Part IX

I spent hours more questioning Kalen

But, although he is the queen's Champion Apparently, she felt it necessary to keep certain things from him And nothing more he told me made my situation any clearer Although I did discover that the queen and I had much in common Eerily so, our lives practically mirrored each other's And I saw her picture, it was like looking at myself Oh, there were small differences

But they were small indeed

As the day drew to a close, I returned to the queen's chambers My chambers, until I could figure this thing out I lay on her bed.....and tossed and turned Finally giving up on sleep

Not a huge sacrifice really, considering what happened to me the last time I slept

I looked around the room for a book of some kind to read, and found none So I started to search her drawers

And with the third drawer I opened, I found a book I looked for a title on the cover, but there wasn't one Upon opening the book, I discovered it was her journal And now, here I sit, with her writings in my hands Debating with myself as to whether or not to read it After all, these are her private thoughts And the book is kept here in the sanctity of her room Normally, I would never even consider invading someone's privacy in such a way But......I need answers, I must have them And so, with a great deal of trepidation, I begin to read

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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