After a small skirmish with Kalen about me leaving my

room, which I, or course, won

We made the trip to Taryn's office

Far more furtively than necessary, in my opinion But Kalen was taking no chances

Personally, I belive that whatever this thing is that

Wilfred has harnessed, is beyond any conventional means of protection

However, I don't tell Kalen this

I don't see the need to cause him extra worry After all, there is nothing more he could do to protect


Now that we're here, I look around, trying to decide

where to start looking

I reach out with my senses, listening for Taryn's voice And I follow where it leads

To what, apparently, is a solid wall

Okaaaaaaay, maybe my spidey sense is off, but no, I feel

strongly that this is the place

So I stand back a bit, and study the wall Kalen walks up beside me

"What is it you're finding so fascinating about this

wall? It's no different from any other." "Yes, it is. I just have to find the difference." Kalen just shakes his head, having long since learned

the uselessness of arguing with me, and joins me in my perusal of the wall

Neither of us can find anything out of the ordinary


Finally, I close my eyes, and reach out blindly to touch

the wall

When I do, we hear a distinct click, and a secret

compartment opens

And, there among other things, inside rest two thick


Terri Lyn Stanfield


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