Part XVI

I don't know how long I've sat here

Frozen in shock, and something else

Betrayal, I think

Why was I deemed unworthy to be a part of this family? All my life I'd dreamed of having a family I'd grown up in a boarding school, an orphan My expenses supposedly payed for by a kindly


I'd never questioned it because I wasn't the only girl

there under such circumstances

But I had no family, and no memory of one And I'd always felt as if a vital part of me was missing I wonder now if that was the psychic connection I've

heard of between twins

Just since reading Taryn's words, I feel more complete

than I ever have in my life

And more empty...and more angry

I hear a pounding in my head, and as I focus on the

possible cause of it

The door bursts open, and Kalen rushes in He falls to his knees in front of me, and begins to

gently shake me

"Tara, Tara what's wrong? Talk to me, Tara." I stare blankly at him for a moment, then say the first

thing that comes to my mind

"That's Princess Tara to you."

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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