How Deep Is Your Beauty?

You are out of my league

No, I don't stand a chance

But you sure caught my eye

With that smoldering glance

With that model's physique

And those Hollywood looks

You could have anyone

Yeah, you've sure got the goods

But you're looking my way

For some unknown reason

I know I'm no beauty

Though my looks are pleasing

But what are you thinking

Are you callously cool

Thinking I'm gullible

Or some simplistic fool

Or perhaps your beauty

Goes much more than skin deep

And you're a nice person

Not an arrogant creep

You look awfully nice

Could it be that you're shy

Should I make the first move

Or sit patiently by

We've made eye contact now

The interest is there

Do we take the next step

And which one of us dares

You stand, and approach me

Wearing a sweet, shy smile

You ask if you can sit

And chat with me a while

I quickly acquiesce

And you sit next to me

And we begin to talk

And the hours just flee

Before we realize

Everyone else is gone

But we just cannot part

And we talk til the dawn

You proved just as handsome

On the inside, as well

You're sweet and you're funny

And I cede to your spell

And with the sun's rising

Things look awfully good

This feels like forever

Like I dreamed that it would

Yes, I think I'm in love

And I think you are, too

And I know that our love

Will be lasting and true

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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