Society's Standard

by Terri Lyn Stanfield

Society has its standard
And we're judged, one and all
According to the limits set
And one can't be too small
Young girls starving themselves because
They dare not weigh too much
Using anorexic models
And actresses, and such
As examples for which to aim
Trying to emulate
Their perfect bodies, and their looks
Too often tempting fate
Shattering their own self image
And their self worth, as well
Sacrificing their health and pride
So caught up in the spell
They lose themselves in the attempt
To be someone they're not
Never even considering
To embrace what they've got
Perfectly lovely young ladies
Vibrant and beautiful
Slaves to society's measure
Always feeling its pull
Just what does that say about us
That we let this go on
Allowing our daughters to feel
Belittled by this scorn
We need to make them understand
That all they have to be
Is the person they really are
And make sure that they see
That they are truly wonderful
Perfect just as they are
Get them to believe in themselves
Instead of some big star
Encourage them to look inside
And love what they find there
And always make sure that they know
How very much we care

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