Empty Existence

You wear the latest styles

You drive a flashy car

There is just one problem

You don't know who you are

You do whatever's "in"

You're on the cutting edge

Always first in fashion

Hedonist, your pledge

You know designer names

The hot spots to be hit

You know who's in or out

And who to be seen with

But when it comes to you

You are completely lost

Oh yes, you're way, way cool

But what a horrid cost

You don't have a single

Idea of your own

You don't know what you like

You don't know what you don't

Whether it be music

Or fashion or cuisine

You follow like a pup

Living a wild child's dream

But in the still of night

When there is only you

And one's thoughts travel inward

You haven't got a clue

You're nothing but a shell

An empty one, at that

There is no depth to you

There's nothing to look at

When you're introspective

You find you don't exist

In striving to be cool

Your whole life has been missed

You never developed

An honest opinion

About a single thing

You are just a minion

Though to the outward eye

You lead in all things cool

You know down in your heart

You're nothing but a fool

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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