I Found My Heart in San Francisco

Book 5: Entwined

By S X Meagher


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A half hour later, they were curled up around each other in bed, Ryan’s ardor completely forgotten. She was lying on her back and Jamie rested against her chest, listening to the strong, slow heartbeat. "Whatcha thinking about, Babe?"

"I’m thinking about what in the hell I’m gonna tell Da," Ryan murmured grumpily.

Jamie struggled to sit up, facing her partner with a very surprised look. "Are you worried about that?"

Ryan shook her head. "No…not worried per se. But it’s gonna be tough to get him over his anger. I don’t want to reveal that Sara’s a lesbian, and I certainly don’t have any intention of telling him what happened when she came to the house." Here she shivered involuntarily, reminding Jamie of her repentance. "I just hate to hide things from him–he can always tell when I’m holding something back."

"Let me do it," Jamie offered unexpectedly.

"Huh?" Ryan sat up and faced her with a puzzled look. "You’d tell him?"

"Sure. I don’t mean to brag…but he is very compliant around me."

Ryan laughed heartily at that understatement. "He’s worse than I am, if that’s possible!"

"I wouldn’t go that far," Jamie teased, earning a pinch. "No, really, Babe. Let’s take a nap and when he comes home from work, I’ll go have a talk with him."

Ryan pursed her lips for a moment before gratefully accepting the offer. "I should do it myself–but if you’ll willing–have at it!" With that, she dropped onto the bed and placed her pillow over her face, muttering through the fabric, "Lock the door when you leave. I’m hiding until it’s all over!"

* * * * * * * * * * *

When Jamie came downstairs a little after six, Ryan was sitting in front of her computer, typing furiously. She was obviously very intent on her task, since she didn’t hear her partner approach. A sharp gasp flew from her lips when Jamie lightly touched her shoulder, and she complained, "Jeez! Don’t sneak up on me like that!" There was a touch of irritation in her voice, but Jamie didn’t mention it. She had done a little math in her head and had determined that Ryan was a few days overdue for her period, so she thought it best to cut her a little slack.

"Sorry, Love," she whispered, bending to place a gentle kiss on the top of her glossy black hair.

To Jamie’s complete pleasure, Ryan turned her chair around and gazed at her with contrite blue eyes. "I’m sorry I’m being so bitchy today, Honey. Forgive me?"

"You’ve done nothing that requires forgiveness, Ryan." She climbed onto Ryan’s lap, draping her arm around her broad shoulders so that she could hold on tight. "You’re just an itsy, bitsy, teeny, tiny bit grouchy today." She held her index finger about a millimeter from her thumb, indicating the small measure of grouchiness she detected. "It’s barely noticeable."

Ryan laughed a little at her partner’s description, knowing it was deliberately inaccurate, but pleased that Jamie wanted to provide her with reassurance. "I think I’m extra grouchy because of all of the stuff going on in my head," she admitted. "I was just trying to remember everything that happened when I went back to school for my senior year." She twitched her head towards her desk, indicating the yearbook lying open. "I’m making a list of all of the girls that could possibly have had any knowledge of the whole thing."

"Well, I can take one worry off of your mind," Jamie smiled. "I spoke with your father, and after a bit I called Maeve and she came over too. We all talked it out, and I think he’s willing to play nice."

"Really?" Ryan’s face lit up, and Jamie was once again struck by how easy it was to bring a smile to her lovely face. "Do you think he understood?"

"It took a little while," Jamie admitted. "You must have gotten your capacity to forgive from your mother." She rolled her eyes a little and Ryan nodded emphatically.

"I think Da’s natural impulse is to tell people off in no uncertain terms and never speak to them again. He has a really tough time letting things go."

"I think, in this case, he can see how Mrs. Andrews was caught up in trying to protect Sara. Once I convinced him that neither of them had spread the rumors, he seemed much more willing to forgive them both."

"Aunt Maeve believes her story, doesn’t she?" A shadow of doubt passed over Ryan’s eyes, but Jamie was able to reassure her completely.

"Maeve says that she’s certain of it. She says that Mary Elizabeth has her share of faults, but that lying isn’t one of them."

Ryan nodded, then rested her head against Jamie’s chest. "Thank you for talking to him, Honey. I just didn’t relish the thought of a whole emotional scene today. I feel too unstable."

"Feel better now?" Jamie asked softly, running her hand lightly across the soft cotton of Ryan’s T-shirt.

"Yeah. I feel good," she agreed. "Is Aunt Maeve still here?"

"Yes. She’s staying for dinner. She brought a little visitor, too."

Ryan patted her partner’s butt, shooing her off her lap. "My favorite girl! Why didn’t you say so?" she demanded, heading for the stairs. When she reached them she turned and smiled at her partner, amending her initial statement. "You’ll always be my favorite girl, she’s just easier to carry." And with that she crossed the distance between them in two large strides and tossed Jamie over her shoulder like a sack of spuds.

"Ryan!" she cried. "Put me down!"

"You have to say the magic words," Ryan teased, climbing the stairs quickly despite Jamie’s weight.

"I will not!" she insisted.

Ryan’s right arm was locked around Jamie’s thighs, holding her securely, but her left was free to wander, and it trailed over the taut cotton covering Jamie’s ass. "Caitlin might be easier to carry–but the view is a lot better with you."

Deciding to give up the struggle, Jamie relaxed and enjoyed the short trip. Seeing her partner act in such a playful manner was always one of her favorite things, and when she was honest with herself she had to admit that she loved to feel the powerful body moving under her. We’ve got to get to bed early tonight, she mused, watching the muscles in Ryan’s back flex. I’m still simmering from our little interrupted session on the deck!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Jamie emerged from the kitchen an hour later to check out the shrieks coming from the living room. The sight she encountered was totally beyond anything she had expected. "What in the heck are you two doing?"

Ryan was on her hands and knees, one end of a heavy rope toy clutched in her teeth. The other end of the toy was firmly held by Duffy’s equally white teeth. Caitlin was sitting on the floor shrieking with laughter as she excitedly slapped at Ryan, spurring her on. Ryan was growling audibly, Duffy slightly less so, but they were clearly enjoying the game. They were both tugging on the toy with as much power as they could generate, and Ryan was giving him a run for his money, even though his body was built for the contest. It was clear that Duffy was trying to be gentle with his owner, and just as clear that Ryan wasn’t cutting him a bit of slack.

Jamie stood with her hands on her hips, surveying the scene for a moment, before turning to ask Martin, "Has Ryan had all of her shots?"

"Pardon, Dear?" he asked, stepping out of the kitchen to join her. His amused expression mirrored that of his daughter-in-law, and he shook his head slowly while rolling his eyes. "Don’t worry, Jamie," he assured her. "Duffy’s up to date on all of his vaccinations."

"I wasn’t worried about Ryan," she insisted, casting another fond glance at her partner. "I was worried about Duffy!"

* * * * * * * * * * *

"I’ll go get the baby for you, Maeve," Jamie offered at a little past nine o’clock. When Caitlin’s mood had turned sour Ryan had decided to take her downstairs to feed and change her. That had been nearly a half hour ago, though, and Maeve was now ready to leave.

When she reached the bottom of the stairs, Jamie saw that the diaper change had led to a nap–regrettably, for both of the cousins. Such a sweet pair, she thought fondly, gazing at the pair cuddled together on the bed. She hated to wake her partner, but her long arm was wrapped firmly around Caitlin’s body, and she knew that Ryan would awaken the instant she moved the little one.

Much to her surprise, however, Ryan barely budged as she extricated the baby. Caitlin was limp in her arms as she carried her up the stairs, handing her over to Maeve with a kiss on her head. "My baby’s as sound asleep as this one is," she laughed. "I think I’ll just let her sleep in her clothes tonight."

"That’s what I always did," Martin admitted. "She’d get so grumpy when I woke her to put on her pajamas, that I gave up the fight after a while."

"You’re a wise man," Jamie smiled, kissing both Martin and Maeve goodnight.

"Not so much wise as practical," he demurred. "Once she was prone and quiet, I didn’t want to risk riling her up again."

* * * * * * * * * * *

As Jamie descended the stairs again she grumbled to herself, I was rather looking forward to riling her up tonight. Oh well, we’ll have other nights.

After brushing her teeth, she quickly stripped and climbed into bed. This is going to be tough, she decided. She’s on top of the covers, but it’s way too cold for me to be outside of them, too. The fog had rolled in, giving a definite chill to the air, and she knew she wouldn’t have the benefit of Ryan’s bare skin to help keep her warm, either. If I’ve got to get her under the covers, I might as well undress her, she thought logically. I’ll just start taking her clothes off, and she’ll wake up enough to help me.

She started at the bottom, figuring that was the easy part. The shoes and socks came off without complaint, the dark woman never stirring. God, she’s out like a light! Jamie had never seen her partner so totally zonked, and she considered that this might be a part of her pre-menstrual symptoms. Of course, keeping up with Caitlin for hours at a time might have done it, also. It took a little more wrangling, but she managed to remove her T-shirt quite efficiently. As she pulled it from her body, Ryan rolled onto her side with a weak groan, then flopped onto her belly, once again sound asleep. Thank you very much, Precious, Jamie smiled, now able to unhook her bra. Seeing all of that smooth skin stretched out before her made Jamie’s pulse beat a little stronger, but she tried to quiet her insistent libido. Even though she’s told me she’d like to be awakened that way, it feels kinda funny, she decided. I mean, I know she wouldn’t mind–but I don’t think I have the nerve.

Looking down at the firm muscles hidden under all of that tempting skin caused Jamie to waver in her determination to keep her hands to herself. I could kiss her–just a little bit. Kissing her in her sleep isn’t any big deal. Her fingers itched to touch the lovely woman, lying before her so exposed and enticing. Almost of its own accord, her left hand traveled to her partner’s back and delicately passed over the sculpted muscles in her broad shoulders. Her fingers glided over the subtle dips and curves, touching the skin as lightly and as softly as a whisper. Ohh, this is not a good idea, she groaned, already feeling a heaviness low in her belly.

Ryan moaned in her sleep, sounding almost like she was trying to speak. Abruptly, she rolled over onto her back once again, nearly trapping Jamie with her weight as she did so. Oh, that helps, the smaller woman grumbled. It’s bad enough I want to take you in your sleep. Now I have to look at those perfect breasts with that lacy white bra half covering them!

Since her original idea had been to undress her partner, Jamie slowly slipped the bra from her partner’s arms, resisting the insistent urge to touch the creamy white skin as she did so. The lamp light cast a warm glow upon Ryan’s bare chest, and Jamie spent a few long minutes watching the steady rise and fall of her breathing. Unconsciously, she found her head drawing closer and closer to her favorite body part, and before she knew it she was hovering over one soft pink nipple, her mouth watering at the mere prospect of drawing the nub inside.

A deep sigh escaped from Ryan’s slightly open mouth, the intake of breath causing her nipple to rise a little higher than normal, and before Jamie knew it, the object of her desire was enveloped by her warm, wet lips. Oooh, yes, she silently gasped. It’s mine now!

Her tongue gently swirled around the firming nipple, feeling its shape and contour magically transform under her touch. With a soft, wet kiss she relinquished her prize, lifting her head to gaze at her partner.

Ryan was obviously still asleep, her body’s response to Jamie autonomic rather than volitional. Her left breast was firm, riding high on her chest, the nipple stiff and deep pink, while the right remained somnolent, the flesh soft and pliant, the nipple relaxed.

Oooh, I want that one, too, she mused, staring at the oblivious breast, but she didn’t know how to get at it without waking Ryan. With a start, she realized just how much fun it was to play with her partner while she slept, and she immediately felt a little guilty. Jamie, she reminded herself sternly, she’s asked you to do this. She was as horny as a mink this afternoon, and her desires were completely frustrated. Don’t be such a prude! It’s not like she’ll sleep through it, for goodness sake! As soon as you really start to touch her, she’ll wake up and you’ll both be happy.

Unable to resist a challenge–even when it was self-imposed, she pondered the situation for a moment. Hitting upon an idea, she reached down and lightly tickled Ryan’s exposed left side. The dark woman uttered a sound that was close to, but not quite, a word, and swatted weakly at the hand. Another tickle–another ineffectual swat. Finally, on the third try, Ryan turned onto her left side, stopping the tickle, and presenting her right breast to her partner. Come to mama! she crowed, dipping her head to lave the lazy nipple into action. It didn’t take long before the right vied with the left for rigidity, but before she was truly finished Ryan flopped onto her back once again. Surprisingly, her arms lifted over her head, her hands lightly touching near the headboard, presenting her breasts to Jamie’s gaze in a most attractive fashion. That’s odd, Jamie mused, I’ve never seen her sleep that way before.

She didn’t spend too much time on her musings, since Ryan’s grandeur was so beautifully displayed by her posture. Jamie bent her head once again, helping the left nipple to regain supremacy over the right when she noticed the slightest of hip movements from her sleeping partner. Hip thrusts? In her sleep? she mused. Hmmm…I don’t think so. Pulling away just a few inches, Jamie detected clear signs of Ryan’s wakefulness. Her chest wasn’t rising and falling with the same slow cadence as before. Rather, it was moving quickly, although it looked as though Ryan was consciously trying to smooth her breathing out to resemble the previous pattern. Both breasts were firm, both nipples equally taut. I think someone’s playing possum, she thought. And I think I like it, she added with a mental smirk. I knew she’d like this–I guess I just didn’t know she’d like it enough to continue with it when she was actually awake. Ah well, I like to please my baby, so I’ll play as long as she wants to.

Running her hand down the center of Ryan’s body, she smiled to herself as she detected the beginnings of goose bumps chasing down her torso. Umm- hmm, she stifled a giggle. Somebody’s wide awake but doesn’t want me to know it. Your wish is my command, Sweetheart, she silently promised.

Slowly, steadily, she unbuttoned the fly on Ryan’s khaki’s, sneaking her hand inside when she had it fully open. Where are your boxers, Buffy? she wondered, used to being greeted by the material that normally came just below the waistband of her slacks. A thorough inspection revealed nothing but smooth, warm flesh as her hand dipped lower and lower. Going commando, Sweetie? But, just as she became certain Ryan had omitted underwear that day, her hand touched a bit of lace. Her very interested fingertips traced the outline, determining that Ryan wore some very, very low cut lace panties. Oooh, this is better than I’d hoped for, she moaned, unable to stop the sound from springing from her lips. Her happy fingers found that the panties rode very low over her mound, but came up a bit on the sides to reach the tops of her hipbones. Very, very nice, Buffy, she mused. Why haven’t I seen these before? You know I’m a sucker for sexy undies. With a shake of her head, Jamie reminded herself that Ryan couldn’t hear her thoughts. This is so weird, she mused, I know she’s awake, and she probably knows that I know–but it still feels kinda kinky to do this. Another smirk settled on her face as she acknowledged, That’s definitely why Ryan wants to do it, and if I’m honest I have to admit that it feels hot because it is just a tiny bit of a taboo.

Her hand slipped completely into Ryan’s pants, her fingers inching along the length of her partner’s belly, settling on her warm mound. As her hand slid down just another inch or two she shot a quick glance up to Ryan’s face and nearly barked out a laugh when she saw her partner pull her lower lip in and bite down firmly. Oooh, I’m torturing the poor thing. A mental chuckle accompanied her thought, and she harkened back to Mia’s observation that she was a dom in disguise. God, I do really enjoy this, she thought. I would never want to cause her pain…well, maybe a good kinda pain, she amended with a sly smile, catching another glimpse of her partner’s tension-filled face, but teasing her like this is absolutely delicious.

Focusing on the warmth that enveloped her hand, Jamie snuggled it deeper inside the loose-fitting slacks. Thank you for not wearing your jeans today, Love, or this would be mission impossible. Adding an extra bit of pressure with her middle finger, she trailed her hand slowly up and down the center of Ryan’s warmth, a shiver chasing down her spine when her hand touched the moist fabric between the providentially spread legs. Those legs weren’t spread that far apart a minute ago, she noted. Focusing on Ryan’s feet, she saw her heels inching across the mattress, trying to provide a bigger target for the questing fingers.

The khakis Ryan had on were very well-worn, and the fabric had grown thin through repeated washings. Since Jamie had conquered as much territory as possible within the confines of the slacks, she withdrew her hand, smiling as Ryan gave her a tiny hip thrust as she pulled out. Placing her hand between the spread legs, she focused on Ryan’s placid face while raking her fingernails right down the center seam of the slacks. As expected, the prone woman had a terribly difficult time keeping her composure, but Jamie had to acknowledge that Ryan did a much better job of it than she would have in her position.

Trying a slightly different tactic, she moved the seam aside a few inches, and lightly scratched up and down the soft, thin fabric with her short nails, ignoring the strangled gasp that sprang from her lover’s chest. She could easily feel the slight protuberance of her sex under her fingers, her mouth going dry as she flicked her fingers lightly against the cloth-covered tender flesh.

Ryan was unable to stop the shiver that started at the top of her head and raced down her body to slam to a halt right between her legs. Never had she been so turned on–and yet so unable to voice her need. There was something absolutely maddening about this self-inflicted torture, but she loved the fact that Jamie was willing to play like this. Inventiveness was what would keep their sex life fresh for many years to come–and it was obvious that her partner was very inventive, indeed.

Jamie’s fingers played and teased the aching flesh, using a bit more pressure than normal because of the fabric barriers. She could see the pulse in Ryan’s neck throbbing, could hear her respiration increase and grow shallow, could discern a fine sheen of perspiration across her full, luscious breasts. It was clear that her partner was nearly ready to climax, but Jamie didn’t want to bring her off while she was still clothed. She thought that Ryan would have a more intense orgasm with direct stimulation, but she was slightly uncertain that she could get her pants off of her while keeping up the game. Deciding to give it a try, she grasped the material near her ass and gave it a good tug, again, nearly laughing when Ryan’s hips rose a couple of inches to allow the slacks to slide down easily. Jamie pulled on the hems and tossed them aside carelessly, already focused on the next barrier.

The deliciously sexy white lace panties had become nearly transparent where they rested against Ryan’s pulsing need. They were obviously soaked with the evidence of her arousal, and Jamie’s heart raced when she detected the heady, humid scent of her desire. Her mouth watered and the throbbing between her own legs became so intense that she had to slip her hand between her thighs and stroke herself for a few moments, just to take the edge off. Her sadistic streak returned when she pulled her hand away and slowly wafted her wet fingers over Ryan’s twitching nose…only to gasp aloud as a dark head shot forward and sucked two fingers deeply into a warm mouth.

"Ryan!" she cried, unable to hold in her laugh. "Have you been awake the whole time?"

The bright blue eyes were still closed, but a smile played at the corners of her mouth as she slowly shook her head, continuing to suck on Jamie’s fingers.

"Give me back my hand, Buffy," Jamie intoned solemnly as she tried to break the suction. "I’m not done playing with you."

Ryan’s lids popped open, revealing a pair of glittering deep blue eyes. She opened her mouth to release Jamie’s fingers, simultaneously tossing the smaller woman onto her back. "That’s what you think, Hot Stuff," she growled. "Playtime’s over! It’s time to get down to business." She climbed onto her partner’s body, intent on claiming what she needed.

To Ryan’s complete and utter surprise, Jamie entwined her legs with those of her taller and stronger partner, shifted her hips abruptly, and tossed the astonished woman onto her back once more. She climbed aboard Ryan’s body, moving up until they were nose to nose. Adopting a fiercely determined look she growled, "My game. My rules."

Ryan blinked slowly, almost unable to comprehend exactly what her partner meant. She was so slow on the uptake that Jamie finally asked softly, "Has no one ever taught you patience, Tiger?"

Ryan shook her head slowly, unsure of what she was even responding to, but sensing that she was supposed to answer.

"Then now’s as good a time as any for your first lesson." With that, the small, determined blonde grasped Ryan’s hands and placed them on a plane with her head, making her look a bit like she was being robbed. "Lie still and nobody gets hurt," she commanded, smiling up at her partner with twinkling green eyes.

It took just a few moments for Ryan’s arousal to be ratcheted back to its previous level, and a few moments longer for it to be cranked higher still. Jamie started at her breasts, a perennial favorite. Her enjoyment of the firm, supple flesh was so contagious that Ryan’s arousal came as much from watching the pleasure on her partner’s face as it did from the sensation itself. Jamie attacked the mounds with gusto, leaving Ryan breathless after just a few minutes of her ravenous feeding.

Even though they had not even been lovers for a full month, they had made love dozens of times already, but Ryan had never seen her partner so fiercely determined to consume her as she was tonight. It was a very odd feeling for her to have Jamie take command so forcefully, and a part of Ryan wanted to reassert her normal control. But another part of her wanted nothing more than to surrender to her fiery partner’s desires, no matter where they led. As Jamie licked and sucked her way down the center of Ryan’s body, her mind was so cluttered with competing wishes that she finally just decided to shirk her normal responsibilities and let Jamie do with her as she wished.

Jamie seemed to sense the shift in Ryan’s attitude, and she slowed down a bit, now not as worried that Ryan would take charge. She was hovering over the white panties, trying to decide her next move, when Ryan’s hands slid down and started to remove them.

"Did I ask for your help?" she queried. "I distinctly remember instructing you to keep your hands flat on the bed."

Ryan gave her a bemused smirk and relaxed again, docilely placing her hands back where Jamie had originally indicated. "A thousand pardons, mistress," she murmured, averting her eyes acquiescently.

Jamie couldn’t resist a playful pinch to her exposed ribs. "I’ll mistress you, Buffy," she growled. "Now just behave, or you’re going solo."

Ryan’s mouth closed immediately, but she had to get in a playful dig by dramatically zipping her lips closed.

Jamie crawled up to Ryan’s level and lay down so they were face to face. "Is this really okay with you, Love?" she asked in a tentative tone.

Ryan smiled and teasingly asked for clarification. "Umm…can I move my hands for a minute?"

"Yes, Ryan, you may move your hands." A smirk involuntarily appeared on Jamie’s face while she waited for her partner to answer her question.

"C’mere," Ryan instructed, holding her arm out in invitation. Jamie cuddled up to her warm body, instantly reassured by the safety of her partner’s embrace. "I’ve been with lots of women, Love," she said softly, "but I’ve only allowed one or two others to run the show."

"I don’t have to…" Jamie began, but Ryan silenced her with a gentle kiss.

"I didn’t allow other women to top me because I didn’t trust them, Baby. I didn’t like to let other women make me feel vulnerable…or needy. But that’s not a concern with you, Sweetheart. You know how much I need you, and you know how much I trust you. I’m really, really happy that you feel confident enough to play like this."

"So it’s really okay?" Jamie asked, her voice betraying her lingering concern. "I mean just because I like something doesn’t mean that…"

Ryan faced her fully, a devastatingly sexy smile affixed to her handsome face. "I’m throbbing so much I’m starting to cramp," she revealed. "My body likes this very, very much. And my mind has generously agreed to stay on the sidelines and let my body have its way." She stretched out fully on the bed, her arms flat in the manner Jamie had requested, her legs slightly spread. "Little Ryan thinks this is one of the best ideas you’ve ever had." Her hips thrust in Jamie’s direction a few times, making Little Ryan’s presence known.

The luminescent smile that lit Jamie’s entire face made Ryan’s heart swell with pleasure. "Have I told you how much I love you?" she asked softly, leaning down to plant soft, sweet kisses all over Ryan’s face. "Have I told you how much I love making love with you?"

Her questions received a softly murmured, "Yes," uttered in a languidly sexy voice that sent chills down Jamie’s spine. "You tell me, you show me…every single day." Ryan had not moved a muscle, and her body was beautifully displayed by her submissive pose. "I offer you my body, Jamie. Touch me…love me…in any way that pleases you. I’m yours completely." Her eyes fluttered closed, and Jamie felt her breath catch as she marveled at the heartfelt offer her lover made. Her natural personality was quite forceful, and Jamie realized that offering herself in this fashion was a very loving gift.

"Thank you," she whispered, bending to kiss Ryan’s warm, moist lips. One kiss became many, and moments later she was lying fully atop the long body, grasping Ryan’s head with both hands, holding her steady as the kisses rained down. True to her word, the taller woman did not move an inch, and Jamie thrilled to the sensation of being totally in control. Her arousal reached another peak when she heard a soft, sexy groan rumble through Ryan’s chest and felt her muscles twitch and throb as she tried to control her response. "Easy, Tiger," she soothed, running her hands lightly over Ryan’s flushed face. "I’ll take care of you, Baby."

Ryan’s head nodded briefly and her desire-darkened eyes fixed Jamie with a pleading look. She spoke not a word, but her body revealed every wish, and Jamie decided that her patience and acceptance had to be rewarded immediately. Sliding down her slick body, Jamie maneuvered Ryan’s legs over her shoulders and settled down comfortably between her powerful thighs.

The thoroughly soaked panties remained in place–providing a very pleasing visual for Jamie’s appreciative eyes. She leaned in and rubbed her pursed lips up and down the center of Ryan’s need, smiling gently as she felt the coiled body twitch roughly–but remain remarkably passive. Ryan nearly always tangled her fingers in Jamie’s hair, or guided her head as she loved her, and the smaller woman briefly hoped that the enforced passivity would not hamper her partner’s pleasure. But as that thought was running through her head a low, throaty growl rumbled up from Ryan’s chest, assuring her that she was thoroughly enjoying the experience.

The stretchy lace tickled Jamie’s soft lips, and she wondered how Ryan experienced the sensation on her even more sensitive lips. She allowed her teeth to rake gently along the swollen flesh that was barely visible beneath the skin-tight panties, her own growl surprising her as it escaped her lips. Her hands rested on Ryan’s taut belly, feeling the muscles twitch and contract as she struggled valiantly to remain still. Jamie’s soft nuzzling grew a little firmer, a little faster, as she felt her own desire begin to spiral out of control. Her fingers dug into the hard muscle lurking just under the soft layer of flesh, reveling in the feel of the rock-hard bands of sinew.

Their voices joined together–groaning, whimpering, and gasping with pleasure as Jamie’s head began to move more quickly against the lace-covered warmth. She couldn’t stand the torture another moment, and her hands dropped to Ryan’s center, roughly pushing the fabric from her as she dove back in–finally touching the burning flesh with her wet, hot tongue.

"AAAHHHHH!!!!" Ryan cried, her entire body twitching and spasming wildly. "Please, Jamie! Please!!!!"

One small hand shot up and rested upon Ryan’s belly–silently assuring her that she would soon be satisfied. When the tightly coiled body relaxed just a bit, Jamie brought her hand down and smoothly slid her index finger into Ryan’s wetness.

"Oh yeah!" she moaned, "that’s it, Baby. Come on–let me feel you!"

As she continued to lave the tender, smooth skin, Jamie satisfied her partner’s request and slipped yet another digit inside, causing Ryan’s hips to thrust up to meet her. She’d never felt her partner so receptive to penetration, and after a moment she added a third finger, deciding that her decision had been correct when a satisfied hiss whistled through Ryan’s teeth as her ass hit the bed.

As Jamie’s fingers pumped firmly, she slowly became aware of an insistent thumping that matched her rhythm. Prying her eyes open, she glanced up and saw that Ryan’s hands had slipped under the headboard, and that she was banging it against the wall with each thrust. Oh Lord! If Conor hears that, we’ll be teased to death!

Ignoring her worry to focus again on her prize, Jamie’s fingers sought out every surface of the slick channel they rested in, wresting different sounds from Ryan as she moved about. When she focused on one particular spot that always drove her partner wild, Ryan’s body abruptly stilled, even her raspy breathing coming to a halt. Even though her movement stopped, Jamie could feel the energy coiling in her, like the deathly silence right before a tornado. She sucked Ryan’s entire clit into her mouth at that moment, pulling gently on the bundle of pulsing nerves.

"OHH GOD!!!!" Ryan’s hands flew from the headboard and latched onto Jamie’s head, grinding it into herself as her legs locked behind her neck. As her climax slammed through her body she writhed upon the bed, taking her partner with her, as she panted and gasped for air. Jamie held on tight, every sense on overload as she tried to avoid hurting Ryan or herself. They rolled around on the bed, thrashing about wildly as the spasms seemed to flow from Ryan right through Jamie’s body.

The storm finally passed, and after a few more strangled cries Ryan collapsed against the mattress, her body completely spent. Jamie started to withdraw her fingers, but Ryan’s weak moan stopped her immediately, and she stretched the rest of her body out while resting her head on Ryan’s thigh, content to feel the wild pulse still beating against her cheek.

It took quite a while, but eventually, Ryan’s fingers tangled in her hair and she spoke in a rough, low, voice. "I think I might just have to keep those fingers, Babe. You don’t mind, do you?"

"Not a bit," she assured her. "You’ll have to start wearing skirts though."

"Hmmm…unacceptable. I guess you can try to retrieve them." She brought her legs up so that her feet were resting on the mattress, and Jamie slipped out easily, despite Ryan’s prediction.

"All clear," she grinned, climbing up to rest in Ryan’s arms.

"I feel like I’ve run the marathon…chopped a cord of wood…and spent a night in a Turkish prison," Ryan moaned.

Jamie sat up to gaze into her eyes, seeing the teasing twinkle that lurked there. "You complaining?"

"Nope. I was just wondering why I wanted to do it all over again," she laughed, gathering her partner into her arms to roll around the bed. She wound up on her back, with Jamie fully on top of her. "Now I have to decide how to repay you for the experience." She had a very thoughtful look on her face, but Jamie settled the matter immediately.

"Just kiss me," she demanded, her voice rough with need. "I just want to feel your body under mine and taste your sweet mouth."

Ryan hastened to meet her partner’s needs, managing to satisfy each of her desires as their lovemaking continued deep into the night.

* * * * * * * * * * *

A pair of panting, sweating, sticky, entwined bodies slowly tried to disentangle themselves from each other several hours later. "This is not good," Ryan muttered as she tossed her feet off the bed and sat up.

Jamie stuck a hand out and placed it on her slick back, giving it a small pat. "Dizzy?" she asked solicitously, considering how much fluid her partner lost during their extended bout of lovemaking. "It’s no wonder."

A very small chuckle accompanied Ryan’s reply. "Yeah…I am a little dizzy now that you mention it, but I was referring to the fact that my last orgasm didn’t ease my cramping any. I guess it wasn’t just unquenched desire I was feeling."

"Ohh…you think you got your period?"

"Yeah. Feels like it." Ryan got up and stretched her long body out, popping her shoulders as she grasped her hands and stuck them straight up over her head.

Jamie spent a moment watching her, reminding her over-stimulated libido that they had both had enough for one evening. "Want me to go get you some Motrin?"

Ryan shot her a grateful look and nodded her acceptance of the offer. "That would be great, Hon. I’m gonna rinse off in the shower."

Ryan emerged a few minutes later, pleased to find Jamie changing the sheets. "You’d better drink all of that water, Buffy. I’ll have to hook you up to an intravenous drip if you don’t replenish."

"One more good thing about never bringing women home before I met you," Ryan smiled, "saved a lot of mileage on the mattress and the linens."

Jamie tucked in the thin top sheet and wondered how much worse the lumpy mattress and well-worn sheets could get, but she made no comment, realizing that Ryan was not the type to waste money on something as frivolous as expensive sheets. "Come lie down and let me rub your tummy," Jamie offered.

"Mmm…it’s my back today," Ryan corrected, lying face down on the clean sheets. "Lower back, right side." Looking idly at the clock as Jamie sat astride her thighs, Ryan commented, "Did you know it was three a.m.?"

"Time flies when you’re having fun," Jamie mused, trying to hide the yawn that struggled to reveal itself.

"Ohh…that’s the spot," Ryan murmured, her chin resting on her crossed arms. "That feels fabulous, Babe."

"You’ve been saying that for hours," Jamie laughed, adding a little tickle.

"It was true then, and it’s true now." Ryan let out a heavy sigh and Jamie could feel some of the tension leave her back. Her breathing started to even out, and after a few more minutes of the gentle massage Ryan was sound asleep.

"Pleasant dreams, Sweetheart." Placing a very soft kiss on Ryan’s back, Jamie climbed off her body and drew the sheet over both of them. A moment later, lulled by the soft pattern of her lover’s breathing, Jamie joined her in sleep.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Continued in Part 4

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