It Takes Two

I see you there
But words won't come
What's there to say
What's done, is done
I can't take back
What I have said
You don't believe
My heart has bled
Though stubborn pride
May play a part
Mistrust is there
Between our hearts
Though love may be
There underneath
It's smothering
Much to my grief
I cannot bare
To be apart
What can I say
Where do I start
I won't accept
The total fault
You won't admit
What you have wrought
There doesn't seem
To be a way
To reconcile
To my dismay
I want so much
To be with you
If you won't bend
What can I do
Although I would
Meet you half way
I wan't accept
The total blame
And so we stand
Here eye to eye
Neither bending
Not you, nor I
So, with regret
I turn away
And start to leave
No need to stay
But then you reach
And take my arm
And look at me
Your smile, so warm
Though our problems
Remain there still
We'll work them out
I know we will

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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