Everyone began speaking at once

"Who are you?" I asked

"I know you must have a million questions." She said "How did you get here so soon?" Kalen asked Just then two other soldiers came running in "Sorry, sir, but she got away from us." One of them

said, out of breath

"Lucky for you no harm came to her, soldier. I'll take

over from here. You're dismissed." Kalen said to him After they'd left, and the door was closed behind them,

Kalen turned to me and said

"Tara, may I present Miss Agatha. Miss Agatha, it would

appear you already know Tara."

"Of course I know her! As if I'd ever forget one of my


"Um, forgive me, Miss Agatha," I said, "but I don't

remember you."

"Well, I'd be quite surprised if you did. You were

still just a baby when last I saw you. " she said She pointed to the book still in my hand, and said "I see you're reading Taryn's journals. Find anything


"I've found it all interesting, but I've yet to discover

why I was sent away. Do you know?"

"Why, of course I do. I was there." she said "So tell me. Tell me everything. Please!" And she settled herself in a chair, and began to speak

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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