Love Story

You look at me with those big, brown eyes

And you know that your wish is my command

I would pluck the stars right fromt he sky

Even brave the blazing desert sands

But all you ask is my company

That I share my life, always, with you

The good, the bad and the in-between

That I involve you in all I do

I'm humbled by the span of your love

That it knows no boundaries, at all

I never dreamed that I would be blessed

To hold someone so vey enthralled

Your life is so dependent on mine

The responsibility scares me

Everything I do affects you, too

But you're strong, supportive and caring Our souls are twined tightly together

And our hearts beat together as one

You are everything that I live for

And when my days on this earth are done

I will go with the knowledge, so rare

That I was truly blessed in this life

To have known love in its purity

And to have shared it with you, so rife

With memories of times together

Filled with wonder and absolute joy

Fully thankful for the privilege

To have been part of this love story

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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