A Gentle Touch

Does it really
Take all that much
To reach out with
A gentle touch
To take the time
For a kind word
Do we have to 
Shout to be heard
The world would be
A better place
If we took time
Just face to face
To really see
Our fellow man
And reach out with
A helping hand
How many times
Do we walk by
And never meet
Anther's eye
We say that we
Don't have the time
To get involved
In other's lives
But what if it's
Someone held dear
Who's needing help
And we're not here
I'm sure that then
We'd hope someone
Would help them out
And not just shun
That stranger there
In need of aide
Pass them by and
Go on their way
There is the need
For caution, true
But there's something
That you can do
Place a call or
Just hold a hand
Make a dif'rence
To just one and
You'll be surprised
How good you'll feel
At having helped 
Someone to heal
But even in
Our daily lives
There are some things
That we can try
Smile in greeting
As you walk by
And make sure that
You catch their eye
Sometimes a smile
Can give a lift
And it can be
A precious gift
Or hold the door
For someone else
Just little things
Can really help
Someone to feel
So good inside
And make their day
And you will find
That you will feel
Much lighter too
So think about
What you can do

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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