The Heart Of A Poet

The heart of a poet
Beats in my chest
From my exterior
No one would guess
Though inside I may be
Quite sensitive
You would never know it
By how I live
I'm gruff and I'm surly
I seldom smile
And I've got attitude
That goes for miles
But so deep in my soul
Tenderness lives
I feel things quite deeply
That serves to give
Me the inspiration
To put forth words
That reach into the soul
When they are heard
Bringing forth smiles or tears
And reaching deep
Into your heart and mind
So you can keep
The feelings close to you
That they inspire
And you can draw from them
When the briars
Of daily life hold fast
To your being
To give you some release
To be freeing
Yes, t'is a poet's heart
That I have got
I keep it hidden in
A secret spot
Til I put down in verse
The things it feels
And though I may hide it
It is so real

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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