I Found My Heart in San Francisco

Book 3: Coalescence

By S X Meagher



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***Part 4***

Both women were still emotionally and physically exhausted from their strenuous week and they were nearly unconscious by the time their heads hit the cushion of the chaise. Even though the breeze was brisk, the glass barrier kept most of the wind at bay, and the filtered sun streaming through the umbrella proved to be a very effective sedative.

Waves crashing on the shore and the snapping of the fabric on the umbrella were the only noises that serenaded them, and the stillness allowed them to sleep for nearly an hour. They had reclined the chaise fully so they could cuddle, and when Ryan’s eyes lazily blinked open, she had to crane her neck sharply to see what was going on under her shirt.

During their nap, Jamie’s hand had wandered beneath the black linen, and her delicate fingers were splayed across Ryan’s now firm nipple. Even though the larger woman had decided that she did not mind waiting for sex, she had not convinced her body of that fact, as a persistent throbbing between her legs reminded her.

She reached down and was about to remove her partner’s hand when a sleep-roughened voice protested. "I like it there," Jamie murmured, as she leaned a little harder against her partner’s warm side. "Do you mind?"

"I like it there, too." Ryan turned her head to kiss the golden locks.

"Kiss me," Jamie begged, her voice a little rough with desire.

Ryan complied, spending several minutes thoroughly tasting her partner’s mouth. She didn’t try to escalate the contact, though, deciding to let Jamie move on if she wanted to.

The next instruction was clearer, more demanding. "Kiss me like you want me," she breathed softly into Ryan’s ear.

"I do want you," Ryan murmured, her eyes half lidded with her own rising desire. "I want you more than I’ve ever wanted any woman." She slowly dipped her head and let her mouth and tongue communicate the rest of her thoughts. They kissed slowly and softly, unhurried in their passion. After endless minutes had passed, Ryan lifted her head and gazed deeply into Jamie’s eyes. A small smile curled just the corner of her mouth as she began her exploration once again. The response from her partner was immediate and unequivocal. Soft, breathless moans escaped from her throat, each one more erotic than the last. Few things turned Ryan on more than hearing the effect her touch had on her lover, but today the sounds were positively incendiary.

Trying to control herself, she paused again, pulling her head up just enough to be able to focus. The look of wanton desire on her partner’s face caused her to abandon her control and dive right back into the conflagration. This time her mouth started at her lover’s eyes. Her warm tongue delicately licked at the achingly soft skin of her lids, pausing to tickle the dark blonde lashes. Her mouth followed the curve of her brow and slid up to her hairline, offering an incredibly soft touch all along the fine, nearly white blonde hairs. Perfectly shaped ears were next and they were treated to the same intense examination.

Ryan had learned that Jamie’s ears were incredibly sensitive, and that knowledge increased her enjoyment of the exploration. Her partner didn’t disappoint, gasping in delight as she felt the warmth of Ryan’s breath tickle the side of her neck. Ryan’s tongue languidly traced each indentation and depression, each ridge and hollow, breathing into the sensitive organ in time with her rapidly escalating pulse. Fine soft hairs covered the lobe, so tiny as to be nearly microscopic, but Ryan wanted–needed--to know each of them. She sucked the tender flesh into her mouth, running her tongue over it lovingly. Pausing to catch her breath, she lifted her head and again locked eyes with her lover. Matching smiles formed as each pair of eyes trailed down to gaze at soft, moist lips.

The beckoning of those lips proved too much for the dark haired woman, and she returned to them again, this time intent on exploring each millimeter of skin. She started at the corner of the mouth, licking at the juncture of her lips with just the tip of her tongue. Jamie sensed that Ryan needed to explore her without interruption, so she willed her own lips to be still. Savoring the sensation was harder than she would have thought, however. Her mouth desperately wanted to consume her partner, but she controlled her body, even though she had no control over her groans of pleasure or the wild beating of her heart. Those beautiful deep pink lips moved along her mouth at a painfully deliberate pace. Ryan's tongue and lips lovingly investigated each little portion of the coral tinted skin. As each segment was sucked into her mouth, Ryan greeted it with a warm, sensual tongue bath that was quickly driving Jamie absolutely mad.

When Ryan was finally finished, she lifted her head once more, blue eyes sparkling with need. A feral smile curled the corner of her lips as she grasped Jamie’s head with both hands and held her steady. The dark woman now allowed her passion to flow freely. Her touch was still filled with love, but the intensity and fierceness of the kisses that rained down on the smaller woman ratcheted Jamie’s desire to astronomic heights. Shifting slightly, the small hands pressed against Ryan’s chest, pushing her away forcefully. "Stop!" she cried, breathless and dizzy.

"Wha…" Ryan gasped, shocked at the force of her lover’s cry.

"I’m sorry, Honey," she moaned, burying her face in Ryan’s shirt as she struggled to breathe.

Large, warm hands trailed along her back, the touch reassuring and gentle. "Tell me," Ryan urged. "Tell me what’s wrong."

"God! Nothing’s wrong!" she cried. "I…I just felt out of control for a minute. I need to slow down just a little."

"I’m sorry," Ryan murmured regret clouding her eyes. "I got carried away."

Jamie corrected her immediately. "No, Baby, don’t you dare apologize for that. I want you to be free to express yourself any way you wish." Grasping Ryan’s face with her hands, she looked deeply into her eyes as she said, "We’ve got to be as completely honest with each other as we can, okay?"

"Okay," Ryan agreed. She took a few deep breaths and finally looked at her partner with a stoic smile pasted on. "I think I’m okay now. We’ll just have to go a little slower next time."

"Next time?!" she shrieked so loudly that Ryan’s ears rang. "What do you mean, ‘next time?’"

"I thought you…"

"Oh, Honey, did you think I was telling you to ‘stop’ stop?!"

"Well…uhh…yeah," she admitted, her wide blue eyes showing her confusion.

"God no, Ryan. I just felt like I was about to come! I needed a pause, not a stop."

"Well then, why didn’t you yell ‘pause!’" Ryan queried, then chuckled a little, the deep sound rumbling in her chest. "Whew, that’s a relief," she mumbled, falling back onto the cushion. "I was willing to stop, but I don’t think I could have walked for quite a while."

"You!" she laughed in reply. "I honestly almost had an orgasm just from your kisses!"

"Wanna try again?" the impish grin challenged.

"Uh-uh," she purred as she forced Ryan onto her back and sat astride her hips. "I want to be on top for a while."

"I’ll flip for you anytime, Babe," she smiled placidly.

"I told Mia that sitting on your hips was just like being astride a panther." Bolts of desire shot through Ryan as Jamie wriggled a little to get comfortable. Ryan uttered a deep growl in a very close approximation of said animal. "How did you do that?" Jamie asked as she dropped down so that her face hovered above Ryan’s grinning mouth.

"It’s all in the tongue," she murmured as she wiggled one eyebrow.

Jamie grasped her chin and leaned down so that her eye was right at Ryan’s mouth. "Do it again," she ordered. Even though Ryan complied, she couldn’t get a good view. "I can’t see far enough in there," she groused. "I know," she said as her eyes twinkled. "Give me a second and then do it again." She rested her mouth just a millimeter from Ryan’s but this time she slid her tongue deep into her partner’s open mouth. She tapped her on the side to indicate her readiness, but this time the growl sounded much more like a panther gargling. "Nope. One more time," she instructed as her tongue slid in again. This time the poor panther seemed to be coughing up a hairball, and Jamie sat up and scolded, "You don’t perform well under pressure, do you?"

"Give me that tongue back and I’ll show you exactly how I perform," she growled in her own inimitable voice.

"It’s all yours." She leaned over and presented her with the little pink gift. Seconds later, they were moving against each other furiously as Ryan felt her arousal once again spiral quickly out of control. She focused on pulling back, determined to let Jamie control the flow of their lovemaking, but she was having a devil of a time doing so. It helped quite a bit to close her eyes and just feel the overwhelming sensation without the visual enticement of Jamie’s voluptuous body.

Jamie pulled away forcefully, her lips expelling a small, disappointed sigh as she did so. Focusing on her target and willing her hands to still, her small fingers started to work at the smooth black buttons of Ryan’s wrinkled shirt. As the last one released, she grasped the fabric and pushed it to the side. Now the only thing covering Ryan’s breasts was the thin cotton of her tank. As Jamie surveyed her heaving chest and gazed at her parted moist lips and heavily lidded eyes, she nearly ripped the material from her body. But it was important to her to savor this moment, so she forced herself to move deliberately.

Her hands dropped to cover Ryan’s breasts, her eyelids fluttering closed. "Ahhh," she cried involuntarily, her mouth remaining open as she struggled to breathe.

"Yessss," Ryan hissed as the determined fingers circled and pinched the rock hard nipples hidden beneath the thin fabric. "Oooh, yes," she cried again, her dark head tossing back and forth on the striped fabric of the cushion. Her hips lifted involuntarily, and the small woman astride them remembered her description of the sensation of riding that wild beast.

"Slow down, Tiger," she soothed, running her fingers through the dark hair splayed out over the cushion.

"I…I’m soooo turned on," she moaned as she sucked her bottom lip into her mouth and gently bit down in a failed attempt to control herself.

"I’ll take care of you, Ryan," she soothed tenderly. "I promise, Baby." To seal her vow, she leaned over again and tasted the nearly bruised lips. Hands automatically returned to the sensitive mounds of flesh, gently kneading them, while her mouth attacked Ryan’s.

Now their groans and moans merged until it was impossible to distinguish what sound came from which body. Pulling up sharply, Jamie yanked her partner into a sitting position and pushed the abused black linen from her shoulders. Taking a breath for courage, she dropped her hands to the hem of Ryan’s tight tank top and lifted it to her shoulders. Their mouths were locked together so tightly that she nearly had to break the suction to completely remove the garment, but the inch of separation she created allowed her to toss the tank onto the patio.

Ryan’s mouth claimed hers again immediately, and they shifted back down to the cushions. As Jamie broke the kiss and lifted up her torso, she gasped in surprise and pleasure.

The months of fantasizing had not nearly prepared her for the perfection that was displayed before her. From their months of play, she knew that Ryan had full, heavy breasts. However, her most imaginative dreams had not prepared her for the absolutely adorable mounds of flesh that pointed up at her. The shape was perfect…full, ripe, and incredibly lush, the nipples surprisingly small and delicate looking. They were a beautiful rose color, just the shade of Ryan’s lips when she was excited. The areolas were small, about the size of a quarter, and the erect nubs were relatively tiny given the substantial size of the breasts themselves. The entire package was terribly appealing and Jamie’s hands reached for them immediately, a contented smile gracing her face at what she knew was only the first of thousands of such touches. Jamie’s first touch caused her heart to skip a beat, and her eyes fluttered closed in pleasure. She hefted the weight in her small, cool hands, pleased beyond measure at the sensation. Her thumbs trailed over the nipples smoothly, causing Ryan’s eyes to close as she sucked in a breath.

It was difficult for Jamie to control her hands or her voice, but she finally sighed and murmured, "Sometimes my imagination is just not vivid enough."

Ryan placed her own hands over her partner’s and squeezed them gently. Her smile was sweet, but her eyes glittered with desire.

Jamie furrowed her brow in concentration and began to explore the tender flesh with renewed vigor. Her mouth curled into a delighted smile as she caressed each breast in sequence, watching for Ryan’s enthusiastic response. "I think I finally understand why so many men are obsessed with these," she muttered, as much to herself as to her partner. In fact, she did now understand the fetish. There was some primal pull to the swells of flesh that she did not even claim to understand. She immediately put the matter out of her mind, deciding that it didn’t matter why she was so attracted to this particular part of Ryan’s body, she was just going to enjoy it.

As she delighted in her experimentation, she noticed that Ryan’s entire torso was covered in goose bumps. Looking up, she saw that the fog bank had now obscured the sun, and she acknowledged that it was too cold to stay outside any longer. She hated to break the mood but realized that it wouldn’t get any easier later, so she smiled down at her lover and seductively issued an invitation. "How does a nice big bed sound right about now?"

Breathing hard, she nevertheless accepted the need for a temporary interruption. "Perfect," Ryan agreed. "It sounds just perfect."

As they walked through the living room and entered the foyer, Ryan used her bare foot to catch the edge of her hat that was still lying on the floor. Deftly, she kicked it into the air and managed to catch it in her free hand.

"Talented tootsies," Jamie teased.

"Wait till you see my hands in action," her dark haired lover leered.

Jamie’s heart skipped a beat at the thought and her pulse raced a little faster. Once they reached the bedroom they came together for another tender hug, rocking slowly in each other’s arms for a long while. Jamie was the first to pull back, looking up at her partner with a small smile as her hands dropped to unbutton her white shorts. The zipper followed and she eased the fabric from her body by sliding her hands down Ryan’s rock hard ass. "Let’s go to bed," she purred, seemingly confident now that she led the dance.

"You’re a little overdressed," Ryan reminded her by teasing her fingers deep into the placket of the polo shirt.

Jamie replied with one wiggling eyebrow, and Ryan immediately accepted the challenge. She unfastened the rust colored shorts and quickly dropped them to pool onto the floor. The cream colored polo was next, and it was swiftly lifted from her body and tossed down to join the shorts. "Now you’re ready," Ryan whispered as her hands roamed over the peach toned satiny bra and bikinis that barely covered her lover.

"Are you ready, Baby?" the smaller woman asked softly.

Ryan replied with a small nod as she grasped Jamie’s hand and led her to the bed. She sat down and wrapped her arms around her still-standing lover, burying her face into her satin covered breasts. "I’ve been ready for you all of my life," she vowed in an emotion-filled voice.

Jamie crawled onto the bed and tugged her lover up with her. Holding her gently, the smaller woman conceded, "I’m not sure where to begin. Will you help me?"

"You don’t need any help, Jamie," she soothed. "You know just how to please me. All you have to do is let your body express what’s in your heart."

"Are you sure?" she asked tentatively.

"Positive," Ryan replied decisively. "This isn’t about technique, Honey. It’s all about love. And no one has ever made me feel more loved." She tilted her head and captured Jamie’s waiting lips in a few tender kisses. "Just love me, and let me love you," she whispered.

Her lover nodded slowly as she felt the unease disappear. She banished her doubts about her inexperience and decided to follow her partner’s directions. All she had to do was show her love through her touch, and she knew that was an incredibly easy task. Once again she began by exploring her partner’s mouth. Within minutes they were both throbbing again, but Ryan could sense Jamie’s indecision about what to do next. Rather than try to reassure her, she decided to take matter into her own hands. Literally. Sliding one hand down between their bodies, she popped open the tricky "S" hook of her partner’s bra with negligent ease. The full, firm breasts that had been straining against the satin poured out of the material and into her waiting hands. "Ohhh, sweet Jesus!" she gasped as her hands slid over the satiny soft skin.

Jamie’s head fell back against the mattress as she hissed out a sigh of pleasure. Shifting slightly, Ryan climbed on top of her and delicately moved over her, allowing just the slightest contact between their bare breasts. Softness slid over softness for a few long moments until Jamie grasped her partner’s hips and pulled her down to increase the pressure. Now one set of breasts ground into the other, causing both women to moan at the delicious sensation. "Oh God, this feels wonderful," Jamie gasped as her legs slid open to lock around her partner’s hips. She started to rock gently to increase the intensity of the feelings that the contact between them was generating.

Ryan knew that neither of them could last much longer, so she shifted her hips to break the hold of her partner’s legs. Sitting back on her haunches, she slipped a thumb under each side of the tiny waistband of the bikinis and slid the garment down her partner’s firm, muscular legs. Jamie helped by kicking both legs into the air, and as Ryan tossed the panties to the floor, those legs locked around her once again and flipped her onto her back before she could even blink.

The glittering green eyes stared at her with wild passion as she grasped the black lacy high cut panties, shifting her body to slide them down Ryan’s legs. Once more Ryan asserted control, grasping Jamie by the waist and tugging her down, positioning her so they were lying on their sides, face to face. Now their hands roamed at will, each touching the smoothness of the other, moaning in pleasure as new territory was explored.

As if it had been choreographed, each top leg bent simultaneously. Questing fingers slid into slick folds as each mouth gasped in ecstasy before they sought connection once again. Darting tongues, kissing lips and warm wet mouths devoured each other as slippery fingers moved in lightning quick patterns over swollen, velvety skin. Their moans indistinguishable, the sounds grew louder as their hearts thumped heavily in their chests.

Ryan’s breath was coming in ragged pants, and she was forced to pull her head away to suck in a huge lungful of air. As soon as she could breathe again, her lips automatically sought out their tempting target, and their mouths locked together once again.

Now both chests began to heave and strain as they struggled to stay connected while their bodies moved against each other’s. It was unclear which woman began, but within seconds both were groaning and gasping for air as a powerful climax exploded through both bodies. They shook and rocked together, vulvas spasming, nipples tightening, hearts racing. Hands blindly sought out the other’s face, grasping gently, two mouths murmuring, "I love you, I love you," again and again. The salt of tears anointed the still merged mouths as they slowly calmed in each other’s arms.

The emotion flowing through and between their still entwined bodies was far too great to process. A deep wave of physical and emotional exhaustion washed over them, but with her last bit of energy, Jamie lifted her hand to her mouth and delicately kissed the ring that she would always wear, and murmured, "Forever."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

At around five o’clock, Jamie slowly emerged from her stupor. She blinked her eyes open and was richly rewarded by the sight of her lover, completely naked, splayed out across the bed, various parts of her anatomy inadequately covered by the once crisp pink sheet. A sly grin crossed her face as she indulged in the somewhat guilty pleasure of watching her sleep. Ryan’s left arm was tossed over her head, and her right was jutting straight out from her shoulder. She was mostly on her back with one leg drawn up slightly. Jamie soaked up the sight of her beautiful body, watching her chest rise and fall in a strong cadence. She had an overwhelming urge to scoot over to her and nibble on those gorgeous breasts, but she had no desire to wake her sleeping lover. She was enjoying watching her in this unguarded moment and didn’t want to break the spell.

Ryan’s glossy black hair tumbled over her shoulders and across the pillow. Jamie loved to run her fingers through the silky threads, but she satisfied herself with imagining the sensation rather than experiencing it. Unable to resist, she slowly scooted nearer to be able to observe the beloved face more closely. Ryan’s thick black eyelashes were another of Jamie’s favorite things. She loved the way they framed her dark blue eyes, curling up to nearly touch her eyelids. The lashes were so long that they actually touched the lenses of her sunglasses, a chronic complaint on the ride.

Her moist full lips were slightly parted, and Jamie had to restrain herself from leaning in and capturing them with her own. Moving down with her visual tour, she again stopped at the perfect breasts. With Ryan fully on her back, the delightful flesh had flattened a little. The nipples still pointed up at the ceiling but the weight had shifted a little to the sides. She decided that she liked this look equally well, as she smiled in anticipation of seeing every permutation of shape in the years to come.

Now she focused on the tight belly that Ryan had insisted was not very "cut" when they began to work out together. Jamie had to admit that her own abs were more defined, but she actually preferred the thin layer of softness that covered her partner’s rock hard belly. It was terribly exciting for her to feel beneath the softness and dig her fingers into that muscle and, much to Ryan’s amusement; she did so every chance she got. As she gazed at the concave belly, she made a silent vow that she would do her best to help her lover put on a few pounds. Even though she looked fabulous at this lower weight, it was probably not wise for her to keep herself so lean. She demanded so much of her body that she needed a little in reserve for times of stress.

Moving her gaze down a little lower, she smiled as she gazed thoughtfully at the generous triangle of jet-black curls. Ryan had almost no body hair to speak of, and the shock of springy curls was quite a contrast to the rest of her smooth body. Jamie shifted again to get a better look and smiled as she gazed at the shiny, matted curls that guarded her delicate flesh. Jamie had discovered that there were many lesser-known facets to making love than she had been aware of. She had never stopped to consider how women might be different from one another, but she had quickly learned that lubrication levels varied widely--even though her sample size was just two. Ryan’s slightly parted legs revealed a glistening coat of moisture that extended several inches onto her thighs. She had actually been so wet that Jamie was afraid she would not feel her fingers through the cushion of lubrication. Her worry on that point had been groundless, she smirked wryly, remembering with a shiver how quickly Ryan responded to her gentle touch.

Shifting her body once again, she moved back up to face her partner. She smiled over at her when her mouth moved slightly as her jaw clenched, and she began to regain some muscular tension. She turned her head slightly to face Jamie as she slowly batted those beautiful eyes open. Her face immediately broke into a crooked grin when she spotted Jamie’s radiant visage just inches from hers. "How long have you been awake?" she asked, beginning her series of obligatory stretches.

"About ten minutes," she answered as she started to run her hand up and down the arching torso.

When Ryan had finished her stretch, she turned onto her side, mirroring Jamie’s position. They were actually a little shy with each other after the explosion of emotion that had overcome them earlier, but Ryan broke the tension by trailing her fingers over the smooth planes of her partner’s face. The dark blonde lashes fluttered at the sensation, then closed softly. Her mouth curled up into a little grin as she soaked up the luxurious feeling. Ryan’s deep voice finally whispered, "Do you feel okay, up here?" She clarified by tapping her lover’s temple.

A gentle nod was the unequivocal reply. "Up here," she indicated by grasping Ryan’s hand and placing it on her forehead. "And definitely down here!" She grinned as she brushed the fingers across her still damp curls. "Never better down here," she emphasized with a giggle.

"I feel pretty good down there, too." Ryan chuckled as she now grasped Jamie’s hand. "But I’ve never felt better here," she whispered, as she placed the hand over her heart. "I thought I’d made love before, but that was definitely the first time for me," she pledged, bending to softly kiss her partner’s lips.

"Now I finally know what the big deal is." Jamie laughed gently. "I mean, I’ve enjoyed sex at times, and I thought I knew what love felt like, but I didn’t really have a clue until now. Now I get it," she enthused as she hugged her lover tightly.

They lay entwined for a long while, moving gently against each other and soaking up the sensation of being so completely loved. "I promised you something a while ago." Ryan’s soft voice broke the silence.

"What’s that, Love?"

"I promised I’d sing to you when we were lying in bed after making love," she reminded her.

"Oh Ryan," she cried, terribly touched that her partner would not only remember the request, but would immediately fulfill it. "I’d truly love that," Jamie whispered.

"You asked me to sing something from ‘West Side Story’," she said. "Do you remember?"

"Of course I do."

"This is one of my favorite songs from the play," she revealed. "It’s during the scene where the lovers have a little ceremony--a bit like we did this afternoon. They couldn’t be married because of their familial animosity, so they pledged their love to God before they made love for the first time."

"I’d love to hear it," Jamie murmured as she sat up and crossed her legs. Ryan followed suit, scooting over so their knees touched. They held hands and gazed into each other’s eyes lovingly.

In a strong, clear voice Ryan began,

Make of our hands–one hand.

Make of our hearts–one heart.

Make of our vows–one last vow.

Only death will part us now.

Lifting their joined hands to her mouth, she kissed ring that graced Jamie’s small hand. The emotion in her voice and on her face was too much for Jamie, and she couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. Ryan brushed them away with her thumbs as quickly as they fell, smiling down at her with a knowing look.

When her lover had regained some of her composure, she began again.

Make of our lives–one life.

Day after day–one life.

Now it begins, now we start.

One hand–one heart.

Even death won’t part us now.

A single tear fell from Ryan’s clear blue eyes, but that one drop caused Jamie to release the torrent she had been trying to hold back. "Nothing will part us, Ryan," she pledged with a quavering voice. "In this life–in the next. I’m yours eternally."

They held each other for a very long time, crying and soothing each other. The room had gotten a little chilly, so Ryan pulled the sheet and light blanket over their bodies. She held her partner in a tender embrace until she could feel her skin warm. "Better?" she asked after a few minutes.

"Perfect. When you hold me like this nothing can harm me."

"I’ll always try to make you feel safe, Jamie. Safe, and warm, and loved. Very well loved."

Reaching up with her hands, Jamie guided her partner’s head down to paint her face with kisses. She lingered on her lips, darting her tongue into the warm cavern of her soft mouth to languidly explore. It didn’t take long for Ryan to become a very willing participant, offering herself up to her lover without reservation.

Jamie loved her slowly and thoroughly, her tender touch falling like a gentle rain on Ryan’s overheated body. She let her hands speak of her love, discovering dozens of tender and sensitive spots on the long, lean body. The most amazing thing for her about this journey of discovery was the softness of her lover’s body. She had imagined that Ryan’s body would feel completely different from Jack’s, but the difference was not so much in the size or weight. It was the softness–the absolutely silken feel of the skin under her hands--that stunned her into silence. She touched her so lovingly and so thoroughly that she could have recreated her body perfectly if her artistic talent had matched her sensory memory.

Ryan placidly traveled this sensual path with her partner. Since some of her ardor had been bled from her body earlier in the afternoon, she was able to relax and just let Jamie build her passion back up to its previous height. Even though she was relatively calm, her heart began to beat faster when her partner bent her head and took her tender right breast into her mouth. The smaller woman now examined both mounds of flesh with the same intensity she had lavished on the rest of her body, and before long Ryan’s body was humming with desire. Her legs spread involuntarily as she sought some form of relief.

Taking pity on her, Jamie moved closer and slid her fingers between the excessively slick folds, smiling as Ryan’s breath caught in her throat, coming out in a low sibilant hiss. She started to move her fingers slowly, touching her partner as she herself liked to be touched. With her hips and her hands, Ryan guided her to move quicker and with a much firmer touch. Fearing that she would hurt the tender skin, Jamie tried to lighten up a bit, but Ryan was having none of it. "A little more, Baby. I need a little more." She clamped both of her hands over Jamie’s and roughly ground them into herself, demanding the touch she needed.

Jamie’s fear of causing her lover pain disappeared and her own desire began to rise when she gazed at the look of rapture that suffused Ryan’s beautiful face. Scant seconds after the larger hands joined Jamie’s, Ryan threw her head back and cried out loudly, the air forcibly propelled from her lungs in a burst of sound.

Small whimpers and moans continued to spring from her lips for several minutes. Every time Jamie tried to remove her hand, Ryan’s still-tight grip refused the request. It seemed as though the dark-haired woman needed absolute stillness to recover, and once Jamie realized this, she willingly complied.

Finally, Ryan released her hand, her own arms dropping to the bed with a thud. "Is it safe?" Jamie queried with a chuckle, as she moved her fingers a micrometer.

"It’s safe." Ryan’s exhausted voice replied weakly, and she grimaced a bit when the small hand was removed from her still-throbbing flesh. "Wow! I might need 24 hours of bed rest before I can walk again," she said with a wry tone.

Sitting up quickly, Jamie placed her hand on Ryan’s chest. "Did I hurt you, Sweetheart?" she asked hurriedly.

"No. All self-inflicted wounds," she said with a grimace. "I need a pretty long time to rest after an orgasm. If I don’t have it, I need to have more force than is wise to stimulate the next one. But I was so turned on, I just couldn’t resist another tumble," she grinned.

"Will you be okay soon?" Jamie asked.

"Oh yeah. This is very temporary. It’s just nature’s way of stopping me from being an orgasm glutton."

"You poor baby," she soothed, as she patted the body part in question very lightly.

"Not a problem," she insisted. "Now that my own fun parts are out of commission, I can concentrate on yours."

The leer that met Jamie’s eyes caused her heart to skip a beat. "Have at me, Tiger," she offered as she stretched out before her lover’s sparkling eyes.

"Just what I like…a willing victim." Ryan grasped Jamie in a rough embrace and wrestled with her playfully for a few minutes.

They giggled and laughed together, rolling around on the bed wildly. Slowly the laughter ebbed, and Ryan was left sitting on her haunches between Jamie’s outstretched legs as she gazed at her with undisguised pleasure. She lowered her hands and began to slowly massage Jamie’s legs. She started with the toes, and as she rubbed and kneaded the soft pink flesh, she would occasionally pop one of the digits into her mouth for a gentle suck or a delicate little lick. "Ohh…Sweetheart." Jamie’s eyes rolled back in her head as she felt her toes being sucked into that warm, wet mouth. "My God, that feels good," she gasped in a shaky voice. The massage continued up her instep, past the ankle, finally up her calf to her knee. Delicate, tender kisses and licks followed up her leg, finally stopping just at the hip. Ryan grinned at the look of pleasure dancing across her partner’s face as she grasped the other leg and began the same treatment. Small sighs and faint moans fell from Jamie’s lips as the assault continued. Again Ryan halted her progress at the same spot.

Jamie felt herself being rolled over onto her stomach. The passionate massage continued on this side of her body, proceeding past the earlier stopping point. Ryan kneaded her firm cheeks, pressing deeply into the flesh with her thumbs. She used both hands to probe the muscles, finally ending up near her waist. She covered Jamie’s body with her own, allowing her breasts to rub sensually against the smooth back. Jamie gripped the sheet with both hands as she struggled to control her movements. She pushed up with her hips, trying to grind against Ryan with her sensitized bottom. Ryan gripped her around the hips and rubbed against her for a few long seconds, finally rolling off as she placed hot, wet kisses down her back and onto her buttocks.

Ryan began to nibble on her neck, slowly moving up to the always-sensitive ears. She licked and kissed and sucked until Jamie was nearly frantic in her movements. Then Ryan backed off again, moving on to gently rub down her back, going lower and lower until she was past her waist again. When that movement caused reactions that were too intense, she backed off again, finally turning Jamie over onto her back once again. She was quivering with desire but Ryan refused to provide her release. She had waited all these months, and she was going to wring every ounce of pleasure that she could out of this experience.

Ryan sat back to gaze with open desire at the tantalizing body displayed before her. "My God, you’re so perfect," she murmured as her eyes widened in amazement. Jamie looked up through half-lidded eyes and felt her heart swell at her lover’s obviously sincere appreciation of her body. She felt a little exposed, but Ryan’s open look soothed any thoughts of discomfort.

Reaching forward with both hands, Ryan touched the mounds of flesh that peeked up at her. A delighted smile crossed her tanned features as her eyes slowly closed to luxuriate in the sensation of feeling the weight and texture of the incredibly smooth flesh. "So perfect," she breathed in such a soft tone that it was as if she was talking to herself.

After an eternity of slow, steady exploration she moved her head down to one pert breast. Lying down next to her lover, mouth mere millimeters from a rose tinted nipple, she blew warm breath across the sensitive flesh. Jamie tried to force her breast into Ryan’s mouth, but she firmly resisted, moving her head back just enough to elude the thrusting nipple. The smaller woman let out a frustrated moan but Ryan just grinned at her, taunting her with her warm breath. "Lie back and let me take you where you want to go, Baby. I promise we’ll get there." The confident look on her lover’s face assured Jamie that her compliance would be rewarded so she fell back onto the bed and tried to follow instructions.

When Jamie forced herself to stop thrusting against her partner, Ryan calmly dropped her head and took the nipple into her mouth. She slowly drew the taut little nub in, sucking firmly as it slid past her teeth. Jamie began to twitch her hips in time to the sucking motion, willing Ryan to continue the pressure. Ryan was not to be dissuaded from her script. She knew how she wanted to love Jamie; she had been dreaming about this day for months and she was going to continue at her own pace. This was her pleasure, and she was going to enjoy it to the fullest.

She released the sensitized nipple and began to touch the skin of the other breast lightly, using just her fingernails. The light scratching lit a fire in her younger partner, and Jamie again tried to push her breast against Ryan’s hand, needing the increased pressure. Again her efforts were futile. Having learned her lesson, she lay as still as she could, unable to stop the constant moans that sprang from her lips.

Ryan reverted to another slow, gentle massage, this time starting at her fingertips. She pressed her fingers firmly against Jamie’s hands, feeling the individual tendons, muscles and bones beneath her touch. She took each finger into her mouth, one at a time, locking eyes with her partner as she uttered a low, deep moan at the sensation. She loved each little digit in turn, licking, biting and sucking. Jamie just lay in a limp heap, moaning continuously. She no longer struggled to increase the pace or the pressure. She knew that she had to just let go and let Ryan control their sensual journey together. Nevertheless, she could not control her near constant sighs, moans and little gasps. These soft, involuntary sounds were music to Ryan’s ears. She loved being able to wrest a particularly deep sigh or grunt from her lover’s throat. She reveled in the power of providing such blissful stimulation to the woman she loved.

The massage continued for a very long while, finally ending after Ryan had returned to thoroughly rub and knead her tender breasts. Jamie lay still, almost unearthly still, as she waited for the next bit of torture to begin. She was panting shallowly, trying to focus, but she had lost that ability a long while ago. Now she just lay there, waiting, open to Ryan’s touch.

Ryan sat back on her heels and regarded her lover. She was still not ready to bring her to climax, yet she realized that to avoid being cruel she had to do so rather soon. A variety of options flew through her head, but she knew what she needed to do. Ever since the possibility had been presented, she had dreamt of tasting the luscious woman who now lay before her, and she could no longer resist the urge. She began at Jamie’s sternum, creating a moist trail down her belly, pausing at her navel. "So beautiful," she murmured as her fingers ran up and down the gentle curves. She lowered her head and continued to trace the path down the center of her lover’s constantly undulating body, but as she grazed the perfectly shaped triangle of dark blonde curls, she was alert for the clear sign that came from her love. Jamie had not only stopped moving, she had stopped making her little sounds of arousal. Ryan noted, with concern, that her body had also stiffened, and she quickly realized that this sensation was too overpowering for her inexperienced partner.

Looking up and locking her eyes onto her partner she gently soothed her. "I won’t touch you in any way that feels uncomfortable, Jamie. I’ve been dreaming about your body for months. I need to look at you. Can I do that?"

Almost of its own volition, Jamie felt her head nod slowly and tried to relax her body as Ryan gently spread her legs.

The long, slender fingers slipped between her legs and slowly, delicately, spread the thoroughly wet lips. Her face was just inches from the apex of Jamie’s thighs, and the smaller woman gazed down at the intelligent blue eyes that worshipped her. "So lovely," Ryan whispered as her hand moved forward. "May I touch you?" she asked, clear blue, guileless eyes locking on green.

"Please. I…I need you to touch me."

The hand moved closer until one caressing finger moved slowly over every inch of skin, searching, seeking, and memorizing each furrow and fold. Jamie’s eyes had fluttered closed, despite her attempts to watch her partner. The touch was so delicious that she could feel her whole body shiver with the sensation.

Finally the dark head tilted and beamed a smile at the reclining woman. "You are absolutely flawless," she pronounced, and the tone of her voice combined with the conviction on her face made Jamie believe her completely. For the first time in her life she felt that the elements that made her a woman were not only arousing–they were appealing. She truly felt that the woman who rested between her thighs found her body to be beautiful, and she was overjoyed with this gift of love that was already making her feel more comfortable with herself.

Ryan knew that her lover had taken a risk to allow her to touch her in such an intimate way, and she decided to make her touch very reassuring to bring her to climax. She rolled over and scooted up the bed until she was able to slide her arms under Jamie’s back and knees. One swift move and the smaller woman rested on her lap, her back snug against Ryan’s strong right shoulder, her legs spread and draped over Ryan’s legs. As the warm hands began to tease her body again, Jamie began to respond freely, moving her body sensually as she lay cradled in Ryan’s lap. Ryan brushed her nipples with the palm of her right hand as she probed her mouth with her tongue. She held her chin steady with her left hand as she moved deeply in her warm mouth. Jamie began to sigh and moan in an unbroken string of incoherence, and Ryan finally relented and moved her left hand down to touch her wetness. She slid through the folds with just her index finger while she sucked on Jamie’s tongue, drawing it into her own mouth. Their tongues danced slowly as her finger slid through the wetness. Jamie moaned right into her mouth as a second finger joined the first and found her secrets with unerring accuracy. After a moment, she shifted her hips just a bit to guide Ryan to the perfect spot. The questing fingers began to rub lightly over the swollen clitoris, just as Jamie indicated. It was clear how difficult it was for Jamie to forestall her climax as she wrenched her mouth away from Ryan’s lips to be able to breathe more freely, opening her mouth wide as her hips began their final thrusts. She grabbed Ryan’s hand and pressed it against herself firmly, grinding it around in a taut circle as she let out an explosion of air. She shouted out unintelligible cries as she gasped through the powerful waves of sensation rolling through her body. Finally spent, she released her grip on Ryan’s hand but continued to move her hips, swaying them back and forth in a slow sensuous beat.

"Ohhhh, God," she moaned languidly, the words barely falling from her mouth.

Ryan slid her to the bed and gazed down at her lovingly. Her arms were tossed over her head, forcing her breasts to ride up her chest wall. The flesh was still taut from the powerful climax, and the nearly mauve nipples were so rigidly erect that they looked as though they were perching upon the pink areolas rather than an actual part of them.

The view was so stimulating to Ryan’s unquenched libido that she found her mouth heading for the alluring mounds once again, guided with laser like precision to latch onto the enticing nipples with her warm, wet lips.

A shocked gasp caused the smaller woman to jerk, and her hands immediately flew to Ryan’s head. Warring impulses fired simultaneously in her brain. The moderate, temperate part of her personality urged her hands to push Ryan’s mouth away. But her throbbing need overrode that impulse and demanded instead that her hands grab the back of the dark head and mash it against her breast.

The force of that move took Ryan by surprise, but she was undeniably pleased by her lover’s enthusiastic reaction. She took as much of the breast as she could manage into her wide-open mouth, and sucked it in as firmly as she could. Her right hand shot out to pinch and tug at the second nipple. After just a few seconds of this rough assault, Jamie began to push her away, but instead of pushing Ryan off her body she was instead guiding her lower and offering herself once again. Her legs were so wide open that Ryan briefly wondered if she was double jointed. But now was hardly the time for that conjecture. Her partner needed some immediate attention, and she was more than happy to tend to her needs.

She rested her head on Jamie’s belly, partly for the view but mostly to breathe in her intoxicating aroma. Her swirling fingers found their target and moved the moisture all around the swollen flesh, responding immediately to the subtle movements of her partner. As soon as she established a strong pace, Jamie’s hips started to thrust upwards, her mouth falling open to groan out a low cry as another orgasm rocked her body.

Ryan tenderly petted her thighs, offering soothing words of love as her partner’s pulse calmed to its normal pace. She was aware that her lover, surprisingly, had made no move to evict her from her intimate position. Guessing that she might still be receptive, Ryan scooted over until she was lying on her stomach between Jamie’s legs. When she was confident that the aftershocks of the last orgasm had faded, she softly placed her thumbs alongside the shiny inner lips. When her partner made no move other than to hold her breath for a moment, she slowly began to slide her thumbs up and down the silky flesh.

Weak little sighs and faint moans were the music she loved to hear, and both richly rewarded her as she continued her gentle movements. After a scant few minutes, she felt her partner begin to spasm once again. She kept her thumbs right where they were, riding out the waves with her lover as she continued her feather light stroking.

Casting a glance up at the lovely face of her lover, she saw that Jamie was lost in Nirvana. She decided that as long as she wasn’t pushed away, she would keep going. This time she scooted even closer, so close that her mouth actually watered when the arousing aroma of her lover’s excitement suffused her senses. Using just the tips of her fingers, she played with the tender flesh, achieving a steady pace in just a few strokes. Her fingers never actually touched the tip of the over-sensitive clit, but the skin gliding over it was obviously incredibly pleasing to her partner. Her cries and gasps of pleasure did not cease the entire time that Ryan gently manipulated her, but when the inevitable climax began at last, her soft moans became so strong and rough that she began to cough and gasp for air. "Enough!" she gasped, as Ryan finally pulled her hands away.

Ryan climbed up beside her to hold her gently in her arms. Her hand slid through the damp blonde hair, pushing it off her face. "Have I finally reached your capacity?" she asked softly, a teasing grin on her face.

"The French call orgasm the ‘little death’," Jamie murmured in response. "One more little death, and I’m gonna have a big death! My Lord, I’ve never been so weak!"

"Let’s rest for a while," Ryan suggested, tugging her limp body up against her side.

"Rest. Good," Jamie managed to get out, before sleep claimed her once again.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

When they finally woke from their third nap of the afternoon, Ryan grinned down at her lover, her blue eyes clear and sparkly. "Wanna go again?" she asked with an eyebrow wiggle.

"Sure," Jamie replied with feigned nonchalance. "I could have three or four more orgasms before dinner." She laughed uproariously at the look of shock on her partner’s face. "You’ve gotta be on drugs to even ask me that!" she roared as she tickled Ryan unmercifully.

Once Ryan had Jamie’s arms pinned, she chided, "You’ve never told me you were multi-orgasmic, you little minx. Were you just testing me?" The deep flush that colored Jamie’s cheeks surprised Ryan, and she dropped the teasing and quickly asked, "What’s wrong, Babe?"

"Umm, I didn’t know I could have orgasms that quickly," she admitted. "Surprised the hell out of me!"

"Really?" she said, shocked that her partner hadn’t learned this fact about her body.

"No idea," she admitted with a wry smirk. "There could be all kinds of secrets hidden down there that I don’t know about," she said, glancing down her body.

"It’ll be awfully fun to discover them together," Ryan promised with a kiss.

"So…you can’t do that?" Jamie asked shyly.

"Nope. Not possible. I shoot one round and have to reload. But it’s clearly a blessing that I can’t," she said with a laugh.

"How come?"

Ryan sat up on one elbow and looked at her with amazement. "Do you know how little time I would spend in a vertical position if I could come that often?"

Jamie giggled as she considered the ramifications of that capability. Then her brow quickly furrowed as she asked, "Do you know other women who can do that?"

"Do you really want to talk about this, Jamie?"

The golden head bobbed in affirmation. "I think I need to understand all I can about how my body is responding."

"Okay, then, sure, I have," she admitted. "My friend the assistant D.A. can just come and come and come. I’ve always gotten tired before she did. She told me that she spent a solid hour coming once when she used a vibrator."

"Wow," Jamie mused. "That seems like a little too much of a good thing."

"Yeah, once is really enough for me," Ryan agreed.

"It always has been for me too," Jamie said. "Do you think I’m gonna need a bunch of orgasms to be happy from now on?"

"No, I don’t think so, Hon. I’ve been with a number of multi-orgasmic women, and most of them only want multiples when they’re really turned on, or if they have a lot of time to play. I think you’ll be perfectly happy with a singleton most of the time." She leaned over for a gentle kiss. "But it’s kinda nice to know there’s a few more lurking under the surface just waiting to be released."

"We’ll see how my vulva feels about this development tomorrow," she said with a slight grimace. "I hope this isn’t like getting sunburned on the first day of vacation. I don’t want to have to miss a day."

"You know," Ryan whispered into her ear. "Some of my best sexual experiences have been when I was a little sore. It can be like scratching a really bad itch."

Jamie looked up at her with a huge grin on her face. "We’re gonna have a ball together, aren’t we, Tiger," she said in more of a statement than a question.

"Grrrroooooowl," was the smirking panther’s reply.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

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