Led By Destiny

Across a dark and crowded room

I sense a presence calling

As I make my way through the gloom

Already I am falling

My soul's mate lies in wait for me

I feel it's seductive pull

This rendevous was meant to be

With emotions rich and full

Though I don't know where I'm going

I continue straight ahead

No knowing how, but still knowing

That by destiny, I'm led

And then suddenly, the crowd parts

And my eyes lock onto yours

There is a union of our hearts

With a love that will endure

You hold out your hand, I take it

And our two souls coalesce

Then an eternal flame is lit

And we know we have been blessed

There is no need for words right now

They would be superfluous

Though we'll never understand how

This love was fated for us

And we'll treasure it forever

We'll keep it, cherished and true

We will walk through life together

As one soul, melded from two

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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