Disclaimers: The characters of Xena and Gabrielle belong to Ren Pictures, or someone like that. This is totally for sentimental reasons.

Rating: PG if anything.

Authors Note: I loved the show and still do. Through the bad times and right thought to the end. I still haven’t seen the final eps, so I’ll reserve judgment till then. If you like it, let me know. If you didn’t creative critisism is always appreciated. Who knows I may even write something else.



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Lost Hearts




"Hello stranger. Why do you sit here? Is it to hear the tales that an old woman knows? I see you nod, very well. I shall tell you of a love that was never realised. Not because the love was not returned, but because both were too afraid of what might not have happened. You look confused I see, as well you should. But I stray from my tale.

There is a myth that in the beginning each person had two of every thing. Two sets of arms and two of legs. Everyone was happy as they were always joined with their other half. However the gods, being petty and cruel, grew jealous of mortal mans happiness and so tore each soul asunder. From that day forth each soul is constantly looking for its companion, through out time and space. This is tale of two halves of one soul finally finding each other.

You have no doubt heard of Xena, the Warrior Princess. For ten long years she was the bane of mankind, before the kinder part of her soul pushed its way forward and started her on the path to redemption. How ever that path was made all the easier due to the presence of a young and naive girl from Potaidia, named Gabrielle, who through the goodness of her heart saved the life of the great Warrior. But once again I stray from the story, please excuse an old woman. The tales of their adventures are for an entirely different time.

They had travelled together for 6 long, hard years. Travelling the world. Facing gods, simple men, even the might of Rome herself. But eventually even Xena had to stumble at the wrong moment, for even though some whispered it, she was not an immortal. So Gabrielle dragged her closest friend from the battlefield, knowing that deep down the end had finally come. And feeling her heart break inside her chest decided then and there that she would finally tell her Love her true feelings. Before she never had the chance again. This small and weak seeming bard tended for Xena. Hoping against all hope that she would pull through. One night however Xena called her close,

‘Gabrielle,’ she whispered, though it pained her to do so, ‘there is something. Something I’ve been meaning to say. But it never seemed the right moment.’ Talking was becoming hard at this point.

‘Shhhhh, its ok. I know. I love you to.’ And somehow Gabrielle did know. She looked into the eyes of the woman who had gone from an idol, to mentor, to best friend. The woman who owned not only her heart, but her very soul as well. And she knew with out a doubt that she was loved with same intensity that she loved. ‘ I always have. And I always will. Even in death.’

‘Yes,’ said the Warrior, ‘even in death, I will never leave you. Please remember that.’ And that is how the one of the greatest Warriors in Greek history passed away. Looking into the eyes of the one person who she had ever truly loved. And who had truly loved her back."

The stranger continued to look at the old woman. Tears in his eyes at the sad tale of unrequited love.

"How do you know all that? What they said." He asked, afraid to find out, needing to know.

"Because I’m the young, naive girl who followed the warrior that day, so many years ago. And I lost my heart."

With those words the old woman picked up her staff and bag of scrolls and walked from the tavern. As she walked passed the man she bent down and whispered,

"If you find your other half. Let them know"

With that she left him. Wanting to know more of the Bard and her Warrior. And knowing that he had just heard the saddest tale of all time.

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