It's Not Love

This can't be love

I don't want it

I'm a player

And I flaunt it

Settling down

Is not for me

I'm way to young

I must be free

I play the field

With wild relish

To be tied dwn

Would be hellish

I'm not in love

I refuse it

Here's my black book

I still use it

I won't be caught

In some love trap

In someone's net

Like some dumb sap

So, maybe I

Do feel something

It's not love, I'll

Tell you one thing

There's just no way

That I'm in love

Though she may be

From up above

Like an angel

With golden hair

Sparkling eyes

A heart that cares

A precious soul

So sweet and kind

And she's always

There on my mind

But it's not love

That makes me dizzy

It is not love!

No way! Is it?

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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