Always Reeling

Secret yearnings, strong and real

So hard to hide what I feel

Wanting you with passion great

Feelings that are now innate

I keep them deeply buried

Though constantly I'm harried

My need is forever hot

And I've come to hate the spot

In which I live, that binds me

I want so much to be free

To take that which I desire

But I'm stuck here in this mire

Freedom will never be mine

Circumstances won't align

I'm stuck in this endless loop

Knowing that I won't recoup

The wanting will never stop

And I know I'll never drop

The standards to which I hold

They mean more to me than gold

So I live my life in need

Knowing I will never cede

To the weakness of my flesh

Though assailed with yearnings fresh

My will is unshakeable

My vows are unbreakable

But I can't stop the feelings

That keep me always reeling

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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