You Don't Know What You Are

You say that you're not worthy of my love

That you are common, and undeserving

That you give me nothing in return

But if you have any fault, my love

It is that you are blind

You don't see the beauty in yourself

You don't recognize the pure, sweet heart that beats within your breast

You cannot fathom that just the thought of you gives me strength and joy

It is beyond you to understand just what you mean to me

You are my light in a world so dark

You are my lifeline in the stormy sea of life

You are the driving force behind all I do If anyone is unworthy, it is I

With my damaged soul, and hardened heart

With my cynical nature and my dark moods

You are all that I am not

And I will never know what I did to deserve a love so rare

But I will be eternally thankful for it

And for you, my beloved, and oh so worthy, soulmate

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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