Mommy's Little Boy

A little boy

With eyes so wide

Stands in the cold

Alone, outside

Watching closely

Searching each face

As it passes

His little space

Eyes full of hope

heart full of trust

Mommy will come

He knows she must

She said to wait

And not to move

She will be back

ANd pretty soon

But hours pass

She doesn't come

He's cold, hungry

And he's scared, some

Where is mommy

She should've been back

Maybe she's hurt

Or been attacked

People are mean

Or they can be

Now he'e worried

And then he sees

A policeman

He goes for help

Tells his story

And finds himself

Held in strong arms

And taken in

To where it's warm

And asked again

To tell his tale

Right from the start

And so he does

He's very smart

Now everyone

Looks really sad

And that's not good

Bu they're not mad

They give him food

And hot cocoa

Then a lady

Says he must go

With her for now

To a new place

Just for tonight

He'll have to stay

But he can't go

His mommy said

That she'd be back

And so he led

Them back to where

It all began

He knew his mom

Would come again

But when he saw

She wasn't there

It broke his heart

She didn't care

Did she just leave

Him all alone

It looked that way

His mom was gone

What did he do

That was so bad

He didn't think

He's made her mad

His mom loved him

She really did

And she'd be back

He was her kid

But the people

That he was with

Looked really sad

And said that this

Was not a place

For him to be

To come with them

And they would see

If they could find

His missing mom

And talk to her

About this some

And so he went

With them, for now

They'd find his mom

He knew, somehow

And they would be

Back together

Him and mommy

Always, forever

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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