Corporate Raider

You look down from your highrise office

And feel empty and alone

You lost all your friends along the way

But you made it on your own

You thought you didn't need anyone

Just your brains and ambition

You climbed the ladder, and reached the top Now you have the position

But you have just that, and nothing else No one awaits you at home

You've conquered the world, but lost yourself ANd you're weary to the bone

You have no one to help share your load

Your money sits in the bank

There is no joy in your heart or soul

No love to go with your rank

You are where you always dreamed to be

And you've never felt so sad

You burned all your bridges behind you

Now you fear you will go mad

If you could go back to simpler times

You would do so in a flash

But there is nothing back there for you

It has all burned down to ash

There is no one to blame but yourself

You severed all of your ties

You used the people who cared for you

You hurt them with cruel lies

Now here you are, on top of the world

A success for all to see

And you've never felt such a failure

Such a lonely place to be

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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