Faces Of Evil

Part 5


By ShoeX




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Chapter 12



They were half way home before Rebecca said anything. Kristen could tell she was trying to work through today’s events in her head. Kristen felt she needed to do something, anything to take Rebecca’s mind off of things. So she started to form a plan in her head and a smile formed on her face.

"How would a picnic lunch down by the river sound Rebecca? It’s a beautiful day and the fresh air would do you some good!"

Rebecca let a small smile show. "That’s sounds great. It would be nice having lunch outside again, I’ve been stuck inside too long."

Kristen nodded her head. "Good, it’s a date then. Why don’t you lie back and rest? I’ll wake you when we get home."

Kristen watched Rebecca give a slight nod, then lay back and close her eyes. The drive home was quiet for Kristen while Rebecca slept. Kristen thoughts were going a mile a minute, so many things had happened over the week. Using the word ‘home’ with Rebecca felt good, but strange. She had never referred to her house as a home with anybody else. With Rebecca it felt natural, like that was how it was suppose to be.

Her best friend. Yes, her best friend that’s what Rebecca was, had been raped. Hurt by somebody who was out there to protect and serve the innocent. She would make Tom pay for what he had done to her best friend

Meanwhile across town, Tom was leaving Rebecca’s fire station. He had looked for Rebecca all weekend and she was nowhere to be found. He had gone to the hospital to see her. He knew that the woman he loved wanted to see him, but somebody had taking her out of there, away from him! He vowed to himself that no one would get in the way of them being together-- no one!


Once Kristen and Rebecca arrived home, Rebecca headed to the bathroom to clean herself up better. Kristen won’t let her take a shower because a new bandage was put on her chest area at the hospital. While Rebecca was in the bathroom, Kristen put away the medical supplies they had gotten from the hospital.

Rebecca came into the kitchen while Kristen was preparing their lunch. Kristen grabbed the picnic basket, the blanket and they headed for the river. It was a longer walk then Rebecca thought it would be. Kristen noticed that she was having a hard time keeping up so she locked arms with her and helped to support some of her weight as they walked down to the riverbank. When they got to the river, Kristen laid out the blanket and Rebecca very slowly sat down. Kristen sat next to Rebecca on the blanket and started pulling out their lunch and smiled to her self. This was a good idea. She just wished that Rebecca wasn't in any discomfort.

Rebecca was trying to get comfortable after the walk down to the river and she wasn't having much luck. "Ow..ow.. God, I’m must be getting out of shape. Everything is so sore!"

Kristen handed Rebecca her sandwich. "Rebecca, you have to remember you been laying in bed for a week now, with your body recuperating from a major trauma. I really don't see why you couldn't start moving around more. Maybe starting tomorrow you can start using the gym and working out a little. Okay?"

Rebecca smiled as she rubbed her leg. "Good idea, I think my body could use some exercise!"



It was a beautiful day for a picnic lunch; the sky was a bright blue with huge white clouds. The birds and ducks were out enjoying the day also. Rebecca could smell the salt air, it was a beautiful day and she was enjoying the sunshine hitting her body. While they ate their lunch they talked about many things, some how they had gotten on the topic of boyfriends.

Rebecca found herself going back to when she was in high school and her first and only boyfriend Steve. Rebecca told her how they had met, to the first time they had sex. Kristen watched the sad expressions on Rebecca's face, as she told her about when she found out Steve was cheating on her. Rebecca also found herself telling Kristen something she never told anybody before. What sex was like with Steve. She explained that during their relationship the sex wasn’t really all that great. That it was missing something and she really wasn’t sure what it was? Just that it was lacking that special deep feeling of love that was suppose to be there with the sex, but all it did was leave her empty and alone.

Rebecca was blushing by the time she done talking. "You know, I have never told anybody that before."

Kristen rubbed her back. She was glad that Rebecca was feeling comfortable enough to tell her something so personal.

"Thanks for feeling safe enough in telling me Rebecca."

Rebecca asked Kristen about her life and about any men in it while she was drinking a cup of tea that Kristen just handed her.

"Okay, you trusted me enough to open up, so I’ll tell you some of my very boring little life!"

"Boring, I find that hard to believe."

Rebecca and Kristen just started laughing.

"Okay, well you know I’m the Director of the ER here. Before that I was in the Navy for ten years. I left and moved here to take the job. See pretty boring."

Rebecca looked at her and asked, "What about someone special?"


Kristen looked out into the lake for a minute not really sure she wanted to get into that part of her life, it still hurts sometimes to talk about it.

Rebecca gently patted Kristen's thigh, she saw the sad look that Kristen’s face took on. "I’m sorry. You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to. I understand."

"No, it’s just that it’s been a really long time since I talked about it to anyone, but I’ll tell you the story."

Kristen told the story of how she met Paul in the navy, that he was a Navy Seal. Kristen explained that they were in love and had a special bond with each other. She told Rebecca the things they use to do to each other as jokes, the places they went. Then told Rebecca that about a year and a half later Paul was killed on a mission. She left the part about her being on that mission that day also and how she killed over 20 men after they killed Paul. As Kristen was telling the story, Rebecca found herself getting upset. She could see the emotions playing out on Kristen face. The love in Kristen eyes while she was telling her story of a love lost. Rebecca found her heart going out to her friend.

Kristen shook her head of the old memories. "Well, that’s enough talking about my life for today. You want to walk up the river bank some and get some exercise?"

"Sure that would be nice as long as we don't go to fast."

Kristen nodded her head as the word, '"Sure" came out. Kristen took Rebecca’s hand and they walked up and down the rivers' bank. They had taken off their shoes to walk in the water. The water was so warm, it was an enjoyable walk. Rebecca wasn’t sure what she was enjoying most, the walk or the arm she held while walking. It felt so natural.

They spent most of the afternoon and into early evening down by the river. Kristen told Rebecca they needed to head back up to the house so she could start making dinner if they wanted to eat tonight. When they got back to the house, Kristen told Rebecca to go relax in bed and that she would come get her when dinner was ready. Kristen stayed in the bedroom and pulled back the bed while Rebecca went into the bathroom to change into her big T-shirt.

Once Rebecca was tucked into bed, Kristen went into the kitchen, started dinner, and then went to check her computer for any emails. She read her emails, sent some replies and then went back into the kitchen to finish up dinner for her and Rebecca.

When dinner was done, she went to get Rebecca. Kristen found her sound asleep with the TV on. Kristen walked over to her and smiled. Rebecca was so cute when she slept. Kristen sat beside her on the bed and started rubbing her shoulder.

"Time to wake up sleepyhead. Dinner’s ready." She said as she rubbed in a circular motion.

Rebecca slowly opened her eyes. "Mmm. Okay I’m up… I’m up!"

Rebecca sat up and moaned as she slowly swung her legs off the bed and tried to stand up.

"Ow…ow…ow. I think I over did it on the walking today." She said as she rubbed her legs.

Kristen took a hold of Rebecca's arm and helped her walk very slowly in the kitchen and sat her down at the table. Kristen felt bad that Rebecca was hurting from their long day, first at the hospital and then their time at the river.

They talked during dinner and laughed while they ate. When they were done, Kristen cleaned the kitchen up while Rebecca sat drinking her cup of tea. When Kristen was finished, she looked at Rebecca and a big smile went across her face.

Rebecca looked at Kristen's face. "What are you smiling about?"


"Well, I just had a thought. I’m surprised I didn’t think of it before now. C'mon, I know just the thing for your sore muscles."

With that said, Kristen walked over and took Rebecca’s hand and headed downstairs to the gym.

When Rebecca saw where Kristen had brought her, she couldn’t get over the size of her gym. It had everything in it that you would find at a real spa right down to the wall mirrors.

"I have a nice little JACUZZI with your name on it down here." Kristen smiled and guided her back to the room that had the Jacuzzi in it.

Kristen opened the door and pulled Rebecca into the room and closed the door behind them. Kristen turned the lights on, then adjusted the lights so they were on low.

"Take your shirt off Rebecca and I’ll help with your bandages, then I’ll help you into the hot tub." She said as she reached down to turn on the jets.

Rebecca’s face turned red and shook her head no.

"Rebecca, it’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before. So c'mon, off with the shirt."

Kristen turned from adjusting the jets and noticed that Rebecca was just standing there.

"Rebecca, this is the best thing for your body, honest!"

Kristen went to remove Rebecca's shirt, when she felt Rebecca's hands on hers stopping her.

"I’ll only get in if you get in too?"

Rebecca couldn’t believe she just said that to Kristen. Kristen just smiled at Rebecca.

"Okay. I’ll get in too, but let’s get you safely in first. Then I’ll get in, okay?"

Rebecca let go of Kristen’s hands and Kristen nodded her head. As she pulled Rebecca's shirt off, Kristen’s eyes never left Rebecca's. Kristen carefully helped Rebecca pull the mesh type sports bra over her head. Then she helped Rebecca into the tub.

Rebecca went into the water real slow–it was hot, but it felt good. Kristen held onto her arm the whole time. When Rebecca finally sat down all the way she smiled at Kristen as she moved over in the tub.

"Well? You coming in or what?" Rebecca said from the far end of the Jacuzzi.

Kristen nodded her head. "Yup, give me a second here."

Kristen started to take her shoes off and then her shorts, then her underwear. Rebecca found herself unable to take her eyes off of Kristen while she was taking off her clothes. Kristen noticed this and just smiled to herself and pulled her shirt off and then her sports bra.

Rebecca eyes went wide and she just stared at Kristen. Kristen just stood there for a minute and let Rebecca look. She was enjoying the look on Rebecca’s face.

"Is there a problem with my body Rebecca?"


Rebecca just shook her head and swallowed. "My God, you’re beautiful." It came out of her mouth before she could stop it. She could feel the heat rising up her face and it wasn’t from the hot water. Kristen shook her head and got into the tub next to Rebecca.

"Well, I’m glad you approve. Are you going to stare at me all night?"

Rebecca shook her head, "Sorry" and looked away from Kristen. Rebecca liked what she saw and this made her nervous. She had never been this close to a naked woman before in her life. She was scared and excited all at once, it felt so confusing.

Kristen started laughing. "Rebecca, it’s okay if you want to look, don’t be afraid too. I happen to think you have a beautiful body yourself, you know?"

Rebecca turned and looked into her eyes. "How can you think that with all these scars. They're all over my body?" And then looked away from Kristen as a tear ran down her face.

Kristen stood up in the middle of the tub and told Rebecca to stand up too. At first Rebecca didn’t move and then Kristen put her hand on her shoulder, then helped her to stand up. Once Rebecca was standing Kristen gently took her uninjured hand.

"Rebecca, look at my body!" Kristen said as she gently squeezed Rebecca's hand.

Rebecca kept her head turned to the side. With her other hand, Kristen moved Rebecca’s face to look at her and said again, "Rebecca, look at my body!"

She let go of Rebecca’s face and Rebecca looked at Kristen’s body from her face to her breasts to her stomach and than to the dark patch between her legs and then her legs and than back up to Kristen’s face.

"Rebecca, did you really look good?"

Rebecca nodded her head, but didn’t say anything. She didn’t trust her voice at this point.

Kristen took Rebecca’s face again.

"Do you see the scars on my body Rebecca?"


Rebecca just looked at her. She wasn’t sure what Kristen was talking about. Kristen took her hand and gently placed it above her right breast. Rebecca was amazed at the softness she felt under her hand. They both felt warmth spread through their bodies, something they had never felt before. Kristen watched the look of wonder come over Rebecca's face.

Kristen began softly rubbing her thumb over the back of Rebecca's hand while she spoke. "Look here Rebecca. Do you see?"


Rebecca looked at Kristen’s breast and saw three scars on the right one and four on the left one. Rebecca looked into Kristen's eyes with concern.

"How did you get these scars?"


"That’s not important Rebecca." While still holding Rebecca’s hand on her breast Kristen asked. " Do these scars change who I am or how I look to you–think hard Rebecca. You said I was beautiful earlier. Do I look any different now that you see some of my scars? I have a lot more, you're not really looking to see them all...Do I look less attractive to you now?"

Rebecca swallowed a few times. "N...No.. You're still a beautiful woman, even with them."

Kristen moved her other hand to the right side of Rebecca's breast, she softly caressed the breast then cupped her hand to the side of it. Rebecca felt the goose bumps form all over her skin.

"Sweetheart, do you really think that when someone falls in love with you that these few scars you have will make a difference on how they feel about you? You are a beautiful woman Rebecca, don’t ever forget that!"

Kristen felt things were getting too heavy too fast, ‘I better stop this or it’s going to lead to something else and Rebecca’s not ready for that, but God her hand on me feels so right.’

Kristen smiled and removed her hand. "Rebecca, it's getting cold standing up here, let’s get you back in the water where it can do you some good."

Once the contact was broken, they both felt a sense of loss, but neither voiced their feelings. They both sat back down in the water and enjoyed the Jacuzzi. The hot water was helping Rebecca's sore muscles relax–she was so relaxed.

Their conversation went to the topic of the body healing itself; scars were the main topic. They sat facing each other, both secretly enjoying the view of each other. After 20 minutes in the tub Kristen felt that was long enough for the still healing wounds on Rebecca, so she climbed out of the tub and went to the cabinet to get them towels. Rebecca found herself watching Kristen’s every move.

Kristen helped her out of the tub and handed her a towel. "Let’s get you comfortable in bed so you can rest. How does a movie sound?"

Rebecca wrapped her towel around herself. "That sounds great to me. Um, plus a pain pill sounds really good too!"

Once they entered the bedroom Kristen went over to her dresser to get nightshirts for both of them, she handed Rebecca’s to her. Rebecca still being shy, put the shirt on over the towel. Once her nightshirt covered her, Rebecca handed Kristen the wet towel. Kristen took the towel into the bathroom and walked back out naked, Rebecca was sitting in bed watching TV. Rebecca found she couldn't keep her eyes from following Kristen around the room. Kristen grabbed her nightshirt and was putting it on as she made her way to the chair next to the bed. Rebecca looked at Kristen and shook her head.

"Um Kristen, you know there is enough room in this bed for both of us--it’s not like you don’t end up here in the middle of the night anyway."

Rebecca lifted the sheets up for the invite to Kristen. Kristen just looked at her. "Well c’mon -- I don’t bite!"

Kristen smiled and said, "Okay." Then climbed in next to Rebecca.


They both snuggled under the blankets and started to watch the movie, within the hour they were both asleep. Their minds going over the evening’s events in the Jacuzzi, the sense of familiar touches, safety and a deep love as if two souls found one another again. During the night their bodies merged together for the first time from those feelings, it was the best sleep they both had in a long time.

Kristen woke up before Rebecca and smiled when she felt Rebecca wrapped around her. Paul never even slept right up next to her like this young girl was. But this was different, this felt so right, it was a strange feeling for Kristen, she had always liked her space. She never liked anybody sleeping next to her or on her as in this case. Kristen could feel the heat from Rebecca’s skin on her; her skin tingled from the contact. Kristen lay there for awhile and enjoyed the feelings of peace her soul felt.

Kristen moved slowly while trying to get up so she wouldn’t wake Rebecca up, but Rebecca felt her.

Rebecca opened her eyes. "Where are you going, it’s early still?"

Kristen looked into Rebecca’s eyes. There was a moment of recognition in those eyes, that this was a normal everyday occurrence between them. "To take a shower and then make your breakfast."

Rebecca smiled. "Um, okay. Sounds good to me." Then rolled back off of Kristen and propped herself up on her pillow. Rebecca watched as Kristen made her way to the bathroom, the same thoughts running through her head, this was so familiar, so right.

Rebecca waited until Kristen was finished showering and dressing before heading into the bathroom herself. She found she liked being, up when Kristen was especially if she was going to take a shower. It gave her another chance to watch Kristen, she had never met anybody who didn’t care weather they were seen naked or not. Rebecca also guessed that since Kristen went to bed in just a T-shirt and no underwear again this is how she usually slept. Rebecca wasn’t sure how Kristen could be so open with everything. She could never sleep without her pajamas on.



During breakfast Rebecca just played with her food while being very quite. Kristen knew it would be a hard day for her due to her morning appointment with Marie. Once they were in the car heading towards the doctor’s office Kristen noticed that Rebecca grew more nervous with every mile they drove. Kristen reached over and squeezed Rebecca’s leg.

"Sweetheart, you need to calm down! You’ll really like Marie, Rebecca. So please relax a little, okay?"

Rebecca looked over at Kristen. "How do you always know what I’m thinking and feeling?"

Kristen gave the leg a light squeeze again. "I don’t know, I just do. So please relax, okay?"

Rebecca looked into Kristen eyes and took a deep breath. "I’ll try."

When they arrived in the parking lot Rebecca watched as Kristen got out of the car, she just sat there. She knew she was being childish but going to see a gynecologist was a terrorizing thought for her. It took Kristen a few minutes to convince Rebecca to get out of the car. Once they were in the doctor’s office Kristen signed Rebecca in as she found a seat to sit in, in the back of the room. Kristen walked back over to where Rebecca was sitting and handed her the paperwork that needed to be filled out. Rebecca was actually happy to see the paperwork; it would give her something to do instead of thinking about her appointment with the doctor.

When the nurse called Kristen back to talk with Doctor Epley, Rebecca felt a small amount of panic well up inside her. Kristen patted her leg and said she would be back before she even finished her paperwork. When Rebecca was done with her paperwork Kristen was still not back yet. It had been over fifteen minutes since she had finished and no sign of Kristen. She started to freak out a little, the thought of getting up and leaving the office popped into her head. Just as she shook off that idea Kristen walked through the doors with the nurse and waved her back. The nurse asked Rebecca to follow her to the exam room.

Rebecca looked up to Kristen, she wasn’t sure what to do. "Go on Rebecca–I’ll be back in the room once you’ve changed, okay?"

Rebecca nodded her head. "Okay."

Rebecca followed the nurse back into this large exam room, the last time she was at a doctor’s appointment for this; his rooms didn’t look like this. The nurse pulled out a paper gown and sheet and laid them on the table then explained to Rebecca to put the gown on so the open part was in front and drape the sheet over herself. The last words the nurse spoke as she was leaving the room were ‘the doctor would be right in to see you.’ As soon as the door closed behind the nurse Rebecca changed as quickly as she could so nobody would walk in on her half dressed, they only thing she left on was her mesh sport bra bandage. As soon as she had the gown on she hopped up on the table and covered her legs with the sheet.

Within a few minutes, Rebecca heard voices outside the door. One was Kristen’s and the other would have to be Doctor Epley. There was a knock on her door and then Kristen popped her head in and asked Rebecca if she was ready and with a nod of her head the two doctors entered the room. Rebecca swallowed deeply and told herself to stay calm.

Rebecca looked over doctor Epley quickly; she was almost as tall as Kristen was. She had light brown curly hair, hazel eyes and a medium but well toned body. Kristen smiled at Rebecca and then sat in the chair next to her exam table, while Maria sat on the stool.

"Hello Rebecca, I’m Doctor Maria Epley how are you today?"

Rebecca looked from Kristen back to Maria. "Fine–I would be a lot better if I wasn’t in here!"

Kristen leaned over to Rebecca and softly began rubbing her back; she could feel the tension in Rebecca’s muscles.

"Well Rebecca, I think most females feel that way when here in my office… But this is a fact of life for us. Rebecca, Kristen and I have talked about your case and I’ve looked over your chart and I would like to go over your test results with you before we do your exam, Okay?"

Rebecca’s voiced cracked when she answered ‘okay’ to Maria.

The feeling of Kristen rubbing on her back was relaxing; it helped to calm her nerves. Rebecca found it hard to focus on what the doctor was saying, wherever Kristen hand went it left tingles. Rebecca was relieved to hear that all of her test results came back with a negative result. Kristen was in her own little world while Maria explained the test results to Rebecca.

This felt strange to Kristen, she was here as a friend not a doctor. It had been a long time since she cared about anybody, somebody this much. At least when she was in her doctor mode she could control her emotions and right now as she was rubbing on Rebecca’s back she felt as if she was on a roller coaster ride. A sad smile formed over her face, she had to watch her friend go through a still painful exam in front of her and she found herself just as nervous as Rebecca. If she could have taken Rebecca’s place in all this, she would have in a heartbeat. She loved her.

Kristen felt Rebecca tense up, which pulled her out of her thoughts. Maria had asked Rebecca to lay back so she could examine her breasts. Kristen stopped rubbing on Rebecca’s back and stood up, her hand stayed on Rebecca’s shoulder.

Rebecca briefly looked to Kristen then back to Maria. "Doctor Epley, Doctor Jutton just checked them yesterday and I still have my bandage on."

Maria stood up from the stool and walked around to the side of the exam table. "I know Rebecca, I read the report. I would just like to take a look for myself if that’s alright with you?"

Kristen lightly squeezed Rebecca’s shoulder. "Sweetheart, it’s okay. Maria is just going to look, so, c’mon lay back for her."

Rebecca nodded her head and started to lay back on the table. Kristen kept her hand on Rebecca’s back; she didn’t want to break contact with her. Kristen watched as Rebecca tried to hold her gown closed while laying back. Once Rebecca was lying flat, Kristen placed her hand on Rebecca’s forearm and gave it a light squeeze.

Maria opened Rebecca’s gown. "Rebecca, I’m just going to push your bandage up while I’m looking, okay?"

Rebecca turned her head and looked at Kristen. "Okay."

Maria pushed the bra up over Rebecca breasts and started with the right breast. She palpated the breast then checked out all the suture sites. When she went to do the same with the left, Rebecca gasped out in pain. When Maria finished with the breast exam she pulled the bra back down over Rebecca’s breasts.

"Rebecca, your injuries to your chest area are looking very good. The bruises are healing up nicely and most of the knots that were in your report have gone down. Hopefully in time the left breast will heal up too. Doctor Jutton is an excellent doctor you’re in good hands with her."

Throughout the whole exam Rebecca kept eye contact with Kristen. When Maria was done she closed Rebecca’s gown and said they were going to do the internal exam now. Rebecca really wasn’t looking forward to this and it was showing on her face. Kristen nodded her head and gently brushed Rebecca’s bangs.

"Sweetheart this is a piece of cake-- Just try and relax for Maria, she’s not going to hurt you. Okay?"

Rebecca looked from Kristen to Maria. "Okay."

Maria walked down to the foot of the table and pulled out the stirrups. "Okay Rebecca, I need you to come down some towards me."

Rebecca nodded her head and moved herself down some on the table. Maria placed her feet into the stirrups.

"I need you to come down a little more Rebecca-- that’s good."

Kristen stayed up by Rebecca’s head and continued to lightly brush her bangs with her one hand while the other hand found Rebecca’s.

"Okay Rebecca, I’m going to start now." She said as she folded the paper sheet over Rebecca’s knees.

Rebecca closed her eyes for a second and then said, "Okay."

"I’m just going to look around the outside first and take a peek at some of Kristen’s handy work, okay?"

Kristen felt Rebecca squeeze her hand, Kristen looked down to Maria and nodded her head.

Maria examined the suture sites and the surrounding area. "Well Rebecca, Kristen did some fine suturing here. Did you know that she is the only person besides myself that I have seen do such fine work-- Everything looks real good down here Rebecca."

While Maria was feeling around Rebecca squeezed Kristen’s hand harder, some of the places that she was touching were still very painful. After Maria said that Kristen did a great job Rebecca looked at Kristen and mouthed ‘Thank you.’ And Kristen blinked her eye to her.

"Okay, Rebecca I’m going to put the speculum in now, from what I understand you still have a lot of inflammation-- so you’ll fell some pressure down here, okay?"


Maria placed the speculum in and started doing the pap smear while taking to Rebecca. "Rebecca, everything is really looking very good down here." When Maria was done she pulled the speculum out and stood up in between Rebecca’s lags. Rebecca knew what was coming next and she really wasn’t too happy about it.

"Rebecca you’re going to feel my finger go inside… I’m going to push on your belly for a few minutes, okay?"

"Great-- okay."

Maria knew that Rebecca was still very sore and tender in places, she was trying to be as gentle as she could. On Maria second palpation on Rebecca abdomen, Rebecca gasped in pain and said a few choice words.

"Okay that’s enough-- Please stop, ow -- God dammit stop!" Rebecca squeezed Kristen’s hand so hard that Kristen was worried that her fingers won’t work later.

Kristen heart went out to Rebecca for the pain she was feeling. In the few months that Kristen had known Rebecca the only time she had ever heard her use bad language was when she sutured up her breast two months ago and this past week.

Maria looked to Kristen and she shook her head no. Kristen looked down to Rebecca.

"Sweetheart try and relax-- Maria need’s to feel around. I know it hurts, but please relax, she’s all most done."

Rebecca just nodded her head. With that, Maria finished her exam but kept her finger inside of Rebecca when she was done.

"Rebecca, I want you to bear down on my finger for me."

Rebecca’s eyes went wide. "WHAT?"

"Rebecca, use your muscle’s and bear down on my finger-- try and grip it."

Rebecca wasn’t sure what Maria wanted her to do; she looked to Kristen for help.

"Rebecca, just stop and think about it and then use those muscle’s and grip Maria’s finger."

Rebecca wasn’t sure about how to do this, but she would try. "I’ll try."

Within a second Maria felt a weak grip on her finger and nodded her head to Kristen.

"Okay Rebecca, that’s good Hon. Thanks."

Maria pulled her finger out, but stayed in place. "Rebecca, I need to do a rectal. There was too much inflammation and I couldn’t get a real good feel of your ovaries."

Rebecca started shaking her head no and closing her legs. "No. Please, I don’t want you too!"

Maria looked to Kristen and Kristen bent down towards Rebecca head while bring their joined hands up towards them. Kristen lightly kissed the back of Rebecca’s hand.

"Kristen, you know I don’t like this. I don’t want her too!"

"Sweetheart, I know you don’t like this, and you’ve been really great with everything so far–Just a little more Rebecca then she’ll be done. Please let her finish your exam?

Rebecca pulled their joined hands over to her chest and just held on to Kristen for dear life. "Relax! Easy for you to say."

"Rebecca, I’m right with you sweetheart."

Kristen looked to Maria. "Go ahead Maria."

"Okay Rebecca, I need you to open your legs back up for me."

Kristen squeezed Rebecca’s hand while lightly brushing her bangs. "C’mon sweetheart, try and relax."

Rebecca nodded her head but she didn’t loosen her grip on Kristen’s hand as she opened her legs back up.

Maria did her exam and was able to get a much better feel of Rebecca’s ovaries. Maria pulled her finger out but stayed were she was, she wasn’t sure how Rebecca was going to take the next part with what she wanted to do.

"Okay Rebecca, we’re done with this part…"

Before she could say anything else Rebecca started to move out of the stirrups.

"Wait a minute Rebecca, I need you to stay were you are!"


Maria looked at Kristen. "Kristen, I need to show Rebecca some of the exercises I want her to do-- Um, I’m not sure if she wants you in here with her. Um, it’s close to the ones you had to do when you were shot a few years back."

Kristen made a funny face–she remembered what exercises Maria was talking about, "Oh."

Rebecca looked at Kristen. "You were shot!"

"Um yeah, it was a long time ago. Listen Rebecca, maybe I should leave the room while Maria is going over this part."

Rebecca squeezed Kristen’s hand when she felt the grip lighten. "Why? -- What kind of exercise is she talking about here and why would you have to leave?"

"Sweetheart, this might be a little embarrassing for you–but I want you to listen to Maria on this and let her show you your exercises, okay?"

"What kind of exercises?"

Kristen looked from Rebecca to Maria and with a nod from Maria Kristen looked back at Rebecca. "Sweetheart, to make it short for you she’s going to show you how to masturbate to work your muscle’s."

Rebecca tired to sit up and move her feet out of the stirrups. "WHAT, no way!"

Maria placed her hand on Rebecca’s belly and Kristen held onto her shoulder, when they noticed that Rebecca was going to try and sit up. Kristen looked into Rebecca’s eyes.

"Sweetheart this is important for you… just listen to Maria and do what she says."

Maria started to rub on Rebecca’s belly a little. "Rebecca, this is no different then any other physical therapy-- This is very important Rebecca."

This was all to much for Rebecca, she felt totally exposed in this position and now this doctor wanted her to masturbate in front of her. All Rebecca wanted to do was bolt out of this room and never come back. Rebecca tired getting up again and Kristen moved her hand to the center of Rebecca’s chest and held her down, and then looked to Maria.

"Maria, why don’t you go and get what you need and I’ll talk to Rebecca."

Maria nodded her head and pulled the sheet back down to cover Rebecca up. "Okay, I’ll be back in a few minutes." She said as she pulled her gloves off and left the room.

Maria had the things she needed in the room with them but knew that Kristen needed some time with Rebecca to talk. Maria headed to the medicine cabinet to get Rebecca a six months supply of birth control pill and the cream she wanted her to use while she exercised.

As soon as Maria left the room Kristen locked eyes with Rebecca. " Sweetheart, I want you to listen to me, okay?"

Rebecca nodded her head and stopped trying to get up.

"This is important Rebecca! If it weren’t, Maria wouldn’t have asked you to do this. I understand that all of this is really embarrassing for you-- I’ve been here myself with Maria and I had to go through some of what she wants to do with you-- I did them, I know you can also. Just try for me please."

Rebecca looked into Kristen’s eyes for a few seconds more; she was finding it hard to say no to anything that Kristen asked her to do.

"Okay Kristen, I’ll try! But please, don’t leave me in here by myself, please!"

Kristen gave Rebecca’s hand a light squeeze. "I’ll always be here for you."

There was a light knock on the door a few seconds later and Maria popped her head in.

"Are we ready yet?"

Kristen looked over to Maria. "Yup, c’mon in."

Maria walked over to Rebecca’s side and rubbed on her shoulder. "Okay Rebecca, I’m going to talk to you some about the medication I have for you while Kristen gets some things ready for me. Kristen in the bottom of that file cabinet behind you, you’ll find some large yellow envelops grab one that has size 5 marked on it. Could please wash the dildo for me?"

"Sure." Kristen said as she went to the cabinet. She grabbed the envelope that Maria stated and headed to the sink with it. Maria walked down to the foot of the table and put on a fresh pair of gloves.

"Rebecca, I’m going to apply some cream down here before we get started-- when you’re at home you can apply it to the dildo and work it in that why if you want! The cream will help with the inflammation and dryness that you’re having. I want you to do these exercises three times a day until I see you again next week." Rebecca just groaned to herself, next week!

Maria applied the cream to her fingers and then inserted her finger inside Rebecca. Kristen walked over and handed Maria the dildo. Kirsten went to the side of the exam table and hopped up on it next to Rebecca, she gently took Rebecca’s good hand in hers. As soon as Kristen was in place Maria asked if they were ready to begin, with a nod from Rebecca and Kristen she started the exercises.

At this point everything went by so fast for Rebecca. This was really embarrassing for her, plus it was very painful. Having Kristen next to her helped, but made it more embarrassing in a lot of ways. Through the whole appointment Rebecca was thankful that her friend was there for her. It also helped that Kristen stayed by her side and didn’t look down at Maria or what Maria was doing not even once. Of course she knew that her sailor mouth was something else!

Kristen sat there and listened to her friend cry out in pain from what Maria was doing, but she knew it had to be done. All Kristen could do was hold Rebecca’s hand and smooth her bangs off her forehead while talking her through this experience. As Kristen watched the first tear run down Rebecca’s face, she gently wiped it away with her finger while softly kissing her forehead, this broke her heart.

After going through the exercises Rebecca would have to do, Maria went through the issue of using birth control pill to try and shrink the cysts she had and that in four weeks she needed to have sonogram again. Rebecca wasn’t too happy about the weekly visits or to find out she had to have another sonogram in four weeks. Finally after everything was discussed, well, almost everything. Maria pulled out a bag of pads and handed them to Rebecca and explained that she may do some spotting for awhile after doing the exercises. Then Maria and Kristen both left the room so Rebecca could get dressed.


The all most hour drive home was quite, Rebecca didn’t talk much. Kristen tired a few times to get her to talk some, but Rebecca was working a lot of things out in her head. The day’s events were a little upsetting for her and Kristen realized this. She just hoped that Rebecca knew she was there for her if she needed her.

Rebecca sat staring out the car window, thinking. Her day was running through her mind. It had been a very humiliating day; it wasn’t so much the doctor’s appointment all though that hadn’t help either. The worst thing was that whole thing about masturbating.

Rebecca shook her head. ‘God, I can’t believe she wants me to do that three times a day with a rubber dick. One-- it hurts. Two-- I’m at Kristen house. Three–it hurts. Four-- oh god, I just can’t believe this! And Doctor Epley talking about it would be good for me when it’s not hurting so much to try and start to enjoy it and try to reach an orgasm! Rebecca’s face turned red just thinking about it. And talking about getting those juices flowing-- that my body needs that right now…. and the dryness problem! God, how embarrassing! I know my face turn red as an apple. At least when I cried out the first time when she first put that thing in me Kristen didn’t look down to doctor Epley, she just looked at me. I hope I wasn’t to mean with anything I said to Kristen?’

After looking over and seeing Rebecca staring out the window deep in thought Kristen thought to herself. ‘Maybe I’ll drop Rebecca off at the house and then get us some Chinese food. I have to get some things from the store anyway,’ she was brought out her thinking by Rebecca’s voice.

"What?" Kristen turned and looked at Rebecca.

" I wanted to say that I was sorry for the way I acted in Doctor Epley’s office. I didn’t mean to take things out on you. I know it’s not your fault-- you have really been there for me through all of this and it really means a lot to me…thank you!"

"Sweetheart there’s no need for you to apologize to me…I know you’re going through a very hard emotional and physical time right now. I’m just glad you’re letting me help!"

As they were sitting on a side street waiting to pull out onto the main road a brand new SUV passed them, neither seeing whom the driver was. Tom was looking for Rebecca; he had looked everywhere and talked to everybody about her. Nobody seemed to know where she was staying after that brutal attack last week. Tom just smiled to himself, if they all only knew, Rebecca begged him for it, she loved it!

As his new black SUV drove in front of the little sports car, Tom had spotted Rebecca immediately. He watched them in his rear view mirror pull out onto the main road, then he turned his truck around and started to follow them. As he was driving something kept bouncing around in his head about the driver. She looked familiar, but he couldn’t place the face!

They were almost home and Kristen had this feeling of uneasiness, something just wasn’t right. What bothered her most was she couldn’t put her finger on it. She thought it was something from Rebecca from what she could tell, and she was napping lightly in the seat beside her. She blow it off, it was just probably her nerves from today’s appointment with Rebecca. Kristen knew that Tom was off today and probably wouldn’t be in that area and even if he was he was being watched.

When pulled into the garage and Kristen punched in the security code to the door. When they were in the house Kristen lead Rebecca to the bedroom and suggested that she go back to sleep for awhile. Rebecca didn’t argue; it had been a long day. She headed to the bathroom to take care of business then climbed into bed. Kristen tucked her in and said she would be back within the hour and then left for the store to pick up a few things and get Chinese for dinner. Kristen headed into the kitchen to make Rebecca a cup of tea, then made sure that she had everything right by the bed for Rebecca.

As soon as Kristen left, Rebecca climbed out of bed and went to the dresser where the yellow envelope was sitting. She picked it up and headed back to the bed, opened it up and looked inside. She reached in and pulled out the dildo and really looked at it, then put it back into the envelope and hid it under the bed for now. Rebecca lay back in bed, shaking her head. She just couldn’t believe everything that had happened to her this past week, what a nightmare!

Rebecca knew that sleep wouldn’t come fast enough for her so she turned on the TV. As she was channel surfing she stopped on that show with the warrior woman and her sidekick. She had watched it a few times at the station and found that she actually liked it. Right in the middle of that warrior kicking the bad guy’s butt the power goes out. Rebecca just rolled her eyes. ‘Just great no power, just what I needed after a day like today–and it had to go out during the good part! Well, I guess I’ll try and get some sleep now.’

To be continued……

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