I wait in anticipation
For your knock upon my door
My pulse races, my breathing's fast
I know I can't take much more
This time will be like all the rest
You'll fulfill all my desires
Throughout the long and steamy night
You will keep my blood on fire
But with the coming of the sun
You will once more disappear
And I won't hear from you again
Til the next time you come here
If I were strong, I'd demand more
From you than passion filled nights
But I am putty in your hands
I don't care what's wrong or right
So hurry to me, lover mine
Before I go up in flames
No promises, no commitment
I won't even speak your name
My need for you is all I feel
It's all I care about
And there's your knock at my door
Come in, we'll lock the world out

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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