by Terri Lyn Stanfield

On a dreary, rainy afternoon
With nothing else to do
We sat together, and talked
Really talked, in a way we hadn't in years
About things important, and thing trivial
Just enjoying each other's company
Sharing our thoughts and feelings
And rediscovering the joy of doing so
Finding, to our delight, that we still had things to say
to each other
And that we still wanted to hear them
Learning more of each other in that one afternoon than
we had in years
Really seeing each other for the first time in too long
Remembering things long forgotten
And promising never again to forget them
Falling in love all over again
And cherishing it for the gift that it was
Vowing never again to lose sight of it
And holding it, and each other, close
Just basking in the feeling
Lost in each other
As we watched the rain pour down

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