We went into the bathing room and removed my clothes I suppose I should have felt self-conscious or

embarrassed being naked in front of Kalen, but I was not

After washing off all of the blood, we found that the

extent of my injury was long scratch marks on both arms

From where Taryn and I had clung to each other, I


Kalen, too, was now wearing bloodied clothes, so he

returned to his quarters to change

I thought back over the dream

That, in itself, a new experience, for never before had

I been able to remember them

I went over every bit of it, trying to gain some clue

as to Taryn's whereabouts

I was sure there was one, if only I could find it But what really haunted me was the knowledge that there,

at the end, Taryn had let go of me

I have no doubt that she did just that

I believe if she'd held onto me, we could have beaten

that thing

Why did she let go?

There must have been a reason, but what?

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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