rebecca's legs and told Rebecca she was going to feel her finger go in and push on her belly again. Kristen was trying to get a better feel of her right ovary; she had felt something on it during her first exam last week. Rebecca cried out when Kristen inserted her finger and started to push on her belly. When Kristen was done with the exam she pulled her finger out; she still felt something on the ovary. She was sure it was just a good size cyst but she wanted Rebecca to have a sonogram before she left the hospital today just to make sure that's all it was.

"Okay sweetheart, all done."

She pulled off her gloves and helped Rebecca sat up. "Rebecca, I'm going out to the nurse station, you go ahead and get dressed there's wipes on the counter to wipe yourself off with--I'll be back in a few to draw your blood okay?"

"Okay, I'll be here."

Kristen went out to the front desk and called up to radiology and talked to Doctor Glen Smith about Rebecca's case, she liked Glen and trusted his medical opinion. Kristen filled him on her concerns about the cyst and asked if he could fit Rebecca in now for a sonogram.

It had been a few minutes since Kristen had left the room and Rebecca was still sitting on the exam table, all time seemed to stop for her. Thoughts of her mother came to mind. She wished that she was still alive, Rebecca knew that she had been taking care of herself for years now, but she missed the support that she got from her mother.

Kristen had been there for her through all of this and she was thankful for that. She knew that without the support from Kristen she would have never made it threw all of this. She felt somewhat comfortable around Kristen now and her being her doctor even though she still got embarrassment by Kristen seeing her. Kristen went slow with her and always seemed to know when she was having a problem with something.

Kristen told Glen they would be up in about forty-five minutes to an hour and then headed back to the exam room to talk to Rebecca.

Kristen walked back into the exam room with chart and the supplies for drawing Rebecca's blood. Rebecca was sitting on the chair and Kristen could tell by the look on her face she was having some physical discomfort from the exam she just gave her.

Kristen as Rebecca's doctor needed some personal information from her, she knew this talk would be just as hard on her as it would be for Rebecca. She knew that talking about female issues and history would be hard for her with just knowing her for these last few months and especially this last week. Kristen pushed the stool over to Rebecca and sat down in front of her.

"Hey, you ready to have some blood drawn?"

"Yeah, I hope you brought a small needle with you."

Kristen shook her head and laughed and then started to draw her blood.

"Rebecca we need to talk."

"You know I really hate it when you say that Kristen."

Kristen laid the blood tests on the counter and placed the needle in the red sharps container. Kristen turned back to face Rebecca.

"I know you do, but I need to talk to you here as your doctor." She reached over and took Rebecca's hand. "And as your friend also, I need to ask you some personal questions and then I would like to talk a little more about your injuries and what you'll need to do."

"I'm not sure I'm going to like this, but go ahead." Rebecca stared at their joined hands.

"Rebecca, I know it makes you uncomfortable to talk about personal stuff, but I need to ask you some questions and I need you to be honest with me, okay?"

Rebecca just nodded her head looked at Kristen. She didn't like were this was heading.

"I've gotten the impression from you over the past couple of months that you don't like seeing doctors, so I need to know when was the last time you saw a gynecologist?"

Rebecca looked away from Kristen and stared at their joined hands again, it was like a life line to her. Kristen squeezed her hand while using her other hand to lift Rebecca's chin up.

"Sweetheart I really need to know, have you ever seen one?"

"Yes, once."

"Okay, how long ago was that?"

Kristen could see the tears welling up in Rebecca's eyes.

"It's all right Rebecca, how long ago was it sweetheart?"

"Five years ago, mom took me two months before she died."

"Sweetheart you know you should go at least once every two years, right?"

"Yeah, I know I just don't like going."

"I kinda knew you wouldn't like to go. Rebecca, how old were you when you started your menstrual cycle?"

"Um. I think I was thirteen?"

"Were they regular?"


"Okay, when you have your period now are they regular and are they painful?"

Rebecca looked away from Kristen, she had never talked about personal issues with anybody before and this was really embarrassing her.

"Rebecca, I know this is hard to talk about for you, but this information is important."

"Sometimes they are, sometimes I go two months without one. The cramps get real bad at times."

"Okay Rebecca, when was the last time you had sexual intercourse ?"

"Um, Kristen you're getting real personal here aren't you?"

"I know sweetheart, I'm sorry. But I really need to know, okay?"

"Okay, it was about two years ago."

"Rebecca, when you had intercourse was it painful during it and then afterwards did you have cramps?"


Kristen reached over and grabbed her chart off the counter and started to write the information down.

"Kristen, nobody else is going to read my chart are they?"

"No sweetheart, this is just for me. I've kept your chart in my office, the only people that will see it are the one's treating you, okay?"

"Yeah thanks, that's makes me feel a little better."

"Good." Kristen wrote a few more notes in the chart.

Kristen placed the chart back on the counter and turned back to Rebecca and placed her hands on her knees.

"Rebecca there's a test I want you to have before we leave the hospital today, I've already call upstairs and arranged it. Last week when you came in and I did your exam I felt something on your right ovary. I didn't want to do to much with it then because of all the trauma that was done to the area. I've been checking on it all week now and I was able to get a really good feel of it today during your exam. I think it's just a cyst, but I want to make sure. I would like you to have a sonogram done today so we can get a better look at it, your body has healed enough where it can handle the test, okay?

Kristen could see the panic look in Rebecca's face, she knew that Rebecca wouldn't be able to take much more today.

"Okay, if you think I should I will. Will you be there with me?"

"Yes, if you want me in there with you I'll be more than happy to go in with you. Doctor Glen Smith will be doing your sonogram for me, he's good and I trust his opinion."


"I really want a gynecologist to take over seeing you also."

Kristen stopped when Rebecca's eyes grew wide with tears.

"Why? You've been treating me! Why do I need to see somebody else?"

Kristen took Rebecca's hand. "Sweetheart, being a gynecologist is not my specialty. I would feel better with one looking at your tests and treating you. I want you to see a Doctor Maria Epley, she's one of the best and it just so happens she's my gynecologist also, okay?"

Kristen waited for Rebecca to answer her, she could see the internal battle going on in Rebecca. Kristen was hoping that Rebecca knowing it was her doctor would help some. When Rebecca finally spoke it was in a whisper.

"I'm not sure I can?"

"Rebecca please. She's really good, please do this for me, okay? I told you I would be there for you through all of this and I meant it. I'll be there with you if it makes you feel better."

Blue eyes locked with green tear filled eyes, as Rebecca nodded her head yes.


It was turning into a long day for Rebecca.


They had been in the radiology department for 15 minutes now, Kristen had signed Rebecca in and now they were waiting on Glen. Rebecca sat quiet in her chair and stared at her hands, the longer they waited the more nervous she was becoming.

The nurse came out a few minutes later, as she was walking towards them Kristen noticed Rebecca's hands shaking. Kristen reached over and squeezed one of her hands, Rebecca smiled.

"Doctor Amphipolis, Doctor Smith would like to talk to you for a minute. Rebecca if you would come with me we'll get you ready for your sonogram."

Rebecca looked over to Kristen with fear in her eyes.

"It's okay Rebecca. I'll be in there in a sec, I'll meet you in the room after you change out of your clothes, okay?"


As Kristen went to talk to Glen, Rebecca followed the nurse back to the changing room.

"Rebecca here's a gown for you, all I need you to take off is your shorts, you can leave your underwear on, okay?"


Rebecca nodded her head and took the gown from the nurse and went into the changing room. She was really getting nervous now, at least she could keep her underwear on and that made her feel better. She felt as if she had 25 butterflies in her stomach, by the time the nurse came back to get her she had 50 butterflies flying around and she really had to pee. She had never had a sonogram so she wasn't sure what to expect or how the test were really done.

As she was walking down the hallway she was looking for Kristen while trying to hold the back of her gown with her good hand, but she didn't see her any where. ‘C'mon Rebecca, you're not a kid anymore. Your 22 years old-- act like it.' The nurse guided her into a small room that was really cold and told her to have a seat in the chair and that the doctor would be in soon.

It felt like forever before Kristen came walking into the room with a man who looked like he was in his forties.

"Rebecca, this is Doctor Glen Smith."

Rebecca looked up to Glen and smiled.


"Hi Rebecca, nice to meet you. Kristen has filled me in on your case, so how about we get this sonogram done so you can go home, sound good to you?"


"Okay, what I need you to do is hop up this table for me and lay down. Here's a sheet to cover up your legs with."

Doctor Smith handed Rebecca the paper sheet off the exam table as she hopped up on the table. Kristen walked around to the other side of the table and placed her hand on Rebecca's shoulder.

"This is a piece of cake Rebecca. C'mon lay back."

Kristen took the sheet from Rebecca and opened it up and put it over her legs. Kristen stayed right beside Rebecca and took her good hand. When they were ready Glen turned from the counter, he was giving them time to get ready. He walked around to the other side of the table and gently tucked the sheet into Rebecca's underwear and pulled it down some to expose her abdomen. Rebecca tensed up and gasped when Glen did this and squeezed Kristen hand.

"It's all right Rebecca, he just needs more of your abdomen showing for the sonogram."

"Okay, sorry." Rebecca while squeezing Kristen's hand.

"Sorry Rebecca, I didn't mean to make you jump. Rebecca, I'm going to put some gel on your belly, it should be nice and warm okay?"


Doctor Smith squeezed some gel on her belly and picked up the sonogram device and applied it to Rebecca's belly. He slowly started to move it around and added some pressure to his strokes.

"Ow-- that kinda of hurts!"

Kristen looked away from the monitor and down to Rebecca's face; then she turned and looked at Glen. He made a face of ‘I'm sorry but it can't be helped look.' He moved the device around a little more and then spoke to Rebecca as well as Kristen.

"Rebecca Hon, since your bladder is not all the way full yet, I would like to do a different test. I'm not really getting a really good picture with this. I can see a few things that I want a better look at so I need to do a different kind of sonogram. Kristen how did she handle her internal earlier?"

"Fine, some discomfort."

Glenn looked down to Rebecca. "Okay, I want to do a transvaginal sonogram on you, we'll get a much better picture of your ovaries that way.

Rebecca looked from Glenn to Kristen. "Excuse me, Kristen what's he talking about?"

Kristen just held her breath for a minute ‘Oh no, this is not good.'

"Um-- Glen can you gave us a second here. I'll get her ready for it, okay?"

"Sure, I'll wait outside the door, just call me when you're ready."

Doctor Smith wiped the gel off of Rebecca's belly and then left the room so Kristen could explain this to Rebecca. He knew this would be hard for the young lady after what's happened to her.

As soon as he left the room Rebecca looked up to Kristen.

"Sweetheart, I know you won't like this but if Glen wants to do one then we should -- okay?"

"Kristen, I don't even know what a transvaginal sonogram is?"

"Okay, what's the best way to explain this? They do a sonogram from the inside."

"You're kidding right?"

"No sweetheart I'm not. C'mon lets get you set up so Glen can do this so we can go home, Okay?"

"I don't know about this Kristen. I'm not sure I'm going to like this!"

Kristen pulled the sheet out of Rebecca's underwear. "Rebecca lift up some. Hon your underwear needs to come off for this."

Rebecca grabbed Kristen arm while she was pulling the sheet from her. " Kristen, no."

"Sweetheart please, this is important. C'mon lift up."

Kristen started to pull Rebecca's underwear down and off then put the sheet back over her legs. She didn't want Rebecca to have too much time to think about this precedure, it would make her too nervous and she really didn't want to have to sedate her.

"Rebecca, you can do this. I'm right here with you, okay?"

Rebecca just nodded her head and Kristen took her hand again and squeezed it.

"Okay, Glen you can come back in now."

Glenn walked back in and sat back down in on the stool. He gave Kristen a smile and a nod of the head and then looked down to Rebecca.

"You ready Rebecca? This is a piece of cake sweetheart."

"No, but go ahead."

Glen reached over and grabbed the new device from the machine and started to put the condom on it. Rebecca was watching him do this and squeezed Kristen harder.

Kristen squeezed her hand back ."It's okay sweetheart."

Glen looked at Rebecca after the condom was on. "Rebecca, we usually have the patient insert this themselves, then I take over the handle again after you insert it."

Rebecca looked over at Kristen and started shaking her head, this was totally embarrassing. She wasn't sure she could do this with him sitting there or even with Kristen standing there. She looked to Kristen for help. Kristen saw the look on Rebecca's face and knew she was having a serious problem with this, so she took control of the situation.

"Rebecca, do you want me to insert it for you?"

Rebecca nodded her head yes. "Does he have to watch?"

Glen cleared his throat and shook his head. "I'll turn around okay Rebecca?"

Rebecca felt somewhat relieved. "Thank you."

Glen handed the tip to Kristen and then turned around to look at the wall. Kristen looked at Rebecca.


Rebecca nodded her head as she watched Kristen take the tip from Glen and then closed her eyes. Kristen let go of Rebecca's hand and moved closer to her legs. Kristen pulled the sheet up to expose the area she need to see. Then Kristen adjusted Rebecca's legs into the position they need to be in for the test, once that was done she slowly inserted the tip into her vaginal. Kristen felt Rebecca tense up.

"Rebecca relax. Don't tense your muscle's up okay sweetheart."

"I'm sorry. It hurts some."

"I'm trying to be as gentle as I can, and so will Glen. Okay sweetheart."

Once Kristen had the tip in she used her free hand to pull the sheet back down some to cover Rebecca's legs.

"Okay Glen, it's all yours."

Glen turned back around and took the handle, then Kristen took Rebecca's hand back and gave it a light squeeze. Glen did his sonogram and got a much better picture of the cyst that was on Rebecca right ovary. When he was moving the tip gently around Rebecca said a few ow's and just about broke Kristen's fingers. When he was done he pulled the tip out and looked at Rebecca.

"Okay Rebecca, all done. You can go ahead and get dressed. I'll send my report to Doctor Epley before your appointment tomorrow morning, okay?"

"Okay." With the okay from Rebecca Glen nodded his head to Kristen and left the room.

Kristen helped Rebecca sit up and then handed her underwear back to her. Rebecca hopped down from the table and pulled her underwear back on. Her and Kristen walked back up to the changing rooms.

As they were heading out of the hospital Kristen was going over the best way to remove the cyst in her head. Rebecca's body had already been through enough trauma and she didn't what to add a surgery on top of it. She knew that Maria would feel the same, she would decide to try and shrink it with birth control pills first.

As they walked through the door to go outside after picking up her medication that Anna had left for them Kristen heard Rebecca say, "If I don't see another hospital anytime soon, I'll be happy." She just had to shake her head.

To Be Continued....

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