Part XXX

Kalen returned a while ago

He checked to be sure I was all right

Then he returned to his post outside my door Now I sit here, holding the journal in my hands Fighting a strong reluctance to finish it I, somehow, know I will not like what it says But, just as strongly, I know I must finish it And so, very much against my will, I open the book By now, Taryn is certain Wilfred is behind the


He doesn't even bother to deny it

But her will is strong, and the dreams never conquer her Then in her last few entries, I read the thing I didn't

want to know

Through her nightmares, Wilfred had been solidifying a

pathway to me

Using her as a conduit

Draining us both

There was little written after this

Only a few more pages full of her thoughts Then the journal ended

But, I had my snswer as to how I got here Oh, it wasn't written, she's had no opportunity for that But I knew what had happened, just the same We'd both felt the pull of the mightmares Taryn had taken the brunt of it though

I only felt it second hand through her, and that was

horrible enough

I can only imagine how unbearable it was for her But that night, some milestone had been passed, and

Wilfred was intending to take me

At the very last moment though, Taryn had stopped

fighting the pull of it

Given in to it, and she, not I, was taken by Wilfred The pull on me was still strong enough though, to bring

me here

Taryn hadn't planned on that part, hadn't expected it Was distressed over it, but I was not

For whatever reason, by whatever means, I am here, once

more, in the land of my birth

And I am never leaving it

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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