Personal Failure

I can't believe this has happened
I can't believe I have let it
This is so out of character
And, already, I regret it
You played upon my weaknesses
And you bewitched my lonely heart
And though this means nothing to you
It's going to tear me apart
To you, I am just a conquest
One more in a very long line
But this act that we've committed
Is held sacrosanct in my mind
You will leave here and forget me
But I will be haunted by guilt
How could I have let this happen
When I had no doubt how you felt
Just please get dressed, and go away
There is nothing more to be said
I'm as much to blame as you are
I invited you to my bed
I don't know what I was thinking
Guess I wasn't thinking at all
But it's done now, and it's over
And our actions can't be recalled
So please, just leave me here alone
For there is nothing you can do
I've fallen short of my standard
And to myself, I was not true
Now I must live with my failure
There is no one to blame but me
I've fallen short of my beliefs
And now deep is my misery

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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