Willing Conquest

This isn't what I needed

It isn't what I want

But, though I try to stop it

You never cease to haunt

My dreams and my consciousness

With your smooth talking ways

Though I have no illusions

That you do else but play

I'm nothing but a conquest

And one of many, too

It is just too bad for me

I fell in love with you

No, you don't reciprocate

That's not what I expect

I know I should cut all ties

But I just can't, quite yet

You are really bad for me

I know I'll end up hurt

A heartache in the making

You're nothing but a flirt

You're looking for a good time

No ties, no commitment

I'm looking for forever

I know I won't get it

From you, or any like you

But just for a short time

Let me be able to say

That you are truly mine

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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