You stand there looking all alone

And my heart aches at the sight

You feel that you must still atone

And to make things, long wrong, right

You cannot let go of the past

As others, long since, have done

It will haunt you, until the last

Though you are the only one

Everyone else has since moved on

They have dealt with their soul's demons

But nothing of your guilt is gone

It's always there, and screaming

I wish you could forgive yourself

And go forward with your life

But you just continue to dwell

On the past's sorrow and strife

Yes, it was painful and tragic

But it cannot be undone

And there is no act of magic

To absolve you as the one

Who wears the guilt as a mantle

For that, only you can do

I wonder if you could handle

Should forgiveness come to you

You've flayed yourself for long enough

It's time you started to live

And yes, it will be very tough

Though you can't forget...forgive

This has haunted you a lifetime

You have got to let it go

If you need support, you've got mine

But you can do this, I know

I'll be right here, close by your side

I'll chase the shadows away

But I won't allow you to hide

You're starting to live, today

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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