Vengeance Desired

I understand what you wanted

I'll never understand why

You held the whole world in your hands

Why'd you have to make her cry

Just what was so very tempting

That you just couldn't stay true

She is what every man dreams of

And she was in love with you

Her trust in you was so misplaced

Though no one could tell her so

She believed in you completely

And now, you have layed her low

She'd crushed beneath the hurt she feels Her innocence is shattered

Her whole world revolved around you

And you were all that mattered

Her naivete was so precious

She is truly a jewel

How could you betray her like this

How could you be so cruel

There was a time I called you friend

But that time is in the past

I've nothing but contempt for you

You're vile and selfish and crass

I hope Prince Charming comes her way

And treats her just like a queen

And I hope that ill dogs your steps

And trouble strips you clean

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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